L astDecember’s purchase of the London Metal -. . Exchange (!ME) by , Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) was seen by many as abold statement of intent but, understandably, also raised all kinds of questions about plans for integration and Fr~tlje outset, the deal was trumpeted as a chance to build on the position as the world’s foremost base metals trading hub. Senior figures spoke enthusiastically of the opportunity to add a new dimension – commodities – to Hong Kong’s portfolio as an international financial centre. And, with the flow of initial public offerings (lPOs) slowing to a comparative trickle, it gave HKEx a new front on which to diversify its business and build relationships with key mainland enterprises trading metals – and potentially other commodities – around the world. With that, though, came the challenges of actually making things work. Considerations range from day-to-dayfactors such as structure and management responsibilities to focusing on core business, while also branching out in brand-new directions. Beyond that, there are all the intricacies involved in breaking new ground to create elbow room and revenue in areas where established players won’t want to cede an inch. “The strategic rationale for the acquisition was based on prospects for growth,” says an HKEx spokesman. “The main objective was to add a strong commodities component to the existing businesses to support and enhance growth while diversifying the earnings base. However, trading in IME’s existing products by users from the mainland is not free from regulatory and other barriers, and the LME has not yet developed strategic partnerships with key players on the mainland.” With a view to building a strong commodities trading platform in Hong Kong, the initial priority is to identify the most suitable products, while also determining the most effective approach to clearing and other necessary market infrastructure. As things stand, there is n9 need for new regulations – the rilles and frameworks are already sufficiently clear and comprehensive. With no great concerns on this score, HKEx’s present commodities strategy, therefore, has three major themes. First is to spur faster growth ofIME’s existing bflSe metals business by lowerirtg barriers to access, particularly from the mainland. The second is to extend the commodities platform froi n London to Asia by launchiflS new products and “capabilities”, notably in Hong Kong. And the third would be to expand from base metals into other commodities, again with a focus on what is going on in China. That means plenty of work still ahead’ in terms of strengthening ties and formalising co-operation with the various exchanges tradirig commodities in China and – no small task – finding a formula which generates turnover and profits. So far, there has been public hint of possible further acquisitions to accelerate or otherwise alter that process. “We aim to develop mutual product listing and licensing arrangements and form strategic partnerships that benefit all partners,” says the HKExspokesman. “Ultimately, the [objective] is for these partnerships to go beyond metals and into other commodity asset classes. Synergies relating to the development of renminbi?denominated products in fixed income and currencies attached to commodity flows are opportunities for further geographical expansion.” In principle – and taking a medium- to long-term view?Matthew Smith, senior analyst for Macquarie Securities, sees no insurmountable reason to prevent HKEx’s plans gradually falling into place. China’s demand’for commodities?metals, coal, oil and agricultural crops – will continue to grow, as will the rest of Asia’s. Trading expertise is transferable. And the tilt of global markets towards Asia is all but unstoppable. However, given the scale ofHKEx’s ambitions, they can’t expect an entirely smooth passage. “Generally, the demand for commodities trading in the Asian time zone is likely to increase in the years ahead, but it won’t be an overnight phenomenon,” says Singapore?based Smith. “There are significant regulatory risks to consider, such as the need for China?based warehousing, as well as the possible threat from mainland exchanges and from competitors in Asia with established organic businesses. SGX [Singapore Exchange] and Bursa Malaysia, which specialises in palm oil, are good examples.” Smith stresses, though, that Asia, for all its exports and demand, is not yet a large centre for the actual dealing in physical commodities and related derivatives. The biggest challenge is to build a business which can inspire global confidence and, in due course, offers the efficiencies and options of London or Chicago. “HKEx stands a chance of developing this business as an offshore centre, and the increased use of renminbi pricing for international commodities trading will make it more interesting,” Srnith says. “Whether or not they can succeed very much remains to be seen.”

High-net-worth individuals with onshore investable assets of at least US$1 million are not confined to tier-one cities, said Jared Shu, an associate partner in the Hong Kong offices of consultancy McKinsey. More than 75 per cent of the opportunities open to wealth managers could be found in smaller cities.

The eight-day fine art, antiques and design fair kicks off in Chelsea on Thursday, complete with a Hong Kong pavilion presented by local fair Fine Art Asia and supported by the government’s Economic and Trade Office in London.

“As the offshore market broadens and deepens simultaneously, the yuan will move up the ranks rapidly as a global payments currency,” Chow wrote. “Ongoing interest-rate liberalization and other financial reforms will help Beijing realize its ultimate goal of making the yuan a reserve currency.”

跟小小妈定的在旁边滨湖看话剧 七点半开场 所以相约先吃个饭 下班叫了个顺风车就来啦 六点到的 就还剩最后一个空位啦 后面就该拿号了😂我们俩人点了咖喱鸡 这个很好吃啊 配着面包吃 莫名的好吃😋芝士鸡肉焗饭略逊色 没啥味道 建议口味再重点😯还要了椒盐蘑菇 这个超好吃啊 炸的酥脆!👏🏻还有一个牛肉炒饭 味道也好极了啊😋最后上的华夫饼 因为上菜特别慢 几乎吃饱了 用最后一点力气吃了几块华夫饼 味道也很不错 希望上菜能快点😆


  我想很多現在從醫的人都綠蒂雅木地板 鼎鐧廢紙回收  綠鄰系統櫃 廣生堂年節禮盒 不會忘記,從開始學醫那天起,每個醫護工作者的誓言是救死扶傷,最大限度減輕病患者的痛苦。在今天的社會拋開一切談奉獻,似乎無異于跑到河邊洗煤磚,但作為醫生,即便因為種種管理規定等因素無法免費為患者服務,也不能在無法盡醫生天職的同時,用一種貌似合理但卻無比粗暴的方式加重患者的痛苦,這個醫生傷害的不僅僅是患者的心,也另全社會寒心,讓我們這些與之同為醫生的人感到羞恥和憤怒。

Giant panda gives birth to twin cubs at Wolong A giant panda has given birth to twins in Sichuan nlllJ 11), the first pair of the endangered species born anywhere in the world this year, conservation workers told state media yesterday. They were born to a panda named Haizi at the Wolong Nature Reserve in the southwestern province on Saturday evening, according to Xinhua. The first cub arrived at 4.54pm and the second 10 minutes later, said workers at the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda on the reserve. The mother is still holding the first cub in her arms so staff have been unable to weigh it or determine its gender. But they said it should be healthy, given its size and the sounds it has been making. The second cub is a female and · weighs 79.2 grams, the staff said, according to Xinhua. AFP Disgraced official’s secretary detai ned The former personal secretary to a disgraced high-level planning official has been taken away by the Communist Party’s disciplinary watchdog in connection with his ex-boss’ case, the Today Morning Express reported yesterday, citing unidentified sources. The report identifiedWangYong(.3:~)asa mid-level official with the general office of the National Development and Reform Commission, where he worked after serving as the secretary of Liu Tienan (Itlm~), who was suspended in May. A telephonist at the NDRC’s general office told the South China Morning Post that nobody was available for comment. Choi Chi-yuk ‘Social investigator’ caught with mistress A man purported to be the chief of an investigative committee on domestic social trends has been exposed for keeping a young mistress. A photo that started circulating online on Saturday shows a half-naked man identified as U Guangnian (*JJii:f) with a young woman in his arms in a hotel room. The Central Party School issued a statement saying that it had neither a staff member with the name nor any agency responsible for looking into social trends. Choi Chi-yuk Pupils in drowning tragedy in Hubei Five junior high school pupils drowned and another was missing in Hubei ()PJj~t) province, Xinhua reported. The six from Lianghezhen Middle School had been taking pictures of each other along the Juzhang River in Dangyang (,~IlI) city. Four of them accidentally fell into the river at about 2pm and the other two were swept away while attempting to rescue them. The bodies of five were retrieved but the other one was still missing last night, according to the municipal government. Search and rescue efforts were continuing. Staff Reporter Astronauts complete manual docking Three astronauts on China’s. longest manned space mission succeeded in manually docking their spacecraft with a module orbiting earth, state media said. Docking techniques are a crucial element of China’s space programme, which aims to build a station orbiting the planet by 2020. The ShenzhouX – “Divine Vessel” -was piloted by mission commander Nie Haisheng (AiliJm), assisted by Zhang Xiaoguang (~IIft~) and Wang Yaping (.3:S2!Jl), according to Xinhua. An automated docking with the Tiangong-l- “Heavenly Palace” – module was completed two days after the spacecraft was launched on June 11 from the Gobi Desert, enabling the crew to board. The three manually separated the Shenzhou Xyesterdayto perform the manoeuvre. AFP

And if you think you are safe investing in ETFs, think again. The instruments often reflect what is popular, not what is cheap. Consider the high allocations to tech and commodities in the recent past, before both sectors fell out of favour.



19種烤肉醬作法 – ihao論壇 鉬元素,Adobe Reader, Real Player免費下載, Skype中文版下載 嗶嗶!官網竟然也開跑了,原定 1/11 在台灣開賣的 iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 版本,之前電信業者就傳出將於 1/10 搶先開賣,結果台灣大哥大在今天(1/8) 凌晨 12:00 搶先開跑,蘋果經銷門市以及店信通路都在今天正式開賣,且蘋果官網也在今天(/18)ihao論壇 » 食譜集中營 » 19種 烤肉醬作法 ‹‹ 上一主題 | 下一主題 ›› 發新話題 發佈投票 發佈商品 發佈懸賞 發佈活動 … 材料:沙茶醬4大匙、黑胡椒 ……

香港置地文华东方酒店与纽约传奇鸡尾酒酒吧PDT(Please Don’t Tell)合作,带来独特的酒吧概念。屡获选为全球最佳酒吧的PDT深受纽约人爱戴,除了热爱由调酒师Jim Meehan和Jeff Bell创作的鸡尾酒外,他们同样享受其独特的室内设计和私密氛围。PDT HK将于2018年初开业,为首间开设于纽约外的酒吧。客人将会由MO Bar内的电话亭的神秘入口进入酒吧。酒吧的设计由著名香港设计师Nelson Chow操刀,揉合复古和现代经典元素,当中包括跟纽约店形神俱似的红砖墙动物标本,为酒吧增添一分玩味。PDT

In countries like China, the rural poor increased their income by finding jobs in factories. That is rarely an option in the Philippines, and few poor people from the countryside are qualified to work in a call centre.

He and his long-time diving friend Patrick Chan, a retired police chief inspector who is now a minority shareholder and operator of the fish farm project, saw for themselves how Hong Kong’s waters have deteriorated over the past decades. In the 1970s, Kwok says, the water quality at Shek O was like that of the Maldives.

That can be seen as the PBOC releasing funds, though it is doubtful it can satisfy demand. Judging by lending practices, even if if 5 trillion yuan of funds is released it would not be enough for what the market demands.

小暑已过,三伏在即。蒸笼一样的天气,加上防晒程序的繁琐,大大的打击了人迈出房门,去跑步、跳操、甚至游泳的积极性。同时夏天也是广大男女同学大秀身材的最好时机,倒三角、八块腹肌、A4腰、马甲线等等都要秀起来,所以在夏季必要的运动同样必不可少。很多人在夏天都会选择去健身房运动,但是对于喜欢宅在家享受清凉的同学来说,一样可以在家中进行锻炼和运动,特别是一些无须器材或者器材相对简单,占地较小的运动,都非常适合大家在家中进行。本次专题的主题“宅在家也能做运动”,小编将会为大家推荐几样具有代表性室内运动和相关器材,希望能够助各位一臂之力。主要包括了部分健身、瑜伽、拳击等项目,如果大家也有自己的推荐,不妨在评论中和其他值友一同分享。一、健身健身大部分项目均可在室内进行,也是夏季最适合的运动方式之一。大家可以注意到,每到夏季都是健身房广告最活跃的时间。其实除了去健身房一些使用小型器材的基础项目自己在家中也可完成,另外相关器械价格也不高,并且可以长期使用。如果你也打算这个夏天宅在家运动,那就准备起来吧。握力器更有力的把握现在,想想你爱的左手和右手以及你讨厌的鼠标手,sao年快使用握力器吧~锻炼时只需要缓缓握住,然后hold住一会儿,再缓缓放开,每天多组练习,坚持七七四十九天,会让你的有更好的把握力,握手时再也不用担心处于下风,QWER放技能时会有更快的手速,WASD也会轻松闪躲敌方的子弹,达成这一切只需要一个握力器,没错。 迪卡侬 健身 康复 手臂力量训练/锻炼 15kg握力器x2 DOMYOS QS¥29.9天猫精选哑铃厚实有力的臂弯,人人都喜欢,这款哑铃杠铃二合一的产品,将满足你的可变需求,锻炼哪里变哪里,35cm的泡棉连接杆,简单的组装,拆卸就可以切换为杠铃哑铃,其哑铃杆表面采用防滑塑胶颗粒,保证了锻炼时的舒适安全,微波电镀工艺使得哑铃表面更加光滑,哑铃可以有效的增肌,需注意重量根据自身需求来选择,锻炼虽好,适度即可,可不要逞强哦。 凯速KANSOON可拆装电镀哑铃20KG(10公斤*2)带蓝黑泡棉35cm连接杆礼盒装哑铃蓝…¥219京东查看百科详情健腹轮   腹肌的使命召唤~白菜君经常推荐的健身器械,传说坚持锻炼七七四十九天就可以召唤腹肌,锻炼时采取标准的跪拜女神姿势,收紧上半身,缓缓推出拉近即可;也可以双臂支撑身体,收紧上半身,用小腿夹紧,缓缓推出拉近,这个姿势可以很好的照顾到上半身的肌肉群;需要注意锻炼时保护膝盖。Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro¥24.99美国亚马逊查看百科详情 TRX拉力健身带开始由军人传出,其借自重来通过不同的姿势来锻炼全身的肌肉群,比如通过蹲举可以锻炼臂部及腰腹肌肉群,背向前倾可以锻炼胸肌、肱三头肌及背阔肌,后倾可以锻炼肱二头肌及手臂等等,且其自身十分小巧,方便收纳携带,无论室内室外只要有悬挂点都可以方便使用,适合各种健身锻炼,需注意锻炼时的姿势以及保持两臂用力均匀,才能达到较好的锻炼效果。 迪卡侬 专业悬挂训练绳多功能拉力绳抗阻健身带DST DOMYOS QSTRX廉价解决方案,力量训练好帮手¥99天猫精选查看百科详情  二、瑜伽不出门的运动里,瑜伽是再好不过的选择了。这门有氧运动,讲究呼吸吐纳,动作舒缓柔和,但对力量和柔韧性同样有不低的要求,做到位的话,完全不失锻炼强度。汗水一点儿不少流,姿态却半分狰狞也无。一个人的好时光,伴着悠扬轻音,舒展身躯控制体态,最后归于冥思,会一会探手拈花的禅意,炎炎夏日里,心静自然凉。瑜伽垫对一般人来说,需要准备的,也只是个瑜伽垫而已。初习瑜伽,其实6mm的厚度足矣。太厚的瑜伽垫不但不易保持平衡,也不利于对身体的感知。材质方面,不管从耐用度还是专业性上来说,TPE都秒杀PVC。至于NBR和EVA这样过于松软的材质,还是留给复健活动更为合适。天然橡胶虽好,然而太过昂贵,没必要一开始就入手。总体来说,TPE材质的瑜伽垫仍是目前普通瑜伽练习者的最佳性价比之选。瑜伽动作不太需要全方位大开大阖,一般来说,宽度达到60cm,长度180cm左右就够用了。哈他正品tpe初学者瑜伽环保无味高弹性垫子防滑健身毯愈加长加厚¥158天猫精选查看百科详情瑜伽砖 辅助器材方面,瑜伽砖最为实用。尤其对于下肢柔韧性不够的初学者来说,基本盘坐难以到位的情况下,垫块瑜伽砖就容易多了。 哈他泡沫轴高密度瑜伽砖头泡沫砖高密度eva正品瑜伽辅助用品工具¥36天猫精选瑜伽球 瑜伽球除了按摩、放松身体,加强局部锻炼效果外,也能一定程度上帮助初学者更容易的进入冥想状态,同时更添运动的趣味性。不过更适合有存储空间的人选择,毕竟每次用都吹起来还是太麻烦了一些。 【马甲线神器】哈他 健身瑜伽球瘦身加厚防爆瑞士孕妇分娩球正品¥68天猫精选三、拳击快速减脂、塑形不妨试试有氧拳击。当然拳击并不是汉子们的专属运动,妹子们练拳击不仅宣泄压力并且助于保护自己。Gigi Hadid最近po出的拳击视频可以说帅呆了,嘴上羡慕,心底长草,那就要行动起来。基础的拳击装备非常简单,一副拳套外加一个沙袋即可,同样是夏季室内运动的好选择哦。拳击手套Everlast 混双武术拳击练习袋手套:Everlast是来自美国纽约运动品牌,主营拳击以及休闲服饰。历史悠久,也是众多好莱坞明星、超模的选择。这款拳击手套,泡沫衬垫佩带舒适;手腕处魔术贴可调节松紧;露大拇指设计,让拳头握的更紧,出力更集中。 Everlast 混双武术拳击练习袋手套¥86.51亚马逊中国 迪卡侬 DOMYOS CS 拳击手套:适合初级的拳击手套,主要由涤纶和聚氨酯构成,结实耐用。预定型泡沫材质,手腕处魔术贴搭扣可根据自身调节松紧度;加上网眼设计,内衬光滑,佩戴更舒适透气。迪卡侬 拳击手套成人泰拳武术散打沙袋拳套训练搏击 DOMYOS CS¥69天猫精选拳击沙袋迪卡侬  DOMYOS CS 拳击沙袋:采用耐用的聚酯帆布材质,手感舒适;金属链固定,更加稳定牢固。袋身标出击打位置,便于训练;直径32厘米,高度90厘米,重量:20千克。占地比较小,放在客厅和阳台都比较合适,不过在购买之前还是需要确认一下家中是否有悬挂的条件。 迪卡侬 成人搏击运动 拳击散打泰拳沙袋TB390 DOMYOS CS¥399天猫精选 Everlast 双头沙袋:优质合成革制成,双头球型设计,击打更加集中和快速。减震索和尼龙绳采用封闭环设计,防止损坏且更加固定。相比较之下,双头沙袋体积和安置都更为建议,训练的侧重点也主要在出拳速度和反应等方面,两种沙袋结合可以更全面的进行相关拳击训练。Everlast 双头沙袋¥171.61亚马逊中国

但這是不是代表支流煙對人體危害一定更大呢?目前學界主要用動物模型研究煙霧的致癌作用,也就是觀察動物被關在充滿一定濃度煙霧的籠中后的癌癥發生幾率。截止目前,有些研究者發現處在總顆粒物(total particulate matter)鼎鐧廢鐵回收 綠蒂雅超耐磨地板 綠鄰系統家具 芙蝶婚禮顧問 相同的前提下,支流煙中的小鼠健康指標受小三通影響更大[2],也有研究者認為曝露在主流煙中的大鼠肺癌發生率顯著較高,但在兔子和狗身上的實驗結果則差異不明顯[3][4]。簡而言之,“主流煙與支流煙致癌有無明顯區別”這個問題,目前尚無定論。

513義式料理 隱藏在楠梓巷弄內,有舒適的用餐空間,還能吃到多種主廚特製美味料理,是聚餐約會的好選擇!虎麗很喜歡平日午餐供應的餐點,起司控必吃的焗烤肉醬非常銷魂,用酥烤麵包沾著品嚐超對味,讓人吃了一口接一口。來這裡更推薦試試義大利麵或燉飯,冬天就吃麻油燉飯,加上香烤雞腿排完全滿足肉食足的胃,而且主廚貼心搭配了蘿蔓生菜,可以攝取豐富纖維均衡飲食,不用擔心吃太少蔬菜(笑)513義式料理價位還蠻平實的,而且空間夠寬敞,很適合吃貨們聚會同樂~▲天氣冷一點的時候會準備薑茶,熱呼呼的薑茶非常濃醇,喝了超級暖胃!▲焗烤肉醬酥烤麵包 NT$100,這道料理是虎麗最愛,有豐富的酥烤麵包及主廚特製肉醬,搭配滿滿的起司焗烤非常有飽足感,價位也不算高,蠻適合喜歡焗烤肉醬料理的吃貨們嚐鮮。▲肉醬上面鋪滿起司焗烤,趁熱享用會有牽絲與熔漿感,肉醬加入了杏鮑菇、馬鈴薯,充滿脆嫩口感,還有果乾增添酸甜滋味,吃起來非常有層次,而且不會死鹹,濃郁的起司奶香超迷人。▲烤過的麵包外酥內軟,口感還蠻綿密的,用來沾著焗烤肉醬品嚐非常夠味。▲午餐定食 炸豬排佐印度咖哩(微辣) NT$138,限量供應的午餐定食有附飯、小菜、濃湯或飲料(二擇一)、飲料(紅茶/黑咖啡或半價換購其他飲料)。主食是炸豬排可以滿足肉食控,另外還有特製印度咖哩很開胃,搭配多樣小菜豐富口感,吃起來也頗飽足!▲酥炸豬排非常厚實,口感飽滿不乾柴,外層裹上薄酥麵衣,吃起來卡滋卡滋的,因為有特別調味,吃起來更加香醇可口。▲印度咖哩有馬鈴薯等配料,口感十分豐富,濃醇的咖哩和奶香味很順口,辣度會慢慢散發出來,非常過癮!▲多種小菜滿足味蕾,炸豆腐、青菜、地瓜、水煮蛋,每一道都爽口開胃。▲黑咖啡喝起來濃郁順口,厚實咖啡味帶點微酸感,可以加一點糖提升風味。▲香烤雞腿排V.S麻油燉飯 NT$158(+NT$49 附餐包或沙拉、飲料<紅茶/黑咖啡/半價換購其他飲料>或甜點),冬天就是要吃暖心的麻油燉飯,濃醇的麻油清香加上香烤雞腿更美味!▲雞腿烤到表層有點金黃薄脆,雞肉鮮嫩香醇,加了自然辛香料提味,吃起來微鹹不膩,滋味非常有層次。▲燉飯綿滑又帶有些許顆粒咬感,充滿麻油雞香愈吃愈涮嘴!▲新鮮脆爽的蔬菜淋上自家製作的芒果醬,吃起來酸甜開胃。▲飲料:南非國寶茶 紅茶/綠茶(熱)原價NT$60 / 換購半價NT$30,無咖啡因的南非國寶茶是好選擇,熱茶喝起來清香解膩,而且還很暖胃。▲蒜香蛤蠣義大利麵 NT$138 附濃湯(+NT$49 附餐包或沙拉、飲料<紅茶/黑咖啡/半價換購其他飲料>或甜點),濃郁的蒜香搭配豐富的新鮮蛤蠣非常順口,醬汁有點奶香,吃起來更滑順!▲麵條Q彈有勁,口感滿足不膩。▲玉米濃湯喝起來蠻爽口的,不會太濃稠,有淡雅香甜滋味。▲餐包外層烤得微酥,內餡有鹹甜奶油,吃起來不會油膩。▲飲料:拿鐵(冰) 原價NT$70 / 換購半價NT$35,濃郁香醇的拿鐵喝得到咖啡香,口感溫潤微甘苦,搭配餐點享用十分解膩。▲香草冰淇淋佐黑糖 NT$50,吃飽後滿足一下甜食胃,這道甜點底層有香醇的茶凍、一球扎實的香草冰淇淋、巧克力玉米脆片,淋上黑糖醬吃起來甜甜脆脆的很過癮。菜單MENU▲用餐環境舒適寬敞,挑高的空間讓人沒有壓力。▲餐廳外觀。▲附近有收費停車場非常便利。喜歡義式料理的可以來嚐鮮,主廚精心特製多種豐富的餐點,加上輕鬆愉快的用餐氛圍完全適合約會聚餐!平日中午就來這裡享受一下,如果想要外帶也沒問題哦~ 推薦給想要吃特製義式料理的你們^^513義式料理 地址 高雄市楠梓區玉田街111號營業時間 週一至週日11:30 – 14:00、17:30 – 21:30/週三公休電話 07-3530458513義式料理FB粉絲團   (本篇為合作採訪)

Domestic and foreign private banks are always looking for new employees with a network of contacts among local wealthy Chinese. Besides general banking skills, prospective employees should also have a good general understanding of the types of businesses run by customers.

As smartphones have brought immeasurable convenience to our daily lives, MPF providers are launching mobile sites to let its m~mbers gain easy access to their MPF·accounts anytimei anywhere. ~ianz Global Investors (“AllianzGI”) has recently launched its mobile site or MPF members, which incorporates comprehensive fund information and MPF tools, all available through interactive and user-friendly functions. “We put together information in a neat and organized way so that users can easily get what they want, even on the small screen of smartphones,” said Elvin Yu, Head of Institutional Business, Qreater China and South East Asia of Allianz Global Investors. A well-established MPF provider with more than 28 years’ experience in servicing pension clients in Hong Kong, AllianzGI is keen to pay heed to the needs and investment requirements of Its clients so as to offer the optimal strategie.s and solutions. One of its latest services is its MPF mobile site. Offering services comparable to those from computer websites, the mobile site allows members to check out detailed fund performance such as annualized returns, cumulative and calendar returns, asset allocations and other fund details including investment objective and investor profile. Members can also download the fund factsheets, access their MPF account information and do transactions through the mobile site, which is similar to what they do on computers. “With all information easily available at your fingertips, there is no excuse not to actively manage your MPF account,” he added. Comprehensive site facilitates better planning The mobile site at AllianzGI features interactive charts, displaying fund price movements in a graphic form that can be understood at a glance. In addition, members can get instant access to daily fund prices, latest fund performances and informative fund factsheet downloads while they are on the move. To help members keep abreast of AllianzGI’s market views and latest developments, the site features a webcast that offers the latest market insights from AllianzGI’s investment experts on streaming video webcasts with the latest market updates. On the other hand, strategic retirement planning calls for preparation well ahead. A user-friendly retirement calculator is indispensible to help members understand their financial needs and plan their investments to achieve their retirement goals. Its risk assessment t~st, also vital for an all-rounded plan, contains an interactive questionnaire to help members find out the risk profiles they belong to. After determining their risk tolerance level, they can sel~ct the . most appropriate investment options to meet their retirement and investment requirements. Besides, members’ portfolio breakdown can be conveniently accessed through a simple user login, after which members can view their MPF account information including account balance, contribution details and MPF investment breakdowns. Meanwhile, as with all online services, users should be aware of protecting their personal information. “Users should avoid using shared mobile devices such as publicly accessed tablets or devices, or logon to personal account when using public Wi-Fi facilities,” he recommended. Allianz Global Investors’ mobile site is available at www.allianzgi.hkImpf Quality makes the difference According to the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, when selecting an MPF provider that suits your needs, members should carefully consider four key factors including products offered, service quality, fees and charges, and personal factors. For example, in addition to a comprehensive mobile site, AllianzGI provides outstanding client services through various platforms, including member’s hotline, regular newsletters and communications. It also works closely with employers to arrange member sessions to help review their investment portfolios and provide market updates. Experience does matter when it comes to investing. AlIianzGI is well established with more than 28 years of experience in servicing its pen~ion cltents in Hong Kong. It has an experienced MPF investment’ team, with portfolio managers boasting an average of over 21 years of investment experience in the industry and 14 years of experience with the company.

1948 餐厅引入快速度服务系统原则。 简称快餐厅 1955 行政总裁雷.克洛克在伊利诺伊州的德斯普兰斯以经销权开设了首个麦当劳餐厅,也是公司的第九个分店。第一天的营业额是366.12美元。 1960 雷.克洛克正式将dick and mac mcdonald餐厅更名为mcdonalds 1961 雷.克罗克以270万美元收购麦当劳兄弟的餐厅。 汉堡包大学在伊利诺斯州的埃尔克格罗夫村成立,为全世界的麦当劳经理提供专门训练。


科威特最近新开了家taco bell,看宣传单貌似很美味啊~于是迫不及待的去试吃了下,感觉和Friday比要差很多,毕竟价格差10倍呢~试吃的是crunchy corn taco脆玉米饼,Friday的是soft flour tortilla软玉米饼,看里面夹的东西都很简单,这个可以拿下,于是去超市采购了两种taco饼皮和salsa酱,今天做的是crunchy taco脆玉米饼,用soft flour tortilla软玉米饼来做是一样的哦~taco shells 一盒。salsa酱(taco专用酱)1tsp 玉米淀粉。

传说中的墨西哥美食来自:走哪吃哪 主题站 作者:小聪明 2013-12-04 10:22:03 我的一对朋友,勇敢的辞职去旅行,原来他许给她的就是每一个新年都在不同的地方,这一次他们飘洋过海一起去体验新的生活。来到墨西哥以后,我想说老墨你们不冷吧?仅仅只有四天,已经下了一顿韩国馆子,买了几袋辛拉面,钱老板忍不住让我来吐槽一下墨西哥美食,以便缓解一下情绪好陪他继续南下。墨西哥国酒–龙舌兰酒,点酒不查护照。



Chinese banks have networks they can use to source customers in smaller cities on the mainland, but for foreign banks the costs of doing business in the smaller cities is much higher, said McKinsey’s Shu.

i BT4 Bluetooth Wireless Rechargeable Boombox with FM Radio是内置FM收音机的充电式蓝牙无线扬声器,其内置锂离子电池,可连续播音长达七小时。扬声器外型复古独特,表面使用耐用的橡胶层,而且音质甚佳。它内置3.5 吋全频喇叭,采用SRS TruBass环回技术,10Watt的音量输出更可使声音更饱满,增加临场感。扬声器另设有伸缩天线接收FM收音机,用家就不会因身处户外而错过了喜爱的收音机频道。扬声器配备Aux Line-in jack及Line-out jack,可利用Line In连接任何音乐播放装置,或利用Line Out连接其他3.5mm audio jack音频扩音器以扩阔iBT4的音场。



其经营范围包括婚纱、礼服、BABY Queen’s Palace、摄影造型、下午茶和鸡尾酒等。作为高级婚纱礼服定制品牌Queen’s Palace的第二家分店,这间礼服概念馆楼高三层,建筑物外部像是欧洲电影中精致摩登的咖啡馆。巨大的落地窗内疏密摆放的高脚吧台椅,简洁的线条与金属质感相融合,纱质窗帘的材质微微透着阳光,从细节显现出安静的奢华。作为高级定制的婚纱礼服品牌,Queen’s Palace将其追求完美的精神延伸至各个领域。图片来源:悦美广告 图片来源:悦美广告 一层的咖啡馆,日间提供皇家级下午茶,夜间亦可品饮各色鸡尾酒。试营业不久,Queen’s Palace咖啡馆便成为众多时髦女性口口相传的约会及聚会热门场所。酒杯上的羽毛轻抚香唇,甜品流露出低调奢华的美感,菜单上的每一款单品都能

“The fish farm business is retailing of a different kind,” said Kwok, a director and controlling shareholder of the fish farm venture, Aquaculture Technologies Asia. “We are raising fish in ways that have never done before.”


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