现距离加息之日虽然遥远,但市场情绪由无止境的QE 和低息中苏醒,债息亦不大可能太低。回顾过去两次大型加息周期前,即1994 年和2003 年,美国2 年期和10 年期债券息差均达到250 点子(100 点子等于1 厘)水平,以现时2 年期债息处于0.32 厘计算,若今天便加息,合理的10 年债息便是2.8 厘。当然,考虑到现距离加息仍有18 个月,2.4厘或多或少反映短期展望,但随着时间过去,区间将会上移至2.8 厘至3 厘左右,以中线3 厘作为基准,虽不中亦不远。

The Liuzhou Auto Park has attracted many parts producers and helped create a complete industrial chain. Last year, the park’s output value broke 100 billion yuan, according to statistics from the Guangxi Industry and Information Technology Committee.

Investors could sell a third of their bond holdings and buy pure equity funds, but they seem to prefer shifting their entire bond holdings into balanced funds, with about a third in equities. The effect is the same from an asset-management point of view but is easier to stomach for nervous investors, Lee says.

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究其原因,他相信,与美国作为美元生产地有关。「美元是全世界最主要的结算货币,70%以上商品结算都是美元计价的,所以在美国,美国人不认为除了美元,还需要其他货币。」毕明强续指出,不单是人民币,其他国际货币在美国的市场也不大。「你去银行柜台上,如果你要存加元或欧罗,可能有些根本就没有外币账户,你存了以后银行自动给你转成美元了。不像在香港,开立一个加元账户,他(银行)给你开着,你可以有这个账户,这边没有,这就是特殊性。」根据毕明强和他的团队与客户的接触,到目前为止,绝大多数从事贸易或进行投资的企业仍较愿意使用美元,而对于人民币作为结算货币, 「他们有兴趣,但仅仅是有兴趣,真的去做的也不多。」他认为,这种情况在短中期内不会有太大的变化,除非人民币资本项下有更多元化的投资渠道,予持有人民币的投资者,否则在纽约这个高效的资本市场,本身已有非常多的投资渠道,人民币市场发展则未必太快。

Beijing and Washington both now see Sino-US ties as the most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century. In terms of security issues, China sees military modernization as a corollary of economic transformation, while the US sees it as a potential threat. While Beijing perceives the South China Sea as its core interest, maritime disputes have served to further Washington’s “pivot” to Asia policy in the region.

包裹着各种香烤的肉类;多提亚面饼”等、用叉随心所欲;(Salsa)、鲜蔬配以新鲜调料,令人”科罗娜啤酒”(Tortilla)。龙舌兰酒(Tequila)是墨西哥的国酒,即成款款美食;和”(Tequila Sunrise)等举世闻名、色彩好看引人食欲;(Guacamole);多提亚面饼”,加入了各色新鲜蔬菜;荒漠柔情”:中部墨西哥湾的丰富海产,用手。典型的做法有”(Tomatillo Sauce);便是其中的代表,选料新鲜;(Margarita)、还有北方山区的健壮牛羊,使墨西哥菜成为最另人垂涎的美食之一;(Corona)也是墨西哥饮品的杰出代表、红番茄和多种天然调味料精制而成的”香汁大虾”,用它调制的”玛格丽特”,也很适合与家人或朋友们围坐一起分享各道美味,”,让每道菜倍添健康美味。这得宜于她多样的地理环境带来的丰富物产。”墨西哥日出”、由墨西哥特产的有壳绿番茄-特梅提诺制成的”、”。用辣椒;和”,是墨西哥菜最基本,配搭多种特色酱汁。


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Exchange moves ahead with strategy to expand into commodities trading, writes John Cremer It is no secret that Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) has plans to establish the city as one of the world’s leading centres for trading commodities and related futures contracts. Such ambition should be commended, and the deal to acquire the London Metal Exchange (LME) – along with its know-how and worldwide reach – marked a decisive step in the right direction. However, it was only a first step. Converting the ideas and dreams behind a mergers and acquisitions plan into viable structures and newly won business is always tough. And all the talk ofleveraging opportunities in the mainland market is just standard public relations fare until those who matter most – in this case, the commodity suppliers, buyers and traders – start to see concrete reasons to use Hong Kong and its services, rather than the exchanges with which they are already familiar. “It could tum out to be very good acquisition for HKEx, the members and market participants,” says Richard Fu, director for Asian commodities trading at Newedge. The finn is a 50/50 joint venture between Societe Generale and Credit Agricole, handling a wide range of clearing and execution services, including options and futures contracts for financial products and commodities. “The biggest challenge, though, is creating a real liquid market, giving buyers in China and overseas-a channel totmde contracts – denominated in RMB and US dollars – which they couldn’t trade otherwise.” A key opportunity lies in the fact that mainland foreign exchange regulations mean certain Chinese companies don’t yet have access to the lME, and international firms are effectively excluded from existing Chinese exchanges. But progress will require co?operation between the relevant exchanges and close liaison with the main industry players. It is essential to knmVwhich types of contract theywaht to trade. In addition, regulat!Jrs may need to review and chan~e certain rules, so China-based Companies can deal and settle without complications. And if, say, cOpper is traded today in Shangha] or soya beans in Dalian, there nmst be a full understanding Within any new setup of how the physical side of the business – warehousing, shipping and so on – actually works, so it can be duplicated and improved upon. “In principle, there should be huge demand from China and overseas to trade commodities and futures in Hong Kong, but with limited resources, it is in the interests ofHKEx to do it step by step,” says the London-based Fu. “They need to build up an independent clearing system for extra revenue, otherwise they will be paying other people, and talk about warehousing along the coast of China. Users of the exchange must have somewhere to pick up cargoes and to take or make deliveries. For example, if producers in Chile can sell into a forward contract, they will want to ship real cargo into a bonded warehouse in China, with location at the seller’s option.” To make best use of the lME’s experience, Fu suggests HKEx’s first target should be metals business. This offers the chance to start generating revenue and to look at the requirements of developing countries like India, where metals usage is picking up. The chance to trade in an Asian time zone should assist in developing initial business volumes. Also, if RMB-denominated contracts are part of the mix, it will help in promoting international acceptance of the currency, something the mainland authorities are keen to see. “Generally, as things take shape, I will be looking for signs of market access,” Fu says. “It is always better for the exchange if it is accessible to all participants -and, of course, they must meet the demands of clients.” MatthewSmith,senior analyst for Macquarie Securities, emphasises the importance of thinking long-term. For the last decade or so, he notes, HKExhas focused on listing mainland?origin initial public offerings. A move into commodities trading cannot be taken lightly. “There is a lot involved in coming up with the right products and services,” says the Singapore-based Smith. “Only when they catch on is it a money-spinner.” He adds that Asia may indeed be the “growth story” for derivatives trading, but very little trading in terms of commodities derivatives markets is actually done in the region, other than a few specific products. “There may not yet be the breadth of endogenous, . expertise in Asia, but then agfllll it should not be too difficult tl) find elsewhere,” Smith says. “It will take time and regulatory support from both the Hong Kong and Chinese sides to build a platform that sees active trading, and this is likely to be the case especially for products which are beyond the lME’s traditional focus on non-ferrous metals.”

The unit price performances of most high-yield reits were hit when the financial market mood turned sour after Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke revealed that the United States would start pulling back later this year on the massive stimulus that it has been injecting into markets since 2008.

“We call the fishes we raise Oasis Giant,” said Kwok, pointing to the school of 75-centimetre long, greyish spotted giant groupers in the fish tanks. “They are fishes living on the land inside our system, which is like people travelling in the desert and finding an oasis.”

Washington’s approach to bilateral talks is shaped by current conventional wisdom in the West, which perceives the US as recovering and China’s growth as slowing down. But as the second half of the year will demonstrate, unipolar temptations are doomed to fail in the nascent multipolar world.

Hanssen was widely considered the worst intelligence disaster in US history and if Cheney was serious about Snowden being a Chinese spy, he should be praying on his knees that the Chinese, unlike the Russians, are such an impatient lot.

New Century Reit plans to spend more than 90 per cent of the proceeds of its capital-raising exercise to acquire four five-star hotels and one four-star hotel in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Changchun, with a total of 2,021 rooms and a total gross floor area of 321,000 square metres, from Initial Hotel Properties, which is 60 per cent owned by New Century Group and 40 per cent held by the global alternative asset manager, Carlyle.

至于为何历经种种人际和经济的磨难选择台湾,也是有很充分的理由的。作为85后成长起来的一代,港台真心是我们最熟悉的陌生人。从小就在台湾的各种流行文化浸润中成长,不管喜欢还是不喜欢,我会哼唱张信哲、周华健、张惠妹、陶喆或者周杰伦,会悄悄去VCD店租来杨德昌、侯孝贤、张艾嘉、甚至朱延平,至于潘迎紫的惊艳、赵雅芝的浅笑、马景涛的咆哮和刘雪华的眼泪,更是无数顿饭的下饭菜。再后来在深夜看胡瓜的《非常男女》和蓝心湄的《鸡蛋碰石头》,在凤凰卫视认识吴宗宪的《我猜》,最终在网上一集不落地追看《康熙来了》。一个从未去过,却感觉一切都很熟悉的地方,还是有让人心动的诸多元素的。再加上比较实惠的价格和容易到手的通行证,台湾,Here we come!!!

It is equipped with a 32-kilowatt-hour high-pressure lithium battery that takes only four to five hours to charge through a 220V/32A power charger. Its average range of 160 km is enough to satisfy needs of daily urban commuting and transportation.

But before focusing on the micro issues of DIY investing, an investor must also consider the big picture of allocation across asset classes, regions and currencies. After coming up with an investment plan that includes strategic asset allocation and any relevant tax, risk management and other parameters, only then can an investor consider particular investments.

The share prices of companies targeted as back-door listing vehicles over the past year by mainland property developers have surged as investors punted on big asset injections that might follow from their new parents.

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When Nixon flew to Beijing, his goal was to contain Soviet expansionism. At that time, the size of the Chinese economy was only 20 percent that of the US and the Cold War was at its peak. Today, after three decades of reform and opening-up, the size of the Chinese economy is more than half of the US’. Economically, the two great powers are growing increasingly equal, and the Cold War is history.

Closer to home, Hong Kong’s 500,000-strong demonstration of July 1, 2003, may on the face of it have been a protest against the government’s proposed anti-sedition law. But behind the discontent stood 8 per cent unemployment, declining incomes, and a deflationary trend that had seen the value of home-owners’ properties fall by two-thirds in just six years.

For those investors who indeed want to exit when markets get turbulent, investments directly makes selling easy. Individuals can always find a way to sell the publicly traded stocks and bonds, as their holdings are relatively small, and the market can absorb their stake even in the most panicked conditions.


「然而,除却疾病福利须交税以外,法国所有社会保障福利一律免税,更可在计算入息税时扣除。一般法国人自然极力反对削减社会福利的任何措施,而雇主亦极力争取降低其供款规定。」毋庸置疑,奥朗德去年甫登总统宝座之后,当务之急自然是「拨乱反正」,将退休年龄由备受争议的62 岁重新修订为60 岁。延迟退休的立法,是上任总统萨尔科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)不得民心的「改革」措施,一度触发大规模抗议,以致奥朗德坐收渔人之利,顺利带领社会党胜出大选。在笔者眼中,萨尔科齐在位时所推行的这类所谓「改革」,其实影响极微,根本不值得大惊小怪;但由此足见法国民心向背。

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“We can learn lessons (from this case). Without doubt, China can take similar strides,” Hou said. During the same event, Hou announced the establishment of a script-writing subsidiary that will use big data theory to produce scripts.

Yao Gang, a vice-chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, told a work conference last week that new public offerings would restart next month, sending a chill down the spines of retail investors. The news knocked the Shanghai Composite Index down 4.1 per cent for the week.

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Gao Hucheng, the minister of commerce, said recently that China will continue to welcome foreign investment, encouraging businesses to go into the sectors of high technology and R&D in the central and western parts of China in particular.

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