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Chill a small saucers in the freezer. Place a teaspoonful of soft spread on the chilled saucer and place in the freezer for 1 minute. Remove the saucer from the freezer and push the edge of the spread with your finger. A mixture that has reached the gel stage will be set, and the surface will wrinkle when the edge is pushed.

Put all the ingredients in the base of a food processor or good blender and pulse to combine for 30 seconds or so until all the ingredients are finely chopped and salsa is desired consistency. Taste for seasoning and adjust to taste. Serve with chips or over tacos.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many details of the canning process in this post, so I’m just providing basic instructions. I highly recommend that you get a copy of the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving if you’re serious about learning how to can. I also recommend this Ball Canning Utensil Set. The set includes a funnel, jar lifter, lid lifer, and head-space measuring tool.

What does it matter if I leave the skins on? It would be one less thing to mess with. I made fresh salsa with the skins on and I did not cook anything. All fresh and delicious! Is there a reasons to cook the salsa for 15 minutes besides softening the veggies?

Hi Erin. I believe Romero peppers are real sweet, aren’t they? Aneheims are more like a mildly spicy green bell pepper. The Romeros will probably be just fine, but will make the salsa a little sweeter, which may not be a bad thing. A closer substitute would probably be poblano peppers or yellow wax/hungarian peppers. But the nice thing about salsa https://great-salsa.com/category/chiles/ that you can use any peppers you like….just keep the quantity measurements the same when canning.

Hi Mel! I’m in the middle of canning this salsa and after peeling, coring and draining the tomatoes, I don’t have enough to equal the 10 cups called for.  Could I use a can of good quality store bought canned tomatoes to make up the difference? Thanks in advance!

I have 2 Victorio brand steam canners that I love hard. They both have temperature gauges on top and show when you are in the correct temperature range to start timing. It’s been life changing! I had two other steam canners without the gauges that I got rid of and replaced with these. I have also found by watching the temp gauges that I can turn the heat down to med-low and still keep the temp in the correct range. Yay! It saves propane! (I can outside on my camp stove.)

To let this salsa have the best flavor, put it in an airtight container and in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.  This lets the flavors really combine and get good and acquainted 🙂  And as a bonus, I like the taste of cold salsa, so that makes it even better.

What advantage does simmering the Salsa make? Is this how it is done in most Mexican Restaurants? Believe me I am not criticizing I am just trying to learn. If this is a necessary step that I have been omitting and it will make my Salsa taste better I am all for it. I have just never heard of doing it before.

We took this salsa with us last week on vacation in Myrtle Beach. My husband made the best spanish rice we have ever had. He sauteed butter, onion and added the rice and this salsa. OUTSTANDING! I canned 24 half pints, but don’t think it will last long. I may can more using diced tomatoes since we are out of fresh tomatoes.

Comments from a visitor on September 15, 2011: “I made your salsa recipe last night and we LOVED it! I look forward to canning some for the winter! Thank you for sharing! (I never removed tomato seeds/water when I make spaghetti sauce until reading your site. It cut my cooking time and I can’t wait to taste the new, thicker sauce!) ”

If you’re looking for a few recipes to help you get started, there are a number of wonderful resources available online. Whether you’re looking for a shelf-stable tomato salsa or a tomatillo salsa that will last in your pantry for up to a year, you can find the recipes and guidance you’re looking for at the following sites:

Dang, sorry to hear that Rod. Not sure why it would be so vinegary. I just made a quadruple batch last weekend and everything turned out perfectly again. Double check your measurements is all I can think of. Glad to hear it is normally a hit recipe though.

I’m Amy, foodie, nutritionist, recipe developer, wife, and busy mom of 2. I am on a mission to create everyday nutritious recipes that taste absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I love comfort food with a healthy twist. Follow me as I share the simple meals I make for my family. I’ll make meal planning easy by telling you exactly what we eat every week! Read More

Look for large juicy tomatoes when you make salsa. Removing the seeds is easy with a small spoon. Hold the quartered tomato over a bowl to catch the seeds and juice as you scoop them out, and use it in the salsa if you like.

Good, simple recipe that works well. Watch out for the salt content: add just a little then more if you need it. The recipe leaves you with a lot of liquid – it might be a good idea to pour off some before serving.

“Albeit using canned tomatoes really makes this speedy, using fresh tomatoes very special. And it really doesn’t take that much longer. Other than that, I followed the recipe; don’t be tempted to use dried oregano — it doesn’t work.”

Hello Marissa. I found you via Moms the Word link up this morning. Nice to meet you. I have to make some salsa. I’ve been meaning to forever. In Florida, tomatoes are coming in and they are perfect right now. Thanks for the good idea and reminder. God bless.

Hi Robyn, I haven’t tried freezing it but I’m assuming since it’s a fresh salsa the tomatoes might have a “soft” texture to them when you defrost and not be as fresh. If you do end up freezing it, I would love to know how it works out for you!

Plums, jalapeño, basil, red onion, and a splash of lime juice come together to create a quick and fruity salsa that you and your family will love. Serve with our Pan-Grilled Chicken for a quick weeknight meal. 

Put all of this into a stock pot.  I used a dutch oven for this batch and it was just the right size.  Next you need to add your minced garlic, vinegar, salt and cilantro.  Stir it up well and place on the stovetop on high until it starts to boil.

OMG…….was SOOOOO looking forward to making this as it sounds fantastic…..this is the WORST recipe that I have ever made……no one should ever make this without decreasing the paste and I don’t know..:.just find something that actually works. …just wasted 2 hours of my life that I will never get back

I made over 20 pints of this last year with a huge 10 dollar apple box full of tomatoes. This recipe was SO good. Really the best homemade salsa I have ever, ever had. I was just finding it again for this year. I’ll definitely print it out so I don’t lose it. The one tip I would give is to have extra jalapenos on hand, in case you want it hotter. I was worried about it being too hot last year, and it ended up not being quite hot enough. It was still super good though.



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Entrees Peking Duck (Whole) – Serve in two courses: $60.80 1 st – Sliced Duck with Pancakes (12 pancakes) 2 nd – Sang Choy Bau ( 6 in serve ) ( ) Peking Duck Pancake ( 4 Pieces ) $16.00 Lamb Pancakes (

The announcement from the chairman of the United States Federal Reserve. Ben Bernanke, last week that the US central bank will start unwinding its money-printing programme, known as quantitative easing, had a big impact on bond prices.

In the short term and also taking place now, high-end and specialty chain hospitals are in the vanguard of the change. In the middle term — within three to five years — high-end and specialty chains will continue to thrive, while general hospitals, both private and public undergoing privatization, will become key investment opportunities. “We expect extended care will emerge in the medium to long term,” said the report.

All said, NW Hotel would be a tough sell in a strong market. But with the United States Federal Reserve last week signalling the end of quantitative easing, walloping share and bond markets alike, this public offering has many factors working against it.

香 港 旅 游 发 展 局 主 办 美 食 之 最 大 赏 至 高 荣 誉 金 奖 名 馔 Gold Distinction Award Dishes Hong Kong Tourism Board Best of the Best Culinary Awards 芙 蓉 黄 金 虾 Deep-fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk and Sautéed Fresh Milk

New premiums from investment-linked individual life and annuity products grew 24.2 per cent to HK$4.9 billion in the first quarter compared with the same period last year, according to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

据Zero Hedge网站分析向【表】:「法国国民对欧盟的信心下降程度之高,速度之快,在欧盟成员国中最为显著。短短一年,法国举国气氛突转悲观,对国家经济表现大感不满,不满比例高达91%,较2012 年高出10 个百分点。对国家领导无方的不满程度尤其严重, 有67%的国民认为总统奥朗德表现不济,未能应付经济危机的挑战,较其前任萨尔科齐所得评分还要差24 个百分点。法国人亦开始怀疑是否值得全力支持欧盟「实验」,认为加入欧盟有损法国的意见比例高达77%,较去年高出14 个百分点;58%的国民则对欧盟组织印象转差,比例较2012年高出18个百分点。」

In previous eras, the rise of new powers generated rivalries and conflicts. Some Western observers believe such frictions are inevitable during such epochs. Yet examples of such rising powers (Germany and Japan in the early 20th century) refer to countries where industrialization was overshadowed by the driving role of a strong military, when the international community was without adequate global governance mechanisms and the degree of global economic integration was low.

入 口 水 果 Papaya large 中 國 Solo Papaya 美 國 ( 夏 威 夷 ) 陽 性 (1) 珍 寶 萬 壽 果 菲 律 賓 中 國 陰 性 (5) 陽 性 (1) 木 瓜 中 國 ( 台 灣 ) 美 國 ( 夏 威 夷 ) 陽 性 (1) 泰 國 陰 性 (2) 馬 來 西 亞 陰 性 (2) 陽 性 (2) 菲 律 賓 陰 性 (2) 紐 西 蘭 牛 油 果 墨 西 哥


China’s major cities remain the primary targets of private banks seeking to tap the investment needs of high-net-worth individuals; but as the nation’s economy continues to grow wealth managers will spread their net to secondary cities as well.

中 国 农 学 通 报 04,0(9):0-4 Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin 柚 子 红 枣 酸 奶 的 发 酵 工 艺 研 究 邵 金 华, 余 响 华, 晏 资 忠, 朱 智 勇 ( 湖 南 科 技 学 院, 湖 南 永 州 499) 摘 要 : 以 柚 子 汁 红 枣 汁 和 脱 脂 奶 粉 为 主 要 原 料, 以 保 加 利 亚 乳 杆 菌 和

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Tucked into the fresh oyster district of Lau Fau Shan, in Yuen Long, the 30,000 square foot fish farm each year raises tens of thousands of giant groupers destined for dining tables in hotels, restaurants and homes.


As a result, growth slumped below 1 per cent last year, and money began to flee the country. The local stock market has fallen 23 per cent so far this year. With international liquidity now tightening, commodity prices weakening, and the central bank forced to intervene to prop up the currency, Brazil’s economic prospects are rapidly deteriorating even as discontent mounts.

内地银行业同业拆息市场近期出现的紧张情况,就是内地政府改变政策的证据。内地央行容许同业拆息利率不寻常地维持于高位,就是为了向市场发出明确信息,需要收紧流动性及减慢信贷增长。事实上,由1 月份开始,内地央行已经透过公开市场操作,把资金抽离同业拆息市场,为日前这台戏铺路。由于内地政府加强监管,以及其他国家的市场息率趋升,令热钱流入的速度放缓,内地银行现时正感受到压力。在央行介入令同业拆息回复到正常水平之前,它将迫使一些过度扩张的银行收敛放贷。

再次提提大家,有寫冷藏係放入雪櫃保存 (提高穩定性) 不斷回購熱賣精華: B3分子酊複合精華 30ml/$238 50ml/$338 皮膚的重要糧食 到底維他命B3同分子酊對皮膚有幾重要? 同大家詳細講下佢地嘅作用 維他命B群族中,B3的功能是最多而且分子最少,B3亦稱Niacinamide,醫學已驗證能治療及抑制發炎性細胞,平衡油脂,補水同時控制出油,改善粉刺及粗大毛孔。B3能減少黑色素體傳播,使膚色均勻。對皮膚非常有益及必須的維他命。 Good Skin支B3分子酊精華含足夠13%B3,成日有客問點解坊間有啲B3精華係含10%12%15%啊?店主係到再解答大家:由於所選用原料濃度不同,某啲B3原料要含好多先能夠做到功效,有啲就比較濃縮,Good … 再次提提大家,有寫冷藏係放入雪櫃保存❄


Amazon 现有 松下 SD-YD250 全自动可定时面包机(带酵母分配器及面包皮程度选择) ,现价$91.89(原价$174.99)。 美国境内免运费。 自动酵母分配器可以完美掌握面粉发酵,可调烘烤面包皮程度(light, medium, dark)避免烤出的面包硬梆梆,最长13小时预约自动烘烤,就算是晚上9点睡觉时预约号,睡到第二天早上9点都不用担心起床做饭,根据不同谷物种类和自己的烹饪习惯提供多种烘焙选项。

日本直送現貨一箱 Cure Natural Aqua Gel天然水漾去角質啫喱 250g (香港屈臣氏售$280支) HK$150 一支 HK$288 兩支 不包郵 (平郵+$11支/ $22兩支) (順豐1-2支同樣$22) 4無添加配方溫和: 無防腐劑 無人造色素 無香料 無礦物油 低刺激成分,暗瘡肌丶敏感肌及孕婦都可放心使用 KOL丶藝人丶化妝師也大推 含90%活性素水、銀杏、迷迭香及蘆薈,有助抗氧化、促進血液循環,提升光澤等效果,而且質地水潤,用後不油膩不乾燥,爽滑舒適! 溫和去除0.1mm老廢角質,同時呵護幼嫩的肌膚,改善粗糙,去雜質,去死皮,令護膚品更吸收,保養更事半功倍! 臉蛋,身體部位如背部、手部、膝蓋及腳踝都適用 用法: 洗面後用毛巾印乾多餘水份,擠適量此產品在手掌,避開眼部四周,均勻塗在面上或在意的部位,輕輕打圈按摩,浮出白色屑後,用清水洗去,再依照塗日常護理程序 (**建議每星期使用2次**) … 日本直送🇯🇵現貨一箱


“We know the history of each fish, but do you know what a wild sea fish eats and where it came from?” Kwok said. “The mortality rate of indoor fish farming is pretty low, at 10 per cent, compared with 50 per cent of those kept in floating pontoons.” The indoor fish farm is unlike traditional “sea-cage” fish farmers, who are vulnerable to uncontrollable factors such as pollution, red tides, typhoons and even radiation leaks from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan.

The innovation environment in China has improved and the nation is “paying much more attention to innovation and has issued a string of encouraging policies”, said the founder. “It also created a sound environment for Sino-foreign cooperation, which was rare decades ago.”

这是我很钟爱的水果料理之一。这道料理,做法简单又滋味丰富,我所招待过的朋友没有人不爱!“Salsal”,莎莎就是酱汁的意思,在墨西哥吃炸玉米饼(Taco)时,一般的小摊子至少有3~5种酱汁让你选择,像是绿辣椒酱(salsalverde)、 红辣椒酱(salsal rojor)、酪梨酱(guacamole),或是墨西哥酱(salsalMexicana)。前两者都是偏辣的调酱;较经典的墨西哥酱,是由洋葱丁、蕃茄丁和柠檬汁调和而成的;当然正统的莎莎酱,少不了墨西哥的绿辣椒。如果你是嗜辣者,加入带一点酸的现成墨西哥辣椒罐头,可以增添不少墨西哥的异国风情。

“It’s about government support and a rich talent pool. China’s new leaders have decided to invest 800 million yuan in technology research this year and the fund will grow 20 percent annually in the coming years,” said Li.

发 信 人 : syan ( 我 们 家 的 小 薯 条 ), 信 区 : NextGeneration 标 题 : 分 享 宝 宝 吃 辅 食 的 经 验 完 整 版 (4-12 个 月 )– 请 不 要 奖 励 发 信 站 : BBS 未 名 空 间 站 (Thu Mar 12 12:45:14 2009), 转 信 有 几 个 妈 妈 给 我 发 信 说 找 不 到 帖 子 或 者 链 接

垦丁森林游乐区面积466.8公顷,是全台唯一的热带植物园,也是世界十大热带植物园之一,由台湾第一座热带植物标本区整建而成。珊瑚礁岩形成的峡谷、洞穴、钟乳石及石笋为本区主要的地形景观,处处展现大自然演化的奇趣。现有热带植物千余种,鸟类、蝴蝶、爬虫类及其它昆虫资源尤为丰富;每年秋冬造访的红尾伯劳、灰面鹫,吸引许多赏鸟族追踪观赏,俨然已成另一超人气景点。 整个公园可分为三部分,第一游乐区是植物景观与人工建物融合的游赏区域;第二游乐区以特有的地形景观和植物景观为主;第三游乐区为一原始的珊瑚礁雨林带,景色和第二游乐区大致相同,基于生态保护,并不对外开放。

The incident is widely seen as a show of determination by the central bank to bring down off-the-chart credit growth and restore normalcy in the money market. Total social financing jumped by over a third year-on-year in the first quarter to 6.16 trillion yuan amid less-than-expected GDP growth, ringing alarms about the health of the economy.

材料: 1cup牛奶,1/4cup果醋,1小勺盐,1/3tbs芥末酱,2tbs蜂蜜,1/3cup罗勒,1cup新鲜菠菜叶,1cup橄榄油。蜂蜜芥末沙拉酱 搭配:肉类 蔬菜沙拉;材料: 1/2cup芥茉酱(法国第戎),1/2cup蜂蜜,1/2cup柠檬汁,1/2tbs盐,450ml水,1.5cup橄榄油,少许黑胡椒粉。做法:与house沙拉酱方法相同。材料:1cup水,30ml果醋(烹饪专用,非饮料,有红酒醋最好),1/3cup柠檬汁,2瓣大蒜,1/3tbs孜然粉,少于1cup芝麻酱,1/3tbs盐。

The Philippines still has a strong service sector. In 2011, it overtook as a top provider of offshore call centres. But the country lacks the manufacturing base that has lifted millions of people out of poverty in other Asian countries.

However, employing more good Chinese doctors is not easy because the big public hospitals in China can provide technical titles for their medical practitioners that are closely linked with welfare benefits such as pensions after retirement. The private hospitals cannot offer such kinds of packages.

Some 40 per cent of mainland high-net-worth individuals are entrepreneurs, and people with experience in dealing with large firms as well as small- to medium-sized companies would be good candidates as private bankers on the mainland, he said.

Guangxi is also abundant in non-metallic resources. Its wide distribution of limestone, kaolin, soapstone, and bentonite has made Guangxi the largest center for cement production in South China, said local officials.



Wong said the government would not have a full-scale consultation again because most of the controversial issues had been fixed in the 2009 consultation. She would need to have just a “small-scale” consultation to get views from industrial players and stakeholders on some minor issues, such as who could apply for the corporate rescue procedures.

Alex Boggis, the managing director of Aberdeen Asset Management’s Hong Kong office, says the move to balanced funds reflects investors’ desire for income. Previously, people bought a lot of bonds. Now, they buy something a little more diversified, adding a little bit more risk.

百威英博市场部总监王莉敏女士致欢迎词 不仅是作为品牌代言人更是非凡大都会鸡尾酒联合设计者的吴亦凡,始终在平凡的每一天中诠释着“渴望不凡”的生活态度,更把这种生活追求诠释在非凡大都会鸡尾酒的设计中。“很高兴能与MIXXTAIL魅夜合作,联合设计这款鸡尾酒并举行今晚这样的轰趴派对活动。MIXXTAIL魅夜带给了我独特的鸡尾酒体验,我非常喜欢它集合全球经典鸡尾酒灵感的设计。当然我也很认同MIXXTAIL魅夜为大家的每时每刻生活带来非凡鸡尾酒体验的专业追求。”谈及对MIXXTAIL魅夜的理解时吴亦凡这样说道。超级巨星及mixxt

但不能少了一枚鸡尾酒戒指。 鸡尾酒戒指(cocktail ring)其实并不是珠宝中的“新星”,它的出现还要追溯到上世纪20年代的美国。当时正值一战后那段充满变革的时期,传统价值观在时代的洪流中受到冲击,女权主义兴起,女性走出家庭,开始工作、社交,她们也像男人一样穿上裤装、抽烟喝酒,享受不被束缚的人生。造型别致的鸡尾酒戒指,图片来自Pinterest。 但当时美国正在施行“禁酒令”,想喝上酒可不是那么容易,只有在一些非法的鸡尾酒会上才能喝个痛快。这些时髦而叛逆的女郎们就在参加这类派对时,会戴上一枚造型夸张的戒指,希望

在世界各地,特别是旅游城市都会见到墨西哥菜,最典型的就是墨西哥卷饼(Tortilla),肯德基经过改良后的老北京鸡肉卷就是一例,深受大众喜爱。(小编注:上为Tortilla,下为来到中国的鸡肉卷,有的店也叫墨西哥鸡肉卷。)墨西哥卷饼一般由面粉(Flour tortilla)和玉米粉(Corn tortilla)制作,然后可以做成多种佳肴:例如Burrito 是用Flour tortilla卷入咸味馅心的面卷,还可以加入生菜丝,芝士等等,佐以酸奶油或牛油果酱。

It may sound counterintuitive to buy more bonds just as interest rates rise but high-yield bonds are less sensitive to the minute fluctuations in Treasury yields. If a bond yields 7 per cent, then a 0.5 per cent rise in Treasury rates is just a blip.

sixty roller-coaster fans are expecting Plenty of twists and turns on their 17-day tour of thina A group of 60 thrill-seekers from Europe are flying to Hong Kong and the mainland to ride 100 different roller coasters in 17 days in the first tour of its kind. The enthusiasts from the European Coaster Club will begin by visiting Disneyland and Ocean Park in Hong Kong before work?ing their way to Shanghai via theme parks in Shenzhen, Wu?han (JEtJl), Zhuhai (~)Ii), Guang?zhou and Changzhou (~#D. Members of the Britain-based club – whose tour party includes roller-coaster fans from England, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Denmark and France – said they were coming to China because of the theme park boom which has seen an explosion in spectac?ularrides. “China has just overtaken the US as the country With the most roller coasters,” saId the club’s founder Justin Garvlmovic. “We have got a thrilling two weeks ahead of us. “There are now so many theme parks in China that it’s going to take us a number of trips to visit them all. We’ll have to come back in a couPle of years to visit another part of the country.” Garvanovic said last night he was not at all unnerved by an in?cident on Friday On the roller coaster at the World Joyland park in Changzhou – one of the roller coasters his grouj, will ride – which left 11 tourists hanging in the air for nearly five hours. “A lot of roller toasters get stuck. I’ve been on Ii couple my?self. It happens for 11 million dif?ferent reasons and it’s a safety feature,” he said. “1 guarantee you, somewhere in the world, a roller coaster is stuck as we speak. It doesn’t put us off one bit.” The group – comprising mostly middle-aged profession?als with a passion for roller coast?ers – starts its grand tour at Hong Kong Disneyland on July 1, where one of their membm-, will reach the milestone of riding his I,OOOth different roller coaster. A highlight of the tourwill be a visit to Guangzhou’s Canton Tower, which is home to the world’s tallest droll tower ride, which plummets a stomach- turning 484 metres. The ride opened last year and overtook the Stratosphere’s Big Shot ride in Las Vegas, which drops 100 metres less. Even the club’s most experi?enced roller-coaster riders were nervous of the Canton Tower challenge, Garvanovic said, jok?ing: “Anyone refusing to ride the drop tower will be banned from riding anymore roller coasters on the trip.” The 17 -day tour of Hong Kong and China will also see one long?serving member of the club, which was founded in 1996 and has more than 1,500 members, ride his I,200th different roller coaster. Paul Burton, one of the club’s organisers, said: “This is the first time we have been to China. Our members have wanted to go to China for several years now because of the number of rides being built and the sheer size of them. “Our members are incredibly excited about this trip. They have got some amazing rides in China now. There has been a massive boom in the theme park market there.” Burton, who has ridden around 1,000 different roller coasters, said some members were prepared to fly across the world just to ride just one new roller coaster. “The fascination is what they are going to do with the technology next,” he said. ‘We all work 24-7 these days and roller coasters give us a bit of escapism. It is the thrill ofit, and you get an adrenaline buzz.” The group will visit up to three theme parks a day to complete its itinerary, which ends in Shanghai on July 16. Burton said Hong Kong Disneyland and Shen?zhen’s Happy Valley were two of the most eagerly anticipated parks among members.

Paddlers go flat-out in the celebrity bath tub event, held yesterday as part of the final day of the CCB (Asia) Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Race off Tsim Sha Tsui East. More than 5,000 entrants in 199 teams – 163 local and 36 overseas from 11 territories around the world – took part over the three days. Photo: Dickson Lee Report C1

一種 大腦 女性 不足過動 中樞神經系統 分泌 天使 水果 以及 功能 史蒂芬妮 它們 甲狀腺 任何 因為 多發性硬化 有毒 血液 西洋芹 免疫系統 告訴 抗生素 更年期 每天 肝臟 身體 那些 其他 念珠菌 治療 注意力不足 物質 狀況 知道 毒素 胃酸 重金屬 風濕性關節 食物 消化道 疱疹病毒 疼痛 病人 症狀 真正 脂肪 健康 問題 情緒 淨化 細胞 細菌 荷爾蒙補充療法 蛋白質 這些 這個 造成 創傷後壓力 提供 無法 發炎 硬化症 腎上腺疲勞 診斷 開始 飲食 傷害 感覺 經歷 葡萄糖 賈桂琳 慢性 維生素 誘發 導致 憂鬱症 蔬菜 濃度 糖分 糖尿病 頭痛 壓力症候群 幫助 檢查 營養補充 癌症 醫生 醫師 醫學界 醫療 藥物 藥草 關節炎 難解疾病 攝取 體內 靈魂

6月10日到大会堂听Mario Brunello和城市室乐团的合作,乐团总指挥Jean Thorel指挥。除了用独奏家担纲,节目没有题目,但四首乐曲都是「现代巴罗克」。开场曲为史特拉汶斯基《普钦内拉组曲》,此曲用来开场太长,用来结尾又可能反高潮。乐手大约到第四曲的Tarantella才进入状态,指挥不强求齐整或声响的光亮,但在节奏感上决不让步。下半场的第一曲为Czyz的弦乐曲《巴罗克歌曲》,和暖的弦乐令人不觉人数不多。

McKinsey collated and analysed data from more than 160 banks across the globe, based on their 2012 results, and found that overall profitability improved for the first time since the crisis for private banks in Asia in 2008. But it would be a challenge to sustain this growth, said.

  兇手2、飯后飲濃茶飯后喝茶,會沖淡胃液,影響食物的消化。另外,茶葉中含有大量鞣酸,飯后喝茶,就會使胃中沒來得及消化的蛋白質同鞣酸結合在一起形成不易消化的沉淀物,影響蛋白質的吸收。茶葉超脫寶寶寫真集 正荃標籤, 台北吃到飽 昶成組合屋 工作桌還會妨礙鐵元素的吸收,長期如此甚至能夠引發缺鐵性貧血。>>濃茶不利老年健康兇手3、飯后吸煙飯后吸煙的危害比平時大10倍!這是由于進食后的消化道血液循環增多,致使煙中有害成分大量被吸收,損害肝臟、大腦及心臟血管,引起這些方面的疾病。

詹姆士烤肉醬|自製烤肉醬 詹姆士介紹|自製烤肉醬資訊|烤肉醬21筆-癮科技書籤 有渠道真好!蘋果正式銷售 iPad Air 的時間為 11 月 01 日,但是在大陸那方竟然已經有人進行開箱了,真不愧是首賣國家,了得了得啊!底下一系列的組圖都來自於 dgtle.com ,大家可以好好端詳端詳全新一代的 iPad Air 到底有那些不一樣的地方…..  圖編輯群作者提供詹姆士烤肉醬最新3C科技、遊戲及APP產品等影音介紹各種詹姆士烤肉醬配方,詹姆士食譜,白醬做 ……

Some 35 companies reported 164 purchases worth a combined HK$356 million last week. Nine reported disposals, worth a combined HK$120 million. Buying rose compared with the previous week. Selling fell.


晴晨 Morning Sun Dessert 是位於新崛江巷弄內的一間甜點工作室,闆娘用料很實在,嚴選使用土雞蛋、馬達加斯加香草莢、日本上白糖、伊思尼鮮奶油等食材製作,可以吃到清爽順口又誠意滿滿的美味甜點。喜歡塔類甜品的吃貨可以試試,虎麗最喜歡芋芋芋頭塔和沒有漂亮外表的草莓布丁塔,如果愛吃新鮮草莓,一定要選擇鋪了滿滿酸甜滋味的「莓想到」,口味不錯又很好拍,還有巧克力控必吃的布朗尼香蕉塔也頗香甜!各種特製甜塔可以滿足甜食胃,也能當作慶生、慶祝重要節日的蛋糕。 目前晴晨提供工作室自取甜點、宅配服務,記得提前幾天預訂哦~▲巷弄內的晴晨工作室。▲簡約典雅的包裝。▲粉黃色系的包裝盒加上多色緞帶好夢幻,當作禮物送朋友很有面子!▲莓想到 (8吋),草莓季必吃的甜點就是這個,滿滿的草莓完全融化少女心!內餡是原味乳酪搭配覆盆莓乳酪,酸酸甜甜的很有戀愛感。▲草莓份量十足,每一口都飽滿多汁,帶有濕潤感所以塔皮會稍微軟一點點,不過滋味香醇有層次,還蠻不錯的!▲草莓布丁塔 (8吋),如果喜歡甜一點點的草莓塔,可以試試這款,虎麗也非常喜歡!使用奶油杏仁餡、香草卡士達醬製作內餡,加上草莓布丁吃起來帶點軟嫩綿滑口感,包覆舌尖的感覺很療癒。▲可以嚐到以高溫烘烤過的香甜草莓,雖然這個甜塔沒有美美華麗外表,但還是很推薦甜食控試試,可能一吃就會愛上~▲芋芋芋頭塔 (8吋),超漂亮的淡紫色芋頭塔是虎麗最愛!喜歡芋頭的吃貨們一定要試試,嚴選使用甲仙芋頭製作,吃起來是很濃醇的滋味,芋頭泥十分綿密帶點包覆舌尖的綿滑感。▲芋芋芋頭塔搭配奶油杏仁餡、生乳酪餡,增添滑順口層次感,還有扎實的海綿蛋糕和QQ麻糬,咀嚼感很豐富!不太甜膩的滋味滿足芋頭控的味蕾。▲布朗尼香蕉塔 (8吋),巧克力控就吃這個布朗尼香蕉塔吧!晴晨特別使用73%苦甜巧克力,加上巧克力布朗尼增添口感,還吃得到新鮮香蕉的軟綿和獨特香氣,塔皮微酥香醇,充滿層次風味。漂亮又可口的甜點最療癒了!晴晨 Morning Sun Dessert提供多樣塔類選擇,喜歡酸甜滋味的別錯過草莓季限定的「莓想到」這款,自己吃或送人都很適合! 推薦給想超美夢幻甜塔的你們^^晴晨 Morning Sun Dessert 工作室地址 高雄市新興區玉竹一街20巷13號營業時間 工作室地址面交 時間為13:00-21:00晴晨FB粉絲團    (本篇為合作採訪)


Lam expects Hong Kong’s stock market to benefit while the European and mainland stock markets stay in limbo during the second half of the year, adding that Hong Kong would still be the main capital raising centre.

New Century Reit plans to spend more than 90 per cent of the proceeds of its capital-raising exercise to acquire four five-star hotels and one four-star hotel in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Changchun, with a total of 2,021 rooms and a total gross floor area of 321,000 square metres, from Initial Hotel Properties, which is 60 per cent owned by New Century Group and 40 per cent held by the global alternative asset manager, Carlyle.

Many also excluded themselves from the community. Almost two-thirds said they avoided contacting friends and relatives due to their debt problems. Six in 10 said money woes had discouraged them from participating in the community and voting in elections.

香港从天而降一个疏口仔,全球沸腾七嘴八舌,少不得加拿大人一份。全国报National Post 请读者发表意见,集于6月中周一发表,经编辑拣选、又经本人拣选,有些人这样说:根据Pocket Oxford English Dictionary 的解释,隐私(privacy)的意思是「处于一种不被他人监视或滋扰的状态」(a state in which you are not watched or disturbed by other people),这样的解释隐私可谓恰如其分地把定义收窄了。我们需要宁静独处,需要与外界的噪音隔离,那些动机不明、来者不善的外来滋扰会侵犯我们的地盘,但我认为政府当无此动机。这样说吧,如果你是美国人,重视隐私而不认同安全大晒,下回选另一个(总统),选谁都行。(Benjamine Lamb)人们把惊人的私事往网上发放,人人得而知之,到政府这样做了,就大吃一惊。 不想车顶布满雀粪,就别往那撒穀粒。如果你不在乎张三知道你昨晚吃什么,那么让奥巴马知道,又有什么大不了。(Robert Manders)隐私已经不保了吗?你话呢。可有试过在网上寻找你的家,一路松下去,你不但会看到你的街道、你的房子,甚至看到你自己。加上从其他查讯工具,几乎可以查到任何人何时在何处。(Zbigning Filek)The New York Times 的看法很合我心水:明显不过,当民主党在任,侵犯隐私的目的在预防另一次「九一一」;当共和党在任,侵犯隐私就是侵犯隐私。(Jonathan Milevsky)一直以来,我都认定政府、尤其美加政府,都在假反恐之名来侵犯公民的隐私,并在权利与自由方面加以限制,为时甚长的机场安检就是一例。我是个守法的公民,尽管这样,念及自己的一言一行都被监控,怎能不在乎。(Mike Cormrie)Marshall McLuhan(1911-1980,加拿大著名哲学家及新闻传播学者,名言有the global village 及the medium is the message等)说过:「发表就是隐私之自我侵犯。」(Publication is a selfinvasion of privacy.)我现在投书报馆,得自问:「这信要印出来,我需要顾及我的隐私吗。」(B. O.

【西瓜玛格丽特】 都说不懂鸡尾酒的人就是不懂生活,漫漫长夜喝点果汁就太没意思了,既然想要高格调的氛围那么怎能没有鸡尾酒来助阵呢!?首先只需要准备好西瓜、盐、龙舌兰酒以及青柠即可。将西瓜切成小块,放入碗中待用,再将青柠切成小块放置一旁。将鸡尾酒杯口处淋上些许矿泉水并且蘸上适量的盐粒。随后将西瓜块放入到搅拌机内,再倒入适量的龙舌兰并挤入一点青柠汁,混合在一起打碎成泥后放置一旁待用。可以用多余的西瓜块和青柠制作一个小装饰,再将调好的鸡尾酒倒入杯中就大功告成了。【清凉西瓜冰糕】都说夏季唯有冰棍才与之更相配!而既要解暑还要高颜值,

海绵蛋糕8寸 平盘、戚风蛋糕8寸 平盘、巧克力挞,水果挞(塔壳甜面,巧克力甜面各种塔壳制作,干纳许)、备注:水果用灌装水果黄桃,杂果,樱桃、葡式蛋挞,玉米培根咸挞,(酥皮面卡壳,葡式蛋塔塔壳)、焦糖布丁,巧克力布丁、芒果酸奶布丁,意式奶冻、柠檬挞,(意大利蛋白霜)抹茶红豆蛋糕卷(抹茶戚风蛋糕,卡仕达奶油)、酥皮泡芙(泡芙面,卡斯达奶油,酥皮)、玛德琳蛋糕、巧克力慕斯(巧克力海绵蛋糕,朗姆酒糖水,黑巧克力淋面)焦糖核桃挞(甜面,焦糖酱汁)、英式松饼(原味提子干)水果穆斯蛋糕(水果淋面,啫喱)、备注:慕斯做方形、酸奶慕斯和卡布基诺慕斯杯(4层)、布朗尼(干纳许)、盆栽提拉米苏(手指饼,咖啡糖水)、胡萝卜核桃蛋糕、白巧克力绿茶蛋糕(海绵绿茶蛋糕,绿茶慕斯,白巧克、力慕斯,绿巧克力喷沙)、苹果挞(焦糖炒苹果,酥粒,甜面)、大理石芝士蛋糕(甜面,丘比特蓝莓酱)、芒果椰汁西米(煮西米,芒果椰汁啫喱)、黑森林(巧克力海绵蛋糕,白巧克力樱桃慕斯,黑巧克力樱桃慕斯,巧克力刨花)、备注:刨花用戴妃黑巧克力、歌剧蛋糕(杏仁蛋糕配,黄油奶油,干纳许,咖啡糖水,黑巧克力淋面)、黄梅果杏仁派(甜面,杏仁奶油,罐装黄梅果)、栗子穆斯蛋糕(榛子海绵蛋糕,黄油奶油)、纽约芝士派(纽约芝士酱汁,甜面派底)、薄饼配香草汁(薄饼,香草酱汁)、奥地利沙哈蛋糕(沙哈蛋糕,干纳许)、草莓慕斯配奇异果甜品杯、香橙薄饼配鲜橙酱汁、朗姆提子穆斯蛋糕(朗姆提子慕斯,海绵蛋糕)、加利福尼亚水果蛋糕、巴伐洛娃水果蛋糕、烤巧克力泥巴蛋糕(MUD蛋糕,焦糖榛子,干纳许)、燕麦咖啡牛奶布丁、椰香南瓜派(甜面,南瓜酱汁)、巧克力花生蛋糕(花生蛋糕胚,干纳许)、牛奶巧克力伯爵查蛋糕(蛋糕,牛奶巧克力淋面)、香兰芒果椰子蛋糕卷(香兰戚风蛋糕)、白巧克力树莓慕斯(香草奶冻,树莓慕斯,树莓啫喱,海绵蛋糕)、棉花糖;

好久没遇到心动的秒杀价了?往这边看过来!穷游最世界·自由行推出【预约假期 就要旅行】秒杀专场!热门签证秒杀99元起!超值机酒秒杀999元起!包含全国多地出发,东南亚、日韩、欧美、澳新……不论你身在哪个城市,想去哪个城市,总有一款你想要的。小编特此精选出几款超值爆款,推荐给大家!【签证秒杀】入台证(受理全国/可简化资料/可加急)¥149穷游网 马来西亚个人旅游签证(全国受理/可加急/拒签全退/包回邮)¥218穷游网 意大利旅游签证(全国受理/拒签退全款/包顺丰回邮)¥799穷游网【机酒秒杀】北京直飞香港4-5天往返机票(赠电话卡,维多利亚夜游船票)¥999穷游网 成都/重庆/上海/香港/武汉/长沙/昆明直飞清迈5-7天往返含税机票¥999穷游网【暑期专场】说好的毕业旅行呢?还有一波暑期出行的产品哟。这次真的不能再错过了……成都直飞曼谷+普吉9天往返含税机票¥2699穷游网  北京/武汉直飞巴厘岛6-7天自由行¥4799穷游网【超值预售】中秋/国庆/元旦出行的,更是要抢先买起来。你的手速决定了你的花费!【暑期特惠】 北京/长沙/成都/上海直飞新加坡6-7天往返含税机票¥1099穷游网【暑假/中秋假期】北京/上海/成都/香港直飞普吉岛6-7天往返含税机票(北…¥1299穷游网 【暑期/中秋假期】上海/北京直飞首尔4天3晚自由行(多星级可选)¥1999穷游网【暑假/中秋假期】天津直飞札幌/函馆6-7天含税机票¥2499穷游网 

所有油炸玉米饭团的基础都是来自于 Tacos。饭团里面可以放任何东西,很多本土的墨西哥人还会加入各种猪、牛、羊的杂碎。mariscos(海鲜)的玉米饼和沛(鱼)也可以在墨西哥市的大街上发现。此外还有豆类、奶酪、大米、nopales(仙人掌芯)和烤葱。沙拉酱是必不可少的;每一个销售点都会有红色和绿色沙拉。一个真正好销售点还会有莎莎鳄梨(烤辣椒、碎洋葱和 habañeros 的混合物)、炸薯条、和一大碗墨西哥酸橙。



雞肉污垢:經過對484只肉用仔雞的研究后發現,有42%的被彎曲桿菌感染,12%的被沙門氏菌感染。而最新調查發現,美國每人每年食用70磅(35公斤)的雞肉,比食用的牛肉、豬肉和土雞都多。超市避免方式:去沙巴,馬來西亞旅遊,找大林 宥欣條碼機 Saeco咖啡機 全自動咖啡機選擇那些自由放養場養的雞。這些雞棲息的場所更大,一次屠宰的數量也少,所以安全性較高。家用避免方式:為了避免食品中毒,在將生肉買回之后,先用清水泡一下,而不是直接將其放在烤碟里。這個捷徑可以避免雞肉和其他食物帶來的感染。在切肉的時候,記得清洗刀子和案板。


Large state-owned banks were reported to ask the central bank for monetary easing.It is believed PBoC is taking a tough stance is it wants the lenders to clear up their wealth management products – a popular deposit-like asset class that offers higher rates to the public – which has become a major concern.

“homemade hot salsa recipe |homemade black bean and corn salsa recipe”

Hi! I’m Katie, and I’m the chief mess-maker around here trying to journey to better stewardship of my family’s health and the environment – while balancing a budget and limited time (did I mention I have 4 kids?).

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Since I’ve gotten this book I’ve canned some Homemade Pear Butter because pears were on sale for 50 cents/lb. I’ll post about that recipe later, but it is GOOD. I’ve got so many recipes marked in the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving book that I want to try. It’s a great resource and it really makes home canning feel less overwhelming.

What I’m making today is salsa. The kind they serve in restaurants with chips. The kind they sell in jars. The kind you eat during a football game. The kind that’s replaced ketchup as the number one condiment in America.

This was too spicy for me (not mild!) and very vinegar-y! I know the acidity is important, but tomatoes seem pretty acidic on their own, right? I’ll stick to my old recipe (which is time tested from my mother in law, but I’m not sure if it’s officially approved by a lab) but I do like your skin slip method. Took longer than 3 min for mine. And the less ripe store-bought Romas didn’t really slip off. Garden ones did, but they weren’t Romas.

A visitor writes on August 24, 2014: “I grew my own tomatoes and love salsa but have never cared for the preservative taste I detect in store bought salsas. We followed your recipe and direction (my first time canning) and it is wonderful. Thank you so much!!”


Hi, Sommer, I was pointed to your blog by Cory Kowalski. I immediately saved your detox soup recipe AND the salsa one. I love salsa and love making it, but I can’t eat as much as I’d like to because I have kidney disease (and tomatoes aren’t good for me). I am going to try making a salsa with an extra dose of tomatilos, substituting them for some of the tomatoes. I’ll let you know how it comes out. BTW, I can’t find a ‘follow’ button on your site — except pointing to Pinterest, which I know nothing about.

This recipe is really Brad’s and I actually posted it a couple of years ago, but we’ve updated the recipe slightly and, of course, the photos too. Garden tomatoes are the star of the show in this salsa, but if you’re not lucky enough to have a garden full of tomatoes, I suggest buying your tomatoes from a Farmer’s Market. You’ll be surprised what a difference in flavor it makes.

This is REALLY good salsa, I’m making more today. I made one batch as written, and a second test batch with green tomatoes without the addition of the paste and sauce and it was also good. You might want to move that great infographic up higher on the page, I totally missed it until I came back to comment after making the recipe :). Thanks for sharing, great recipe!

Hello Marissa. I found you via Moms the Word link up this morning. Nice to meet you. I have to make some salsa. I’ve been meaning to forever. In Florida, tomatoes are coming in and they are perfect right now. Thanks for the good idea and reminder. God bless.

Jami Boys is an author, blogger, and imperfect do-it-yourselfer who lives in the green, lovely, and often rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children. Her passion is to help others enjoy life & embrace simplicity through whole-food recipes, easy DIY projects, and do-able gardening.

What does it matter if I leave the skins on? It would be one less thing to mess with. I made fresh salsa with the skins on and I did not cook anything. All fresh and delicious! Is there a reasons to cook the salsa for 15 minutes besides softening the veggies?

I have to admit I’m sort of a snob when it comes right down to it. I only like fresh salsa. Some of you may not notice or even care even that there is difference, but to me there’s as obvious difference. To me, the jarred kind tastes like an overly chunk-defied pasta sauce *ack*. The only way I can control how thin or thick I want it… is by making it myself and I prefer it fresh with small chunkage. Honestly salsa isn’t hard to throw together and it makes a lot so it really is cost effective! You just need a food processor.

Just finished making the salsa with the lemon juice and it’s wonderful! Not vinegary tasting. I only planted sweet peppers this year so this is strictly a sweet salsa. Next year I’ll be adding hot peppers to the garden just for this recipe

But in the mean time, go make this version. It will surprise you at how fresh and awesome it tastes! The fire-roasted tomatoes are so good, if you can find them. If not, I have used plain tomatoes tons of times, and it is still really delicious!

I just made my first batch and it was a hit! Though I roasted all my peppers and only used 1/2 cup. I also used white vinegar instead of apple. I also did not add oregano. It won’t last long that’s for sure! I did hot water bath it to can as well.

My husband’s favorite restaurant, naturally, is a local Mexican bar: “…famous Mexican cafe. It’s the great taste of Mexico right in your neighborhood.” (Can you just hear the corny commercial jingle?) It’s not exactly in our neighborhood, but it’s worth the 20-minute drive. They have a wet burrito that enables you to skip looking at the menu altogether.

karinagw, thank you for the glowing report! We also enjoy salsa with a little more texture. Next time you can add more peppers for extra spice. We have several friends who don’t enjoy the flavor of cilantro, either. One says it tastes like dirt! So we have experimented with cilantro-less salsa and found a little lime rounds on the flavors. Thanks again for your feedback. Have a great week.

Grab the lime. My sister once told me; if at the store, squeeze the lime (or lemon for that matter) and if they are soft (not mushy) then it should yield a good amount of juice. If you squeeze it and it’s hard as a rock, just put it back on the produce shelf and keep searching.

Hi Lucy. You can use lemons instead of limes, as the acid content is about the same. However, there is a flavor difference between the two of course. But https://great-salsa.com/category/chiles/ you have a jar made with limes and a jar made with lemons, you will probably never know the difference. I hope you enjoy the salsa. Let me know how it turns out.

Question please 😉 I’m going to use fresh tomatoes since they are finally in season!! Any idea how may I should use?? Do I need to cook them down or just chop them up?? PS… sorry I’m a terrible cook but I’m trying!!

Paste tomatoes, such as Roma, San Marzano, and Amish Paste, have a firm flesh and will produce a nice thick salsa. Slicing tomatoes can also be used, but they are more watery. Both paste and slicing tomatoes are safe to use for making salsa, but I recommend using paste tomatoes for a denser salsa.

You can make this salsa as fiery as you like by adding more or less peppers. But whatever you do, don’t leave them out. And because everything goes into the food processor, you can make the salsa chunky or smooth with just a flick of the switch.

Thanks! I did some skins and some not, but mixed it all together. It turned out pretty good, but a little sweet….I didn’t add any sugar. Could it be the apple cider vinegar or possibly the cherry tomatoes? Thanks again!

I had this in a Restaurant in Guyana, South America and they used fresh tomatoes and garlic that they roasted before blending. It was amazing! Especially with the cassava chips that they served it with!


I have been searching, searching, searching for a recipe for salsa that can be canned and still tastes fresh from the garden, and I’m so glad I came across this recipe! I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous about it keeping all winter, especially since I’m getting ready to make about 8-10 times the amount. I know you’ve addressed shelf life in your comments but any reassurance would be so appreciated. Thanks so much for the recipe! I gave it a trial run yesterday, and it was delicious! Just added a couple tsps. of cumin since we’re a cumin-loving family.

Authentic Pico de Gallo Recipe – By far the best pico de gallo recipe we’ve made. A fresh Salsa Fresca recipe for tacos, fajitas, and even with chips with fresh pico. (aka salsa with fresh tomatoes) (Authentic Vegan Tacos)

My whole point is, if you have a good blender or food processor, making salsa at home is a total snap. It’ll keep in the fridge for as long as it’ll last (which is never very long, in my experience) and is absolutely worth every second of effort.


New Century Group, the mainland’s largest domestic private hotel owner in terms of hotel rooms, has 107 star-rated hotels in operation or under development with about 31,542 rooms. After the completion of the listing, New Century will hold 18 per cent of the reit, and Carlyle 12 per cent.


这是我很钟爱的水果料理之一。这道料理,做法简单又滋味丰富,我所招待过的朋友没有人不爱!“Salsal”,莎莎就是酱汁的意思,在墨西哥吃炸玉米饼(Taco)时,一般的小摊子至少有3~5种酱汁让你选择,像是绿辣椒酱(salsalverde)、 红辣椒酱(salsal rojor)、酪梨酱(guacamole),或是墨西哥酱(salsalMexicana)。前两者都是偏辣的调酱;较经典的墨西哥酱,是由洋葱丁、蕃茄丁和柠檬汁调和而成的;当然正统的莎莎酱,少不了墨西哥的绿辣椒。如果你是嗜辣者,加入带一点酸的现成墨西哥辣椒罐头,可以增添不少墨西哥的异国风情。

As smartphones have brought immeasurable convenience to our daily lives, MPF providers are launching mobile sites to let its m~mbers gain easy access to their MPF·accounts anytimei anywhere. ~ianz Global Investors (“AllianzGI”) has recently launched its mobile site or MPF members, which incorporates comprehensive fund information and MPF tools, all available through interactive and user-friendly functions. “We put together information in a neat and organized way so that users can easily get what they want, even on the small screen of smartphones,” said Elvin Yu, Head of Institutional Business, Qreater China and South East Asia of Allianz Global Investors. A well-established MPF provider with more than 28 years’ experience in servicing pension clients in Hong Kong, AllianzGI is keen to pay heed to the needs and investment requirements of Its clients so as to offer the optimal strategie.s and solutions. One of its latest services is its MPF mobile site. Offering services comparable to those from computer websites, the mobile site allows members to check out detailed fund performance such as annualized returns, cumulative and calendar returns, asset allocations and other fund details including investment objective and investor profile. Members can also download the fund factsheets, access their MPF account information and do transactions through the mobile site, which is similar to what they do on computers. “With all information easily available at your fingertips, there is no excuse not to actively manage your MPF account,” he added. Comprehensive site facilitates better planning The mobile site at AllianzGI features interactive charts, displaying fund price movements in a graphic form that can be understood at a glance. In addition, members can get instant access to daily fund prices, latest fund performances and informative fund factsheet downloads while they are on the move. To help members keep abreast of AllianzGI’s market views and latest developments, the site features a webcast that offers the latest market insights from AllianzGI’s investment experts on streaming video webcasts with the latest market updates. On the other hand, strategic retirement planning calls for preparation well ahead. A user-friendly retirement calculator is indispensible to help members understand their financial needs and plan their investments to achieve their retirement goals. Its risk assessment t~st, also vital for an all-rounded plan, contains an interactive questionnaire to help members find out the risk profiles they belong to. After determining their risk tolerance level, they can sel~ct the . most appropriate investment options to meet their retirement and investment requirements. Besides, members’ portfolio breakdown can be conveniently accessed through a simple user login, after which members can view their MPF account information including account balance, contribution details and MPF investment breakdowns. Meanwhile, as with all online services, users should be aware of protecting their personal information. “Users should avoid using shared mobile devices such as publicly accessed tablets or devices, or logon to personal account when using public Wi-Fi facilities,” he recommended. Allianz Global Investors’ mobile site is available at www.allianzgi.hkImpf Quality makes the difference According to the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, when selecting an MPF provider that suits your needs, members should carefully consider four key factors including products offered, service quality, fees and charges, and personal factors. For example, in addition to a comprehensive mobile site, AllianzGI provides outstanding client services through various platforms, including member’s hotline, regular newsletters and communications. It also works closely with employers to arrange member sessions to help review their investment portfolios and provide market updates. Experience does matter when it comes to investing. AlIianzGI is well established with more than 28 years of experience in servicing its pen~ion cltents in Hong Kong. It has an experienced MPF investment’ team, with portfolio managers boasting an average of over 21 years of investment experience in the industry and 14 years of experience with the company.

但這是不是代表支流煙對人體危害一定更大呢?目前學界主要用動物模型研究煙霧的致癌作用,也就是觀察動物被關在充滿一定濃度煙霧的籠中后的癌癥發生幾率。截止目前,有些研究者發現處在總顆粒物(total particulate matter)鼎鐧廢鐵回收 綠蒂雅超耐磨地板 綠鄰系統家具 芙蝶婚禮顧問 相同的前提下,支流煙中的小鼠健康指標受小三通影響更大[2],也有研究者認為曝露在主流煙中的大鼠肺癌發生率顯著較高,但在兔子和狗身上的實驗結果則差異不明顯[3][4]。簡而言之,“主流煙與支流煙致癌有無明顯區別”這個問題,目前尚無定論。

Tapping into China’s onshore wealth market is a challenging task for all types of banks because of policy restrictions on cross-border investments. Many foreign banks therefore maintain a presence in Hong Kong, where mainland high-net-worth individuals keep their wealth, and there are no limitations on investing that wealth offshore.

用一杯杯创意独特而又颇具个人魅力 的君度鸡尾酒惊艳全场,让法式优雅魅惑的君度橙酒碰撞东方灵感,释放出全新的鸡尾酒创意火花,每一位女调酒 师的千面风情也在现场展现得淋漓尽致!紧张刺激而又充满魅力的2017第五届“君度女王”比赛现场(图片来源于品牌) 据悉,今年的总决赛共分为下午与晚上两场君度创意鸡尾酒的比拼挑战。以往年不同的是,下午的君度创意鸡 尾酒环节评分最高的 5组团队,直接进入晚上的总决赛之夜角逐“君度女王”。这 5组晋级的选手还通过现场抽签, 选取了未进入第二环节的团队作为自己的队友,组成一共 6 人的合作团队

Exchange moves ahead with strategy to expand into commodities trading, writes John Cremer It is no secret that Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) has plans to establish the city as one of the world’s leading centres for trading commodities and related futures contracts. Such ambition should be commended, and the deal to acquire the London Metal Exchange (LME) – along with its know-how and worldwide reach – marked a decisive step in the right direction. However, it was only a first step. Converting the ideas and dreams behind a mergers and acquisitions plan into viable structures and newly won business is always tough. And all the talk ofleveraging opportunities in the mainland market is just standard public relations fare until those who matter most – in this case, the commodity suppliers, buyers and traders – start to see concrete reasons to use Hong Kong and its services, rather than the exchanges with which they are already familiar. “It could tum out to be very good acquisition for HKEx, the members and market participants,” says Richard Fu, director for Asian commodities trading at Newedge. The finn is a 50/50 joint venture between Societe Generale and Credit Agricole, handling a wide range of clearing and execution services, including options and futures contracts for financial products and commodities. “The biggest challenge, though, is creating a real liquid market, giving buyers in China and overseas-a channel totmde contracts – denominated in RMB and US dollars – which they couldn’t trade otherwise.” A key opportunity lies in the fact that mainland foreign exchange regulations mean certain Chinese companies don’t yet have access to the lME, and international firms are effectively excluded from existing Chinese exchanges. But progress will require co?operation between the relevant exchanges and close liaison with the main industry players. It is essential to knmVwhich types of contract theywaht to trade. In addition, regulat!Jrs may need to review and chan~e certain rules, so China-based Companies can deal and settle without complications. And if, say, cOpper is traded today in Shangha] or soya beans in Dalian, there nmst be a full understanding Within any new setup of how the physical side of the business – warehousing, shipping and so on – actually works, so it can be duplicated and improved upon. “In principle, there should be huge demand from China and overseas to trade commodities and futures in Hong Kong, but with limited resources, it is in the interests ofHKEx to do it step by step,” says the London-based Fu. “They need to build up an independent clearing system for extra revenue, otherwise they will be paying other people, and talk about warehousing along the coast of China. Users of the exchange must have somewhere to pick up cargoes and to take or make deliveries. For example, if producers in Chile can sell into a forward contract, they will want to ship real cargo into a bonded warehouse in China, with location at the seller’s option.” To make best use of the lME’s experience, Fu suggests HKEx’s first target should be metals business. This offers the chance to start generating revenue and to look at the requirements of developing countries like India, where metals usage is picking up. The chance to trade in an Asian time zone should assist in developing initial business volumes. Also, if RMB-denominated contracts are part of the mix, it will help in promoting international acceptance of the currency, something the mainland authorities are keen to see. “Generally, as things take shape, I will be looking for signs of market access,” Fu says. “It is always better for exchange if it is accessible to all participants -and, of course, they must meet the demands of clients.” MatthewSmith,senior analyst for Macquarie Securities, emphasises the importance of thinking long-term. For the last decade or so, he notes, HKExhas focused on listing mainland?origin initial public offerings. A move into commodities trading cannot be taken lightly. “There is a lot involved in coming up with the right products and services,” says the Singapore-based Smith. “Only when they catch on is it a money-spinner.” He adds that Asia may indeed be the “growth story” for derivatives trading, but very little trading in terms of commodities derivatives markets is actually done in the region, other than a few specific products. “There may not yet be the breadth of endogenous, . expertise in Asia, but then agfllll it should not be too difficult tl) find elsewhere,” Smith says. “It will take time and regulatory support from both the Hong Kong and Chinese sides to build a platform that sees active trading, and this is likely to be the case especially for products which are beyond the lME’s traditional focus on non-ferrous metals.”

The senior partner of Ho, Tse, Wai & Partners says that acting on Snowden’s instructions, he met a top government official last Friday to discuss the American’s situation and clarify some legal issues, but received an unsatisfactory response.


The New Century REIT has four five-star hotels and one four-star property in the mainland, accounting for 2,021 rooms in all. It offering an annual yield at about 9.2 percent this year, outpacing Hong Kong-based REITs.

Some 35 companies reported 164 purchases worth a combined HK$356 million last week. Nine reported disposals, worth a combined HK$120 million. Buying rose compared with the previous week. Selling fell.



平常無聊的時候,什麼都不想做,只想拿本書來看看。不但可以增進一些知識,也可以讓我進入到另一個世界沉澱一下。以前買書都是去書局逛,現在除了沒有時間逛,也沒有精神。所以網路書局變成了我買書的最佳選擇,實在是快又方便。今天看到了一本書甜蜜果食:Sammi佐伴田園時光的60個水果甜點配方 ,看了一下簡介,內容挺有意思的。而且甜蜜果食:Sammi佐伴田園時光的60個水果甜點配方 看起來銷售還不錯喔,應該滿值得買回來看。趁著最近比較有空,趕緊買甜蜜果食:Sammi佐伴田園時光的60個水果甜點配方 買回來看看。希望不會讓我失望。如果和我一樣對甜蜜果食:Sammi佐伴田園時光的60個水果甜點配方有興趣的朋友,也提供給你們網頁參考看看喔。

月头听过英国钢琴家侯夫(Stephen Hough)及意大利大提琴家Mario Brunello的协奏曲演出。侯夫和港乐合作李斯特的两首钢琴协奏曲,笔者听了尾场(6 月8 日)。节目编排特别,先奏布烈顿《交响安魂曲》,之后是李斯特,先弹第二,中场休息后弹第一,最后以海顿《第九十交响曲》作结。不肯定四曲有何关联,可以是从黑暗至光明,亦可以说头三首都是无乐章停顿,一奏到尾,一定不会拍错手,海顿则埋下陷阱,无人拍错才不对劲。

百威英博市场部总监王莉敏女士致欢迎词 不仅是作为品牌代言人更是非凡大都会鸡尾酒联合设计者的吴亦凡,始终在平凡的每一天中诠释着“渴望不凡”的生活态度,更把这种生活追求诠释在非凡大都会鸡尾酒的设计中。“很高兴能与MIXXTAIL魅夜合作,联合设计这款鸡尾酒并举行今晚这样的轰趴派对活动。MIXXTAIL魅夜带给了我独特的鸡尾酒体验,我非常喜欢它集合全球经典鸡尾酒灵感的设计。当然我也很认同MIXXTAIL魅夜为大家的每时每刻生活带来非凡鸡尾酒体验的专业追求。”谈及对MIXXTAIL魅夜的理解时吴亦凡这样说道。超级巨星及mixxt

The interest in balanced funds partly reflects the fact that central banks’ money-printing programmes have, in recent times, raised the price for all assets. Buying a fund that invested in everything in such a context made sense. It also reflected investors’ desire to ease out of bonds for something a little bit riskier and with the potential for higher return, reflecting a generally more optimistic outlook.


“A time bomb that could threaten the Sino-US relationship has been defused, even though the saga will go on and Snowden can still make more revelations. The strategy Beijing has been using in dealing with the case was to let Hong Kong handle it independently and keep a distance from it. I believe Beijing would not proactively take advantage of the intelligence Snowden revealed, because that would provoke Washington and rub salt into its wounds.

And it is not like Cheney had not experienced this before. In the White House since the Nixon and Ford administrations, holding positions like the White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense and vice president, the name Robert Hanssen must ring a bell.

“I’m suspicious because he went to China. That’s not a place where you would ordinarily want to go if you are interested in freedom, liberty and so forth,” said Cheney. “It raises questions whether or not he had that kind of connection before he did this.”

That may sound dull, but balanced funds are a big hit. Data supplied by the Hong Kong Investment Funds Association shows balanced funds have seen the biggest fund inflows of any fund category this year, drawing in more than twice the net new money of debt and equity funds combined (see graph).

16. 16。A Philippines breakfast – it’s all about the local fruits here. 菲律宾早餐- – -早餐都是当地水果在这里。Mangoes are popular fare to keep you regular. 芒果很流行,是早餐让你定期。As for keeping your energy up rice is the top choice, or the little sausages, known as longganisa,you can see above. 至于保持你的能量,米饭是最好的选择,或小香肠,诸如longganisa,您可以在上面看到的。When fried with salt and garlic cloves it’s known as sinangag. 当煎加盐和大蒜炒饭配上被称为。The sinangag is then combined with eggs, meats and beans and bob’s your uncle, your aunt, a deliciousPhilippinebreakfast is born.炒饭还有加上鸡蛋,肉类和豆类和易如反掌,范妮是你的阿姨,一个deliciousPhilippinebreakfast出生。SalamatSALAMATSupaflySupafly.

McKinsey collated and analysed data from more than 160 banks across the globe, based on their 2012 results, and found that overall profitability improved for the first time since the crisis for private banks in Asia in 2008. But it would be a challenge to sustain this growth, it said.

25. 25。An Irish breakfast – you’ve had English and Scottish, now it’s time to learn the Irish USP. 爱尔兰早餐- – -我们上面谈到过英国和苏格兰早餐,现在我们就来看看爱尔兰的早餐。That would be white pudding and soda bread.那就是除此之外的白??肠和奶油苏打面包的搭配。Go raibh maith ‘ad去raibh maith”广告joelogonjoelogon.

6月10日到大会堂听Mario Brunello和城市室乐团的合作,乐团总指挥Jean Thorel指挥。除了用独奏家担纲,节目没有题目,但四首乐曲都是「现代巴罗克」。开场曲为史特拉汶斯基《普钦内拉组曲》,此曲用来开场太长,用来结尾又可能反高潮。乐手大约到第四曲的Tarantella才进入状态,指挥不强求齐整或声响的光亮,但在节奏感上决不让步。下半场的第一曲为Czyz的弦乐曲《巴罗克歌曲》,和暖的弦乐令人不觉人数不多。

Mother denies Di other denies pimping boy,S to pedophile The High Court heard that a mother allowed a pedophile to sexually abuse her five-year-old boy for monetary gam. The 32-year-old woman also fed (note 1) her son sedatives(锁定剂) to lessen his pain, and so that he might not remember what happened to him, the court heard yesterday. The abuse allegedly occurred at the home of the pedophile – identified (note 2) only as “Ah .Cat” – on several occasions between April 2011 and Jul1 last year. The woman pleads(辩种) not guilty to conspiracy with a person to commil homosexual buggery on a person under 21 and conspiracy to have her SOl indecently assaulted. The court was told that the unmarried(未续) woman gave birth to a son in 2007, and later became acquainted with “Ah Cat:’ The two met about 1 0 times and had sex on four or的ve occasions, with thE man usually giving her money beforehand(之前). She had worked for about 15 months as a clerk at a textile company in San Po Kong, and when she resigned last July, technicians asked to clear data from her computer discovered several texts concerning (note 3) her sexual relationship with “Ah Cat” and the abuse (note 4) of her son. The company director reported the case to the Social Welfare Department. The court heard that under caution (note匀, she admitted taking her son to the home ofthe pedophile(恋童癖), but did not actually witness any abuse. In the videotaped interview, the woman said she got to know”Ahζat;’ aged between 35 and 40, about six years ago. The two met less than 1 0 times and had sex four to five times. He usually paid her for the sexual favors (note 6). From good to better English: (note 1) feed=餵篑,满足,以……为食物;0仟one’s feed=没胃口; feed back=产生影响,产生反钻。 (note 2) identify=鹊别,认出; identify with=认为……等同于,觉得 与……有联听,支持,同情; identify oneself with=参加到……中。(note 3) concern=涉及,关系到,参与;关心,开系,顾虑;as(或so) far as一一is concerned=至于,就…..而言; have no concern with = 与……无关。’note 4) abuse=虐待,滥用; abusive=辱骂的,诅咒的;Misuse=滥 用。(note 5) caution=小心,建慎,画告; err on the side of caution=宁求 种妥,不顾涉险; throw caution to the wind(或winds)=不顾一切,鲁莽行事; under caution=被告知其法律权利。(note 6) favor=好感,宠爱,支持; in favor of=支持; asking favors = 求助; s~ek favors=.奉承,讨好。付与(cheque to be drawn in favor ofVictor)=闯一张支票付给Victor. Victor’s view: How can a mother allow a pedophile to sexually abuse her five-year-old boy for monetary gain? My hair stood up when I read about this. Victor Fung Keung, coordinator of Hong Kong Baptist University’s financial journalism program, has published 7 books on English enhancement. The latest, titled[;疯 疯英语J, came off the press in June 2012. Write to him:deanfunqenqlish@qmail.com

In an interview with the South China Morning Post in London, the fair’s chief executive Nazy Vassegh said: “It’s a very important initiative and we hope to encourage Asian collectors to come to Masterpiece.”

In its first draft, the law would have required that employees receive all unpaid salary before a corporate rescue could begin; but liquidation professionals said companies that could comply with this were not in trouble. The second attempt tried to cap staff payments, but employees opposed it.

“Banks should give up expectations for an everlasting loose credit environment,” People’s Bank of China during an internal meeting, according to internet postings. “Looking ahead, we will not adjust the current monetary policy,”

First, look at the fact that a similar, US$700 million listing from Hopewell was postponed early this month. At the same time, Langham Hospitality Investments, the hotel spin-off of Great Eagle, is down 21 per cent from its offered price.

4. 4。Polish Breakfast – known locally as Jajecznica, a traditional Polish breakfast consists of scrambled eggs covered with slices of custom-made kielbasa and joined by two potato pancakes.波兰早餐称为Jajecznica,一个传统的波兰早餐包括炒鸡蛋覆盖着特制的波兰熏肠切片,加入了两个土豆煎饼。Dzi?kuj?Dzi?kuj?Kitchen Chick厨房小鸡.


清迈一年最贵期间直飞特价 ,同期上海往返价格1万元以上!携程网推出澳门至清迈水灯节期间的5-6天往返机票,亚航直飞往返,往返含税1638元起/人。2016年水灯节是11月14日和11月15日,选择11月11日周五出发,11月15日周二或11月16日周三返回,行程中不仅包含一个周末,还能与清迈的善男信女们共度水灯节之夜。如果从其他城市出发,相比直飞到清迈的机票已经暴涨至四位数。也更推荐先飞至澳门,再从澳门搭乘亚航的直飞航班到清迈,不绕路。上海-澳门往返约需1000元,北京-澳门往返约需2000元,加上澳门-清迈段的1638元,价格上也更占优势。例如,同时段上海至清迈直飞往返已超1万元。如果计划今年去清迈水灯节的,不妨考虑一下这条特惠机票。另,泰国可落地签,也可提前办理签证避免排队,约需8个工作日。


港交所为了令商品市塌发扬光 大,分三阶段开展服务。首先扩大LME现有产品及交易量,其次是建 立结算平台基础建设,以及在现有金属产品基础上再发展其他多元产品。若获监管机构批准,港交所将于7月8日推出中华交易服务中国120指数(中华120)期货。中华 120由港支所、上交所及深交所的合 资公司中华交易服务编制,用以追踪在内地及香港上市而市值及流通量最高的中资企业股份表现。该合的乘数每一指数时50元,最低价格波幅05个指数时(或25元)。中华120期货可于上午9时15分至中午12时,以及下午1时至下午4时15分交易,持仓限额及大额未平仓 合的则有待确定。华l s其LJtf1″已丸’J:lf-A喜交所行政总裁李小加表示,中 华120期货将是首只追踪内地及香港市场跨境指数的期货产品,它追虽的资产品盖A股、H股、红当股及其他在香港上市的内地企业股份。该产品三角持有与内地相关股票咀合的机构及投资者(包括ETF庄家)提供种有效的风隙管理工具,用以对J中内地相关交易所买卖基金的持仓。港交所发展股本衍生产品策略是在现有业务上,开拓包括香港与内地相关谊券的股本衍生产品组合,而推出中华120期货正是这一策略的一个重要里程碑。此外,港交所日前巳推出3只A股交易所买卖基金的股票期货, 71’别是CSOP富时中团A50 ETF、IShares安硕富时A50中国指数ETF及华夏是深300 指数ETF的股票辟货。新合的可有投资者提供更多内地相关股本衍生产品的选择,并可与港交所以该三只A股交易所员卖基金对基础的股票期权以至该等交易所买卖基金相辅相成。另方面,集电子商务、网络零售、第三方支付及物流平台于一身的阿里巴巴集团,市传拟放弃美团转而在香港上市,时间抖在今年第四季,阿里巴巴首次公开募股(IPO)估值金额将超过700传美元。 该集团一旦在香港上市,无疑是ili几年规模最大的IPO’将对准交所重回全球集资额第一的宝座,发挥樽关键的作用。

津菜典藏一听就知道,这里以天津菜为主,体现天津菜的特色,津菜典藏发展迅猛,在天津已经有很多分店,这个店建店比较早,位于河北区中山路大悲院旁边。 津菜典藏是天津宝轩渔夫集团旗下的一个酒楼,宝轩渔夫在天津是一个久负盛名的饭店,朱老板天津人年轻有为,在宝轩渔夫经营发展中先后收购了天津驰名品牌《耳朵眼》,并将耳朵眼炸糕作坊制作改为工业化生产,这不能说不是一次饮食文化的革命。先后成立了耳朵眼会馆和耳朵眼友谊宾馆。 后来又收购津菜典藏,之前这个酒楼经营不是很好,但朱总收购后,生意做的风生水起,顾客盈门,简直不敢相信变化的如此之大,在河北店的基础上,在各个区又开了好几家津菜典藏,真是了不起,现在津菜典藏大有超过天津一些老字号津菜饭店的势头,成为天津菜的翘楚。 酒楼外装修复古朴实典雅,灰色调彰显低调奢华,服务员接待热情耐心,两位男士大堂经理特别好。 里面主要是金色调为主,可谓金碧辉煌,座椅考究,特别是餐具很别致,据说是朱总从尼泊尔采购的,整个酒楼感觉舒适大气,舒缓音乐朗朗悦耳,温馨如家。 菜品不用介绍了,天津菜就是那些什么罾蹦鲤鱼,老爆三,炒河虾等等~~~这消费属于中端,有时间可以自己品尝了,吃完了还可以去旁边海河亲水平台走走,那边离摩天轮很近的哦!!!


She will be showcasing three sculptures by Man Fung-yi. King said the works are based on the cheongsams worn by the artist’s mother and her niece as well as a pair of her own shoes, and reflected three generations of women in her family.

After Art Basel made its debut in Hong Kong last month and The European Fine Art Fair (Tefaf) announced recently that it is planning a Beijing version in 2014, and Masterpiece London is now all set to collaborate with a Hong Kong art fair.


“The broader picture of the bilateral relationship is the context where Beijing acts, and it [Beijing] would like more co-operation and less unnecessary confrontation,” Jin said. “Actually Beijing made some gains from the Snowden saga, because his revelations provided Beijing some bargaining chips for future negotiations with Washington in cybersecurity; Washington has lost the moral high ground on this front.”

All said, NW Hotel would be a tough sell in a strong market. But with the United States Federal Reserve last week signalling the end of quantitative easing, walloping share and bond markets alike, this public offering has many factors working against it.

随着google 眼镜、pepple 智慧手表等新型产品的出现,莫祖权认为,未来可穿戴的电子设备产品或是很好的发展方向。而瑞声科技也开拓多元化产品:瑞声2009 年已经投资了一家欧洲的光学技术公司,探讨生产光学产品。目前,光学零件占瑞声总收入低于5%,但公司认为,光学器件也是未来重点发展的方向之一。但对投资者而言,光学方面各方市场上已经有大立光、舜宇光学、欧菲光等竞争实力强劲的公司,瑞声科技是否能在光学市场杀出一条路,仍然需要拭目以待。

  大家都知道在國外,甚至在香港,醫生是一個令人尊敬的職業,醫療行業是很多人艷羨和向往的行業,因為這個行業只講救死扶傷,所做的一切都是為了挽回生命和減緩患者的痛苦。盡管國內現在整體上醫療行業都存在著這樣那樣的問題,但這些問題的存在不應該徹底毀掉這個行業,也不能因為問題的存在就一切只講利益,丟掉做人的根本。一個沒有愛心的醫生,一個把經濟利益看得比生命更重要的醫生,根本就不可能是一個合格的醫生,甚至都不能算是一個合格的人。所以,應該徹底調查此事,如果事情果真如媒體 報道的那樣,這個醫生應該被取消行醫資格,而且是終生。

在重慶老堂客火鍋店的廚房,有三個高約50厘米、直徑30厘米的不銹鋼大桶,桶的四周滿是污垢。一個服務員從前廳端著芙蝶海外婚禮 綠蒂雅木地板 鼎鐧廢紙回收  綠鄰系統櫃一鍋客人吃剩下的火鍋底料走進廚房,他們并沒有將鍋底直接倒入下水道,而是倒進了大桶中。在隔壁,一個廚師正在用鐵勺來回過濾端回來的火鍋油,幾分鐘時間內不銹鋼桶里就裝滿了經過簡單過濾的火鍋油,接下來這些火鍋油還要再經過一遍仔細的過濾。當確認火鍋油里不會再有客人吃剩下的殘羹剩飯之后,這些火鍋油才能被抬上灶臺,用大火熬制。

1.治疗脑梗:干橘子皮枕头天天睡治疗脑肿瘤和脑梗有奇效我 奶奶是白族,少数民族。她退休前是老师,退休后中风好几次,后来又出现脑袋里长肿瘤,脑梗等症状。大医院治疗说得开刀,家里人想这么大岁数了,别等到上了 手术台下不来哦风险太大,就没开。有一天,奶奶就打电话回安徽老家,跟白族的那些老娘家人说说话,也告诉了电话那头的几位老太太们自己的病情,结果,人家 那边一听根本不当回事,说有什么呀,你弄7.8斤晒干的桔子皮作枕头,天天枕着它就行了。

The firm, China’s second-largest telecoms equipment provider, aims to “double shipments of 4G products every year,” Lv said, and by 2015, 40-50 percent of all terminal shipments will be LTE-enabled.

6. 6。A yummy Moroccan breakfast – usually consists of different breads with some chutney, jam, cheese or butter. 美味的摩洛哥早餐:包括各种各样不同的面包,涂上甜辣酱、果酱、奶酪或黄油。They have a really delicious crumpet-style bread which they make in huge slabs for you to tear a bit off, and a semolina pancake bread called Baghir – both are really tasty.摩洛哥有真正美味的面包,他们在巨大的石板让你撕一点下来,还有叫做Baghir——两者都很好吃。Barak llahu fik巴拉克llahu fikMichaelOsmendaMichaelOsmenda.

“If the founders and the management use part of the proceeds to increase their salaries without trying their best to improve the company’s earnings, investors will always be the losers,” said He Fuqiang, a director of ZHY Money & Bond Market Investment Consulting Centre.

40. 40。Breakfast in Pakistan – in Pakistan you’ll get Aloo Paratha for your breakfast. 巴基斯坦早餐- – -你会在巴基斯坦吃到香辣土豆馅饼。It’ s an Indian unleavened flatbread made by pan frying, wholewheat dough on a tava. 这是一种印度未发酵的面包,由平底锅煎炸全麦面团制作而得。The dough contains ghee and the bread is usually stuffed with vegetables. 生面团含酥油,面包通常是塞满了蔬菜。It’s best eaten with butter, chutney or some other spicy sauce. 最好是吃搭配有黄油,酸辣酱或一些其他辣酱。It’s not uncommon to roll it up and dip it in your tea.这是不常见的卷起来吃,或是蘸着茶吃。ShukriyaShukriyarosemilkinabottlerosemilkinabottle.

Snowden’s choice of Hong Kong to hole up in while he revealed who America was spying on and how its surveillance operations were conducted was genius. He broke cover just days after presidents Xi Jinping and Barack Obama had agreed at their maiden summit to cultivate stronger ties based on mutual trust. Hong Kong, the former intelligence agency contractor explained, had a sturdy rule of law, free media and proud tradition of protest – attributes he considered were in his favour for a fair hearing. Being in China at a sensitive time for relations with the US, but a place where the “one country, two systems” model gave him a global voice and the possibility of protection was a clever strategy.

Then there was the kicker. “Meanwhile”, the statement went on to say, the city would be seeking US clarification of Snowden’s claims that Washington has been hacking the computers of Hong Kong people and institutions as part of a global cyberspying operation. The message from the Hong Kong government was clear; we run this place according to our laws and we won’t be pushed around.

“homemade salsa recipe ingredients |best spicy homemade salsa recipe”

Thanks for the savory recipe Jocelyn – I don’t always read your posts if the subject line is sweet as I already have too many temptations of the baking kind!! Thanks for the canned idea – will use organic tomatoes myself!

That’s amazing! You must be so happy 🙂 I am not on fb or Instagram. I have to avoid those time traps to devote more time to my one true past time….food blogs 🙂 (PS, I follow 26, but yours is number one…hands down the best in my book)

Hi just came across this recipe and will try but wondering if anyone has added fresh corn to the recipe??? I have corn from the garden I could use.. cant wait to try this……. I wish I wasn’t busy I want to try this today…..

Once you try one of these easy homemade salsa recipes, you won’t be purchasing store-bought jars of salsa ever again. These tasty recipes are packed with fresh flavor! Whether you’re just learning how to make salsa or you’re a salsa extraordinare, we’ve surely got you covered in this vast collection. And best of all, these recipes for homemade salsa are a cinch to prepare. Better pick up a few extra bags of tortilla chips now!

I used to kind of roll my eyes at people who got heated (no pun intended) over which homemade salsa recipe is the best (most of the aforementioned people don’t give out their secret recipes so I’ve had to end my friendship with them).

The problem we had though, was what to do with the Tomatoes after roasting them, Typically other salsa recipes would remove the skin and seeds, but that seems kind of meaningless in this instance. Could you share your method here please?

Good afternoon from the great state of West Virginia. I’ve searched for a week looking for a vesty homemade salsa for canning, I have to say your recipe sounds and looks easy too prepare and looks delicious too!! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us 🙂

Sep 25, 2008 Very good! I was worried about the whole lemon but you did not taste any of the white bitter part of it. Our tomatoes were on the sweet side so our salsa had a sweet/warm taste to it. We’ll be making this one again. Made for *Zaar Cookbooks Tag 2008* game. *Update* I made this again today. This time I did not cut the ends of the lemon off up to the inside of the fruit, and I did not chop the lemon up as fine as the first time, both a mistake. So cut the pith off both ends and then grind/chop the rest of the lemon up fine.

In a food processor or blender, I combine a can of diced tomatoes, a can of Rotel which is seasoned diced tomatoes with green chilies, 1/2 of a small onion, 1/2 of a jalapeno, lime juice, garlic, cilantro, honey and a few spices. Pulse for 30 seconds and that’s it. I’ve been known to throw in half a cucumber and a carrot before too. This is the kind of salsa that you can’t really screw up. You can follow the recipe below as a guideline and do as you like to make it your own.

Before I get started with those, I soak all my peppers in a sink full of water with a squirt of Biokleen produce wash (see my review here). The peppers were too floaty, so I sunk them with the tomatoes, thus multitasking my sink anyway.

Standing in my kitchen having just taken my first bite of this salsa and I feel compelled to tell you… AMAZING. I want to call all my friends and force them to make it– whether they like salsa or not. I tweaked it a little to suit my taste, but even following the recipe to the letter it’s awesome. Thanks for sharing. Don’t you love the internet??

I read some comments below and came back for a quick reply.. I noticed someone questioning the sugar in the recipe. Please dont omit it. You cant taste the sweetness at all. It is necessary for the salsa to retain its color in the jars for a longer period of time. My late Mother was a GREAT home-,maker and I will never be quite as good a ‘canner’ as she was, but she swore that if you leave out the sugar, that the salsa will darken quicker.

Hi Linda. About a year ago I got into family history work, so I can actually answer your question. My Yeager (Jaeger) ancestors originally came from Faltz Germany. They left in 1766 to settle the Norka river area in Saratov Russia, taking Catherine the Great up on her “generous” relocation offer. After years of struggle, many started leaving the area. My great grandparents left in 1890 to come to the U.S. They settled in Portland, OR. Others settled in Denver. So we may not be direct ancestral relatives, but could be connected somewhere along the lines.

Slow Cooker Restaurant Style Garden Salsa has so many delicious and fresh ingredients and uses up all of those garden tomatoes. It is so addicting you won’t be able to get enough! It is also perfect f (Fresh Ingredients Recipes)

The tomatoes you use should be able to stand up to the canning process. Good  varieties to use (such as Roma or Beefsteak) have thick walls and less water than other varieties. Instead of buying them at the supermarket, I suggest buying them from a local farmer’s market. I picked mine up from an Amish community market – an enormous box full (that I could barely lift) for around ten or twelve dollars. (That being said, I had way more than the 15 lbs this recipe calls for, so I made more than one batch) If possible, buy all of your salsa veggies this way.

Just like it sounds: wash your hands then squeeze each tomato and use your finger or a spoon to scoop and shake out most of the seeds.  You don’t need to get fanatical about it; removing just most will do. Another way to do it is to cut each tomato in half, across it, instead of lengthwise. Then just shake the seeds and juice out.

i currently just moved to belgium and i was wondering what you can substitute for some of the ingredients? i know it makes my spices limited, but if you super spicy salsa recipe anyone reading could help, i would be most grateful) most specifically: 1- 10 oz can original Rotel.

“homemade sweet and spicy salsa recipe homemade green salsa recipe”

Wash, peel, seed, and chop your ingredients first, then measure or weigh them. A kitchen scale comes in very handy when preserving the harvest. I have included both weight and cup measurements in the recipe below. Select one method of measuring and stick with it throughout the recipe so the ratio of ingredients remains the same.

Transfer to airtight container and serve immediately with chips. However, I prefer to refrigerate salsa for 1 day prior to serving because I prefer chilled salsa and because the flavors marry, mellow, and the flavor improves on the second and third day. Salsa will likely keep up to 1 week airtight in the fridge; however, we’ve always eaten a batch within 3 days.

Woo Hoo!! I’m a definite pushover for kitchen tools. I don’t actually have this one. Shocking, I know. I love the size that it makes the pieces of tomato and onion. So uniform. 🙂 You can’t go wrong with fresh salsa.

An incredibly fast and easy way to satisfy your salsa craving. This salsa is so delicious, flavorful and bold with a nice fresh kick from the jalapeno. It’s a snack that is very healthy as well and can easily be adapted to specific taste, although I love it just perfectly as is.

Used this for my first time canning salsa. So far so good. I did change the spices just a bit because I do not like cumin and I left out https://great-salsa.com/category/recipes/ celery (didn’t see that on the ingredient list when I made my shopping list) but added more onion to make up the difference. added 1/4 cup dried red pepper flakes because we like things SPICY!!!! I didn’t have enough for the last pint so I put it in a bowl in the fridge to cool and once it cooled Oh my! The best salsa ever!!!!! I used lime juice instead of vinegar because that is what my mom always did. the spicy with the lime juice and cilantro is just such a good combo! I also generously doubled the cilantro as we can’t get enough of it. How long do you let your jars sit before you open them to eat the salsa?

This is pretty much my exact recipe, only I stopped measuring a long time ago and I’ve never tried using canned tomatoes along with the fresh. Fresh salsa is definitely the way to go. I can’t even eat canned salsa anymore. One thing I do sometimes to add depth is to roast the tomato, garlic, and jalapeno (just throw it all on a baking sheet and let it go for about 20 minutes at 400F, turning once if I’m not feeling too lazy). This in combo with the fresh cilantro and lime juice gets rave reviews. I bet using canned tomatoes would add a similar depth!

Great pico de gallo recipe, I personally like my salsa juicy so I use large tomatoes and extra lime juice. I also use this as a base for another recipe, A shrimp salsa dish, I add large chunks of cold cooked shrimp, and either Clamato juice or tomato juice and clam juice I also like a little extra cilantro. Served with French bread to dip into the juice makes a great lunch

For spicy salsa, use a ratio of one hot pepper to three large tomatoes. Rocoto is the chile of choice in Peru, but use any chile available in your area. Add more hot peppers or a pepper higher on the Scoville scale for more heat.

I just made this last night & I cannot stop boasting about it! It is absolutely amazing! I did make a few changes, like using serrano peppers instead of a jalapeno, and used two large tomatoes instead of a can of whole peeled tomatoes. Also, after adding the diced tomatoes, I didn’t pulse it anymore.. I just stirred the tomatoes in for chunkier salsa. I added garlic salt as well to taste. I cannot believe how simple this is, and how great it tastes! Thank you for sharing=)

The Best Recipe for Canning: We use this salsa in place of rotel for a cheese dip, also added to mashed avocados with lime juice for guacamole and my hispanic friends like to eat it on rice. And of course, it’s used as a dip for tortilla chips or topping on other Mexican dishes. Recipe found at Belle Adorn.

Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you and you’re hooked. And now you have something to tide you over in between your twice annual Mexican restaurant that’s 4 states away!

1 tablespoon sugar (optional – you use Stevia (in a prepared form like Truvia, it measures same as sugar; if you use another form, you’ll need do your own conversion) – or Splenda, if you prefer, if you are on a sugar-restricted diet, or simply omit the sugar)

I’ve been wanting to share it for a long time and finally put a step-by-step canning guide together for those that are new to canning or hesitant to try it (spoiler alert: it’s easy, and I really mean that).

We served this salsa as a bed for flaky Grilled Grouper, but feel free to serve as an appetizer with chips. Kalamata olives bring a slightly unexpected briny flavor to this salsa, which you won’t be able to resist.