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Hi, I’m gad to see this blog still up and running. I have been canning salsa for years with an old-school hand me down recipe (which we love) but my recipe instructs to put 1 tbsp. lime juice per jar (quart)… not added to salsa mixture. I have tomatoes ‘draining’ tonight and am going to try the apple cider vinegar this time around. I have not read this recipe before and an curious the taste comparison… I have read that it is safe for water bathing, I’m thinking the time would remain the same.

Tomatillo Salsa (Canning): This salsa smells impossibly sour while you’re cooking it down, but fret not… all will be well when the simmering is done. Don’t be tempted to skimp on the acids; they’re necessary for safely preserving this naturally low-acid food. Recipe found at Married…With Dinner.

I agree about the vinegar- my husband tasted it and said he can’t eat it because of how strong the vinegar is. So I’m kind of sad because it took me a really long time to make this. I am sure it will get eaten, but I’d be interested in a recipe without the vinegar if that’s possible. I loved this method of peeling the tomatoes, much less painful.

I also referenced the Ball cookbook which states that fresh lime juice can safely be used in salsa recipes, and since I wanted a fresh lime trade in my salsa, I used only 1 cup apple cider vinegar and the juice from 4 fresh limes.

This is a really delicious BASIC salsa recipe. I have no idea why anyone would say it tastes disgusting. You have to make sure you have fresh ingredients though, particularly, fresh, and tasty, tomatoes. You can’t make tasty salsa without tasty ingredients! tomato pepper salsa recipe use a jalepeno (and remove some of the seeds for my kids) and extra garlic every time. Salt plentifully. We serve it with everything Mexican – tonight chicken enchiladas, but also with carnitas tacos, chicken/steak fajitas. Love it!

“This is perfect for the winter months when tomatoes aren’t in season but you’re craving a fresh simple appetizer.” — Canned tomatoes are in season all year long. I want a recipe for salsa that uses fresh tomatoes!

4) When it comes to my step-by-step guide below, I have used a steam bath canner to process the salsa. Disclaimer: Even though I prefer to use a steam bath canner (and so do lots of other home canners), many people and resources say there isn’t enough research about steam canners to know if they are safe enough to use.

I just made this today and it was AWESOME! Thank you for posting this recipe! It totally tastes like Mexican Village or Lacasit’s salsa. I made mine with Hunts Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes and 1 jalapeno and it had KICK!! My nose is still running! YUMMO!

One thing though, I have never heard of simmering it. I switch up making mine to where I add all ingredients into a food processor and process until well mixed and chopped and then serve, or I only place the tomatoes and spices in the food processor and process until well chopped and then add the finely chopped onions, jalapenos and cilantro and then mix manually until all is well mixed. This makes for a chunkier salsa, and again I serve immediately.

This is almost the same as my recipe. I’m from Nicaragua, and one thing they add there which I love doing is adding little bit of white vinegar. After letting the salsa sit for about 5 minutes, it tastes amazing! I usually use the cap of the vinegar container to measure and make sure I don’t add too much.

On adjusting recipes: I know you want to “make this your own,” but with canning recipes you can only do so much. It’s important for food safety to have the proper ratio of acidic to non-acidic foods. The tomatoes are acidic, but the peppers, onions, and garlic are not. That’s why you must add the vinegar, and you can’t really mess with the amounts of peppers.You could, however, fiddle with green peppers and colored bells, or sub some of the jalapenos out for a milder pepper if you don’t like it so spicy. Just don’t be too generous with your helpings and overdo the amounts. That’s one thing I love about this recipe – it gives quantities in cups, rather than forcing me to scratch my head and wonder which onion is “small” and which green pepper fits the “medium” category.See this article on Modifying Canning Recipes and Food Safety for more details.

Awesome! Thanks Snick. I’m so glad you guys liked the salsa. It is a tasty recipe for sure. Welcome to the “ex-runny salsa club!” You should try my peach salsa recipe too. It may be even more delicious. http://thebaldgourmet.com/recipe-canned-peach-salsa-with-lime/

When using fresh chile peppers always taste first before adding! Some peppers are hotter than others and you really can’t tell unless you taste them. Just take a very small taste. You’ll be able to gauge the heat of the pepper and will be better able to judge how much you need.


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“Many large companies are still spending heavily and making large purchases in wealth management products. There is also a lot of hot money seeking speculative investments and private lending is still widespread.”

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As China pledges to turn itself into an innovative economy as part of a transformation in its economic growth model, encouraging foreign companies to invest in high-end industries, the world’s second-largest economy is gearing up for a move into the upper end of the global chain.

China’s mobile phone shipments in the first quarter of 2013, up 15 percent year-on-year, according to a report issued by the research firm IDC. Among them, about 78 million were smartphones. The figure more than doubled over the same period last year. IDC attributed the rapid increase to China Mobile’s active promotion of TD-SCDMA smartphones. In the first quarter, the shipments of TD-SCDMA smartphones reached 28 million, rising by 390 percent.

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China’s double-digit growth may be fading into history, but it continues to have solid growth potential for another 10 to 15 years, assuming the international environment remains relatively stable and peaceful. In the first quarter of this year, China’s economy had a soft landing and is now on the way to recovery.

Agreeing with Merieux, Zhang from Sandvik said the reason the Swedish company plans to expand its R&D team and capability in China could be partly attributed to the Chinese government’s support for technology innovation and the strategic importance of the Chinese market to Sandvik.


Total revenue for hospitals in China exceeded 1.25 trillion yuan ($204 million) in 2011. Private hospitals have been growing rapidly and the number of private hospitals has increased by nearly 50 percent from 2008 to 2011, statistics from the former Ministry of Health show. The Chinese government has set a goal to increase the private service contribution to the whole hospital industry to 20 percent by 2015 from less than 10 percent today.

On the mainland’s arcane stock market, retail investors normally pin their hopes on government support measures such as reductions in stock-trading taxes that could drive the indicators up. Most of them thought that the suspension of listings since October would lead to a strong rally, only to find that the main gauges have remained flat this year.


Bernanke’s idea of QE withdrawal has shatteredfinancial markets throughout the world. No soonerhad it become known than share prices plummetedeverywhere. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Indextumbled 604 points (nearly 3%) yesterday (June 20).Bernanke’s announcement is in fact good newsabout the global economy. Devastated by thefinancial tsunami, the US has tried to salvage itseconomy by printing money. It has in fact tried tobenefit itself at the expense of others, but there isnothing others can do about it except grumbling.

The sales came after a 38 per cent rise in the value of the stock from its April level of HK$30.45. In November last year, the shares were valued at HK$27.20. The recent disposals were made at a share price level higher than Chee’s previous sales. He sold 800,000 shares in October at an average of HK$25.12 and 1 million shares in January 2011 at HK$11.59. The stock closed at HK$39.35 on Friday.

In all cases, acquisitions triggered huge rises in share prices. On April 10, shares in Hengli Commercial Properties surged nearly fivefold to HK$1.95 after the company became a back-door listing for Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties, one of the largest mainland developers.



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The Chinese entrepreneurs are in Paris hoping to find business prospects, Liu Chuanzhi, the head of the delegation and the CEC’s chairman, said at a press briefing in Beijing prior to their departure.

Liuzhou aims to achieve a GDP of 200 billion yuan and industrial output totaling 400 billion by the end of 2013. By 2015, its GDP is projected to reach 250 billion and industrial output, 600 billion yuan.

“What’s infuriating here is Prime Minister [Vladimir] Putin of Russia aiding and abetting Snowden’s escape,” Schumer said. “Putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the United States.

The government also has plans to upgrade its agriculture with a focus on local specialties, such as litchi and oysters. Modern and standardized farms will be developed for such products to foster famous local brands.

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Domestic and foreign private banks are always looking for new employees with a network of contacts among local wealthy Chinese. Besides general banking skills, prospective employees should also have a good general understanding of the types of businesses run by customers.


1月 月~3月 月 NO.3 本院榮獲 高雄市衛生局醫院感染管制防疫業務評選第三名 102年全球無菸健康照護服務網絡認證金獎 102年二代戒菸服務戒菸績優王 地區醫院組第一名 102年二代戒菸服務服務王 地區醫院組第三名 102年高雄市衛生局社區健康營造計畫績優社區 活躍老化類 特優 102年衛生福利部委託醫策會辦理病人安全週活動 動員獎 103年國民健康署糖尿病健康促進機構認證 發行人暨總編輯 趙昭欽

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China’s hospital market is approaching a golden era of growth and ready to embrace additional private capital, including overseas funds, according to Chun Wu, partner and managing director of BCG Greater China and also co-author of the report.



匆匆一天半,垦丁的美当然不能全部感受到。再简介几个景点,如果大家有更多的时间,可以考虑一下这些地方。 社顶自然公园:面积180多公顷,以珊瑚礁林形成的地形为主,有数十处石灰岩洞穴,还有丰富的动植物景观,拥有小裂谷、五分亭、小峡谷、涌泉、大峡谷、白榕、迎风门、草原、涵碧亭和凌霄亭等景点,观鸟、徒步、赏蝶、眺远都是极好的。 万里桐:一个小村落,整个海岸生态环境很丰富,浅水区有石珊瑚、软珊瑚、海百合、海星等,深海区还有珊瑚礁鱼群和贝类,很适合潜水。这里也是《海角七号》的重要取景地。 小湾:位于垦丁大街末端,左侧有环礁,有很多水上活动,整体管理比南湾要好,很适合情侣去坐坐,等着大街夜市热闹起来。 垦丁牧场:占地1149公顷,是目前台湾最大的肉牛繁殖场,牧草如茵,举目可见一群群牛羊徜徉于辽阔的大草原,风景优美。看到很多网友有住过这里的民宿,据说很不错哦。 垦丁海生馆:共分为台湾水域馆、珊瑚王国馆和世界水域馆三个展示馆,以及特展区定期举办的特展,还有一些表演秀。这里最出名的就是“夜宿海生馆”活动,要提前预定哦。具体的内容,喵神建议大家去它的官网上看,非常详细,也很好操作,我就不多嘴了。

Biocillin Plus 精華原液系列 Double Rich Formula  純魚子膠原蛋白原液 PURE COLLAGEN  50ml 純魚子膠原蛋白(Collagen)是一種高分子蛋白質,絲狀的膠原蛋白纖維,是維持肌膚細胞組織緊密的重要原素,能幫助肌膚保持結實富彈性。 此外,『純魚子膠原蛋白原液』更含有大量氨基酸,能為肌膚保持大量水份,維持肌膚濕度,令肌膚內的膠原蛋白細胞更豐滿,增強肌膚彈性,令肌膚細緻嫩滑。 『純魚子膠原蛋白原液』能增強肌膚細胞的緊密度與彈性,幫助撫平細紋、魚尾紋、表情紋等皺紋,有效預防肌膚老化,並能平滑及嫩化膚質,讓肌膚更年輕緊緻、嫩滑彈性。 … Biocillin Plus 精華原液系列

Golden Phoenix cleared for HK$700m offering Buildmg material manufacturer China Golden Phoenix aims to raise up to HK$7oo rmlhon in a Hong Kong initial public offering. The Iiangxi-based company gained the approval of the Hong Kong exchange’s listing committee to raise HK$5oo million to HK$7oo million, sources said. It produces non-porous crystallised stone for building interiors and extenors. The sole sponsor and book-runner is Guotai Iunan SecuritIes. Charlotte So Rusal seeks listing on Russian exchange Hong Kong-listed Rusal, the world’s largest aluminium company, wants to list on Russia’s leading stock exchange MICEX. The company said the listing outside Hong Kong was aimed at improving hquidity and broadenmg the mvestor base. It rums to start tradmg on MICEX by the end of this year. Charlotte So Currency swap deal struck with Britain People’s Bank of China governor Zhou Xiaochuan and his British central bank counterpart Mervyn Kmg have agreed to a three-year currency swap line to promote financial stability and bilateral trade The maximum value of the arrangement is 200 billion yuan (HK$253 bilhon), a statement on the Bank of England website said Bloomberg AIG gives more time to mainland investors American International Group has revived plans for an imtial public offenng of its aircraft?leasing unit after it extended a deadhne for a mainland group to buy the busmess. The insurer had shelved the spin-off plan for International Lease Fmance Corp last year after striking a deal to sell 80 per cent of the umt to an investor group led by New China Trust chairman Weng Xianding for about US$4 2 bilhon AIG says the group has until July 31 to complete a deal, but it IS free to prepare for a float. Bloomberg

In all cases, the acquisitions triggered huge rises in share prices. On April 10, shares in Hengli Commercial Properties surged nearly fivefold to HK$1.95 after the company became a back-door listing for Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties, one of the largest mainland developers.

果 真 奇 妙 1 吃 水 果 是 否 可 以 排 毒?( 難 度 指 數..5 ) 最 答 案 可 以! 水 果 含 豐 富 的 膳 食 纖 維, 特 別 是 水 溶 性 的 膳 食 纖 維, 能 促 進 腸 道 蠕 動, 將 廢 物 排 出 體 外, 連 腸 內 的 致 癌 物 質 亦 一 併 排 走 ; 這 解 釋 了 為 何 研 究 發 現 吃 適 量 的 水 果 能 預 防 大 腸 癌

美国联储局主席伯南克上周三突然明确勾画退市路线图,吓市场一跳,金股汇应声大震盪,港股插水,高息股、地产股成重灾区。另一边厢,人民银行不断抽资,上海银行同业拆息急升,内银股捱沽,拖累港股愈跌愈深。中美齐「收水」,有市场人士认为短期股市仍动盪,恒指将下试19000点关。随着后QE时代的来临,股市投资主题有变,高息股风光不再,受惠美国复甦的出口工业股前景较佳;同时,高增长股将成下一浪热门股。记者 郭慧仪

But, of course, not having any side effects is only what people hope for. There will be a side effect — and that will be a dampening effect on the stock market, especially for the smaller financial companies and businesses that are running a high level of debt.

The funds invest in everything: bonds, equities and commodities, property and the like. But the focus is on bonds and dividend stocks. They are, in other words, income funds, sitting somewhere in the risk spectrum between high-grade bond funds and dividend-focused equity funds.

It is generally believed that electric vehicles will not be widely used for some time because costs are high and there is a lack of infrastructure, but the Chinese government is strongly encouraging development in this field.

It may sound counterintuitive to buy more bonds just as interest rates rise but high-yield bonds are less sensitive to the minute fluctuations in Treasury yields. If a bond yields 7 per cent, then a 0.5 per cent rise in Treasury rates is just a blip.

Good Skin DIY全有機手工皂: 普羅旺斯薰衣草皂$80 – (只剩格仔店2件) 皂+木皂架Set$98 旺角格仔有現貨最後1件 薰衣草浸泡甜杏仁油極之溫和,適合乾敏肌,可用作洗面及沖涼,具有抗敏,舒緩敏感皮膚,止痕作用。而且浸泡油達至半年,我們所製的薰衣草膏也是用這種浸泡油,氣味非常芳香舒服的薰衣草!含高量橄欖油,非常滋潤補水親膚性,舒服炎症皮膚。甜杏仁油溫和不刺激,很適合敏感性肌膚,親膚性,重建及軟化皮膚,改善乾燥發癢問題。乳木果能深入補水,滋潤肌膚不乾燥。可可脂加強重補水功效! 全有機成份:薰衣草浸泡甜杏仁油,乳木果脂,可可脂,椰子油,棕櫚油,甜杏仁油,薰衣草花粒。 選用低溫40度冷制皂方法,令植物油的營養得以有效保存!絕不選用皂基,成份全天然有機,每次人手打皂需數小時,用心制作! 手工皂每件約55g … Good Skin DIY全有機手工皂:

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The market expectation is that the Fed will start raising rates in 2015, and only gradually. When that happens, a bond portfolio with a five-year maturity now would have only about three years of remaining maturity; and would escape more or less unscathed when the rates rise. At that time, investors would be able to reinvest proceeds from bonds in higher-yielding securities.

Wigglesworth上次和港乐奏过贝多芬《田园》,听得不高兴,今次听他的海顿《第九十交响曲》也差不多。他奏古典派令人又爱又恨,爱的是他的速度、分句、节奏,颇受原音派影响,清新爽快、节奏感强,但恨的是声音和稀泥。Wigglesworth 追求轻盈的弦乐,但轻得来太松散,不如奏实净一些。上次《田园》跟这次的海顿一样,声音都很无力。终曲的玩笑十分成功,多得指挥没有省略最后的重复,错的结尾一共奏了两次。观众要上够两次当,去到真正的结尾,才会自作聪明地不拍手,这就是海顿最妙的一招。

乳 酸 菌 之 保 健 功 效 與 產 品 開 發 撰 文 / 陳 慶 源 黃 崇 真 邱 雪 惠 廖 啟 成 益 生 菌 是 指 具 有 改 善 宿 主 體 內 內 生 性 微 生 物 相 平 衡, 並 有 益 於 宿 主 健 康 的 單 一 或 數 種 微 生 物 一 般 而 言, 益 生 菌 被 認 定 為 活 菌 本 身, 但 是, 近 年 發 現 某 類 益 生 菌 所 衍 生 之 活 性


当然,他最喜爱的一款鸡尾酒也尽人皆知。就让我们喝一杯边车(Sidecar)鸡尾酒来纪念这位传奇人物吧。君度甜酒的丝丝香气肯定是这款酒给人的第一印象,从始至终辛辣的味道都占据着主导地位,而其间淡淡的甜酸感只起到点缀的作用。在结束一天忙碌的工作后,去酒吧里点上一杯Sidecar,不需要点缀,不需要气氛,放松身心是唯一的目的。调制秘籍配料:15ml白兰地、10ml柠檬汁、15ml君度甜酒使用工具:Shaker摇酒壶 阿斯顿·马丁 Aston Martini一提到阿斯顿·马丁就会想到007詹姆斯·邦德的传奇故事,似乎阿斯顿·

Many also excluded themselves from the community. Almost two-thirds said they avoided contacting friends and relatives due to their debt problems. Six in 10 said money woes had discouraged them from participating in the community and voting in elections.

41. 41。An Estonian breakfast – curd cheese on a wheat bloomer – known locally as ‘cheese on toast’. 爱沙尼亚早餐- – -小麦面包上涂凝乳,就是当地的“奶酪吐司”。The creamy topping can be supplemented with ricotta or fromage fraiche instead, if you prefer.的话,面上的奶酪配料也可以补充意大利乳清干酪或者乳酪代替,如果你喜欢。T?nan大南Nami-Nami奈美奈美.

来一杯凯匹林纳鸡尾酒!在里约热内卢,没有人愿意拒绝酒精,一杯凯匹林纳鸡尾酒(Caipirinha)是里约大冒险的MUST DO。凯匹林纳鸡尾酒是巴西传统鸡尾酒,无论高级餐厅还是路边的小酒吧,无论阶层无论男女,谁都离不开它。但凡来到这座城市,就必须要尝试一下这杯代表巴西热情的清爽鸡尾酒:几块青柠,一杯巴西卡哈洽(Cachaca),大量的冰块,在炎炎夏日饮下一口,尽情在里约的沙滩上热舞吧!里约潮 ※ 狂欢吧, 里约嘉年华!每年巴西的2月也是其最热的时节,整个里约热内卢会变成欢腾热闹的人海。世界三大嘉年华之一,里约嘉年华已将近

第四届芝华士鸡尾酒大师赛全球总决赛在日本东京落下帷幕。在全球总决赛中,从15个国家及地区胜出的冠军选手们需要充分展示芝华士所提倡“分享,让成功更有味道”的品牌精神。最终来自中国赛区的代表,上海Sober Company的调酒师Atsushi Suzuki,经过五天激烈的角逐,击败了来自世界各地的14位顶尖调酒师,摘得此次全球总决赛的桂冠。在四轮的个人及团体赛事角逐中,Atsushi Suzuki充分吸纳了日本调酒文化的传统元素。他所在参赛团队的获胜作品“The Double Talk”使用了芝华士12年,其调酒过程聚焦于

In light of complaints about mis-selling, the HKMA, the Securities and Futures Commission, the Insurance Authority and the Federation of Insurers are rolling out changes this summer to the way ILAS products may be sold.

There is another, not-so-publicised benefit: reducing “stampede risk”. Joining other investors in a fund who might panic at a whiff of poor performance or bad news could lead them to run for the exits, thereby driving down prices and stampeding long-term investors with more patience.

Edward Snowden, the world’s best-known whistle-blower and fugitive, is out of our hands and far away. He left his hiding-place in Hong Kong yesterday morning and flew out after the US filed espionage charges and asked our government to send him back. Washington’s legal documents have been found wanting and a request for further information has been sought; the clarification, if forwarded, will obviously come too late. There could be no better outcome for our city and China.

There was no particular event or catalyst for this change of view. But Tam says Hong Kong investors have seen that the United States economy is improving, and factored that into their expectation that this would lead to rising interest rates and falling bond prices.

Seven branches in the city were cut last year as part of a global restructuring. High rentals in the city were also a key reason for the closures, Lo said. But because rents had since “normalised”, the group would look for locations for the new branches.


33. 33。Breakfast in Japan早餐在日本 -——what do you mean you’ve never had tofu for breakfast? 你什么意思你从来没有吃过用豆腐做的早餐吗?It’s a popular choice in Japan, along with fish and rice. 这是一个受欢迎的选择在日本,随着鱼和米饭。Soak it in soya sauce and you’ve got yourself one delicious, and semi-healthy breakfast.把它们浸泡在酱油里,你就拥有了自己一个美味,并且半健康的早餐。Arigato谢谢avlxyzavlxyz.


Directors of property companies were also heavy buyers from June 17 to 21, when the sector’s shares continued to fall. Lee Shau-kee acquired 195,000 shares in Henderson Land Development on June 17 at HK$46.56 each, bringing his purchases since the last week of March to HK$2.48 billion. The stock closed at HK$44.70 on Friday.

Tucker bought shares in insurance company AIA after the stock fell 9 per cent from its May 20 level of HK$36.45. He bought 300 shares on June 17 at HK$33.10 each, increasing his holdings to 15.339 million shares, or 0.13 per cent of the firm.

Under the insolvency law reform which the government announced in April, companies are banned from selling their assets at below-market price for up to five years before they are wound up. This will prevent situations such as some restaurant owners selling their kitchen equipment at extremely low prices to their partners or related persons and then opening another restaurant.

The mainland’s securities regulator has asked underwriters and auditors to review financial statements of listing applicants in a bid to restore investor confidence in the market, which has been tarnished by insider trading and other forms of manipulation, a news report said.

香港从天而降一个疏口仔,全球沸腾七嘴八舌,少不得加拿大人一份。全国报National Post 请读者发表意见,集于6月中周一发表,经编辑拣选、又经本人拣选,有些人这样说:根据Pocket Oxford English Dictionary 的解释,隐私(privacy)的意思是「处于一种不被他人监视或滋扰的状态」(a state in which you are not watched or disturbed by other people),这样的解释隐私可谓恰如其分地把定义收窄了。我们需要宁静独处,需要与外界的噪音隔离,那些动机不明、来者不善的外来滋扰会侵犯我们的地盘,但我认为政府当无此动机。这样说吧,如果你是美国人,重视隐私而不认同安全大晒,下回选另一个(总统),选谁都行。(Benjamine Lamb)人们把惊人的私事往网上发放,人人得而知之,到政府这样做了,就大吃一惊。 不想车顶布满雀粪,就别往那撒穀粒。如果你不在乎张三知道你昨晚吃什么,那么让奥巴马知道,又有什么大不了。(Robert Manders)隐私已经不保了吗?你话呢。可有试过在网上寻找你的家,一路松下去,你不但会看到你的街道、你的房子,甚至看到你自己。加上从其他查讯工具,几乎可以查到任何人何时在何处。(Zbigning Filek)The New York Times 的看法很合我心水:明显不过,当民主党在任,侵犯隐私的目的在预防另一次「九一一」;当共和党在任,侵犯隐私就是侵犯隐私。(Jonathan Milevsky)一直以来,我都认定政府、尤其美加政府,都在假反恐之名来侵犯公民的隐私,并在权利与自由方面加以限制,为时甚长的机场安检就是一例。我是个守法的公民,尽管这样,念及自己的一言一行都被监控,怎能不在乎。(Mike Cormrie)Marshall McLuhan(1911-1980,加拿大著名哲学家及新闻传播学者,名言有the global village 及the medium is the message等)说过:「发表就是隐私之自我侵犯。」(Publication is a selfinvasion of privacy.)我现在投书报馆,得自问:「这信要印出来,我需要顾及我的隐私吗。」(B. O.

President Benigno Aquino ran on a platform of clamping down on corruption, improving the business environment and addressing widespread poverty. In his first three years in office, Aquino removed high-level government officials accused of corruption, cracked down on tax evaders and aggressively courted foreign investment.

The problem is not that liquidity will fail to meet demand for loans but one of credit risk. Some small and medium-sized banks’ financial products also face excessive returns. So the PBOC cannot just meet market needs and ignore danger signals.

鸡尾酒大师乌里克尼基(Ulric Nijs)现场为大家专注调酒 乌里克·尼基(Ulric Nijs),世界殿堂级鸡尾酒大师,曾创造出无数让人味蕾神魂颠倒的“佳作”,这次他选择来到中国,这是一个对他而言陌生却又充满挑战的国度,在这之前,他也没有“遇见”过中国白酒,当有人告诉他说:“中国白酒无法调制鸡尾酒,它们的口感不适合调制鸡尾酒,人们不会喜欢。”的时候,他有着德国人专属的执着,他来到酿酒大师艺术馆(MIBA),在整整三天的时间里,不分昼夜,从甄选配方原料到搭配杯型,从控制时间到培训助手,他将自己从德国带来的5款中国鸡尾酒配方,反复推敲,终于在10.11这一天,给来自世界30多个国家的2

这是我很钟爱的水果料理之一。这道料理,做法简单又滋味丰富,我所招待过的朋友没有人不爱!“Salsal”,莎莎就是酱汁的意思,在墨西哥吃炸玉米饼(Taco)时,一般的小摊子至少有3~5种酱汁让你选择,像是绿辣椒酱(salsalverde)、 红辣椒酱(salsal rojor)、酪梨酱(guacamole),或是墨西哥酱(salsalMexicana)。前两者都是偏辣的调酱;较经典的墨西哥酱,是由洋葱丁、蕃茄丁和柠檬汁调和而成的;当然正统的莎莎酱,少不了墨西哥的绿辣椒。如果你是嗜辣者,加入带一点酸的现成墨西哥辣椒罐头,可以增添不少墨西哥的异国风情。






First, look at the fact that a similar, US$700 million listing from Hopewell was postponed early this month. At the same time, Langham Hospitality Investments, the hotel spin-off of Great Eagle, is down 21 per cent from its offered price.

49. 49。Breakfast in the Dominican Republic – you need to try the mangu. 早餐在多米尼加共和国——你需要试一下mangu。Mangu is made from mashing boiled plantains with butter and either salami, cheese or eggs. Mangu是用捣碎煮沸的大蕉搭配黄油或是意大利香肠,奶酪和鸡蛋。Top it off with a hot chocolate and you’ve got yourself some traditional Dominican Republic fare.再用热巧克力和你有自己一些传统的多米尼加共和国票价。Gracias谢谢Yuca Diaries木薯日记.

Lam expects Hong Kong’s stock market to benefit while the European and mainland stock markets stay in limbo during the second half of the year, adding that Hong Kong would still be the main capital raising centre.

Fellow property tycoons Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong of Sun Hung Kai Properties and Peter Woo Kwong-ching of Wheelock also bought shares last week. AIA chief executive Mark Tucker bought shares after the firm’s stock dropped 9 per cent. Managing director of Galaxy Entertainment Joseph Chee sold shares, locking in the sharp gains over the past year of the casino operator’s stock.

“Higher rates of economic growth over recent years have not made a serious dent in the employment problem in the Philippines,” the Asian Development Bank said in its recent Asian Development Outlook report.

6月10日到大会堂听Mario Brunello和城市室乐团的合作,乐团总指挥Jean Thorel指挥。除了用独奏家担纲,节目没有题目,但四首乐曲都是「现代巴罗克」。开场曲为史特拉汶斯基《普钦内拉组曲》,此曲用来开场太长,用来结尾又可能反高潮。乐手大约到第四曲的Tarantella才进入状态,指挥不强求齐整或声响的光亮,但在节奏感上决不让步。下半场的第一曲为Czyz的弦乐曲《巴罗克歌曲》,和暖的弦乐令人不觉人数不多。


酱甘蓝的做法酱甘蓝的做法详细介绍更新于:2013-10-30 14:14:26 美食分享,让更多人知道19酱甘蓝的简介及特色酸辣微甜。教您酱甘蓝怎么做,如何做酱甘蓝才好吃1.将甘蓝(圆白菜)洗净切丝,香叶,胡椒捣碎粉。2.将菜料放入舅内,加盐揉搓,当菜料体积缩小近一半,菜丝呈黄白色时,同菜汁一起放入缸内,放入胡椒,充分拌匀。4.倒去缸内盐水,将缸洗净擦干,倒入甘蓝菜丝,加入甜面酱,搅拌均匀后,盖好缸盖,腌制1周左右即可食用。

24. 24。An Argentinian breakfast -usually consists of “mate” (an infusion drink made with leaves of “yerba”) or dulce de lechewith “facturas,”a croissant-like typical pastry. 阿根廷早餐- – -通常包括“伴侣”(注入饮料,叶子的“草”)或法式lechewith“牛奶太妃,“还有羊角面包类似的油???点心。Thanks Elena Okada for the tip!谢谢Elena冈田克也的提示!


Information obtained from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) suggests that more than 800 companies have filed listing applications with the regulator, highlighting an unusually long waiting line.

Last week, Yao Gang, a vice-chairman at the CSRC, was quoted as saying that the securities regulator was poised to lift an eight-month suspension of new share offerings. Analysts say this could open the floodgates for mainland companies to raise funds in Shanghai and eventually Hong Kong and help the listing advisory business of various investment banks.

National Security Agency director Keith Alexander said the NSA was overhauling operations to keep closer watch on contractors like the fugitive Snowden, who had top security clearance and “stole some of our secrets”.

8. 8。Swedish breakfast – often involves a Swedish pancake, known as a Pannkakor. 瑞典早餐- – -通常包括一个瑞典的煎饼,称为Pannkakor。It’s a thin flat cake made from batter and fried on both sides – much like a crepe. 它是一个扁平的蛋糕由面糊,两面煎炸,很像可丽饼。It’s usually served with a sweet, fruity filling.通常也搭配有甜的果味酱。Tack钉terren in Virginiaterren在弗吉尼亚.

In countries like China, the rural poor increased their income by finding jobs in factories. That is rarely an option in the Philippines, and few poor people from the countryside are qualified to work in a call centre.


Under a deposit insurance system – already in place in more than 100 countries – commercial banks are required to deposit a portion of their funds into a deposit insurance institution. The safety net provided by the system protects depositors in the event a bank collapses.

Hong Kong has no bankruptcy protection law, so companies can be wound up by a single creditor. The corporate rescue bill is aimed at giving troubled companies six months to restructure or find a buyer, and during the grace period the company cannot be wound up by creditors.


Man, an associate at Ho, Tse, Wai & Partners for the past eight years, is part of the legal team planning to sue the Hong Kong government over its role in the rendition of a Libyan dissident and his family to Tripoli.

1. 1。A full English Breakfast – it must have beans, sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns and toast. 完整的英国早餐- – -通常一定有豆类,香肠,熏肉,鸡蛋,蘑菇,土豆煎饼和吐司。Of course, it should all be knocked back with a cup of tea, but black pudding is optional as far as I’m concerned.当然,它都应该喝了一杯茶,但黑布丁是可选的,就我而言。Thank you谢谢你!LunaMoth16LunaMoth16.

烹饪的基本原理,西餐理论,土豆番茄沙拉;意式玉米糕,红酒雪梨配牛排、水波蛋配荷兰汁,泰式咖哩鸡、奶油青豆汤、培根鸡肉沙拉等等;培根奶油土豆汤,红酒烩牛肉、芥末牛排三明治,罗勒意面、通心粉面沙拉的N种吃法,红酒烤鸡配西芹蛋黄酱、苏里拉奶酪番茄沙拉,煎鲈鱼配红酒汁、鲜虾番茄意大利面,法式餐前菜、李子黑醋汁拌芦笋牛扒,橙香鸡肉蔬菜沙拉、番茄杀人意面,香蒜番茄烤鸡腿、法式香料烤鸡配土豆,迷迭香OMELETTE、匈牙利土豆,柠檬才和三色辣椒炒鸡胸肉、炒扇贝配番茄大蒜香菜,莳萝腌虾沙拉、鸡肉沙拉配胡桃蓝奶汁,炸薯丸、鸡肉沙爹,苹果片配咖喱鸡和芒果、佛罗伦萨鸡蛋,胡萝卜炖猪里脊、蔬菜菲力牛排,奶酪牛奶蛋饼、蔬菜菲力牛排,奶酪牛奶蛋饼、蔬菜菲力牛排,奶酪牛奶蛋饼、香煎鸡肉蔬菜配马尔莎拉酱汁,蒜香甘蓝沙拉、番茄凤尾鱼辣味意面,芹菜辣椒炒青口、番茄凤尾鱼辣味意面,芹菜辣椒炒青口等等;烹饪的基本原理,西餐理论,土豆番茄沙拉;法式洋葱头,意识龙俐鱼配罗勒汁;华道夫沙拉,啤酒烩鸡;奶油胡萝卜汤,鲷鱼配奶油汁;意式玉米糕,红酒雪梨配牛排;甜玉米饼配酸辣酱,奶油培根意面;法式蘑菇汤,蔬菜鸡肉沙拉;罗非鱼配柠檬汁,地中海沙拉;水波蛋配荷兰汁,泰式咖哩鸡;西班牙海鲜汤,龙俐鱼配莎莎;西兰花奶油汤,意识肉酱面;海鲜周打汤,凯撒沙拉;土豆浓汤,脆炸鱼柳;奶油青豆汤 培根鸡肉沙拉;羊排配黑胡椒汁,土豆金枪鱼沙拉;牛排配黑胡椒汁,意式蔬菜汤;鲷鱼配罗勒汁,培根蘑菇烩饭;黄瓜番茄沙拉,法式红酒烩鸡;培根奶油土豆汤,红酒烩牛肉;牛肉芝士饭团,番茄奶油浓汤;芥末牛排三明治,罗勒意面;美食早餐,菠菜奶油汤;香剪鸭胸配蔓越莓酱,炖牛肉意面;意式牛肉烩饭,蘑菇培根;番茄海鲜汤,番茄海鲜面;南瓜奶油浓汤,三文鱼鸡蛋沙拉;海鲜意式烩饭,香煎塔吉烤鸡腿;手指鱼配蛋黄酱,玉米奶油浓汤;蜜汁罗勒烤羊排,魔鬼蛋;芦笋奶油汤,泰式海鲜汤;烟熏三文鱼沙拉,香料焦糖菠萝;辣味金枪鱼饼,快手香肠肉意面;辣椒沙丁鱼牛至意面 橄榄油蘑菇色拉配特制甜醋;牛油果酱蔬菜沙拉,果味烤猪排配烟熏烤玉米;通心粉面沙拉的N种吃法,红酒烤鸡配西芹蛋黄酱;马苏里拉奶酪番茄沙拉,煎鲈鱼配红酒汁;猪排配煎土豆,烤水果串配泰式糯米饭;鲜虾番茄意大利面,法式餐前菜;西班牙海鲜饭 法式煎羊排;李子黑醋汁拌芦笋牛扒,橙香鸡肉蔬菜沙拉;番茄凤尾鱼辣味意面,芹菜辣椒炒青口;香煎鸡肉蔬菜配马尔莎拉酱汁,蒜香甘蓝沙拉;煎鲷鱼配番茄香料酱汁,味增三文鱼;浓香炒饭,拧香蔬菜沙拉;辣牛肉生菜卷,牛油果鸡蛋沙拉;腊香肠顿饭,迷迭香番茄烤鸡腿;蔬菜培根焗饭,芝麻菜沙拉;番茄杀人意面,香蒜番茄烤鸡腿;蘑菇奶油意大利面,意大利炖菜;香煎牛排配罗勒青酱,红酒焖牛肉;西班牙火腿沙拉。墨西哥米饭;红酒汁牛排沙拉,法式风味香料牛排;法式香料烤鸡配土豆,迷迭香OMELETTE;芝士焗土豆泥佐奶油白酱,烤蘑菇小里脊;尼斯沙拉,爱尔兰焖羊肉;胡桃南瓜泥,泰式牛肉;墨西哥炒玉米,煎无骨鸡肉配蘑菇沙司;阿根廷式白汁鸡肉,面包玉米配青豆;番茄蘑菇炒鸡肉,烤土豆;匈牙利土豆,柠檬才和三色辣椒炒鸡胸肉;烤鳕鱼柳,西班牙辣味小香肠;番茄香菇烤鱼,绿色蔬菜沙拉;墨西哥米饭,菠菜沙拉;烤贵妃土豆,咖喱炖鸡;腌制红鲷鱼条配碎薯片,炸华夫薯片;炒扇贝配番茄大蒜香菜,莳萝腌虾沙拉;蟹饼配烤辣椒芥末,新鲜水果沙拉;炸鱼柳,希腊式蘑菇沙拉;炸鸡翅,番茄青椒沙拉;辛辣的鸡蛋,奶酪汉堡包;苹果汁炖鸡块,厨师沙拉;炸三明治,咖喱海鲜;鸡肉沙拉配胡桃蓝奶汁,炸薯丸;意大利米兰香饭,虾肉米饭沙拉;法式土豆沙拉,迷迭香松子烤羊排;酸奶水果沙拉汁,烤姜味猪里脊;三文鱼沙拉,牛肉串;虾肉米饭沙拉,酸甜罗伯特沙司猪排;佛罗伦萨鸡蛋,胡萝卜炖猪里脊;蔬菜菲力牛排,奶酪牛奶蛋饼;红酒焖牛肉,玉米配番茄酱;匈牙利炖猪肉,海鲜;意识煮海鲜,火腿土豆;煎猪排配蔬菜,菠菜脆卷;鸡肉沙爹,苹果片配咖喱鸡和芒;芥末生菜沙拉 潜水艇三明治;海鲜蘑菇炒意面,白汁鸡肉;炒鸡块配匈牙利沙司 烟花女意面;咖喱意大利面,培根煎蛋;地中海鱿鱼沙拉,香蒜番茄烤鸡腿;海鲜意大利多味饭,白酒蛤蜊意面;蘑菇奶汁三文鱼,泰式酸辣鱿鱼;泰式鱼饼,千岛酱汁;蜂蜜奶油沙拉,意大利蔬菜串 ;普罗旺斯鱿鱼沙拉,烤苹果;烤羊排配炸面包丁,意大利蔬菜汤;香煎三文鱼配芦笋沙拉,法式柠檬烤鸡;红酒烩牛尾,青柠蜜汁焗鹌鹑;大蒜奶油酱烤鸡肉 蒜香焗蘑菇;花椰菜烤扇贝,炖比目鱼菲力;冬日时蔬沙拉,油封三文鱼;原汁炖蘑菇,烟熏三文鱼煎蛋卷;芦笋土豆泥,牛油果吞拿鱼鸡蛋盅;培根芝士蛋汉堡,香煎牛奶小煎饼;花生酱香蕉飞碟三明治,奶酪吐司脆;黄金肉松饭团,吞拿鱼玉米三明治;煎吐司披萨,早餐田园沙拉;土豆萝卜丝煎饼,肉桂胡桃酿苹果;韩式香肠土豆焖饭,培根卷一切;香蒜面包条,香煎三文鱼;红酒橙汁迷迭香烤鸡腿,柠汁蒜香烤排骨;芝士焗番茄肉酱意面,火腿玉米浓汤;地中海风味炖牛肉,马铃薯丸子;青豆培根意大利饭,菠菜奶酪粗管面;烤蔬菜配乳酪玉米糕 咖喱鱼蛋意面;咖喱猪颈肉配芒果莎莎,油醋汁蔬果沙拉;番茄蘑菇炒鸡肉,烤土豆;匈牙利土豆,柠檬才和三色辣椒炒鸡胸肉;海鲜意大利多味饭,白酒蛤蜊意面;蘑菇奶汁三文鱼,泰式酸辣鱿鱼;

以社会融资总额(Total Social Financing)为例。这个量度广泛流动资金供应的数字非正式信贷的成分较多,而即使它没有收缩,继续维持在去年的18 万亿元人民币的水平,情况仍不乐观。信贷评级机构惠誉(Fitch)的资料显示,今年到目前为止的社会融资总额已经达到10 万亿元人民币(每月2万亿元),而今年余下时间的每月平均融资总额为1.1 万亿元。这意味就算信贷增长没有放缓,要寻求短期融资也很不容易。


39. 39。A Korean breakfast – breakfast is similar to lunch and dinner in Korea. 韩国早餐- – -类似于韩国午餐和晚餐。You’ll get a small plate of kimchi, a bowl of rice and a bowl of clear vegetable soup. 你会得到一个小的盘泡菜,一碗米饭还有一碗蔬菜清汤。A good old-fashioned slice of toast is also a popular choice, but that doesn’t make for nearly as good a picture.老式的吐司切片也是一个普遍的选择,但是这并不那么好的一幅画。KomapsumnidaKomapsumnidaavlxyzavlxyz.

Then there was the kicker. “Meanwhile”, the statement went on to say, the city would be seeking US clarification of Snowden’s claims that Washington has been hacking the computers of Hong Kong people and institutions as part of a global cyberspying operation. The message from the Hong Kong government was clear; we run this place according to our laws and we won’t be pushed around.

22. 22。A hearty Scottish breakfast – much like a full English and a full Irish, but the country’s USP is the ‘sumptuous’ slab of haggis served alongside every fat-fried egg. 丰盛的苏格兰早餐- – -就像一个完整的英语和一个完整的爱尔兰,但该国的USP是板的“奢华的”肉馅羊肚肥美煎蛋。Don’t know what haggis is? 不知道肉馅羊肚是什么吗?Scroll quick if your animal eating habits err on the queasy side. 向下滚动快如果你的动物的饮食习惯宁可恶心侧。It’s sheep’s heart, liver and lungs minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt and stock…其实它就将是羊的心脏,肝脏和肺剁碎并与洋葱,燕麦粥,牛脂,调味料,盐和股票……Thenk yeThenk你们david.nikonvscanondavid.nikonvscanon.

But is DIY investing a panacea? Certainly not. There is a trade-off between going it alone and paying for professional advice. For example, individual investors typically do not have the time or expertise to continuously research, trade and monitor their investments, as funds do.


冰屋 一直是甜食控們約會的好去處,不僅有可愛好拍又美味的刨冰,近期還推出超夢幻的惡魔珍奶系列,完全滿足虎麗的少女心!草莓季一定要試試惡魔甜心,多到爆的自製草莓醬加上新鮮草莓帶有酸甜滋味,搭配惡魔外型很吸睛。如果喜歡黑糖珍奶飲品的話,推薦試試有漂亮漸層的草莓惡魔珍珠鮮奶茶,另外抹茶控們別錯過小山園系列冰品和飲品,濃醇的茶香入口很有滿足感~▲惡魔甜心 NT$160,邪惡系列的惡魔甜心是草莓季必吃口味!使用新鮮草莓加上自製草莓醬、優格醬、煉乳,吃起來充滿酸甜的幸福感,還有搭配一球明治冰淇淋做成小惡魔外型,整個好療癒。▲冰屋的刨冰很細,淋上滿滿的草莓醬和煉乳,每一口都吃得到濃醇滋味,還有嚴選新鮮草莓的酸甜很涮嘴。▲明治冰淇淋是焦糖布丁口味,撒上些許巧克力碎片增添香甜,惡魔造型上方是有點酸的軟糖。喜歡草莓的吃貨一定要點這個嚐鮮~▲草莓抹茶聖誕樹 NT$170,超可愛的聖誕樹外型融化虎麗少女心,這款是以小山園抹茶為基底的冰品,加上新鮮草莓、星星仙貝非常受歡迎,拍起來也好美!▲享用之前可以先淋上煉乳增添風味,抹茶的清香融入濃醇奶香特別順口。▲草莓抹茶聖誕樹還有附自製雙色白玉,口感Q彈有嚼勁,完全滿足咀嚼控味蕾。▲小山園抹茶淡雅的茶香加上微酸甜的新鮮草莓、Q彈白玉一起入口,多層次的口感讓人吃得意猶未盡。▲冰屋不只能吃到超萌冰品,現在也推出美到翻掉的黑糖惡魔珍奶,加入自製草莓果醬和小山園抹茶,搭配出漂亮的漸層飲品。▲草莓惡魔珍珠鮮奶 NT$80,加了自家熬煮的草莓果醬和檸檬汁,喝起來比較酸一點,建議與手工炒製的黑糖攪拌均勻之後再品嚐,喝起來酸酸甜甜又充滿草莓味,加上Q彈珍珠特別涮嘴!▲小山園惡魔珍珠鮮奶 NT$80,濃郁抹茶滋味融合手炒黑糖的香氣特別match,微苦甜口感很順口,珍珠QQ的好有嚼勁,這杯有超美漸層好好拍!▲菜單MENU。▲用餐環境舒適帶有文青風格,▲門市外觀。在高雄就是要吃冰喝飲料,冰屋一直推出漂亮又美味的新品,滿足吃貨們的味蕾,無論是草莓季必吃的惡魔甜心,或是有夢幻漸層的惡魔珍奶都很不錯,甜食控們可以來約會嚐美食~推薦給想吃夢幻冰品和飲料的你們^^ 冰屋 地址 高雄市前鎮區沱江街23號營業時間 週一至週日 12:00-19:30電話  07-3318345冰屋FB粉絲團    (本篇為合作採訪)

There is another, not-so-publicised benefit: reducing “stampede risk”. Joining other investors in a fund who might panic at a whiff of poor performance or bad news could lead them to run for the exits, thereby driving down prices and stampeding long-term investors with more patience.

途牛网推出三亚旅游暑期大促活动,多地出发,含跟团、自助游,亲子、蜜月游等多重选择。部分产品预定享第二人半价、下单立减优惠、使用邮储信用卡支付享折上折(每个产品优惠情况不同,其中一些产品可享多重折扣)。此外,所有用户都可领取海口免税易购优惠券。上述几种优惠中,邮储信用卡优惠较难褥,仅支持两个开卡网点,活动规则可参考:综合各种优惠,小编汇总了几条较值的线路产品,更多优惠值友可前往活动页面查看。第二人半价海南-三亚双飞5日游,精华8景点,4晚连住海景,赠千古情景区全国44个出发城市可选,享第二人半价。¥1624元起途牛 双人立减优惠海南三亚国光豪生5日自助游,七夕浪漫蜜月布置大放送全国49个出发城市可选,双人立减1000。¥1700元起途牛 跟团/自助游【跟团游】4晚连住海景,资深导游,南山送抱佛脚全国47个出发城市可选,双人下单立减1000。¥2719元起途牛【自助游】五星一线海景酒店,连住4晚高级海景房,醉美夕阳红全国48个出发城市可选,双人立减800。¥1240起途牛 暑期亲子游海南-海口-三亚6日游,恋恋三岛,非2拍摄地,赠小鱼温泉全国44个出发城市可选,双人下单立减800。¥1149元起途牛 小包团精品线路奢享独立VIP,夜宿蜈支洲岛别墅,尊贵帆船出海全国51个出发城市可选,下单享立减优惠。¥6159元起途牛 

鸡尾酒大师乌里克尼基(Ulric Nijs)现场为大家专注调酒 乌里克·尼基(Ulric Nijs),世界殿堂级鸡尾酒大师,曾创造出无数让人味蕾神魂颠倒的“佳作”,这次他选择来到中国,这是一个对他而言陌生却又充满挑战的国度,在这之前,他也没有“遇见”过中国白酒,当有人告诉他说:“中国白酒无法调制鸡尾酒,它们的口感不适合调制鸡尾酒,人们不会喜欢。”的时候,他有着德国人专属的执着,他来到酿酒大师艺术馆(MIBA),在整整三天的时间里,不分昼夜,从甄选配方原料到搭配杯型,从控制时间到培训助手,他将自己从德国带来的5款中国鸡尾酒配方,反复推敲,终于在10.11这一天,给来自世界30多个国家的2

Large state-owned banks were reported to ask the central bank for monetary easing.It is believed PBoC is taking a tough stance is it wants the lenders to clear up their wealth management products – a popular deposit-like asset class that offers higher rates to the public – which has become a major concern.

49. 49。Breakfast in the Dominican Republic – you need to try the mangu. 早餐在多米尼加共和国——你需要试一下mangu。Mangu is made from mashing boiled plantains with butter and either salami, cheese or eggs. Mangu是用捣碎煮沸的大蕉搭配黄油或是意大利香肠,奶酪和鸡蛋。Top it off with a hot chocolate and you’ve got yourself some traditional Dominican Republic fare.再用热巧克力和你有自己一些传统的多米尼加共和国票价。Gracias谢谢Yuca Diaries木薯日记.

For example, China National Petroleum Corp’s bond maturing in 2018 lost only 1.3 per cent of its value last month, while its longer-term 2023 bond lost 6.5 per cent and the 2041 bond fell 11 per cent.


成分:水、椰子油*、向日葵籽油*、維他命C、沙棘油*、甜杏仁油*、鯨蠟硬脂醇、椰油基-葡糖苷、乳木果油*、杏仁油、蘆薈葉汁粉*、玫瑰果籽油*、香茅精油*、苯氧乙醇、維他命E、檸檬酸 (*有機認證) #natural #organic #vegan #crueltyfree #vegetarian #veganlife #ecofriendly #acne #hkig #hongkong #instagood #love #beautiful #pretty #hongkongfashion #hkiger #sensitiveskin #beautyblogger #timelessorganics #有機 #保濕 #精華 #排毒 #素食 #環保 #天然 #面膜 #敏感 #暗瘡

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New Century Group, the mainland’s largest domestic private hotel owner in terms of hotel rooms, has 107 star-rated hotels in operation or under development with about 31,542 rooms. After the completion of the listing, New Century will hold 18 per cent of the reit, and Carlyle 12 per cent.

Lapalette 神仙水活性面霜 #極乾肌膚推薦 #秋冬季甩皮皮膚推薦 #化妝會浮粉推薦 . 尼一款面霜同神仙水係同一系列 含有Corneo療法嘅核心成份 同25%乳木果油成分🥑🥑🥑 可以重建肌膚嘅角質層補充營養 效果可以同時美白及抗皺 同樣含有24種植物成分☘️ 通過敏感肌膚測試 孕婦都適用🤰🏻 . 咩係Corneo療法? 係可以刺激皮膚深層 令肌膚重現生機活力 真正做到保濕效果 即時補水及鎖水 可以幫助修復受損皮膚 ☄️ 研究顯示 可以從皮膚表皮開始改善缺陷 所有原料都經過實驗數據獲得認證 . Corneo療法嘅核心成份由礦物質構成 係角質層起著角質細胞嘅作用 同時形成第二層皮膚 … Lapalette 神仙水活性面霜 #極乾肌膚推薦 #秋冬季甩皮皮膚推薦 #化妝會浮粉推薦

石斛有良好的養用生津作用,曾與靈芝、人參、冬蟲夏草等並列為仙草,但要註意的,石斛藥性微寒、滋膩,有收斂邪氣之弊,會阻礙人體內部的病邪向外宣泄,還 能助濕生痰,化熱,只有因熱病、勞傷、年邁等引起的陰虛,燥熱者才可使用,平日素有濕熱、痰濕、肥胖或偏嗜肥甘厚味之人,以及患有傷風、腹瀉、水腫、黃 疸、瘡癤。帶下等病人均不宜服用。石斛,對氣管敏感,喉嚨癢,幹咳及帶痰因氣燥引起的咳嗽等,服用石斛補肺潤肺湯水有助潤肺生津,化痰等功效

The New Century REIT has four five-star hotels and one four-star property in the mainland, accounting for 2,021 rooms in all. It offering an annual yield at about 9.2 percent this year, outpacing Hong Kong-based REITs.


“I’m suspicious because he went to China. That’s not a place where you would ordinarily want to go if you are interested in freedom, liberty and so forth,” said Cheney. “It raises questions whether or not he had that kind of connection before he did this.”


“We know the history of each fish, but do you know what a wild sea fish eats and where it came from?” Kwok said. “The mortality rate of indoor fish farming is pretty low, at 10 per compared with 50 per cent of those kept in floating pontoons.” The indoor fish farm is unlike traditional “sea-cage” fish farmers, who are vulnerable to uncontrollable factors such as pollution, red tides, typhoons and even radiation leaks from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan.

      鱼炸玉米饼,肯定听起来像一个健康的餐。他们鼓励我们的鱼,每周吃两次,和一些新鲜萨尔萨。但后来,整个油炸的东西… 这个新的鱼炸玉米饼的配方使健康的玉米饼更健康,给你一些技巧的,满意的只有一小部分的脂肪紧缩的贸易。“炉炸”是一个很好的技术,可以用来获得香脆炸的结果,而所有的脂肪。可以蘸蛋清或蛋清的混合物和第戎芥末,再涂上光:香脆panko(日式风格的)面包屑片的鱼,鸡肉或猪肉。如果你愿意,你可以添加香料的面包屑,以提高风味。这脆皮鱼炸玉米饼配方不同,但同样有效的方法是用来建立危机。条罗非鱼疏浚Wondra面粉(在烘烤过道上出售,通常用于肉汁),它创建了一个很好的壳,即使只有少量的油中炸。辣椒,小茴香,白胡椒涂层辛辣的味道。而且,如果你不有Wondra的面粉,或想无麸质替代,米粉几乎一样好。这些香酥鱼炸玉米饼顶部与您最喜爱的萨尔萨舞,或试试这个鳄梨,芒果莎莎,这将增加层的甜,酸,奶油口味的麻辣鱼。

  是強盜!他還不做一般的強盜,而是獨行大盜,到處為非作惡,屢屢得手,官府怎么也抓不到他。為什么呢?不僅因為他身手敏捷,能夠以一擋十,更主要的是他一聽到風聲不對,就“遁入山林,數月不出,不畏寒暑,累日不饑”,美學院精通雙眼皮手術,美的假髮配戴 徐永康玻尿酸,雷射溶脂 美學院自體脂肪也就是躲入深山老林之內,幾個月也不出來,衣衫單薄也不怕,幾日不吃也不餓。結果,一直到他九十歲時,都還逍遙法外,并且見過他的人說他精神矍鑠,面色豐潤,不現老狀,使湖南岳陽一帶的居民多年來深受其害。這官府的官兒都換了若干任了,可黑名單頭一名始終還是他老人家。

“What’s infuriating here is Prime Minister [Vladimir] Putin of Russia aiding and abetting Snowden’s escape,” Schumer said. “Putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the United States.

FAST FOOD Tripe with Seasonal Vegetables 时 菜 肚 片 8 元 Squid With Seasonal Vegetables 时 菜 鱿 鱼 8 元 Sausage, Chicken and Beancurd Skin 腐 竹 香 肠 鸡 丁 8 元 Chicken, Fungus and Beancurd Skin 腐 竹 木 耳 鸡 丁 8 元 Bamboo

Price Change for New Menu Board Order Please complete the price colume for printing on your menu board. JUICE 1 CANTALOUPE Fresh! 羅 馬 蜜 瓜 汁 1 2 GRAPEFRUIT Fresh! 葡 萄 柚 汁 2 3 HONEYDEW Fresh! 哈 蜜 瓜 汁 3 4

踢波讲阵式,梁振英上场希望重组政府,设「5 司14 局」,但最终立法会通过不了,马逢国说: 「人家要踢自己的阵式,但你唔畀,唔好话赖啦,但实情真系咁样,(CY)班子原本有19 人,现在少了4 个位。」作为球迷,马逢国觉得这队波应换人吗? 「哗,好敏感!」他不愿直接回答,只婉转说: 「操练多啲!调换吓人都可以嘅。呢啲领队绝对有权力,我哋呢啲球迷点知咁多。」【编者按:这系列的受访者是去年特首选举曾提名、投票、撰文或站台支持过梁振英的人】


下面这个事件,需要先介绍一下我们拼车的司机。这位老大哥一看就经验丰富,一上车之后,就一直用广播给我们悬吹,各种边开边聊,逗得全车很开心,也让我们了解到很多垦丁和沿线的特产啊、原住民啊、景色啊之类的内容。喵神本来觉得他非常亲切,殊不知发生了下面这个事件。 在多良火车站,下车的时候,听到他用很重口音的台湾普通话说,15的时候集合。下车时大概10点40,喵神想着那大概是11点15的时候回来集合。因此,小分队一直坚守在车站,希望能够等到拍下火车经过的那一刻。等了许久,看着同车的人都走得差不多了,喵神微微有点着急,离开展望台正准备离开的时候,火车来了!!!

So the rationale for financial reform in China is powerful. However, international experience cautions that many countries that have tried to liberalize their financial sector have lost control over monetary aggregates and that reform must be appropriately sequenced to avoid risks. What might such a road map look like for China?

日本直送現貨一箱 Cure Natural Aqua Gel天然水漾去角質啫喱 250g (香港屈臣氏售$280支) HK$150 一支 HK$288 兩支 不包郵 (平郵+$11支/ $22兩支) (順豐1-2支同樣$22) 4無添加配方溫和: 無防腐劑 無人造色素 無香料 無礦物油 低刺激成分,暗瘡肌丶敏感肌及孕婦都可放心使用 KOL丶藝人丶化妝師也大推 含90%活性素水、銀杏、迷迭香及蘆薈,有助抗氧化、促進血液循環,提升光澤等效果,而且質地水潤,用後不油膩不乾燥,爽滑舒適! 溫和去除0.1mm老廢角質,同時呵護幼嫩的肌膚,改善粗糙,去雜質,去死皮,令護膚品更吸收,保養更事半功倍! 臉蛋,身體部位如背部、手部、膝蓋及腳踝都適用 用法: 洗面後用毛巾印乾多餘水份,擠適量此產品在手掌,避開眼部四周,均勻塗在面上或在意的部位,輕輕打圈按摩,浮出白色屑後,用清水洗去,再依照塗日常護理程序 (**建議每星期使用2次**) … 日本直送🇯🇵現貨一箱

At an April news briefing, Hou said he was inspired by the huge success of the recent American political TV series House of Cards. The birth of this TV series was based on big data technology. NetFlex, a US-based online video company, researched millions of viewers’ comments and search activities then decided on the framework and major performers for House of Cards.

With new shipping lines linking Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Taipei, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as well as Haiphong in Vietnam, Qinzhou has become an important port for China’s cooperation with foreign countries.

Foreign investors can be divided into two groups — financial investors such as private equity and venture capital businesses and strategic medical investors, such as United Family Health, which has hospitals in the three cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin so far, according to Yu Tian, co-author of the report.

Global financial markets remain volatile, gold has finally gone below US$1,300 (HK$10,114), crude is at US$100 and the Australian dollar has slid to near 0.90 against the greenback. Alongside all this, the market has fretted about China.

Appetizer and Salads 头 盘 和 沙 拉 ADD A La Carte Menu Roasted Tuna with Sichuan Pepper Crust 88.0 川 式 花 椒 烤 吞 拿 鱼 Sweet potato mousseline, green beans, black olive and vinaigrette 甜 薯 酱 泥, 青 豆, 黑 橄 榄 香 醋


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Meanwhile, during China’s economic development process, the country faces challenges from sectors such as environmental protection and food safety. “There is a huge demand. The country needs big data analysis to introduce better solutions,” Shen added.

The People’s Bank of China said in a statement on its website that the agreement will take effect in three years and is aimed at “supporting economic and financial exchanges” and guarding “financial stability”. It will also “provide liquidity to yuan trading in London and facilitate the yuan’s offshore use”.

The city has invested about 930 million yuan to create more green space in its urban areas since 2009. It has planted forests and greenbelts covering a total area of more than 400,000 hectares, with 93,000 hectares of forest parks and natural conservation zones.

More recently, however, economics has taken a back seat to politics, as the government has launched a series of trophy projects, like a giant (15,000 square metres) mosque on one of the last green hilltops overlooking Istanbul and the proposal to build a shopping mall in place of the city’s Gezi park which triggered this month’s protests.

Sources with knowledge of the government’s handling of the case said Ho was giving his interpretation and version of events, adding that the government had handled the matter in accordance with the law.

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“The broader of the bilateral relationship is the context where Beijing acts, and it [Beijing] would like more co-operation and less unnecessary confrontation,” Jin said. “Actually Beijing made some gains from the Snowden saga, because his revelations provided Beijing some bargaining chips for future negotiations with Washington in cybersecurity; Washington has lost the moral high ground on this front.”

“A time bomb that could threaten the Sino-US relationship has been defused, even though the saga will go on and Snowden can still make more revelations. The strategy Beijing has been using in dealing with the case was to let Hong Kong handle it independently and keep a distance from it. I believe Beijing would not proactively take advantage of the intelligence Snowden revealed, because that would provoke Washington and rub salt into its wounds.

The report also provides tips for potential investors in China’s hospital market. They are selecting the right segment and target, making an early entry to lock up high-quality targets, choosing the appropriate investment entry mode and adopting advanced management of invested assets to improve target value.

有 機 農 產 品 及 有 機 農 產 加 工 品 驗 證 管 理 辦 法 (2009/12/31 修 正 ) 中 華 民 國 96 年 7 月 6 日 農 糧 字 第 0961061246 號 令 發 布 中 華 民 國 96 年 8 月 14 日 農 糧 字 第 0961061578 號 函 第 25 條 至 第 28 條 條 文 勘 誤 表 更 正 條 文 中 華 民 國 96 年 9 月 20


Kwok imported giant grouper fingerlings from Taiwan, and fed them with meal powder imported from Denmark and Latin America. Aquaculture joined forces with the Kadoorie Agricultural Research Centre at the University of Hong Kong, which helped develop technologies and make the business sustainable.


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The country’s latest poverty data, released in April, show almost no improvement in the past six years. About 10 per cent of Filipinos live in extreme poverty, unable to meet their most basic food needs. This is the same figure as in 2006 and 2009, the previous years when poverty figures were gathered, according to the National Statistical Co-ordination Board. The board also estimated that 22.3 per cent of families were living in poverty in the first four months of last year.

National Security Agency director Keith Alexander said the NSA was overhauling operations to keep closer watch on contractors like the fugitive Snowden, who had top security clearance and “stole some of our secrets”.

“Hong Kong has lagged behind other markets in terms of not having a law on corporate rescue. We are keen to push ahead with the reform to help companies that want more time to restructure before applying for liquidation,” Wong said.

L astDecember’s purchase of the London Metal -. . Exchange (!ME) by , Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) was seen by many as abold statement of intent but, understandably, also raised all kinds of questions about plans for integration and Fr~tlje outset, the deal was trumpeted as a chance to build on the LME’s position as the world’s foremost base metals trading hub. Senior figures spoke enthusiastically of the opportunity to add a new dimension – commodities – to Hong Kong’s portfolio as an international financial centre. And, with the flow of initial public offerings (lPOs) slowing to a comparative trickle, it gave HKEx a new front on which to diversify its business and build relationships with key mainland enterprises trading metals – and potentially other commodities – around the world. With that, though, came the challenges of actually making things work. Considerations range from day-to-dayfactors such as structure and management responsibilities to focusing on core business, while also branching out in brand-new directions. Beyond that, there are all the intricacies involved in breaking new ground to create elbow room and revenue in areas where established players won’t want to cede an inch. “The strategic rationale for the acquisition was based on prospects for growth,” says an HKEx spokesman. “The main objective was to add a strong commodities component to the existing businesses to support and enhance growth while diversifying the earnings base. However, trading in IME’s existing products by users from the mainland is not free from regulatory and other barriers, and the LME has not yet developed strategic partnerships with key players on the mainland.” With a view to building a strong commodities trading platform in Hong Kong, the initial priority is to identify the most suitable products, while also determining the most effective approach to clearing and other necessary market infrastructure. As things stand, there is n9 need for new regulations – the rilles and frameworks are already sufficiently clear and comprehensive. With no great concerns on this score, HKEx’s present commodities strategy, therefore, has three major themes. First is to spur faster growth ofIME’s existing bflSe metals business by lowerirtg barriers to access, particularly from the mainland. The second is to extend the commodities platform froi n London to Asia by launchiflS new products and “capabilities”, notably in Hong Kong. And the third would be to expand from base metals into other commodities, again with a focus on what is going on in China. That means plenty of work still ahead’ in terms of strengthening ties and formalising co-operation with the various exchanges tradirig commodities in China and – no small task – finding a formula which generates turnover and profits. So far, there has been public hint of possible further acquisitions to accelerate or otherwise alter that process. “We aim to develop mutual product listing and licensing arrangements and form strategic partnerships that benefit all partners,” says the HKExspokesman. “Ultimately, the [objective] is for these partnerships to go beyond metals and into other commodity asset classes. Synergies relating to the development of renminbi?denominated products in fixed income and currencies attached to commodity flows are opportunities for further geographical expansion.” In principle – and taking a medium- to long-term view?Matthew Smith, senior analyst for Macquarie Securities, sees no insurmountable reason to prevent HKEx’s plans gradually falling into place. China’s demand’for commodities?metals, coal, oil and agricultural crops – will continue to grow, as will the rest of Asia’s. Trading expertise is transferable. And the tilt of global markets towards Asia is all but unstoppable. However, given the scale ofHKEx’s ambitions, they can’t expect an entirely smooth passage. “Generally, the demand for commodities trading in the Asian time zone is likely to increase in the years ahead, but it won’t be an overnight phenomenon,” says Singapore?based Smith. “There are significant regulatory risks to consider, such as the need for China?based warehousing, as well as the possible threat from mainland exchanges and from competitors in Asia with established organic businesses. SGX [Singapore Exchange] and Bursa Malaysia, which specialises in palm oil, are good examples.” Smith stresses, though, that Asia, for all its exports and demand, is not yet a large centre for the actual dealing in physical commodities and related derivatives. The biggest challenge is to build a business which can inspire global confidence and, in due course, offers the efficiencies and options of London or Chicago. “HKEx stands a chance of developing this business as an offshore centre, and the increased use of renminbi pricing for international commodities trading will make more interesting,” Srnith says. “Whether or not they can succeed very much remains to be seen.”

“Among those who seek help from us, we find many are on low incomes rather than being reckless gamblers or spenders,” said Paulina Kwok Chi-ying, the centre’s supervisor. “But they are excluded from opportunities.”


Citigroup has targeted returns on assets and equity reaching 0.9-1.1 per cent and 10 per cent respectively by 2015. It also aims to lift is efficiency ratio, or operating margin, from the mid-50 per cent level to above 60 per cent.




  油松花粉中的鎂可防止骨質鈣化;錳對人體的作用可維持人體的糖、脂肪代謝、延緩衰老、維系骨骼及結締組織正常發育、預防骨質疏松;鉬與氟共同作用,可增加骨密度和骨中的鈣、鎂的含量;油松花粉中的賴氨酸,可提高鈣的吸收及其在體內的積累,促進骨骼生長;銅可以幫助人體對鐵元素的吸收儲藏、提高免疫力優可團體服 愛菲爾系統家具 抗癌 雅豐診所狐臭 呂發鋼管鷹架搭設, (活力、生育能力)、防止骨質疏松、銅是形成膠原蛋白的主要物質(有利于骨骼、皮膚、結締組織)、可促進維生素K、C的吸收。

Hongkongers are still avid bond buyers, however. While momentum clearly shifted from fixed income to balanced funds at the start of the year, fund flows into debt are still strongly positive. As recently as April, Hongkongers put US$620 million in new cash into fixed-income funds, the HKIFA says.

Many also excluded themselves from the community. Almost two-thirds said they avoided contacting friends and relatives due to their debt problems. Six in 10 said money woes had discouraged them from participating in the community and voting in elections.

港交所为了令商品市塌发扬光 大,分三阶段开展服务。首先扩大LME现有产品及交易量,其次是建 立结算平台基础建设,以及在现有金属产品基础上再发展其他多元产品。若获监管机构批准,港交所将于7月8日推出中华交易服务中国120指数(中华120)期货。中华 120由港支所、上交所及深交所的合 资公司中华交易服务编制,用以追踪在内地及香港上市而市值及流通量最高的中资企业股份表现。该合的乘数每一指数时50元,最低价格波幅05个指数时(或25元)。中华120期货可于上午9时15分至中午12时,以及下午1时至下午4时15分交易,持仓限额及大额未平仓 合的则有待确定。华l s其LJtf1″已丸’J:lf-A喜交所行政总裁李小加表示,中 华120期货将是首只追踪内地及香港市场跨境指数的期货产品,它追虽的资产品盖A股、H股、红当股及其他在香港上市的内地企业股份。该产品三角持有与内地相关股票咀合的机构及投资者(包括ETF庄家)提供种有效的风隙管理工具,用以对J中内地相关交易所买卖基金的持仓。港交所发展股本衍生产品策略是在现有业务上,开拓包括香港与内地相关谊券的股本衍生产品组合,而推出中华120期货正是这一策略的一个重要里程碑。此外,港交所日前巳推出3只A股交易所买卖基金的股票期货, 71’别是CSOP富时中团A50 ETF、IShares安硕富时A50中国指数ETF及华夏是深300 指数ETF的股票辟货。新合的可有投资者提供更多内地相关股本衍生产品的选择,并可与港交所以该三只A股交易所员卖基金对基础的股票期权以至该等交易所买卖基金相辅相成。另方面,集电子商务、网络零售、第三方支付及物流平台于一身的阿里巴巴集团,市传拟放弃美团转而在香港上市,时间抖在今年第四季,阿里巴巴首次公开募股(IPO)估值金额将超过700传美元。 该集团一旦在香港上市,无疑是ili几年规模最大的IPO’将对准交所重回全球集资额第一的宝座,发挥樽关键的作用。

23. 23。Thailand’s breakfast offering – you’ll find this dish at stalls throughout Thailand. 泰国早餐提供,你会发现这道菜在泰国所有的正厅里都。It’s a minty spicy fish with a sweet & spicy pork, served with rice. 这是一个薄荷味辛辣的鱼,甜与辣的猪肉,米饭。By all accounts it tastes excellent, and it’s cheap at only 30 Bhat. 据说味道很棒,而且,它很便宜,只有30泰铢。Thai breakfast fare isn’t all that different from what you’d eat for lunch and dinner.泰国早餐没有什么不同和你吃到的午餐和晚餐。Khawp khunKhawp坤KojachKojach.


1. 1。A full English Breakfast – it must have beans, sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns and toast. 完整的英国早餐- – -通常一定有豆类,香肠,熏肉,鸡蛋,蘑菇,土豆煎饼和吐司。Of course, it should all be knocked back with a cup of tea, but black pudding is optional as far as I’m concerned.当然,它都应该喝了一杯茶,但黑布丁是可选的,就我而言。Thank you谢谢你!LunaMoth16LunaMoth16.


. BOUCHON NT.500 NT.500 minimum consumption per person. All prices are subject to 10% service charge. bouchon bouchon 16 bouchon NT.500 NT.500 minimum consumption per person. All prices are subject to

元 州 分 店 禾 輋 分 店 沙 角 分 店 翠 林 分 店 火 鍋 Hot Pot 雞 煲 Chicken Hot Pot 土 佬 雞 煲 半 隻 Half Spicy Chicken Hot Pot in Sichuan Special 一 隻 Whole Style 海 南 島 椰 子 雞 半 隻 Half Coconut Chicken in Hainan Style 一 隻 Whole

前菜 冷盘 上等的海蜇 搭配胡萝卜 黄瓜 黑木耳和芝麻 rp 60.000 / rp 100.000 姜丝皮蛋 越南春卷, 搭配鲜味十足的海蜇 花生 再佐以秘制的甜辣酱 rp 60.000 / rp 100.000 青木瓜鲜虾色拉 大量的青木瓜丝和鲜虾配上胡萝卜 豇豆 香菜 并佐以秘制的辣酱 rp 60.000 / rp 100.000 热菜 炸春卷,可选时蔬或鸡肉 rp 70.000 / rp 110.000

幽浮寶貝 | 愛上壞壞的死神 | 魔法戰士李維 | PaRappa the Rapper(日語:パラッパラッパー) | 小小雪精靈 | 笑園漫畫大王 | 青出於藍系列 | 推理之絆 | 6/17秀逗美眉 | 魔法使的條件 | 高機動幻想 ~嶄新之行軍歌~(日語:ガンパレード・マーチ 〜新たなる行軍歌〜) | 一騎當千 | R.O.D -THE TV- | 真月譚 月姬 | 愛的魔法 | 光與水的女神 | 老師的時間 | 忘卻的旋律 | 星艦駕駛員 | 我們的仙境 ~Heartful days | LOVELESS | 極上生徒會 | 蜂蜜幸運草系列 | 我的太太是魔法少女 | 灼眼的夏娜系列 | 增血鬼KARIN | 甦醒的天空 -RESCUE WINGS-(日語:よみがえる空 -RESCUE WINGS-) | 零之使魔系列 | Ghost Hunt | 後天的方向。 | 冬季花園 | 普莉與頃太 宇宙的友情大冒險(日語:プリごろ太) | 交響情人夢系列 | 天翔少女 | 土豆蛋黃醬 | 君吻 pure rouge | 死後文 | 隱王 | 秀逗魔導士(第4作開始) | 虎與龍 | 魔法禁書目錄系列 | 旋風管家! (第2期) | 初戀限定。 | 青之花 | 大正野球娘。 | 科學超電磁砲系列

以社会融资总额(Total Social Financing)为例。这个量度广泛流动资金供应的数字非正式信贷的成分较多,而即使它没有收缩,继续维持在去年的18 万亿元人民币的水平,情况仍不乐观。信贷评级机构惠誉(Fitch)的资料显示,今年到目前为止的社会融资总额已经达到10 万亿元人民币(每月2万亿元),而今年余下时间的每月平均融资总额为1.1 万亿元。这意味就算信贷增长没有放缓,要寻求短期融资也很不容易。

That officials here and in Beijing kept their cool is admirable. Documents released by Snowden show that the US’ National Security Agency not only intercepted the phone and internet records of Americans, but also spied on Hong Kong-based telecommunications firms and Chinese institutions, companies and citizens. Anger at such uninvited intrusions should be expected; instead, there was calm and silence.

Citigroup has targeted returns on assets and equity reaching 0.9-1.1 per cent and 10 per cent respectively by 2015. It also aims to lift is efficiency ratio, or operating margin, from the mid-50 per cent level to above 60 per cent.

Indonesia attempts to put out blazes and probes plantation firms suspected of starting the fires Indonesia has begun seeding clouds in an attempt to create rain to put out blflZes that have choked Singapore and Malaysia with smog, officillls said, while launching investigations into plantation firms suspected of starting the fires. The pollution Index dropped to moderate in Singapore yester?day after having hit hazardous levels but the smog intensified in Malaysia, with itlj’ government declaring a state of emergency in two southern distrlcts. An aircraft with cloud-seed?ing equipment managed to unleash rain over Bengkalis district on Surnatra island, where some of the biggest fires are rag?ing, said Indonesian disaster management agency official Agus Wibowo. Indonesian police said they were probing eight companies with possible Malaysian links that are suspected of starting the fires, a day after environment group Greenpeace said the blaz?es were on palm oil plantations owned by Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean firms. In Indonesia’s Riau province, police spokesman Hermansyah said: “They are suspected to be Malaysian. “It’s a very serious crime. Fire?starters can be jailed and compa?nies can be sued. TheyusualIy do it at night in remote locations, making it difficult for us to trace them. But we will do our best to pin them down.” Wibowo said the pollution standards index in Riau, where the fires are burning, exceeded the hazardous 400 level in several areas. Three helicopters also dropped water to douse fires on hundreds of hectares of carbon?rich peatland that have engulfed neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia in smog. Malaysian Environment Min?ister G. Palanivel said the air pol?lutant index (API) hit 750 in the town of Muar – a 16-year high?early yesterday, with two other towns also reaching hazardous levels. “The prime minister has signed a declaration of emerg?ency for Muar and Ledang dis?tricts,” Palanivel said. The highest ever API reading was 860 during the 1997-1998 haze crisis that gripped the region. Hundreds of schools have been closed since Thursday in Muar, which has a population of about 250,000. Many Malaysians have begun wearing masks as a precaution as the pollution levels have climbed. Malaysia’s API indicated that the capital Kuala Lumpur was also experiencing unhealthy air which had limited visibility to just one kilometre, according to Palanivel. The annual haze problem is blamed by Indonesia’s neigh?bours for affecting tourism and public health. The haze hit its worst levels in 1997-1998, costing Southeast Asia an estimated US$9 billion from disruptions to air travel and other business activities.


「然而,除却疾病福利须交税以外,法国所有社会保障福利一律免税,更可在计算入息税时扣除。一般法国人自然极力反对削减社会福利的任何措施,而雇主亦极力争取降低其供款规定。」毋庸置疑,奥朗德去年甫登总统宝座之后,当务之急自然是「拨乱反正」,将退休年龄由备受争议的62 岁重新修订为60 岁。延迟退休的立法,是上任总统萨尔科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)不得民心的「改革」措施,一度触发大规模抗议,以致奥朗德坐收渔人之利,顺利带领社会党胜出大选。在笔者眼中,萨尔科齐在位时所推行的这类所谓「改革」,其实影响极微,根本不值得大惊小怪;但由此足见法国民心向背。

Nevertheless, some financial institutions may need to be wound down as the process unfolds and must be allowed to exit in an orderly way by improving the resolution framework. In all of the above, transparency will be paramount, with the objective being to create a predictable and rules-based system that allows proper pricing of risks and handling of shocks.

Computer technician Edward Snowden’s blowing the lid on US surveillance of phone calls and Web traffic has forced a tightening of security on system operators like him, the NSA said on Sunday.National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander said it is overhauling its operations to keep a closer watch on contractors like the fugitive Snowden, who had top security clearance and “stole some of our secrets”.Alexander, interviewed on ABC television, was not asked about Snowden’s departure from his first haven Hong Kong for Moscow en route reportedly to a third nation.According to WikiLeaks, unidentified diplomats are escorting Snowden in his bid to secure political asylum in a country yet to be disclosed.Alexander described Snowden as an NSA computer system administrator with top secret security clearance who betrayed his nation by taking a trove of information from the NSA and fleeing from his base in Hawaii to Hong Kong.No red flags went up to detect that theft, Alexander said, and the NSA is working to overhaul things to prevent a repeat.“Clearly, the system did not work as it should have,” Alexander said.“We are now putting in place actions that would give us the ability to track our system administrators, what they are doing, what they are taking,” the army general said, adding that the NSA is implementing what he called a “two man rule”. He did not elaborate.“We’ve changed the passwords. But at the end of the day we have to trust that our people are going to do the right thing,” Alexander said.He repeated assertions that the ultimate goal of the surveillance programs is to prevent terrorist attacks and that some 50 plots had been foiled so far thanks to the programs.

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China’s mobile phone shipments in the first quarter of 2013, up 15 percent year-on-year, according to a report issued by the research firm IDC. Among them, about 78 million were smartphones. The figure more than doubled over the same period last year. IDC attributed the rapid increase to China Mobile’s active promotion of TD-SCDMA smartphones. In the first quarter, the shipments of TD-SCDMA smartphones reached 28 million, rising by 390 percent.

Kwok has to overcome teething problems with high rental charges and big electricity bills, which combined account for about 30 per cent of total costs. “Consumers generally tend to believe wild fishes taste better and are more valuable, a belief that our giant groupers may be able to reverse,” Kwok said.



春 天 告 別 了 蓮 霧, 迎 接 雨 傘 旗 魚, 帶 來 滿 身 活 力 的 橘 夏 天 霸 占 屏 東 十 二 個 節 氣, 捧 著 愛 文 芒 果, 敲 鑼 打 鼓 迎 接 黑 鮪 魚 海 老 總 在 秋 日 報 到, 花 柿 仔 也 跟 著 湊 熱 鬧 櫻 花 曬 成 了 蝦, 為 東 港 的 馬 路 增 添 幾 許 嫣 紅, 冬 天, 忘 了 南 下 東 港 自 古 即 為 魚 米 之

On Friday, the Shibor fell after the People’s Bank of China, the central bank, reportedly injected some short-term liquidity. But that was an action the Chinese usually call fine-tuning, not a wholesale intervention like raising or cutting interest rates or rolling out or scaling back nationwide public investment programs.

Will Hong Kong still get enough initial public offerings (IPOs) this year to take it to the top of the pile in the listing ratings? It’s a billion dollar question and something that will only be answered towards the end of the third quarter.

Despite its sustainable nature, Kwok concedes that the fish farm has to sell between 60,000 and 100,000 giant groupers a year to break even. Its inventory stands at about 30,000 fishes, and the business is expected to take three years to meet its target.

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Edward Snowden, the world’s best-known whistle-blower and fugitive, is out of our hands and far away. He left his hiding-place in Hong Kong yesterday morning and flew out after the US filed espionage charges and asked our government to send him back. Washington’s legal documents have been found wanting and a request for further information has been sought; the clarification, if forwarded, will obviously come too late. There could be no better outcome for our city and China.

China has allowed businesses to settle foreign trade in yuan and signed swap agreements to promote the use of the currency in international trade and investment. It has also eased rules for foreign companies to invest in the country using yuan raised offshore and started direct trading with currencies including the yen as part of efforts to make the yuan a global currency.

内地银行业同业拆息市场近期出现的紧张情况,就是内地政府改变政策的证据。内地央行容许同业拆息利率不寻常地维持于高位,就是为了向市场发出明确信息,需要收紧流动性及减慢信贷增长。事实上,由1 月份开始,内地央行已经透过公开市场操作,把资金抽离同业拆息市场,为日前这台戏铺路。由于内地政府加强监管,以及其他国家的市场息率趋升,令热钱流入的速度放缓,内地银行现时正感受到压力。在央行介入令同业拆息回复到正常水平之前,它将迫使一些过度扩张的银行收敛放贷。

The government also has plans to upgrade its agriculture with a focus on local specialties, such as litchi and oysters. Modern and standardized farms will be developed for such products to foster famous local brands.

Shen Xiaowei, chairman of IBM China research and development group, said China’s big data industry is running neck-and-neck with the rest of the world. However, China has many unique opportunities that may help the country to lead the world’s big data industry.

As the Fed begins its unwinding process, moving too fast or too slow could severely disrupt the lingering recovery. US government debt has soared to more than $16.8 trillion, which is about $1.1 trillion more than its GDP. This means, the US will need a new debt ceiling around September.

In contrast, interest rate hikes are used more sparingly as they conflict with other goals — both loan and deposit rates are kept low to provide cheap credit to certain enterprises, protect bank margins and subsidize the sterilization of foreign intervention.