Giant panda gives birth to twin cubs at Wolong A giant panda has given birth to twins in Sichuan nlllJ 11), the first pair of the endangered species born anywhere in the world this year, conservation workers told state media yesterday. They were born to a panda named Haizi at the Wolong Nature Reserve in the southwestern province on Saturday evening, according to Xinhua. The first cub arrived at 4.54pm and the second 10 minutes later, said workers at the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda on the reserve. The mother is still holding the first cub in her arms so staff have been unable to weigh it or determine its gender. But they said it should be healthy, given its size and the sounds it has been making. The second cub is a female and · weighs 79.2 grams, the staff said, according to Xinhua. AFP Disgraced official’s secretary detai ned The former personal secretary to a disgraced high-level planning official has been taken away by the Communist Party’s disciplinary watchdog in connection with his ex-boss’ case, the Today Morning Express reported yesterday, citing unidentified sources. The report identifiedWangYong(.3:~)asa mid-level official with the general office of the National Development and Reform Commission, where he worked after serving as the secretary of Liu Tienan (Itlm~), who was suspended in May. A telephonist at the NDRC’s general office told the South China Morning Post that nobody was available for comment. Choi Chi-yuk ‘Social investigator’ caught with mistress A man purported to be the chief of an investigative committee on domestic social trends has been exposed for keeping a young mistress. A photo that started circulating online on Saturday shows a half-naked man identified as U Guangnian (*JJii:f) with a young woman in his arms in a hotel room. The Central Party School issued a statement saying that it had neither a staff member with the name nor any agency responsible for looking into social trends. Choi Chi-yuk Pupils in drowning tragedy in Hubei Five junior high school pupils drowned and another was missing in Hubei ()PJj~t) province, Xinhua reported. The six from Lianghezhen Middle School had been taking pictures of each other along the Juzhang River in Dangyang (,~IlI) city. Four of them fell into the river at about 2pm and the other two were swept away while attempting to rescue them. The bodies of five were retrieved but the other one was still missing last night, according to the municipal government. Search and rescue efforts were continuing. Staff Reporter Astronauts complete manual docking Three astronauts on China’s. longest manned space mission succeeded in manually docking their spacecraft with a module orbiting earth, state media said. Docking techniques are a crucial element of China’s space programme, which aims to build a station orbiting the planet by 2020. The ShenzhouX – “Divine Vessel” -was piloted by mission commander Nie Haisheng (AiliJm), assisted by Zhang Xiaoguang (~IIft~) and Wang Yaping (.3:S2!Jl), according to Xinhua. An automated docking with the Tiangong-l- “Heavenly Palace” – module was completed two days after the spacecraft was launched on June 11 from the Gobi Desert, enabling the crew to board. The three manually separated the Shenzhou Xyesterdayto perform the manoeuvre. AFP

据Zero Hedge网站分析向【表】:「法国国民对欧盟的信心下降程度之高,速度之快,在欧盟成员国中最为显著。短短一年,法国举国气氛突转悲观,对国家经济表现大感不满,不满比例高达91%,较2012 年高出10 个百分点。对国家领导无方的不满程度尤其严重, 有67%的国民认为总统奥朗德表现不济,未能应付经济危机的挑战,较其前任萨尔科齐所得评分还要差24 个百分点。法国人亦开始怀疑是否值得全力支持欧盟「实验」,认为加入欧盟有损法国的意见比例高达77%,较去年高出14 个百分点;58%的国民则对欧盟组织印象转差,比例较2012年高出18个百分点。」


4. 4。Polish Breakfast – known locally as Jajecznica, a traditional Polish breakfast consists of scrambled eggs covered with slices of custom-made kielbasa and joined by two potato pancakes.波兰早餐称为Jajecznica,一个传统的波兰早餐包括炒鸡蛋覆盖着特制的波兰熏肠切片,加入了两个土豆煎饼。Dzi?kuj?Dzi?kuj?Kitchen Chick厨房小鸡.

Man, an associate at Ho, Tse, Wai & Partners for the past eight years, is part of the legal team planning to sue the Hong Kong government over its role in the rendition of a Libyan dissident and his family to Tripoli.

David Dai Shu, director of ZTE’s branding department, said: “While everybody knows Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, its sale in China was not fire-hot because of its price tag.” ZTE’s version of a large-monitor phone, Grand Memo, has an advantage in this market segment, he said.


The firm indicated in exchange documents that the listed entity will pay investors a yield of about 6 per cent. Most investors would be happy with 6 per cent, especially if the issuer also held out the possibility of growth and capital gains, as does NW Hotel.

Paddlers go flat-out in the celebrity bath tub event, held yesterday as part of the final day of the CCB (Asia) Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Race off Tsim Sha Tsui East. More than 5,000 entrants in 199 teams – 163 local and 36 overseas from 11 territories around the world – took part over the three days. Photo: Dickson Lee Report C1

Barrister Robert Tibbo and solicitor Jonathan Man Ho-ching confirmed they were brought in to represent Snowden about two weeks ago and kept in close contact with the whistle-blower during his stay in Hong Kong.

海绵蛋糕8寸 平盘、戚风蛋糕8寸 平盘、巧克力挞,水果挞(塔壳甜面,巧克力甜面各种塔壳制作,干纳许)、备注:水果用灌装水果黄桃,杂果,樱桃、葡式蛋挞,玉米培根咸挞,(酥皮面卡壳,葡式蛋塔塔壳)、焦糖布丁,巧克力布丁、芒果酸奶布丁,意式奶冻、柠檬挞,(意大利蛋白霜)抹茶红豆蛋糕卷(抹茶戚风蛋糕,卡仕达奶油)、酥皮泡芙(泡芙面,卡斯达奶油,酥皮)、玛德琳蛋糕、巧克力慕斯(巧克力海绵蛋糕,朗姆酒糖水,黑巧克力淋面)焦糖核桃挞(甜面,焦糖酱汁)、英式松饼(原味提子干)水果穆斯蛋糕(水果淋面,啫喱)、备注:慕斯做方形、酸奶慕斯和卡布基诺慕斯杯(4层)、布朗尼(干纳许)、盆栽提拉米苏(手指饼,咖啡糖水)、胡萝卜核桃蛋糕、白巧克力绿茶蛋糕(海绵绿茶蛋糕,绿茶慕斯,白巧克、力慕斯,绿巧克力喷沙)、苹果挞(焦糖炒苹果,酥粒,甜面)、大理石芝士蛋糕(甜面,丘比特蓝莓酱)、芒果椰汁西米(煮西米,芒果椰汁啫喱)、黑森林(巧克力海绵蛋糕,白巧克力樱桃慕斯,黑巧克力樱桃慕斯,巧克力刨花)、备注:刨花用戴妃黑巧克力、歌剧蛋糕(杏仁蛋糕配,黄油奶油,干纳许,咖啡糖水,黑巧克力淋面)、黄梅果杏仁派(甜面,杏仁奶油,罐装黄梅果)、栗子穆斯蛋糕(榛子海绵蛋糕,黄油奶油)、纽约芝士派(纽约芝士酱汁,甜面派底)、薄饼配香草汁(薄饼,香草酱汁)、奥地利沙哈蛋糕(沙哈蛋糕,干纳许)、草莓慕斯配奇异果甜品杯、香橙薄饼配鲜橙酱汁、朗姆提子穆斯蛋糕(朗姆提子慕斯,海绵蛋糕)、加利福尼亚水果蛋糕、巴伐洛娃水果蛋糕、烤巧克力泥巴蛋糕(MUD蛋糕,焦糖榛子,干纳许)、燕麦咖啡牛奶布丁、椰香南瓜派(甜面,南瓜酱汁)、巧克力花生蛋糕(花生蛋糕胚,干纳许)、牛奶巧克力伯爵查蛋糕(蛋糕,牛奶巧克力淋面)、香兰芒果椰子蛋糕卷(香兰戚风蛋糕)、白巧克力树莓慕斯(香草奶冻,树莓慕斯,树莓啫喱,海绵蛋糕)、棉花糖;

China has allowed businesses to settle foreign trade in yuan and signed swap agreements to promote the use of the currency in international trade and investment. It has also eased rules for foreign companies to invest in the country using yuan raised offshore and started direct trading with currencies including the yen as part of efforts to make the yuan a global currency.

一種 大腦 女性 不足過動 中樞神經系統 分泌 天使 水果 以及 功能 史蒂芬妮 它們 甲狀腺 任何 因為 多發性硬化 有毒 血液 西洋芹 免疫系統 告訴 抗生素 更年期 每天 肝臟 身體 那些 其他 念珠菌 治療 注意力不足 物質 狀況 知道 毒素 胃酸 重金屬 風濕性關節 食物 消化道 疱疹病毒 疼痛 病人 症狀 真正 脂肪 健康 問題 情緒 淨化 細胞 細菌 荷爾蒙補充療法 蛋白質 這些 這個 造成 創傷後壓力 提供 無法 發炎 硬化症 腎上腺疲勞 診斷 開始 飲食 傷害 感覺 經歷 葡萄糖 賈桂琳 慢性 維生素 誘發 導致 憂鬱症 蔬菜 濃度 糖分 糖尿病 頭痛 壓力症候群 幫助 檢查 營養補充 癌症 醫生 醫師 醫學界 醫療 藥物 藥草 關節炎 難解疾病 攝取 體內 靈魂

27. 27。Breakfast in Mexico – the delightful plate above consists of beef tips, chilequiles and other assorted goodies eaten inManzanillo. 墨西哥早餐——愉快的板以上由中有牛肉,chilequiles和其他各式各样的好吃的inManzanillo吃掉。Nachos, cheese and beans always feature heavily and a delicious, spicy breakfast is the norm.玉米片、奶酪和豆子总是特性严重和美味,辣辣的早餐是必须的。Gracias谢谢Jeff K杰夫K.

Despite the rapidly expanding economy, the country’s unemployment rate increased to 7.5 per cent in April, from 6.9 per cent at the same time a year earlier. About three million Filipinos who want to work are unemployed.


Ho’s involvement came as members of Snowden’s legal team went public for the first time yesterday. Two Hong Kong lawyers with extensive experience in human rights cases – including the secret 2004 rendition of a Libyan man and his family from Hong Kong to Tripoli by US and UK spies – spoke to the Post.


sixty roller-coaster fans are expecting Plenty of twists and turns on their 17-day tour of thina A group of 60 thrill-seekers from Europe are flying to Hong Kong and the mainland to ride 100 different roller coasters in 17 days in the first tour of its kind. The enthusiasts from the European Coaster Club will begin by visiting Disneyland and Ocean Park in Hong Kong before work?ing their way to Shanghai via theme parks in Shenzhen, Wu?han (JEtJl), Zhuhai (~)Ii), Guang?zhou and Changzhou (~#D. Members of the Britain-based club – whose tour party includes roller-coaster fans from England, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Denmark and France – said they were coming to China because of the theme park boom which has seen an explosion in spectac?ularrides. “China has just overtaken the US as the country With the most roller coasters,” saId the club’s founder Justin Garvlmovic. “We have got a thrilling two weeks ahead of us. “There are now so many theme parks in China that it’s going to take us a number of trips to visit them all. We’ll have to come back in a couPle of years to visit another part of the country.” Garvanovic said last night he was not at all unnerved by an in?cident on Friday On the roller coaster at the World Joyland park in Changzhou – one of the roller coasters his grouj, will ride – which left 11 tourists hanging in the air for nearly five hours. “A lot of roller toasters get stuck. I’ve been on Ii couple my?self. It happens for 11 million dif?ferent reasons and it’s a safety feature,” he said. “1 guarantee you, somewhere in the world, a roller coaster is stuck as we speak. It doesn’t put us off one bit.” The group – comprising mostly middle-aged profession?als with a passion for roller coast?ers – starts its grand tour at Hong Kong Disneyland on July 1, where one of their membm-, will reach the milestone of riding his I,OOOth different roller coaster. A highlight of the tourwill be a visit to Guangzhou’s Canton Tower, which is home to the world’s tallest droll tower ride, which plummets a stomach- turning 484 metres. The ride opened last year and overtook the Stratosphere’s Big Shot ride in Las Vegas, which drops 100 metres less. Even the club’s most experi?enced roller-coaster riders were nervous of the Canton Tower challenge, Garvanovic said, jok?ing: “Anyone refusing to ride the drop tower will be banned from riding anymore roller coasters on the trip.” The 17 -day tour of Hong Kong and China will also see one long?serving member of the club, which was founded in 1996 and has more than 1,500 members, ride his I,200th different roller coaster. Paul Burton, one of the club’s organisers, said: “This is the first time we have been to China. Our members have wanted to go to China for several years now because of the number of rides being built and the sheer size of them. “Our members are incredibly excited about this trip. They have got some amazing rides in China now. There has been a massive boom in the theme park market there.” Burton, who has ridden around 1,000 different roller coasters, said some members were prepared to fly across the world just to ride just one new roller coaster. “The fascination is what they are going to do with the technology next,” he said. ‘We all work 24-7 these days and roller coasters give us a bit of escapism. It is the thrill ofit, and you get an adrenaline buzz.” The group will visit up to three theme parks a day to complete its itinerary, which ends in Shanghai on July 16. Burton said Hong Kong Disneyland and Shen?zhen’s Happy Valley were two of the most eagerly anticipated parks among members.

秋膘贴起来秋膘贴起来—吊炉烤鸡(2014-08-20 08:43:44)5. 将腌制好的鸡子放在鸡子烤架上, 下面接有烤盘;1.放入姜片、蒜片、叉烧酱、五香粉、盐、花椒粉、料酒、酱油和韩式辣酱等腌制鸡子,韩式辣椒酱和叉烧酱都是能够帮助鸡子提味增香和上色的好帮手;2. 为了让鸡子腌制的更入味, 我们需做好: 1)帮鸡子多做按摩;3. 腌制好的鸡子 固定在烤架上,下面接住烤盘,放入烤箱中烤制30分钟,时间以鸡子的大小适量调整。

After Art Basel made its debut in Hong Kong last month and The European Fine Art Fair (Tefaf) announced recently that it is planning a Beijing version in 2014, and Masterpiece London is now all set to collaborate with a Hong Kong art fair.


The worm has turned. The Fed is winding down its US$85 billion-a-month bond-buying scheme and, barring another global financial crisis, there will not be another quantitative easing for a long time. Interest rates will now start to rise, eroding the value of all those low-interest bonds issued in the past five years.

Buy-back activity by companies themselves surged for the second straight week, with 16 companies executing 88 share repurchases worth HK$349 million. Property firms Soho China and Hopewell bought back the most, with purchases of HK$108 million and HK$56 million, respectively.

window._bd_share_config={“common”:{“bdSnsKey”:{},”bdText”:”我在【网贷安全110】看到这篇经典的文章,有趣-有料-有内涵!你们看看觉得如何?”,”bdMini”:”2″,”bdMiniList”:false,”bdPic”:”http://www.p2b110.com/”,”bdStyle”:”1″,”bdSize”:”16″},”share”:{“bdSize”:16},”image”:{“viewList”:[“qzone”,”tsina”,”tqq”,”weixin”,”tieba”,”sqq”],”viewText”:”分享到:”,”viewSize”:”24″},”selectShare”:{“bdContainerClass”:null,”bdSelectMiniList”:[“qzone”,”tsina”,”tqq”,”weixin”,”tieba”,”sqq”]}};with(document)0[(getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0]||body).appendChild(createElement(‘script’)).src=’http://bdimg.share.baidu.com/static/api/js/share.js?v=89860593.js?cdnversion=’+~(-new Date()/36e5)];

1.治疗脑梗:干橘子皮枕头天天睡治疗脑肿瘤和脑梗有奇效我 奶奶是白族,少数民族。她退休前是老师,退休后中风好几次,后来又出现脑袋里长肿瘤,脑梗等症状。大医院治疗说得开刀,家里人想这么大岁数了,别等到上了 手术台下不来哦风险太大,就没开。有一天,奶奶就打电话回安徽老家,跟白族的那些老娘家人说说话,也告诉了电话那头的几位老太太们自己的病情,结果,人家 那边一听根本不当回事,说有什么呀,你弄7.8斤晒干的桔子皮作枕头,天天枕着它就行了。

In the past decade, there has been an explosion in growth of DIY (do-it-yourself) investing as evidenced by the surge in exchange-traded funds and their index-linked equivalents. And I see more families going direct into private equity deals and public securities ranging from stocks and bonds to derivatives.

As a major initiative to promote good corporate governance and director professionalism among Hong Kong’s companies, The Hong “Kong Institute of Directors (HKloD) has, since 2001, organized an annual Directors of The Year Awards, a prestigious accolade that has become an annual project of impact in the community. Now open for nominations- until July 31, Directors Of The Year Awards 2013 has chosen the theme ‘Promoting ESG Policies – Adding Corporate Value by the Board’ to highlight the contributions boards can make to the company in making policies on ESG issues, i.e. Environmental, Social and Governance issues. At the Awards Launch Ceremony held early this month, Dr. Kelvin Wong, Chainnan ofHKIoD, pointed out that the Institute had submitted its positive response to the consultation paper issued by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) on ESG Reporting Guidelines. “In this context, HKIoD sees the need for raising awareness and boosting the capability of companies in ESG reporting,” he said, Dr. Wong believes board dir~ctors playa leading role in promoting and implementing ESG policies. In analyzing the associated risks and opportunities, they generate. long-term values for the company. Mr. Liu’Tingan, Chairman of the Awards Organizing Committee, emphasized the need for good judg!nent skills on the part of board members in forimilating ESG policies and evaluation mechanism. These policies, he said, must complement business strategies. “Society today is paying increased attention to the intangible qualities of a corporation, but conventional financial reporting falls short of capturing their value,” he added. The Awards project has continued to enjoy strong support “from prominent companies and groups. As Lead Sponsor of the Awards project, Mr. Wang Bin, ChaIrman of China Taiping Insurance Group Company, pointed out that his company had always strived to be socially responsible and to serve as a role model for the industry with prudent corporate governance. Dr Carlye Tsui, CEO ofHKIoD advised against the uncritical adoption of standardized scoring formulae when formulating ESG policies. “In order to come up with credible policies and effective evaluation mechanism,” she said. “The Board of a .company should first consider the characteristics of its industry, its business nature, and the geographic cov~rage of its business. The panel of judges comprises business leaders, professionals and regulators. Selection criteria of the Awards include such factors as effectiveness of strategic policies, contribution to bo”ard effectiveness, risk and succession management, continuing development for directors, business ethics and other outstanding achievements. . The Awards recognize excellence in categories by company type, including listed companies, private companies and statutory/non-profit-distributing organizations, and categories by roles, including Executive Directors, Non-executive Directors and Boards.

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  1.   单品咖啡;咖啡与健康 滤纸咖啡 摩卡壶;咖啡起源与发展 虹吸壶 比利时壶;生豆与熟豆的选购 虹吸壶 法兰绒;烘豆:认识生豆(日晒/水洗);认识烘豆机的结构;烘焙咖啡豆(演示);认识瑕疵豆;烘焙咖啡豆;学会运用烘焙记录表;烘豆练习(云南/巴西等品种);饮料、茶:美地奇果茶 卡萨布兰卡奶茶 皇家金桔茶 特调依恋爱丁堡果园茶 锡兰水果茶 阿里山果茶 野生天山雪菊热咖啡;冰咖啡:焦糖玛奇朵冰咖啡 冰玫瑰拿铁 黑骑士摩卡冰咖啡;冰抹茶咖啡 魔力咖啡 绿茶冰咖啡;热咖啡:美式咖啡 皇家咖啡 爱尔兰咖啡 康宝蓝咖啡;摩卡咖啡 焦糖玛奇朵 草莓咖啡冰饮:草莓豆花 芒果酸奶豆浆 草莓酸奶冰沙 红薯原子冰;椰子冰牛奶;拉花;浓缩 萃取;奶泡制作;巧克力酱(巧,筛);雕花—雪人;拉花—心;雕花—卡通蝴蝶;雕花—卡通螃蟹;巧克力酱(巧,筛);雕花—小熊;拉花—叶子;;拉花—包心;拉花—推心;拉花—推心;拉花—兔子;
    鲜为人知的历史:亚洲美食在美外卖2013-04-24 原文作者:Jennifer 8. Lee简介那烤肉我真的无法抵御。。。墨西哥玉米煎饼、墨西哥玉米面豆卷、墨西哥薄饼,再加上一个推特账号作为帮手和一辆低成本的美食车,然后,一个美食狂潮便诞生了。在全国范围内,它已经被一波又一波的美食车所效仿——从纽约的”Korilla烤肉“到奥斯丁的”Chilantro餐厅“,再到西雅图的”浸泡移动“。韩式墨西哥玉米饼烤肉已经在维基百科占有了一席之地。

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