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The more accurate the depiction of clients is, the more precise marketing campaigns can be made for e-commerce companies, said Vivian Deng, client services director of Epsilon China. “We can see big data technology has started to gain popularity in China, especially in e-commerce and the banking industry,” she said.

The Philippines still has a strong service sector. In 2011, it overtook India as a top provider of offshore call centres. But the country lacks the manufacturing base that has lifted millions of people out of poverty in other Asian countries.

On Friday, the Shibor fell after the People’s Bank of China, the central bank, reportedly injected some short-term liquidity. But that was an action the Chinese usually call fine-tuning, not a wholesale intervention like raising or cutting interest rates or rolling out or scaling back nationwide public investment programs.

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  我想很多現在從醫的人都綠蒂雅木地板 鼎鐧廢紙回收  綠鄰系統櫃 廣生堂年節禮盒 不會忘記,從開始學醫那天起,每個醫護工作者的誓言是救死扶傷,最大限度減輕病患者的痛苦。在今天的社會拋開一切談奉獻,似乎無異于跑到河邊洗煤磚,但作為醫生,即便因為種種管理規定等因素無法免費為患者服務,也不能在無法盡醫生天職的同時,用一種貌似合理但卻無比粗暴的方式加重患者的痛苦,這個醫生傷害的不僅僅是患者的心,也另全社會寒心,讓我們這些與之同為醫生的人感到羞恥和憤怒。


yam 天空部落在此聲明透過本服務傳送、張貼或顯示的「內容」不具所有權或控制權,使用者或第三授權者可視情形保留任何所送出、張貼或顯示於本服務的「內容」之所有專利、註冊商標及著作權等智慧財產權利。一旦在透過本服務公開送出、張貼或顯示「內容」,即表示您給予yam天空部落或其關係企業不限地區性、非排他性及無償之授權,並同意授權yam天空部落或其關係企業進行使用、修改、重製、公開播送、改作、散布、發行、公開發表、公開傳輸、公開上映、翻譯該等「內容」,yam天空部落並得在此範圍內將前述權利再授權他人。您並保證yam天空部落不因您個人或上開行為不會侵害到任何第三人之智慧財產權,否則您應對yam天空部落負損害賠償責任。

How on earth did one of the largest American Chambers outside the US happens to be in Hong Kong, where Francisco Sanchez, the US Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, said in a conference last month that Hong Kong have a long history of rule of law, intellectual property rights protection to be good partners in helping American companies?

Hanssen was widely considered the worst intelligence disaster in US history and if Cheney was serious about Snowden being a Chinese spy, he should be praying on his knees that the Chinese, unlike the Russians, are such an impatient lot.

For Li Zhengqin, vice-president of Merck & Co and general manager of Merck Sharp & Dohme China R&D Center, China is “better than” other emerging markets for multinationals to enhance their R&D facilities.

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Disclaimer: This app uses the data fetched from different sources, Free Apps collection has not its ownership rights. This app is just for public service and education purpose. Hence if anyone has any objection or obligation about it, please contact directly:

McKinsey collated and analysed data from more than 160 banks across the globe, based on their 2012 results, and found that overall profitability improved for the first time since the crisis for private banks in Asia in 2008. But it would be a challenge to sustain this growth, it said.

China’s double-digit growth may be fading into history, but it continues to have solid growth potential for another 10 to 15 years, assuming the international environment remains relatively stable and peaceful. In the first quarter of this year, China’s economy had a soft landing and is now on the way to recovery.

“homemade picante salsa recipe |fresh homemade mexican salsa recipe”

This is seriously the BEST salsa EVER!!! And soooo easy to make. We’ve needed a continuous supply of this “goodness” and go through withdrawals when we run out. We gifted this salsa with yummy tortilla chips for Teacher Appreciation Week to our children’s teachers. It’s unanimous. This salsa ROCKS! Thank you for the recipe.

No big chunks, man! Big chunks are good when it comes to the fresh tomatoes in pico de gallo. But when it comes to regular salsa, which is generally made from canned tomatoes, I prefer more of a pureed, thin consistency.

The exact weight of tomatoes will depend on the variety you use. I like to use roma (paste tomatoes) if I have them because the water content is less but any kind of tomato will work. The key is to peel the tomatoes and let them drain. See the step-by-step tutorial below the recipe for a visual. I like to pull out and discard the thicker white core of the tomatoes.

Great question, Liz…and very timely. I’ve been making batches of this salsa for the last few days and keep forgetting to weigh the tomatoes for a precise measurement. I am making another batch tomorrow and will do so and report back! So much depends on the variety and exact size of the tomato, so I’ll get a weight measure that will take the guesswork out of it. You definitely want to use a full 10 cups of chopped tomatoes for proper pH levels.

You can make this salsa as fiery as you like by adding more or less peppers. But whatever you do, don’t leave them out. And because everything goes into the food processor, you can make the salsa chunky or smooth with just a flick of the switch.

UPDATE: Thanks to Janet in the comments for letting me know steam canners HAVE been approved by a national extension office and the National Center for Home Food Preservation for processing times under 45 minutes (here’s the article). 

Good afternoon from the great state of West Virginia. I’ve searched for a week looking for a vesty homemade salsa for canning, I have to say your recipe sounds and looks easy too prepare and looks delicious too!! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us 🙂

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Then I add canned crushed san marzano tomatoes and green chiles, to layer extra depth into the salsa. The canned tomatoes provide a rustic essence and sweetness that accentuates the fresh produce, while the canned green chiles deliver a smoky quality that fresh peppers are lacking.

Cover the jars with at least 1-inch of water. Bring to a rolling boil and process for 15 minutes (20 minutes for altitudes 1000 to 6000 ft, 25 minutes above 6000 ft). Then turn off heat and let the jars sit in the hot water for 5 minutes.

This salsa is AMAZING! It is packed with flavor without being too spicy. We have already canned 2 batches, and I don’t think they are going to stay in the shelf long because we are eating it so quickly! It is delicious!

I found this recipe from Pinterest and I cannot believe how good it tastes. I’ve made it once a week for the past 3 weeks. It will definitely be my go to salsa recipe for when I do not make my own with fresh tomatoes. Thanks so much for the recipe!

Glad you love the salsa Maria. Yes, you should be fine with half lemon and half lime. Sometimes my batches come out with a little extra as well. You should be fine. Most canning recipes vary in quantity results from one batch to another. Par for the course I guess. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

2 Roast chile peppers: Roast the Anaheim green chile peppers until blackened all over. The best way to do this is directly over a gas flame on the stovetop (see how to roast chiles over a gas flame.) If you don’t have a gas cooktop you can broil the chiles, or blister them on a grill.

Place a rack in the bottom of a large stockpot and fill halfway with water. Bring to a boil over high heat, then carefully lower the jars into the pot using a holder. Leave a 2 inch space between the jars. Pour in more boiling water if necessary until the water level is at least 1 inch above the tops of the jars. Bring the water to a full boil, cover the pot, and process for 10 to 15 minutes.

Canned tomatoes never tasted better than they do in this restaurant-quality salsa you can have ready in 15 minutes flat. Cilantro and a splash of lime add refreshing flavor. —Missy Kampling, Mountain View, California

Let’s all be honest, the only reason we go out for Mexican food is for the unlimited chips and salsa, right?! Well, it’s true for me! I will make darn sure the restaurant we go to has great chips and salsa before we even step foot in there. The salsa has to be fresh and spicy and full of flavor.

What an awesome recipe! I had been looking for a salsa recipe for some time, found this one and made a single batch. My husband and I tasted it super spicy salsa recipe next day and we both LOVED it. I made a double batch that same day because we knew that we would use that single batch long before fresh tomatoes were in season again. In the second batch, I cut back just a little on the cumin seed (3/4 teaspoon) and added an extra teaspoon of kosher salt. I have shared this recipe with my nieces, who then shared the salsa with their families. A new family favorite! Thank you so much Jothan!

I had this in a Restaurant in Guyana, South America and they used fresh tomatoes and garlic that they roasted before blending. It was amazing! Especially with the cassava chips that they served it with!

There is not a better time to make large quantities of tomato sauces or salsas. Canning is often the preferred method to store sauces for use later, but freezing is also an option which many prefer—especially those who have large freezer space. (Our directions below can be used for freezing or canning; see the note about canning at the end.)

[…] For one thing, salsa is serious business around here. I may have mentioned my Tostitos addiction at some point? And runny food processor made salsa is not going to cut it. I’m sorry, it’s just not. This recipe is the best homemade salsa EVER. […]

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P.S. somehow I just discovered your blog and my kids actually ate the two skillet recipes I made! We’re putting them on our rotation along with the broiled fish tacos. They didn’t like those, but my husband raved about them so the kids are out of luck. 🙂

“There are tons of salsas out there, but I haven’t found one exactly like mine. (I don’t like the taste of lime or lemon juice. It’s similar to pico de gallo I guess.) Do yourself a favor and find authentic Mexican chips from a local restaurant to go with this! Can’t beat the taste. 🙂 Can spice this up if you want, I do this for my bf, just add some cayenne to the mix! I love this so much I can eat half the bowl in one sitting!!”

Given this is our first year gardening, in pots no less, our plants have not produced standard sized fruits and I’m concerned, they may not continue producing. We’ve been using the tomatoes as they’ve come in, so we’ve not been bombarded by any crops yet, though I know, it’s still early. Maybe if we move here in the next week or so, I may just put the plants right into the ground and see how they do.

This is so good. I thought I had my go-to recipe but this has now replaced it. I love how you don’t have to simmer the salsa all day before you can it. I also like your way of removing the tomato skins. Thanks. 

I was recently browsing books when the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving caught my eye in the bookstore. I don’t own any canning or home preserving books so I picked up a copy. This book is such a great resource! I had already converted this recipe for Restaurant Style Salsa to a water bath canning recipe, but I wanted to do more.

Absolutely fantastic salsa! So easy! I had the unique opportunity to compare it to the Chevy’s salsa yesterday(who doesn’t like that salsa?), this salsa tastes BETTER! – the flavors are fresher. Thank you for sharing it. I am going to make some for gifts. Fabulous!!!

This recipe has become one of my go-to snacks because a) it takes less than 10 minutes to make, b) it’s really delicious and c) it’s incredibly versatile. Like I mentioned in the video, there are 2 ways you can prepare mild salsa. You can either chop everything using a knife or process the ingredients in a food processor for a more liquidy (is that a word?) result.

Roasted Tomato Salsa: It’s a variation on the salsa that I’ve made a bajillion times: a make-over, if you will. Instead of combining raw tomatoes, garlic and peppers as usual, I’ve roasted them here, which deepens their flavors and, in this case, compensated for the rather sad roma tomatoes I was stuck with. And then, instead of chopping the veggies, I briefly whizzed them in the food processor. Found at The Kitchen Sink Recipes.

Hi Lauren. Your “small air bubble” batch of salsa should be fine. Eat and enjoy! As for storage time, most canning books tell you to store in a dark cool place for up to a year. That’s sound advice, as canned food starts to loose its nutritional value after that. However, I’ve eaten a few jars of this salsa that were 2 and 3 years old, and they still tasted great and had a good texture. They maybe just weren’t as “fresh” feeling. That all being said, if your gift recipients like salsa, it probably won’t last more than a week or two!

I love your post here. (you sound kinda like me and how I operate) 🙂 Looks like you have a blog that I should check out. I like the way you write and found myself reading every word. Now, I’m off to try this recipe!


这是我很钟爱的水果料理之一。这道料理,做法简单又滋味丰富,我所招待过的朋友没有人不爱!“Salsal”,莎莎就是酱汁的意思,在墨西哥吃炸玉米饼(Taco)时,一般的小摊子至少有3~5种酱汁让你选择,像是绿辣椒酱(salsalverde)、 红辣椒酱(salsal rojor)、酪梨酱(guacamole),或是墨西哥酱(salsalMexicana)。前两者都是偏辣的调酱;较经典的墨西哥酱,是由洋葱丁、蕃茄丁和柠檬汁调和而成的;当然正统的莎莎酱,少不了墨西哥的绿辣椒。如果你是嗜辣者,加入带一点酸的现成墨西哥辣椒罐头,可以增添不少墨西哥的异国风情。

40. 40。Breakfast in Pakistan – in Pakistan you’ll get Aloo Paratha for your breakfast. 巴基斯坦早餐- – -你会在巴基斯坦吃到香辣土豆馅饼。It’ s an Indian unleavened flatbread made by pan frying, wholewheat dough on a tava. 这是一种印度未发酵的面包,由平底锅煎炸全麦面团制作而得。The dough contains ghee and the bread is usually stuffed with vegetables. 生面团含酥油,面包通常是塞满了蔬菜。It’s best eaten with butter, chutney or some other spicy sauce. 最好是吃搭配有黄油,酸辣酱或一些其他辣酱。It’s not uncommon to roll it up and dip it in your tea.这是不常见的卷起来吃,或是蘸着茶吃。ShukriyaShukriyarosemilkinabottlerosemilkinabottle.


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Two Hong Kong lawyers with extensive experience in human rights cases – including the secret 2004 rendition of a Libyan man and his family from Hong Kong to Tripoli by US and UK spies – have revealed themselves as part of Edward legal team.

The agreement puts the Bank of England first in a race among European central banks to establish swap facilities with China, allowing London to expand its ties with the world’s second-biggest economy. The UK capital is the center of the world’s $4 trillion-a-day market for foreign-exchange trading.

Under a deposit insurance system – already in place in more than 100 countries – commercial banks are required to deposit a portion of their funds into a deposit insurance institution. The safety net provided by the system protects depositors in the event a bank collapses.

“The latest share placement of Tonic Industries is an example that illustrates the gap between market expectations and asset injection values,” said an analyst who asked not to be named. “The shares were sold at a big discount. That should not be good news to the existing shareholders of Tonic.”

燒丼株式會社 是肉食控的天堂!每一份餐點都是現點現做,燒肉以大火炙燒再刷上獨家研發的醬料,濃醇的醬香滋味讓人吃得意猶未盡。從碗裡滿到爆出來的燒肉絕對必吃,加上拌了醬汁的晶瑩米飯,每一口都充滿鹹甜香味,而且份量十足,吃完都快飽到天靈蓋~從台北紅到高雄的燒肉株式會社,在桃園、新竹、台中、台南也吃得到,除了經典的野郎燒豬丼,還有期間限量的串燒鰻魚丼也很推薦,肉控們趕緊約聚餐囉~▲野郎燒豬丼(附味噌湯) NT$190 + D套餐丼(配菜、揚物、飲料各1種) NT$130,滿滿一大碗的燒肉幾乎要從碗裡爆出來!將大片豬五花浸漬獨門糖燻野郎醬,並以大火燒炙出焦糖色,刷上加入黑糖與甘蔗製作的燒肉醬,鹹甜滋味充滿獨特醬香氣,愈吃愈涮嘴!▲豬五花的肥肉部位已經逼出油脂,吃起來不會覺得油膩,反而能增添滑順口感,搭配鮮蔥及烤洋蔥食用充滿層次風味。如果想要品嚐更濃厚的美味,建議加點一顆溫泉蛋拌入,溫潤香醇的蛋香滋味包覆燒肉和白飯,讓人一吃就停不下來~▲加入溫泉蛋的野郎燒豬丼超級銷魂,肉食控虎麗完全無法抵擋這道美味料理。▲泰式醬香排骨酥肉質十分飽滿扎實,外層帶點酥酥咬感,泰式醬充滿酸甜鹹的層次滋味,還不錯吃哦!▲可口可樂的氣泡感可以解膩,配著野郎燒豬丼享用剛剛好。▲串燒鰻魚丼(肝付) (附味噌湯) NT$360 + D套餐丼(配菜、揚物、飲料各1種) NT$130,喜歡吃鰻魚的可以來燒丼株式會社嚐鮮一下囉!這道是1/29新推出的期間限量料理,象徵年年有餘的意境,農曆年不妨來享受特製美味。▲串燒鰻魚丼還有附上一份珍貴的鰻魚肝,吃起來脆嫩帶有微苦甘醇味,搭配獨特醬汁相當順口,是老饕必嚐的美味!▲嚴選台灣養殖的鰻魚,口感十分綿密厚實,並以特製蒲燒醬汁燒烤,濃醇的醬香滋味包覆鮮嫩魚肉,沒有土腥味讓人吃得更滿足~▲酸酸甜甜的梅子泡菜非常解膩,建議點一份來搭配。▲酥炸牛蒡天婦羅外酥內軟Q,帶有鹹度吃起來很涮嘴,麵衣包覆牛蒡絲充滿濃醇香氣,可以蘸點天婦羅醬享用。▲味噌湯略帶鹹甜滋味,十分清爽順口。▲醬燒角切牛丼(附味噌湯) NT$390 + B套餐丼(配菜、飲料各1種) NT$60,這道是夢時代高雄店及松山車站店限定的美味!嚴選美國choice級牛小排,加上獨家特製黑胡椒蜜醬大火炙燒,恰好入口的立方體骰子牛肉多汁鮮甜,吃起來充滿濃郁香醇的鹹酸甜滋味。配菜是酸甜脆爽的梅子泡菜,非常解膩!飲料選擇原萃日式綠茶,清香甘醇的茶飲十分爽口。▲醬燒角切牛帶有豐富油脂口感,肉質十分飽滿滑嫩,咬起來帶點脆脆感很涮嘴!▲淋上醬汁的軟綿白飯特別香醇,一口牛肉一口飯超滿足!喜歡多層次風味的可以加入蒜泥和辣酸菜,拌一拌再享用完全增添香辣感。▲鬼椒雞腿丼(附味噌湯) NT$190,這是醬醪雞腿丼的升級版,加了鬼椒和花椒的香麻,再搭配多種香料調配出濃厚滋味,虎麗覺得吃起來是大辣程度,很適合嗜辣者挑戰!▲雞腿肉十分鮮嫩多汁,是以特製的黑豆醬醪醃漬16小時,再刷上鬼椒辣將大火燒烤,充滿鹹甜溫醇的豆香,入口後會慢慢散發出濃厚辣度,嘴巴充滿香麻感,虎麗吃完瞬間都噴火了~記得配醃漬蘿蔔解辣。▲菜單MENU。▲燒丼株式會社專屬座位區。▲燒丼株式會社夢時代高雄店外觀。肉食控一定要試試的美味丼飯,燒丼株式會社提供多種料理選擇,搭配獨家特製醬汁大火燒烤,份量十足吃得飽,是吃貨們聚餐的好選擇!推薦給想吃滿滿燒肉丼飯的你們^^ 燒丼株式會社 夢時代高雄店 地址 高雄市前鎮區中華五路789號B1(夢時代購物中心美食街)營業時間 週一至週四 11:00-22:00/週五 11:00-22:30/週六 10:30-22:30 /週日 10:30-22:00電話  07-8123258燒丼株式會社FB粉絲團【燒丼株式會社 門市資訊】信義威秀店 台北市松壽路 20 號 2 …

博客來-就是愛烤肉 詹姆士烤肉訣竅全公開 憤怒鳥竄紅之後,各種周邊也孕育而生,目前在台灣各大夜市也都可以看到衣服、褲子(大多都是私製的未授權品),目前看到的這個鞋子雖然不知道是不是授權品,但還蠻可愛的!相信不久之後,各大夜市應該都會看到吧! 目前走一趟夜市,到處都可以看到憤怒鳥的童衣、T 恤、外套,不過鞋子倒是還沒有看到(還是小邊逛夜市逛作者簡介 鄭堅克 曾從事設計美學相關工作,退伍後到加拿大、日本學習廚藝,如今成為家喻互曉的創意料理達人。喜歡料理回歸本質,品嚐原味,輕鬆做,健康吃的概念。 在「型男大主廚」、「美食鳳味」、「健康好食在」等節目中,深得觀眾喜愛 ……



“Many signals show China has realized the importance of enhancing cooperation with foreign companies through opening-up, especially in high-tech industries — and it is also advancing the initiatives,” said Wang Zhile, president of the Beijing New Century Academy on Transnational Corporations and also senior researcher on FDI.

Last week, Yao Gang, a vice-chairman at the CSRC, was quoted as saying that the securities regulator was poised to lift an eight-month suspension of new share offerings. Analysts say this could open the floodgates for mainland companies to raise funds in Shanghai and eventually Hong Kong and help the listing advisory business of various investment banks.

楊桃文化-華文最大食譜搜尋網 8 月 21 日,是 2017 年最大的天文奇觀: 日全蝕 ,而由於這次的日全蝕帶(可觀看到日全蝕的範圍)橫跨美國 14 個州,不僅是在美國當地掀起熱潮,同時也吸引不少攝影玩家想要記錄下這難能可貴的天文奇景。但是在事後,美國當地的攝影器材出租公司,就是出了一系列因為日蝕而受損的產品照片。 攝影器材首次將難懂的掌紋問題,簡明扼要說清楚。讓人輕輕鬆鬆看著自己掌紋,發現身體症狀。全家人都要看這本書,最權威的掌紋醫學寶典。 ˜生命線長的人比較長壽?˜感情線雜亂的人,感情多複雜嗎?˜智慧線長的人,比較聰明嗎?…

6月10日到大会堂听Mario Brunello和城市室乐团的合作,乐团总指挥Jean Thorel指挥。除了用独奏家担纲,节目没有题目,但四首乐曲都是「现代巴罗克」。开场曲为史特拉汶斯基《普钦内拉组曲》,此曲用来开场太长,用来结尾又可能反高潮。乐手大约到第四曲的Tarantella才进入状态,指挥不强求齐整或声响的光亮,但在节奏感上决不让步。下半场的第一曲为Czyz的弦乐曲《巴罗克歌曲》,和暖的弦乐令人不觉人数不多。

【愛妻便當圖解-42】夏日清爽開胃便當,芒果蘆筍雞絲冷麵 + 倉敷意匠琺瑯便當盒 @ 酪梨壽司的日記 :: 痞客邦 … 最近很夯的手機穿越照片大家都會製作了嗎?這篇就來教大家如何使用 iPhone 搭配去背軟體,輕鬆製作出酷炫的手機穿越照囉!     首先下載 Adobe Photoshop Mix – Cut out, combine, create 在桌面打開「Photoshop清晨四點被尿意逼醒就再也睡不著,乾脆起床熱身拉筋,出門晨跑。期許自己就算得了老人病,也要當個精實的老人。 晨間的芝公園空氣清新微涼,還有東京鐵塔加持,跑起來腳上像是有彈簧。一小時後踏著輕快的步伐回家,…


Kwok has to overcome teething problems with high rental charges and big electricity bills, which combined account for about 30 per cent of total costs. “Consumers generally tend to believe wild fishes taste better and are more valuable, a belief that our giant groupers may be able to reverse,” Kwok said.


“Among those who seek help from us, we find many are on low incomes rather than being reckless gamblers or spenders,” said Paulina Kwok Chi-ying, the centre’s supervisor. “But they are excluded from opportunities.”


Few expect the mainland’s capital market to perk up any time soon and witness a resurgence in IPOs in the coming months as concerns persist about the quality of companies and poor transparency in the listing mechanism.

Lam expects Hong Kong’s stock market to benefit while the European and mainland stock markets stay in limbo during the second half of the year, adding that Hong Kong would still be the main capital raising centre.

Burt’s Bees (容量: 115毫升) 含檸檬草、香茅油、葡萄籽油等精華,能有效防止蚊蟲跳蚤叮咬,其100%植物配方,淡淡的檸檬草香,溫和不刺激,效果可持續達6小時。全天然的成分,小朋友也可以使用。除了身體,臉部也可以噴。香茅、檸檬草、尤加利的成分,是蚊蟲、跳蚤最害怕的氣味。 除了有效驅離蚊蟲外,對於皮膚也有很好的保濕滋潤效果。淡淡的檸檬草香,溫和不刺鼻。 使用方法: 在外出之前將噴霧噴在皮膚上,特別是腳踝、腿部、手臂和髮邊。 [email protected] 包郵 Burt’s … Burt’s Bees 草本防敏驅蚊噴霧 (容量: 115毫升)



Mark Boleat, policy chairman of the City of London Corporation, which oversees the running of London’s business district, welcomed the swap agreement, highlighting that London is the first city in a G7 country to do so.

07/1/15 Fees: $85 08/1/15 特 价 :$38 彬 师 傅 ( 欲 报 从 速, 名 额 剩 不 多 ) 10/1/15 Sat/ 星 期 六 /7pm Fee:$50 特 价 :$18 14/1/15 Fees: $148 新 年 菜 肴 1. 蚝 汁 绍 菜 海 味 煲 ( 包 括 猪 蹄 筋, 花 菇, 螺 鲍 片, 发 菜 等 ) 2. 炸 黄 金 虾 卷 3. 特 制

Tagarro earns the equivalent of about US$5 a day working from before dawn until after dark, battling petty corruption to maintain his improvised footpath stand and dealing with increasing wholesale prices for the onions and tomatoes that he sells.


That officials here and in Beijing kept their cool is admirable. Documents released by Snowden show that the US’ National Security Agency not only intercepted the phone and internet records of Americans, but also spied on Hong Kong-based telecommunications firms and Chinese institutions, companies and citizens. Anger at such uninvited intrusions should be expected; instead, there was calm and silence.


有 機. 健 康. 天 然 更 多 貨 品, 請 登 入 GoodLife 網 上 店 : http://goodlife-skhsch.org.hk/ 聖 公 會 聖 基 道 兒 童 院 轄 下 社 會 企 業 有 機 / 健 康 產 品 訂 購 表 Organic & Healthy Products – Order Form 顧 客 姓 名 / 聯 絡 人 : 聯 絡 電 話 : 落 單 日

However, QE, being a crisis-management measure,cannot and should not go on indefinitely. The factthat Bernanke has suggested the Fed should exit QEto allow things to return to normal shows he is to acertain extent confident about America’s economicrecovery. As whatever happens in the US economyhas repercussions throughout the world, anadjustment of the international economic order isexpected. If Europe manages to come out of its debtdifficulty, the global economy will return to normalevery way.

上次訂左嘅客食完反應都幾好,店主自己個盒都就快見底,2016新一round團購現在開始! 限制12個名額 新鮮生蜂皇漿團購: 每盒500g/$990 (包括保溫盒) 團購直至29/1 星期5截止 需報名及入數確認。 因為運送到香港要放雪櫃幫大家保存 直到大家提取,雪櫃實在無甘多位,所以限制12個名額。有興趣請儘快通知,滿額即止。 報名方法: (1)Facebook inbox message (2)留Wtsapp (3)Ig direct 取貨方法: (1)隨時約時間到馬鞍山馬鐵取貨。 (2)選用宅急便急凍送貨服務$60。 (4)安排沙田/旺角交收。 (3)預計2月頭一星期到貨,到貨會通知大家。 由於有保溫盒,可在室溫保存6小時。 大家取貨後,有足夠時間番屋企放入雪櫃。 常見問題: (1)只可用木/膠質匙羹取用。 (2)需存放於急凍格雪櫃。 (3)未開封可放存一年。 (4)每次食用份量5g,早上空肚食。 (5)想加強功效可早上及夜晚訓前食。 (6)一盒500g可食100次,約三個月。 (7)說明寫可食用,亦可加入做面膜。 (8)新鮮的生蜂皇漿味道帶酸及少辣。(9)建議同時加入花粉+蜜糖一同食用。 (10)食用後避免飲用熱水/茶/咖啡,可飲溫水,慢慢消化吸收。 新鮮蜂皇漿功效說明: 蜂皇漿亦稱蜂皇乳,是女皇蜂獨享的食物,是由工蜂吃了十份及消化過花蜜與花粉後,再從咽頭腺分泌出來哺育女皇蜂的食物。 蜂皇漿使女皇蜂壽命增長為其他工蜂的40倍,有效延緩青春。目前被證實含有100多種有效物質,主要含有醣類、礦物質、蛋白質、脂類、維生素B群、胺基酸,其中有一種特殊有機酸,簡稱為癸烯酸,天然的食物中只在蜂皇漿內發現,非常珍貴稀有。具有養顏美容功效,改善皮膚質素 … 上次訂左嘅客食完反應都幾好,店主自己個盒都就快見底,2016新一round團購現在開始!


抗體 – 抗原結合在實驗室和醫學檢測中也具有功能。由於抗體特異性結合於一種抗原,因此在實驗室檢測過程中使用抗體可以指示在組織樣品內存在特定因子。抗體 – 抗原結合可用於檢測特異性細胞,活檢組織或血液中特定蛋白質的存在。紐約大學Langone醫學中心指出,基於抗體的測試常規用於表徵癌症,並幫助區分淋巴瘤的類型。實驗室中的抗體 – 抗原結合試驗通過測試抗體的結合來檢測特異性蛋白質的存在。如果樣品對於抗原是陽性的,則相應的抗體將與樣品強烈結合,因此抗體的存在作為抗原存在的標記。如果樣品對於抗原是陰性的,則抗體不會結合。

Soups 0,3 l 汤 1 蔬 菜 汤 Vegetable soup with rice noodles 42,- 2 双 冬 鸡 肉 汤 Chicken soup with bamboo shoots 49,- and Chinese mushrooms 3 芦 笋 鸡 肉 汤 Chicken soup with asparagus and broccoli 49,- 4 玉 米 鸡 肉 汤


SP5 Soup 汤类 SP1 Tom Yum Chicken 酸辣鸡肉冬炎汤 SP6 SP7 $ 10.80 $ 15.80 SP2 Tom Yum Beef 酸辣牛肉冬炎汤 $ 10.80 $ 15.80 SP3 Tom Yum Prawn 酸辣鲜虾冬炎汤 SP4 Tom Yum Fish(Salmon) 酸辣三文鱼冬炎汤 SP5 Tom Yum Seafood 酸辣冬炎海鲜汤 SP6 Braised

Second, implicit public guarantees of financial institutions need to be explicitly withdrawn at an early stage. Such blanket backing should be replaced with deposit insurance. It could be complemented by continuously reforming and commercializing the State-owned banks. Ensuring that banks face hard budget constraints is an important prerequisite for a more commercially oriented banking system that adequately prices risk and efficiently allocates credit. This would also help prevent banks from taking undue risks as interest rates are liberalized, restrictions on bank activities eased and new markets opened.

Despite a global economic slowdown, the city’s foreign trade volume stood at $3.77 billion last year, increasing 26.3 percent from a year ago and ranking fourth in Guangxi, according to local statistics.

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另外,卢韦柏透露,花旗在港首5 个月业务理想,收入按年有高单位数字升幅,税前经营盈利则有双位数字增长,尽管贷款增长仅有单位数字增长,主要是该行涉及内地相关贷款不多,其他业务则表理理想。他认为,在整体市场多类贷款如按揭及商业贷款增速放缓下,若全年税前经营盈利有高单位数字增长亦算不俗。他表示,该行将继续投资各类具发展潜力业务,包括商业银行业务,亦有意在未来12个月增加5至6间分行,但要视乎租金情况而定,目前该行在港有41间分行。

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Analysts concede spectre of challengi ng ti me ahead in enforcing stringent rules, writes Tara Loader Wilkinson H ong Kong’s initial public offering (IPO) market has rocketed since 2008, fast-tracked to the top of the global rankings by a slew of Chinese companies seeking to list their shares. However, a torrid 2012 – dampened by tainted listings and alleged cooked books – has prompted experts to warn that unless it enhances its regulatory requirements, poor-quality IPOs could damage the long-term reputation of Hong Kong’s capital markets. In the past five years, Hong Kong has hovered around the world’s top 10 global IPO destinations for listing companies by volume. Between 2009 and 2011, it ranked global number one, dropping back to 12th last year. It is now back up to third as oflast month, having raised US$4.S billion through flotations this year, lagging New York in first place and Brazil in second, according to accounting firm PwC. The challtlhge also comes down to law enforcemenr, says accountancy fum BDO’s assurance director Andrew Lam. He says: “Hong Kong has a set of stringent rule!; and listing thresholds latd down by the various regulators and law enforcement agencies. The challenge is the effectiveness of enforcing these rules.” He adds that many of the Hong Kong-listed companies and IPO candidates are based on the mainland, where the collection of evidence and the subsequent enforcement of the Hong Kong rules remains difficult. “Accordingly, the risk and costs to the culprits may not be very high compared to the economic benefits of their illegal acts,” Lam says. Companies whose shares drop sUbsf46tiallY below their flotation price may be partly to blame for submitting untruthful filings to the regulator’s vetting committee. But equally, the fault may lie with investment bankers or analysts making false or overly-confident statements in the document of the lPO they underwrite. Steps are being taken to combat this. Last year, Securities and Futures Commission chief’ Ashley Alder declared a tougher stance on IPO regulation and promised to be rigorous about high disclosure standards. He also mooted heavy fines and jail sentences for bankers who fail to ensure the integrity oflisting prospectuses. But it is not all doom and . gloom. Edmond Chan, partner in the capital markets services group at PwC, says that Hong Kong’s capital market has by and large developed in the right direction and is well-respected by global investors. “In recent years, Hong Kong has enjoyed the benefits of European and US money flowing in, although last year its listing market was also affected by the global financial crisis.” Chan believes the main challenge now is attracting more non-Chinese companies to list. Although there have beeh some blockbuster foreign IPOs, such as L’Occitane, Coach and Glencore, more than 90 per cent of firms listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange are Chinese. Chan hopes the ratio offoreign firms will grow to 20 or 30 per cent, in the near future. Chan says the other hurdle lies in maintaining integrity. “Hong Kong has come a long way in a short time, so we need to be nimble and dynamic,” he says. “We must change our approach quickly if need be.” How can Hong Kong weed out disreputable companies from listing, and what additional regulatory checks are needed to reinforce its reputation as a top IPO destination? Lam says investors should take more responsibility and conduct adequate research before making an investment. “Avoid companies with warning signs,” he says. “This will make it more difficult for the culpJits to benefit from their illegal afts.” Experts point out that additional cross-border co-operation of the regulators and law enforcement agel1cies would act as a deterrent tel these culprits. As for the warning signS that investors and regulators s}lOuld look out for, BDO says to flay close attention to anyfirme with unusual group structures or business models. Strange locations for a company’s domicile and/or operations should cause alarm bells to ring, along with urlusual new products, unexplained high growth rates and a lack of comparison for profitability or liquidity. Profit margine that appear unreasonably high or fluctuate a lot, or large prelfits with low tax provisions or low liquidity, should also send off alarm bells.


榮獲歐洲5項大獎  Living Nature 冠軍產品  2011年Green Parent雜誌天然美麗大獎  2013年Oh Natural雜誌評為「最佳面部精油」 成份:  Rosa canina( 玫瑰果)油**、Calendula officinalis (金盏花)提取物**、Simmondsia chinensis(霍霍巴)**油、Boswellia carterii(乳香)精油、香料(天然香料)*、Daucus carota(胡萝卜)提取物、Tocopherol(维生素E)、大马士革玫瑰精油。 … 榮獲歐洲5項大獎

It may sound counterintuitive to buy more bonds just as interest rates rise but high-yield bonds are less sensitive to the minute fluctuations in Treasury yields. If a bond yields 7 per cent, then a 0.5 per cent rise in Treasury rates is just a blip.

Despite substantial medium-term challenges, the short-term outlook will be supported by a wave of reforms that Premier Li laid out in early May, including investment projects, value-added tax reforms in the service sector, liberalization of interest and exchange rates, private capital investments, reforms in utilities, promotion of healthcare and social housing, and a comprehensive urbanization plan that includes reform of the hukou (household registration) system.


「因为在美国的市场上,所有中资银行的业务总资产加起来只是占到0.1%,剩下99.9%的市场中资银行并没有渗透进去。那你争什么呢? 相互之间所争的只是那0.1%,还是把眼光放远一些,深入去做美国本土化的业务。」被问到中资银行在美国遇到的最大挑战,毕明强不假思索地说,「合规管理。」他指出,金融海啸后,美国连续出台许多新的监管法规,加上当地的监管体系本来就非常复杂。「这边我们3 家机构有不同的牌照,大概要面对7、8 个监管机构。」现时工行在美国约有350 名员工,绝大部分是当地雇员,包括合规部门的主管,只有20 多人属内地派驻当地的。未来该行员工数目仍会保持温和增长,每年增加5% 到10%,以支持新的业务发展。


又是一年三伏天,尤其今年还是四十天的加长版,虽然天气热不热最终取决于副热带高压,但感觉上还是比往年更凶险。近期北方暴雨连连南方夏日炎炎,总结起来就四个大字:出门免谈。虽说在家北京瘫节能又环保,但难免落下懒汉/肥婆的口实;若是能约上三五好友把酒言欢自然妙极,但一是大家都不想(或不能)出门,二是多动就是一身汗,连空调房都兜不住,你说怎么办?为了解决日益滋长的无聊同不想/不愿出门之间的矛盾,什么值得买(SMZDM.COM)从现实角度出发,帮各位挑选了几款桌游,适应性从单身贵族到三五成群不一而足,动动胳膊勤思考,三伏天一晃就过去了。注:以下桌游推荐,相关购买链接均为台湾引进正版或英文原版,无福消受原价可以去淘宝另觅仿款。桌游推荐之单身贵族:Hasbro 孩之宝 战舰游戏 电子版¥164.47亚马逊中国看过《丁丁历险记之714航班》的朋友,应该对阿道克船长和卡雷达先生玩的海战游戏多少有些印象,这款孩之宝电子桌游可谓异曲同工,甚至还加入了声光电效果,随时都有个勤务兵在里面“sir,sir”的跟你汇报工作。那么问题来了,一个人怎么玩——调皮,当然是打电脑了。只不过电脑君似乎不够机智,只有固定的套路布局,一旦你将说明书中的图纸熟记于心,基本上就等同于开启了上帝视角,一切尽在掌握。总结起来就是闲极无聊打发时间尚可,正经咱还是找个人对战吧。Room25 矩阵密室25 繁体中文版¥168.08亚马逊中国那毕竟大海战比较初级,作为资深宅男/宅女,自娱自乐也要务求高端。ROOM 25的灵感源于电影《异次元杀阵》,游戏设定与电影相仿:一群来自五湖四海的角色,被困在一间立方体密室中,他们必须使出浑身解数,才有望找到出口逃出生天。作为一款翻房间类型的桌游,游戏设有专门的单人模式,不过实话实话,毕竟推荐人数是4-6,1个人玩还是难免寂寞。魔戒 LCG 简体中文版¥248淘宝精选首先必须要提醒一点,SOLO这款桌游,意味着你离死宅只有一线之隔——它那漫长的任务线,不短扩充的任务包,核心向的游戏规则都是使人沉迷的毒酒,一旦踏入,茶饭不思。而与魔戒匹配的复杂规模大概会让多数女玩家卡手,当然小编也确实想不到单刷这个的女玩家是怎样的。桌游推荐之甜蜜情侣:Jaipur 斋普尔¥147.22亚马逊中国看到这一步,首先恭喜各位顺利脱团。其实情侣桌游就三件事:上手快,低对抗,高颜值。上手快才能让妹子顺利玩下去,低对抗不容易翻脸,高颜值就不说了,毕竟这是个看脸的世界。Jaipur(斋普尔)正是完美符合以上描述的小品级桌游之一,专为双人游戏设计,一局30分钟长短适宜,游戏的整个过程就是买卖、交换、发展骆驼商队,你的每次选择都可能会对最后的结果产生重大的影响。卡卡颂 繁体中文版 基础 含河流1¥239亚马逊中国卡卡颂这个名字同斋普尔一样源于地名,玩家在游戏中扮演中古时代的君主,派遣手下的亲信去开疆拓土,谁的策略运用得当,谁就能赢得最后的胜利。相比而言,2人对战卡卡颂的策略性甚至强于多人,并且经常作为国外桌游的比赛项目,当然这也决定了其易上手难精通的特点。好在情侣玩桌游重在增进情感,赛出精神即可,水平都是次要的。Battle Line 战线¥113.31亚马逊中国最后让我们来谈谈战线,毕竟市面上正经双人对战的游戏里,找不到比它更加轻量级的作品了。5-10分钟/局的水平几乎零负担,在规则简单的同时,技术与随机性并存,有道是无论刷碗还是倒垃圾,都可以用一局战线来决定,如果不行,那就三局两胜,如果还不行,那就掀桌吧。桌游推荐之一家三/四口:Jenga 层层叠家庭装 Jenga 层层叠家庭装¥606.25亚马逊中国看到这一步,再次恭喜各位人生圆满。小孩子的注意力总是那么捉摸不定,那种看着就让人坐立不安的游戏自然不在此处推荐的范畴。Jenga 层层叠是孩之宝出品的桌面玩具,规则简单到令人发指,就是一个字——摞。游戏中玩家交替从每层三条的积木塔中抽出一块积木放到塔顶,并且使其保持平衡,不断创造更高的层数,直到积木塔失去平衡倒塌。一家三口玩这个,一般都能全情投入,而且小朋友基本没有明显劣势,小心输的就是你。Aquarius 水瓶座 繁体中文版¥106.08天猫国际除了上面的异形体,传统桌游中,水瓶座算是比较亲子的一款。牌面鲜艳,用时不长(30分),且最适合三人共游。游戏牌没有任何文字,只有水,火,风,宇宙和大地五种元素图形。开始阶段玩家需先行抽取一张目标卡,并在游戏中将卡面体现的元素共七张连接在一起,即告获胜。听起来简单,因为这是规则简述嘛,实际操作时由于变化多端的特殊卡牌,很容易让你在迈向胜利前功亏一篑。Dixit  只言片语 妙语说书人 繁体中文版¥214亚马逊中国只言片语引进自法国,按道理来讲属于聚会游戏,但归为三口之家的类别则更显寓教于乐。游戏的核心就是“猜”,一方要猜而一方要迷惑,十分考验人的表现力(包括但不限于语言和肢体动作)与想象力,小朋友不管扮演哪个角色都能有所收获,大人们也能乐在其中。桌游推荐之朋友聚会:新版UNO 含转盘机$19.99美国亚马逊 没有UNO的桌游推荐是不完整的,它以扑克般的灵活,整蛊般的欢乐,甚至是品种多样的主题包装(比如复仇者联盟)吸引着广大聚会游戏爱好者。今次推荐的这一款,为今年3月官方时隔45年增添新卡后,美泰玩具推出的版本,拥有8张可自行撰写规则的特殊卡片,配合定制的转盘机,随机和意外不要太多。Life Boat 救生艇 怒海求生繁体中文版¥139亚马逊中国万事皆怕认真二字,救生艇玩得好,也许会让你质疑人生。毕竟曾经的好同事好同学好邻居,下一秒就弃你而去甚至反戈一击,这样的残酷不是人人都能接受。泰坦尼克撞冰山,留下杰克肉丝我心永恒,而你的故事必须由自己来书写,如果你已经有了这样的觉悟,就请搭上这趟救生艇吧。友情提示:情侣慎玩。权力的游戏 版图版 官方中文版 第7刷¥368淘宝精选对了,这又是一款核心向游戏。它耗时耗力,更费心机,还要嘴炮,此外作为版图游戏还要求你有一所大房子,或者至少有个长条案几。不过试问谁不想在冰火的世界里称王称霸,君临铁王座,横扫维斯特洛大陆呢?此款游戏与魔戒LCG师出同门,史诗级的版图作品,每局时长2-3小时(实际也许更长),玩起来确实不太轻松,但胜利后成就感也是倍增的。12款桌游走马观花,有没有适合自己的还需耐心品味。人生苦短,更应饱满,桌游体现的是规则的力量和智慧的角逐,有时候一款好桌游即可让你足不出户体验人生况味,何乐不为呢?也欢迎各位老司机提供更多的心得体会,这个夏天我们不·插·电(然则空调还是要开的)。

其经营范围包括婚纱、礼服、BABY Queen’s Palace、摄影造型、下午茶和鸡尾酒等。作为高级婚纱礼服定制品牌Queen’s Palace的第二家分店,这间礼服概念馆楼高三层,建筑物外部像是欧洲电影中精致摩登的咖啡馆。巨大的落地窗内疏密摆放的高脚吧台椅,简洁的线条与金属质感相融合,纱质窗帘的材质微微透着阳光,从细节显现出安静的奢华。作为高级定制的婚纱礼服品牌,Queen’s Palace将其追求完美的精神延伸至各个领域。图片来源:悦美广告 图片来源:悦美广告 一层的咖啡馆,日间提供皇家级下午茶,夜间亦可品饮各色鸡尾酒。试营业不久,Queen’s Palace咖啡馆便成为众多时髦女性口口相传的约会及聚会热门场所。酒杯上的羽毛轻抚香唇,甜品流露出低调奢华的美感,菜单上的每一款单品都能

16. 16。A Philippines breakfast – it’s all about the local fruits here. 菲律宾早餐- – -早餐都是当地水果在这里。Mangoes are popular fare to keep you regular. 芒果很流行,是早餐让你定期。As for keeping your energy up rice is the top choice, or the little sausages, known as longganisa,you can see above. 至于保持你的能量,米饭是最好的选择,或小香肠,诸如longganisa,您可以在上面看到的。When fried with salt and garlic cloves it’s known as sinangag. 当煎加盐和大蒜炒饭配上被称为。The sinangag is then combined with eggs, meats and beans and bob’s your uncle, fanny’s your aunt, a deliciousPhilippinebreakfast is born.炒饭还有加上鸡蛋,肉类和豆类和易如反掌,范妮是你的阿姨,一个deliciousPhilippinebreakfast出生。SalamatSALAMATSupaflySupafly.

High-yield bonds are more of a bet that an issuer will honour its coupon and repayment commitments, and here the outlook is more positive. Moody’s says the global default rate on global high-yield debt for the first quarter was 2.4 per cent, near a record low.



The proposed bill has had several rounds of consultation with business, the latest of which was held in 2009. But while a basic framework for the new law had been ironed out during this process, there were still some provisions that remained to be finalised, and the government planned to hold another, smaller consultation soon.

Four Hong Kong galleries – Alisan Fine Arts, Kwai Fung Hin, Andy Hei and 3812 Contemporary Art Projects – will be featured, showcasing work by Hong Kong and mainland artists as well as Chinese antiques.

Seriously, Mr. Cheney, with all due respect do you honestly think if China had recruited a spy in someone like Snowden, a well-placed highly valuable asset given his access to such classified data, they would be crazy enough to pull him out of the cold and splash him out of the blue on Chinese turf for maximum global publicity and blunt ridicules like yours?

That suggests a tilt towards equities, implying that the great intermediate investment, the balanced fund, may shortly fall out of favour. In other words, while investors have lacked direction in recent months, now they have it, and it points to equities and not bonds.

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Wigglesworth上次和港乐奏过贝多芬《田园》,听得不高兴,今次听他的海顿《第九十交响曲》也差不多。他奏古典派令人又爱又恨,爱的是他的速度、分句、节奏,颇受原音派影响,清新爽快、节奏感强,但恨的是声音和稀泥。Wigglesworth 追求轻盈的弦乐,但轻得来太松散,不如奏实净一些。上次《田园》跟这次的海顿一样,声音都很无力。终曲的玩笑十分成功,多得指挥没有省略最后的重复,错的结尾一共奏了两次。观众要上够两次当,去到真正的结尾,才会自作聪明地不拍手,这就是海顿最妙的一招。


柚香烤肉【詹姆士】 – 美食客–大衛&吃貨女兒 – PChome 個人新聞台 誠如市場的預期,蘋果真的推出了 iPad mini,而且規格與網路傳言差不多、模樣完全一樣、名稱也是百分之百命中!發表會之後只是確認蘋果這次真的推出小型的 iPad mini 來通殺市場,儘管以前賈伯斯說過七吋沒有市場,但這次 Apple 巧妙的推出 7.9 吋(四捨五入之後可以稱為八吋),不知道柚香烤肉【詹姆士】食材: 牛小排燒烤肉片5片、去皮取肉的柚子1顆、柚子皮1/2顆、廣東A菜5把、洋蔥1/2顆、香 ……

当期货市场出现大幅度低水,理论上一些期货的套戥活动将拉近两者的差价,但是一旦市场交投薄弱及股份买卖差价较阔,有关套戥的机制便不能有效运作,近日港股交投每下愈况,亦令市场出现高低水的时间增加。由于恒指牛熊证之收回价与行使价之差价大部份仅为200 点,甫开市不少发行商已因大市实际裂口幅度为386 点,而面对约186 点的损失。换句话说,在市况不佳,经常出现裂口低开及低水幅度扩阔的市况,发行商与投资者可能会同时有所损失,而周四的市况便是如此。

大部分時間伊達麗亞並不住在這裡。自從幾個月前,她遇到了陰差陽錯來到帕茨夸羅便住下不走了的瑞士人羅伯特之後,她就經常住在羅伯特在城外不遠的山上租下的大房子裡。那裡房子修得高,才適合羅伯特那高大魁梧的身材。他每次來到我們這個la casa chica,總是嫌什麼都是為矮小的墨西哥人設計的,他總在門樑上撞到頭。不過,也許是已經交往了好幾個月,羅伯特正在認真地考慮要搬進這個小家裡來了,並已經為整修它而開始付出行動。

46. 46。Breakfast in Uganda – like a lot of large countries the typical breakfasts vary region by region. 乌干达早餐- – -和许多大国家一样,典型的早餐因地区不同而不同。But a popular dish across the country is katogo – it’s a combination ofgreen cooking bananas mixed in a stew from beef or in a sauce from vegetables. 但一种风靡整个国家,katogo也总是最流行。它是一个组合ofgreen烹饪香蕉混合炖牛肉丝或蔬菜沙司中。The picture above is banana with organs.上面的图片是香蕉与牛杂。Thanks谢谢Wong Li LhenWong李Lhen.

短腿阿鹿 終於進駐逢甲了!之前吃過原味的餅乾就深深愛上,入口即融的微苦滋味和獨特鹹甜感頗涮嘴,逢甲店限定獨賣的可可亞口味很適合喜歡濃醇巧克力香氣的吃貨們。虎麗看短腿阿鹿逢甲店的粉絲團公告,因為考量可可亞的香氣會影響到原味,所以兩家店面都只單賣一種口味,而且逢甲門市目前尚未開放電話預訂,只能到現場排隊哦!餅乾都是現點現裝盒,所以需要稍微等候一些時間。 延伸閱讀:短腿阿鹿餅乾大墩店 原味餅乾全文介紹(請點我)▲虎麗衝到短腿阿鹿逢甲店剛好是開店時間16:00,沒想到這時候門外已經在排隊等候了(汗),工作人員會一次開門讓三個人進入店內,由於店內空間不大又堅持現點現裝盒,所以真的有點耐心哦~▲逢甲店與大墩店一樣都會提供試吃。▲可可亞餅乾是咖啡色外盒,看起來非常有質感,好像還蠻適合當年節伴手禮送親朋好友。現在門市還有活動,臉書打卡每人折NT$30(每人限購3盒)。短腿阿鹿餅乾常溫保存15天,虎麗建議大家儘早食用完畢,才能享受最佳風味。 ▲提袋也是質感咖啡色。▲可可亞餅乾 小盒 NT$290,虎麗本來想買大盒,到現場才發現 可可亞口味目前只有販售小盒裝,所以就一次買足三盒帶回家給愛吃甜食的家人嚐鮮。▲打開蓋子就能聞到濃郁香醇的可可亞香氣,而且每一塊入口就慢慢化開,加了天然奶油和鹽吃起來帶點鹹味及奶香,還有微苦甜的滋味非常厚實。喜歡巧克力濃醇微苦滋味的可以試試新口味,短腿阿鹿餅乾逢甲店限定的可可亞餅乾吃起來還不錯,只是想吃原味的話就得到大墩店購買了~推薦給想吃可可亞濃醇滋味的你們^^ 短腿阿鹿餅乾 逢甲店 地址 台中市西屯區福星路597號營業時間 週一至週日 16:00-23:00電話  04-24519569短腿阿鹿餅乾FB粉絲團

“The ongoing financial reforms require China to build a financial safety net to protect public interests and to enable failed financial institutions to exit the market without causing systemic turmoil.”


25. 25。An Irish breakfast – you’ve had English and Scottish, now it’s time to learn the Irish USP. 爱尔兰早餐- – -我们上面谈到过英国和苏格兰早餐,现在我们就来看看爱尔兰的早餐。That would be white pudding and soda bread.那就是除此之外的白??肠和奶油苏打面包的搭配。Go raibh maith ‘ad去raibh maith”广告joelogonjoelogon.

垦丁森林游乐区面积466.8公顷,是全台唯一的热带植物园,也是世界十大热带植物园之一,由台湾第一座热带植物标本区整建而成。珊瑚礁岩形成的峡谷、洞穴、钟乳石及石笋为本区主要的地形景观,处处展现大自然演化的奇趣。现有热带植物千余种,鸟类、蝴蝶、爬虫类及其它昆虫资源尤为丰富;每年秋冬造访的红尾伯劳、灰面鹫,吸引许多赏鸟族追踪观赏,俨然已成另一超人气景点。 整个公园可分为三部分,第一游乐区是植物景观与人工建物融合的游赏区域;第二游乐区以特有的地形景观和植物景观为主;第三游乐区为一原始的珊瑚礁雨林带,景色和第二游乐区大致相同,基于生态保护,并不对外开放。

Barrister Robert Tibbo and solicitor Jonathan Man Ho-ching confirmed they were brought in to represent Snowden about two weeks ago and kept in close contact with the whistle-blower during his stay in Hong Kong.


A combination of weak global trade and poor equity markets in Hong Kong and the mainland has encouraged firms to put their IPO plans on hold. According to investment bankers and corporate analysts, mainland and Asian firms are not expected to make any decisions on whether to opt for IPOs until well into the second half of this year.

There is ample liquidity on the mainland and the latest surge in money market rates was a result of market distortions caused by widespread speculative trading and shadow financing, Xinhua said in a commentary yesterday.

Perfect location makes it all worthwhile A company about to open its first office in Asia enters the unknown. Language, customs and laws might be different, and renting and fiiing up the office while worrying about the IT service provider, smooth internet connection, phone lines, manning the reception, cleaning and other aspects of office life in a foreign land are neither cheap, nor simple. When international financial and professional services company Schindlers decided to open an office in Hong Kong, director Kim Taylor first came for a short visit. “I soon realised that a serviced office was a great way to start,” she says. “All utilities were set up, we just had to-bring the computer, plug it in and start working, immediately generating income.” – The company, which has offices in London, Lichtenstein and Mauritius, made this foray because its clients wished to trade in Asian markets. Taylor visited Compass offices as it had been recommended to her by colleagues, before returning to London. Compass later contacted her about opening a new office floor in Aon China Building in Central. “We looked at the location [on the. map]. We didn’t visit the office before we booked but the location looked perfect,” she says, explaining that its clients.are frequent travellers and they make a point of visiting the office when they pass through Hong Kong. Being located close to the Airport Express terminal in Central makes it convenient for them to pop in. Schindlers booked a three-person office, which is sufficiently spacious for the two people occupying it, and it can also accommodate a file cabinet and a printer. “They allowed us to reserve the office, although we only’moved in two months later,” Taylor says. “They didn’t chase us at all to see when we were coming.” She hopes to hire another person in about three months and if she needs one more person later, she will move into a bigger office. “There is no penalty, they allow an upgrade any time within Compass offices,” she says. She is happy with the pantry, free supply of tea and coffee-any time, and the. fridge and microwave, that allow eniployees to bring their own lunch. She also relies on Compass for the reception and bigger printing jobs, scanning, secretarial service and meeting room hire as and when her clients visit. “It is perfect for us right now,” she says. “When my clients come, they are really impressed and like the idea of a serviced office.”

  甜品:海绵蛋糕8寸 平盘、戚风蛋糕8寸 平盘、巧克力挞,水果挞(塔壳甜面,巧克力甜面各种塔壳制作,干纳许)、备注:水果用灌装水果黄桃,杂果,樱桃、葡式蛋挞,玉米培根咸挞,(酥皮面卡壳,葡式蛋塔塔壳)、焦糖布丁,巧克力布丁、芒果酸奶布丁,意式奶冻、柠檬挞,(意大利蛋白霜)抹茶红豆蛋糕卷(抹茶戚风蛋糕,卡仕达奶油)、酥皮泡芙(泡芙面,卡斯达奶油,酥皮)、玛德琳蛋糕、巧克力慕斯(巧克力海绵蛋糕,朗姆酒糖水,黑巧克力淋面)焦糖核桃挞(甜面,焦糖酱汁)、英式松饼(原味提子干)水果穆斯蛋糕(水果淋面,啫喱)、备注:慕斯做方形、酸奶慕斯和卡布基诺慕斯杯(4层)、布朗尼(干纳许)、盆栽提拉米苏(手指饼,咖啡糖水)、胡萝卜核桃蛋糕、白巧克力绿茶蛋糕(海绵绿茶蛋糕,绿茶慕斯,白巧克、力慕斯,绿巧克力喷沙)、苹果挞(焦糖炒苹果,酥粒,甜面)、大理石芝士蛋糕(甜面,丘比特蓝莓酱)、芒果椰汁西米(煮西米,芒果椰汁啫喱)、黑森林(巧克力海绵蛋糕,白巧克力樱桃慕斯,黑巧克力樱桃慕斯,巧克力刨花)、备注:刨花用戴妃黑巧克力、歌剧蛋糕(杏仁蛋糕配,黄油奶油,干纳许,咖啡糖水,黑巧克力淋面)、黄梅果杏仁派(甜面,杏仁奶油,罐装黄梅果)、栗子穆斯蛋糕(榛子海绵蛋糕,黄油奶油)、纽约芝士派(纽约芝士酱汁,甜面派底)、薄饼配香草汁(薄饼,香草酱汁)、奥地利沙哈蛋糕(沙哈蛋糕,干纳许)、草莓慕斯配奇异果甜品杯、香橙薄饼配鲜橙酱汁、朗姆提子穆斯蛋糕(朗姆提子慕斯,海绵蛋糕)、加利福尼亚水果蛋糕、巴伐洛娃水果蛋糕、烤巧克力泥巴蛋糕(MUD蛋糕,焦糖榛子,干纳许)、燕麦咖啡牛奶布丁、椰香南瓜派(甜面,南瓜酱汁)、巧克力花生蛋糕(花生蛋糕胚,干纳许)、牛奶巧克力伯爵查蛋糕(蛋糕,牛奶巧克力淋面)、香兰芒果椰子蛋糕卷(香兰戚风蛋糕)、白巧克力树莓慕斯(香草奶冻,树莓慕斯,树莓啫喱,海绵蛋糕)、棉花糖;

10種食物吃錯部位奪人命八、腰果的有毒部位是似殼結構(生腰果)腰果雖然不是堅果類植物,而是種子,但腰果有一個似殼結構,這個似殼結構是含有毒素的。當你在商店里買“生腰果”的時候,一定要買蒸煮過了的、正荃標籤,台北吃到飽 昶成組合屋 工作桌不能買完全生的。這是因為生腰果含有漆酚,這也是毒藤里能找得到的同種有毒的化學物質,這種物質能使身體產生與接觸毒藤和毒橡樹同樣的反應。攝入大量漆酚可能致命。雖然腰果中毒的案例比較少見,但是給他們去殼的工人,由于親密接觸,有時候會出現過敏性反映,甚至存在著違及性命的隱患。

“homemade basic salsa recipe +homemade garlic salsa recipe”

Let me introduce you to the easiest salsa you’ve ever met. It literally comes together in under 5 minutes. Not only is it easy peasy to prepare but it’s down right delicious. Unlike pico de gallo, it’s more like a salsa you’d get in a Mexican restaurant served with chips before you get dinner.

Woo Hoo!! I’m a definite pushover for kitchen tools. I don’t actually have this one. Shocking, I know. I love the size that it makes the pieces of tomato and onion. So uniform. 🙂 You can’t go wrong with fresh salsa.

Slow Cooker Restaurant Style Garden Salsa has so many delicious and fresh ingredients and uses up all of those garden tomatoes. It is so addicting you won’t be able to get enough! It is also perfect f (Fresh Ingredients Recipes)

I have not made your salsa recipe yet, but am going to try it when my tomatoes are ready! I wanted to ask if you have ever used the oven to process your canning? Or know any food safety issues https://great-salsa.com/ using it? Would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations! Someone suggested it to me years ago and I thought it made sense, same temp as boiling water and in the oven for same amount of time, or longer maybe. Thanks

For the first batch, I hand chopped all the vegetables, man was that time consuming. The 2nd batch was much easier to manage solo as I used the food processor. Things went so much smoother. I’m not familiar with chili sauce and don’t think I know exactly what it is. I wish someone would would blog about it.

I am going to try this recipe. I have one but my husband finds it too runny. I don’t like canning so I freeze it. Do you think yours would be fine to freeze as well? I can’t see why not it will probably have extra liquid when unthawing which I can just drain. I just wanted your thoughts.

We have made a lot of salsa over the years and thought we would try this recipe as we do not like thin, watery salsa. Not only does this salsa have excellent consistency, but it has the best balance of intense flavors we have ever canned. We did add a tablespoon of brown sugar for a tad bit of flavor.

Ladle hot salsa into hot, sterilized pint canning jars, leaving a 1/2-inch headspace. Wipe jar rims clean with a damp towel; place lids on jars, and secure in place by hand tightening the bands onto the jars.

I JUST made this!! Oh my gosh! I have always wanted to make my own salsa. It is the best ever. Better than any restaurant and I added a touch more garlic and cilantro just because I love them both but other than that, stuck to the recipe above! Delicious!

Whenever we go out to eat, we like to get the chips and salsa as an appetizer.  Most of the time, I am not crazy about those salsas because they just don’t taste right.  My husband says it is because his salsa is made with love!

Best part about this recipe, is that I have a supply of great tasting fresh salsa that we’ll be enjoying all Winter.  We’ve already opened one jar and you’d think it had just been freshly made minutes ago.

This ones a keeper! Just started a garden this year and I didn’t know what to do with all the tomatoes and peppers I got out of it. I don’t cook often, didn’t know anything about making salsa or canning, but this recipe is easy to follow and if I can do it, anyone can. Expect a lot of complements on it when you share it! I will definitely make a bigger batch next go around. Thank you for sharing your recipe!


烹饪的基本原理,西餐理论,土豆番茄沙拉;意式玉米糕,红酒雪梨配牛排、水波蛋配荷兰汁,泰式咖哩鸡、奶油青豆汤、培根鸡肉沙拉等等;培根奶油土豆汤,红酒烩牛肉、芥末牛排三明治,罗勒意面、通心粉面沙拉的N种吃法,红酒烤鸡配西芹蛋黄酱、苏里拉奶酪番茄沙拉,煎鲈鱼配红酒汁、鲜虾番茄意大利面,法式餐前菜、李子黑醋汁拌芦笋牛扒,橙香鸡肉蔬菜沙拉、番茄杀人意面,香蒜番茄烤鸡腿、法式香料烤鸡配土豆,迷迭香OMELETTE、匈牙利土豆,柠檬才和三色辣椒炒鸡胸肉、炒扇贝配番茄大蒜香菜,莳萝腌虾沙拉、鸡肉沙拉配胡桃蓝奶汁,炸薯丸、鸡肉沙爹,苹果片配咖喱鸡和芒果、佛罗伦萨鸡蛋,胡萝卜炖猪里脊、蔬菜菲力牛排,奶酪牛奶蛋饼、蔬菜菲力牛排,奶酪牛奶蛋饼、蔬菜菲力牛排,奶酪牛奶蛋饼、香煎鸡肉蔬菜配马尔莎拉酱汁,蒜香甘蓝沙拉、番茄凤尾鱼辣味意面,芹菜辣椒炒青口、番茄凤尾鱼辣味意面,芹菜辣椒炒青口等等;烹饪的基本原理,西餐理论,土豆番茄沙拉;法式洋葱头,意识龙俐鱼配罗勒汁;华道夫沙拉,啤酒烩鸡;奶油胡萝卜汤,鲷鱼配奶油汁;意式玉米糕,红酒雪梨配牛排;甜玉米饼配酸辣酱,奶油培根意面;法式蘑菇汤,蔬菜鸡肉沙拉;罗非鱼配柠檬汁,地中海沙拉;水波蛋配荷兰汁,泰式咖哩鸡;西班牙海鲜汤,龙俐鱼配莎莎;西兰花奶油汤,意识肉酱面;海鲜周打汤,凯撒沙拉;土豆浓汤,脆炸鱼柳;奶油青豆汤 培根鸡肉沙拉;羊排配黑胡椒汁,土豆金枪鱼沙拉;牛排配黑胡椒汁,意式蔬菜汤;鲷鱼配罗勒汁,培根蘑菇烩饭;黄瓜番茄沙拉,法式红酒烩鸡;培根奶油土豆汤,红酒烩牛肉;牛肉芝士饭团,番茄奶油浓汤;芥末牛排三明治,罗勒意面;美食早餐,菠菜奶油汤;香剪鸭胸配蔓越莓酱,炖牛肉意面;意式牛肉烩饭,蘑菇培根;番茄海鲜汤,番茄海鲜面;南瓜奶油浓汤,三文鱼鸡蛋沙拉;海鲜意式烩饭,香煎塔吉烤鸡腿;手指鱼配蛋黄酱,玉米奶油浓汤;蜜汁罗勒烤羊排,魔鬼蛋;芦笋奶油汤,泰式海鲜汤;烟熏三文鱼沙拉,香料焦糖菠萝;辣味金枪鱼饼,快手香肠肉意面;辣椒沙丁鱼牛至意面 橄榄油蘑菇色拉配特制甜醋;牛油果酱蔬菜沙拉,果味烤猪排配烟熏烤玉米;通心粉面沙拉的N种吃法,红酒烤鸡配西芹蛋黄酱;马苏里拉奶酪番茄沙拉,煎鲈鱼配红酒汁;猪排配煎土豆,烤水果串配泰式糯米饭;鲜虾番茄意大利面,法式餐前菜;西班牙海鲜饭 法式煎羊排;李子黑醋汁拌芦笋牛扒,橙香鸡肉蔬菜沙拉;番茄凤尾鱼辣味意面,芹菜辣椒炒青口;香煎鸡肉蔬菜配马尔莎拉酱汁,蒜香甘蓝沙拉;煎鲷鱼配番茄香料酱汁,味增三文鱼;浓香炒饭,拧香蔬菜沙拉;辣牛肉生菜卷,牛油果鸡蛋沙拉;腊香肠顿饭,迷迭香番茄烤鸡腿;蔬菜培根焗饭,芝麻菜沙拉;番茄杀人意面,香蒜番茄烤鸡腿;蘑菇奶油意大利面,意大利炖菜;香煎牛排配罗勒青酱,红酒焖牛肉;西班牙火腿沙拉。墨西哥米饭;红酒汁牛排沙拉,法式风味香料牛排;法式香料烤鸡配土豆,迷迭香OMELETTE;芝士焗土豆泥佐奶油白酱,烤蘑菇小里脊;尼斯沙拉,爱尔兰焖羊肉;胡桃南瓜泥,泰式牛肉;墨西哥炒玉米,煎无骨鸡肉配蘑菇沙司;阿根廷式白汁鸡肉,面包玉米配青豆;番茄蘑菇炒鸡肉,烤土豆;匈牙利土豆,柠檬才和三色辣椒炒鸡胸肉;烤鳕鱼柳,西班牙辣味小香肠;番茄香菇烤鱼,绿色蔬菜沙拉;墨西哥米饭,菠菜沙拉;烤贵妃土豆,咖喱炖鸡;腌制红鲷鱼条配碎薯片,炸华夫薯片;炒扇贝配番茄大蒜香菜,莳萝腌虾沙拉;蟹饼配烤辣椒芥末,新鲜水果沙拉;炸鱼柳,希腊式蘑菇沙拉;炸鸡翅,番茄青椒沙拉;辛辣的鸡蛋,奶酪汉堡包;苹果汁炖鸡块,厨师沙拉;炸三明治,咖喱海鲜;鸡肉沙拉配胡桃蓝奶汁,炸薯丸;意大利米兰香饭,虾肉米饭沙拉;法式土豆沙拉,迷迭香松子烤羊排;酸奶水果沙拉汁,烤姜味猪里脊;三文鱼沙拉,牛肉串;虾肉米饭沙拉,酸甜罗伯特沙司猪排;佛罗伦萨鸡蛋,胡萝卜炖猪里脊;蔬菜菲力牛排,奶酪牛奶蛋饼;红酒焖牛肉,玉米配番茄酱;匈牙利炖猪肉,海鲜;意识煮海鲜,火腿土豆;煎猪排配蔬菜,菠菜脆卷;鸡肉沙爹,苹果片配咖喱鸡和芒;芥末生菜沙拉 潜水艇三明治;海鲜蘑菇炒意面,白汁鸡肉;炒鸡块配匈牙利沙司 烟花女意面;咖喱意大利面,培根煎蛋;地中海鱿鱼沙拉,香蒜番茄烤鸡腿;海鲜意大利多味饭,白酒蛤蜊意面;蘑菇奶汁三文鱼,泰式酸辣鱿鱼;泰式鱼饼,千岛酱汁;蜂蜜奶油沙拉,意大利蔬菜串 ;普罗旺斯鱿鱼沙拉,烤苹果;烤羊排配炸面包丁,意大利蔬菜汤;香煎三文鱼配芦笋沙拉,法式柠檬烤鸡;红酒烩牛尾,青柠蜜汁焗鹌鹑;大蒜奶油酱烤鸡肉 蒜香焗蘑菇;花椰菜烤扇贝,炖比目鱼菲力;冬日时蔬沙拉,油封三文鱼;原汁炖蘑菇,烟熏三文鱼煎蛋卷;芦笋土豆泥,牛油果吞拿鱼鸡蛋盅;培根芝士蛋汉堡,香煎牛奶小煎饼;花生酱香蕉飞碟三明治,奶酪吐司脆;黄金肉松饭团,吞拿鱼玉米三明治;煎吐司披萨,早餐田园沙拉;土豆萝卜丝煎饼,肉桂胡桃酿苹果;韩式香肠土豆焖饭,培根卷一切;香蒜面包条,香煎三文鱼;红酒橙汁迷迭香烤鸡腿,柠汁蒜香烤排骨;芝士焗番茄肉酱意面,火腿玉米浓汤;地中海风味炖牛肉,马铃薯丸子;青豆培根意大利饭,菠菜奶酪粗管面;烤蔬菜配乳酪玉米糕 咖喱鱼蛋意面;咖喱猪颈肉配芒果莎莎,油醋汁蔬果沙拉;番茄蘑菇炒鸡肉,烤土豆;匈牙利土豆,柠檬才和三色辣椒炒鸡胸肉;海鲜意大利多味饭,白酒蛤蜊意面;蘑菇奶汁三文鱼,泰式酸辣鱿鱼;


10種食物吃錯部位奪人命八、腰果的有毒部位是似殼結構(生腰果)腰果雖然不是堅果類植物,而是種子,但腰果有一個似殼結構,這個似殼結構是含有毒素的。當你在商店里買“生腰果”的時候,一定要買蒸煮過了的、正荃標籤,台北吃到飽 昶成組合屋 工作桌不能買完全生的。這是因為生腰果含有漆酚,這也是毒藤里能找得到的同種有毒的化學物質,這種物質能使身體產生與接觸毒藤和毒橡樹同樣的反應。攝入大量漆酚可能致命。雖然腰果中毒的案例比較少見,但是給他們去殼的工人,由于親密接觸,有時候會出現過敏性反映,甚至存在著違及性命的隱患。

但不能少了一枚鸡尾酒戒指。 鸡尾酒戒指(cocktail ring)其实并不是珠宝中的“新星”,它的出现还要追溯到上世纪20年代的美国。当时正值一战后那段充满变革的时期,传统价值观在时代的洪流中受到冲击,女权主义兴起,女性走出家庭,开始工作、社交,她们也像男人一样穿上裤装、抽烟喝酒,享受不被束缚的人生。造型别致的鸡尾酒戒指,图片来自Pinterest。 但当时美国正在施行“禁酒令”,想喝上酒可不是那么容易,只有在一些非法的鸡尾酒会上才能喝个痛快。这些时髦而叛逆的女郎们就在参加这类派对时,会戴上一枚造型夸张的戒指,希望

型男大主廚 » Blog Archive » 【中秋節特別企劃】烤肉大餐  iPhone 掉到湖裡六個月,撈起來之後還可以開機?這件事情發生在美國!有一位名為 Ken Hovanes 的美國帥哥在六個月前,不小心將 iPhone 4 掉入深約 1.8 公尺的湖中,但很可惜湖中並沒有出現女神讓他選金 iPhone 還是銀 iPhone,失望的他只能含淚admin: RYO,您好: 感謝您的細心指正, 食譜已作修改。 Friss: 詹姆士「墨西哥芒果牛肉卷」的牛肉如果换成猪肉呢?行吗? … ……


詹姆士烤肉醬|自製烤肉醬 詹姆士介紹|自製烤肉醬資訊|烤肉醬21筆-癮科技書籤 有渠道真好!蘋果正式銷售 iPad Air 的時間為 11 月 01 日,但是在大陸那方竟然已經有人進行開箱了,真不愧是首賣國家,了得了得啊!底下一系列的組圖都來自於 dgtle.com ,大家可以好好端詳端詳全新一代的 iPad Air 到底有那些不一樣的地方…..  圖編輯群作者提供詹姆士烤肉醬最新3C科技、遊戲及APP產品等影音介紹各種詹姆士烤肉醬配方,詹姆士食譜,白醬做 ……

然而,2008 年雷曼兄弟倒闭,欧美金融市场变天, 「他们突然发现,原来欧美的大银行是可以倒闭的,原来承诺的那些credit line (授信额度)也可以消失。」毕明强举了一宗案例,当时有一家美国企业,找到了工行纽约分行,希望该行填补雷曼兄弟倒闭后,整笔银团贷款中缺少的授信额度, 「这就是机会,就这么简单。」除了企业银行业务,为打造具综合性金融服务功能的平台,工行先后于2010 年收购美国富通证券的证券清算部门,以及于2012 年收购东亚银行(023)美国业务的80%股权,并将其改名为工商银行(美国),成为迄今唯一在美国同时拥有企业银行、零售银行及证券清算业务牌照的中资银行。毕明强表示,工行短期内在美国不会有大型规模收购,集中将收购的业务进行整合。

He says Hong Kong authorities detained him and his family for almost two weeks under questionable conditions and forced them on to a private jet to Tripoli via Bangkok in March 2004 where they were tortured and persecuted by former dictator Muammar Gaddafi.


48. 48。Breakfast in Costa Rica – Gallo Pinto is the standard breakfast fare in Costa Rica. 哥斯达黎加早餐- – -红豆饭是哥斯达黎加的基本早餐。It’s made fromblack beans, rice, optional soured cream, salsa anda corn tortilla. 它是由fromblack豆子,大米,可选酸奶油,莎莎安达玉米玉米饼。Costa Ricans will often have a bit ofavocado, fried ripe plantain or cold meat on the side.哥斯达黎加人经常会有一点ofavocado、油炸成熟的车前草或冻肉侧。Gracias谢谢arvindgroverarvindgrover.

Tucker acquired 1,500 shares from January 15 to May 15 at an average of HK$32.47 per share and 4,300 shares from January to December last year at an average of HK$27.53. He bought 453,000 shares from October 2010 to December 2011 at an average of HK$23.04. The stock closed at HK$32.50 on Friday.

China’s major cities remain the primary targets of private banks seeking to tap the investment needs of high-net-worth individuals; but as the nation’s economy continues to grow wealth managers will spread their net to secondary cities as well.

麵家二眷 是兩個闆闆開的店,店裡供應私房四川牛肉麵及冰花圓盤煎餃,喜歡吃麵食的一定要來嚐鮮,濃郁香醇的湯底加上超多牛肉真的很滿足!漂亮的煎餃外皮薄酥香醇,無論是搭配牛肉或海鮮內餡都美味,趁熱享用還會爆汁。座位區是白色課桌椅,充滿獨特文青風,明亮舒適的用餐環境相當舒適,是用餐拍照的好地方。還有闆闆每天一早磨製的豆花是免費供應,吃貨們可以盡情享用,不過數量有限要動作快哦~目前店內人手只有2位,而且因為餐點都是現點現做,要稍微耐心等候一下哦!中午尖峰時段人潮比較多,建議不想久候的吃貨先打電話預訂,或是離峰時段來用餐比較不用等太久。▲黑板上有兩位闆闆對料理的堅持及介紹。 ▲來了就先點 NT$160 (滿滿都是肉 / 限量5碗),牛肉麵使用數十斤牛骨細火慢熬8小時,再搭配牛腱中最高級的花腱,加上花椒、肉桂、八角等數十種藥材製成的湯底,滋味特別濃郁香醇,還有寬厚的皮帶麵吸附湯汁,每一口都Q彈涮嘴。 ▲帶筋牛肉十分有嚼勁,必須滷製至少2小時入味,味道相當濃醇!肉質扎實但還蠻容易咀嚼的,Q韌口感讓人一吃就停不下來。▲限量的這碗滿滿都是肉,完全滿足肉食族的味蕾!▲麵條有拉麵和皮帶麵兩種選擇,虎麗是點皮帶麵,每一口都Q彈有勁,而且更易包覆湯汁精華,吃起來入味甘醇,很有飽足感。▲吃牛肉麵可以加老闆自己料理的辣蘿蔔乾,滋味香辣醇厚,愈吃愈涮嘴。▲冰花圓盤煎餃是以麵粉及水製作麵皮,並且採用手工包製餃子,煎熟之後吃起來有點外酥內軟,滋味非常有層次。▲鮮蝦高山味 NT$95 (一份12顆),鮮蝦加上高山高麗菜,入口瞬間爆汁,鮮香甜的滋味十分順口,可以蘸點特製辣椒醬油品嚐更夠味!▲煎餃皮酥酥的帶點脆感,薄酥過癮。▲爆漿牛肉好滋味 NT$95 (一份12顆),這也是肉控會愛的餃子!不過吃的時候要小心,一口咬下會爆肉汁,滋味香醇不膩。▲內餡的牛肉香氣非常濃郁,還咬得到蔥花的微脆口感。▲豆花是每日早晨親手製作,雖然是免費供應吃到飽,但是數量還是有限,加上闆闆熬煮的糖水特別清香甘醇,虎麗忍不住盛了第二碗(掩面)。 ▲菜單MENU。▲沒有壓力的用餐空間充滿文青風的課桌椅。▲店家外觀。喜歡吃濃醇的牛肉麵一定要來試試麵家二眷,腦闆獨家特製的美味很有層次,牛肉扎實飽滿又好咀嚼,搭配甘醇湯底很涮嘴!還有漂亮的冰花圓盤煎餃也是好吃又好拍~推薦給想吃牛肉麵和冰花煎餃的你們^^ 麵家二眷 地址 高雄市鼓山區大順一路923號營業時間 週一至週日 11:30-00:00(售完為止) / 週四公休電話 0927-074137內用低消為每人需點一份餐點,即享豆花吃到飽(小朋友除外)麵家二眷FB粉絲團 (本篇為合作採訪) 高雄51間早午餐!私心推薦中式.西式.日式.平價餐廳懶人包(分區整理)高雄吃到飽(懶人包)自助餐,火鍋,燒烤餐廳推薦! 

Perfect location makes it all worthwhile A company about to open its first office in Asia enters the unknown. Language, customs and laws might be different, and renting and fiiing up the office while worrying about the IT service provider, smooth internet connection, phone lines, manning the reception, cleaning and other aspects of office life in a foreign land are neither cheap, nor simple. When international financial and professional services company Schindlers decided to open an office in Hong Kong, director Kim Taylor first came for a short visit. “I soon realised that a serviced office was a great way to start,” she says. “All utilities were set up, we just had to-bring the computer, plug it in and start working, immediately generating income.” – The company, which has offices in London, Lichtenstein and Mauritius, made this foray because its clients wished to trade in Asian markets. Taylor visited Compass offices as it had been recommended to her by colleagues, before returning to London. Compass later contacted her about opening a new office floor in Aon China Building in Central. “We looked at the location [on the. map]. We didn’t visit the office before we booked but the location looked perfect,” she says, explaining that its clients.are frequent travellers and they make a point of visiting the office when they pass through Hong Kong. Being located close to the Airport Express terminal in Central makes it convenient for them to pop in. Schindlers booked a three-person office, which is sufficiently spacious for the two people occupying it, and it can also accommodate a file cabinet and a printer. “They allowed us to reserve the office, although we only’moved in two months later,” Taylor says. “They didn’t chase us at all to see when we were coming.” She hopes to hire another person in about three months and if she needs one more person later, she will move into a bigger office. “There is no penalty, they allow an upgrade any time within Compass offices,” she says. She is happy with the pantry, free supply of tea and coffee-any time, and the. fridge and microwave, that allow eniployees to bring their own lunch. She also relies on Compass for the reception and bigger printing jobs, scanning, secretarial service and meeting room hire as and when her clients visit. “It is perfect for us right now,” she says. “When my clients come, they are really impressed and like the idea of a serviced office.”

Hong Kong businesses will soon get an opportunity to voice their final opinions on a proposed corporate rescue bill that aims to give troubled companies more time to find white knights prepared to come to their rescue.

1.治疗脑梗:干橘子皮枕头天天睡治疗脑肿瘤和脑梗有奇效我 奶奶是白族,少数民族。她退休前是老师,退休后中风好几次,后来又出现脑袋里长肿瘤,脑梗等症状。大医院治疗说得开刀,家里人想这么大岁数了,别等到上了 手术台下不来哦风险太大,就没开。有一天,奶奶就打电话回安徽老家,跟白族的那些老娘家人说说话,也告诉了电话那头的几位老太太们自己的病情,结果,人家 那边一听根本不当回事,说有什么呀,你弄7.8斤晒干的桔子皮作枕头,天天枕着它就行了。

10. 10。Breakfast in Portugal – a delicious and simple affair withstuffedcroissants and plenty of coffee served in the sun.葡萄牙早餐- – -一个美味又简单的事withstuffedcroissants和很多在阳光下的可口咖啡。ObrigadaObrigadaretinafunkretinafunk.

The State Council raised the subject of a deposit insurance system to ensure depositors’ interests were protected for the first time in 1993. Big banks gave the proposal the cold-shoulder then, saying it was unnecessary because they were backed by the government.

彩虹鸡尾酒 图片来源自theflavorbender.com 乍一看以为这样的鸡尾酒是用色素制作出来的,其实不是,相反很天然哦!话不多说,这就来动手制作下:彩虹鸡尾酒 图片来源自theflavorbender.com 首先,用热水浸泡下蓝茶。可能很多人都不知道蓝茶,那么在这里就为你稍微科普下。蓝查就是胶股蓝茶,别名又叫观音草,具有清热解毒,消肿散血的功效。将蓝茶泡好,倒入到冰格内,放入冰箱冰冻6小时候取出。彩虹鸡尾酒 图片来源自theflavorbender.com 将蓝色冰块放入搅拌机内打碎,一定要搅拌均匀。打碎后倒入

He and his long-time diving friend Patrick Chan, a retired chief inspector who is now a minority shareholder and operator of the fish farm project, saw for themselves how Hong Kong’s waters have deteriorated over the past decades. In the 1970s, Kwok says, the water quality at Shek O was like that of the Maldives.

In countries like China, the rural poor increased their income by finding jobs in factories. That is rarely an option in the Philippines, and few poor people from the countryside are qualified to work in a call centre.

All said, NW Hotel would be a tough sell in a strong market. But with the United States Federal Reserve last week signalling the end of quantitative easing, walloping share and bond markets alike, this public offering has many factors working against it.

“Higher rates of economic growth over recent years have not made a serious dent in the employment problem in the Philippines,” the Asian Development Bank said in its recent Asian Development Outlook report.

所有油炸玉米饭团的基础都是来自于 Tacos。饭团里面可以放任何东西,很多本土的墨西哥人还会加入各种猪、牛、羊的杂碎。mariscos(海鲜)的玉米饼和沛(鱼)也可以在墨西哥市的大街上发现。此外还有豆类、奶酪、大米、nopales(仙人掌芯)和烤葱。沙拉酱是必不可少的;每一个销售点都会有红色和绿色沙拉。一个真正好销售点还会有莎莎鳄梨(烤辣椒、碎洋葱和 habañeros 的混合物)、炸薯条、和一大碗墨西哥酸橙。

心臟病患者。健康人要提高心臟功能,宜采用較大的運動量。運動時,脈搏至少達到135次/分鐘,并持續15分鐘才有效。如果已患心臟病則要謹慎,應根據 心功受損程度來選擇運動形式及運動量。一般來說,一二級心功能不全的輕癥心臟病患者可從事散步、慢跑、打太極拳等運動,運動時脈搏限定在每分鐘 104~120次左右;三四級心功能不全或心絞痛發作頻繁的病人不宜進行體育活動,應以休息為主,也可適當做些氣功等輕微活動,原則上以不增加心跳次數為度。


传说中的墨西哥美食来自:走哪吃哪 主题站 作者:小聪明 2013-12-04 10:22:03 我的一对朋友,勇敢的辞职去旅行,原来他许给她的就是每一个新年都在不同的地方,这一次他们飘洋过海一起去体验新的生活。来到墨西哥以后,我想说老墨你们不冷吧?仅仅只有四天,已经下了一顿韩国馆子,买了几袋辛拉面,钱老板忍不住让我来吐槽一下墨西哥美食,以便缓解一下情绪好陪他继续南下。墨西哥国酒–龙舌兰酒,点酒不查护照。


It says something about the sophistication of Hong Kong investors that people will correctly predict a nuanced and complicated event in public markets, and prepare for this with a subtle change in investing strategy – a move out of bonds and into balanced funds.

Will Hong Kong still get enough initial public offerings (IPOs) this year to take it to the top of the pile in the listing ratings? It’s a billion dollar question and something that will only be answered towards the end of the third quarter.

究其原因,他相信,与美国作为美元生产地有关。「美元是全世界最主要的结算货币,70%以上商品结算都是美元计价的,所以在美国,美国人不认为除了美元,还需要其他货币。」毕明强续指出,不单是人民币,其他国际货币在美国的市场也不大。「你去银行柜台上,如果你要存加元或欧罗,可能有些根本就没有外币账户,你存了以后银行自动给你转成美元了。不像在香港,开立一个加元账户,他(银行)给你开着,你可以有这个账户,这边没有,这就是特殊性。」根据毕明强和他的团队与客户的接触,到目前为止,绝大多数从事贸易或进行投资的企业仍较愿意使用美元,而对于人民币作为结算货币, 「他们有兴趣,但仅仅是有兴趣,真的去做的也不多。」他认为,这种情况在短中期内不会有太大的变化,除非人民币资本项下有更多元化的投资渠道,予持有人民币的投资者,否则在纽约这个高效的资本市场,本身已有非常多的投资渠道,人民币市场发展则未必太快。


She will be showcasing three sculptures by Man Fung-yi. King said the works are based on the cheongsams worn by the artist’s mother and her niece as well as a pair of her own shoes, and reflected three generations of women in her family.


“What’s infuriating here is Prime Minister [Vladimir] Putin of Russia aiding and abetting Snowden’s escape,” Schumer said. “Putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the United States.

在低息环境下,外资涌入新兴国,它们的央行印钞购买美元,导致银行「水浸」,信贷增长加快,同时亦吸引投机资金涌入,令新兴国开始陷入泡沫(见图二)。至于美国的金融业也在1990 至1993 年期间也进入「槓桿化」,借贷情况愈趋冒进,例如借美元或德国马克,买意大利及希腊债,或借钱买入高息的企业「垃圾债」。另外,部分企业眼见经济情况好转,信贷畅旺,也开始减少持有现金,甚至沽售美债套现,并借钱以扩张业务,信贷泡沫开始膨胀。

我用的是這種正宗的玉米粉﹐ 不是一般的玉米粉﹐ 叫做 Masa Harina,  用來做傳統的 tortillas, tamales, 以及其他的墨西哥食物。我買的這種是是非轉基因玉米(也有轉基因玉米的)﹐ 經過石灰水浸泡處理﹐ 以軟化外殼﹐ 石灰並進一步與葉酸反應使其容易消化吸收。處理過的玉米直接以清水洗過濕磨成粉﹐ 便是新鮮的Masa﹐ 如果再更進一步將其乾燥﹐ 便叫做 Masa Harina。

The firm, China’s second-largest telecoms equipment provider, aims to “double shipments of 4G products every year,” Lv said, and by 2015, 40-50 percent of all terminal shipments will be LTE-enabled.

  是強盜!他還不做一般的強盜,而是獨行大盜,到處為非作惡,屢屢得手,官府怎么也抓不到他。為什么呢?不僅因為他身手敏捷,能夠以一擋十,更主要的是他一聽到風聲不對,就“遁入山林,數月不出,不畏寒暑,累日不饑”,美學院精通雙眼皮手術,美的假髮配戴 徐永康玻尿酸,雷射溶脂 美學院自體脂肪也就是躲入深山老林之內,幾個月也不出來,衣衫單薄也不怕,幾日不吃也不餓。結果,一直到他九十歲時,都還逍遙法外,并且見過他的人說他精神矍鑠,面色豐潤,不現老狀,使湖南岳陽一帶的居民多年來深受其害。這官府的官兒都換了若干任了,可黑名單頭一名始終還是他老人家。

月头听过英国钢琴家侯夫(Stephen Hough)及意大利大提琴家Mario Brunello的协奏曲演出。侯夫和港乐合作李斯特的两首钢琴协奏曲,笔者听了尾场(6 月8 日)。节目编排特别,先奏布烈顿《交响安魂曲》,之后是李斯特,先弹第二,中场休息后弹第一,最后以海顿《第九十交响曲》作结。不肯定四曲有何关联,可以是从黑暗至光明,亦可以说头三首都是无乐章停顿,一奏到尾,一定不会拍错手,海顿则埋下陷阱,无人拍错才不对劲。

北 路 樓 料 蘿 糖 卵 酪 蘭 兩 狀 兩 狀 葉 利 利 蘭 不 狀 不 狀 不 利 糖 量 例 利 利 蘭 狀 酪 異 類 若 六 行 行 異 利 利 參 狀 量 量 28 26 量 100 44 96 4.5 9.8 0 0.2 0 3.8 0 0.2 6.2 14 A D 3 E B 1 B 2 B 6 葉 B 12 54 119 255 560 188 414 13 28 216 476

MX PARTY MENU Roast & Hot Dish 06 01 Fish fillet, ham & mixed fruit in sweet & sour sauce 24pcs $238 $214.2 12pcs $168 $151.2 02 Barbecued baby rib 3lbs $198 $178.2 $148 $133.2 03 () Roast meat platter

Finally, because of the serious air pollution in some regions, greater car restrictions will likely be implemented in some second-tier or third-tier cities in the future, potentially hurting car sales in these growth markets.

四 川 第 一 楼 Soup (For Two) 紫 菜 蛋 花 汤 Seaweed w. Egg Drop Soup $ 4.95 青 菜 豆 腐 汤 Bean Curd Vegetable Soup $ 4.95 酸 菜 肚 片 汤 / 鸡 片 Pork Stomach w. Sour Cabbage Soup $ 5.95 榨 菜 肉 丝 汤 Shredded Pork w. Pickled

Compared to the previous trial for the MINI E, in which participants were allowed to use the car for free, the BMW ActiveE Project could paint a better picture of the real potential for electric models to gain market acceptance, according to the company.

前菜 冷盘 上等的海蜇 搭配胡萝卜 黄瓜 黑木耳和芝麻 rp 60.000 / rp 100.000 姜丝皮蛋 越南春卷, 搭配鲜味十足的海蜇 花生 再佐以秘制的甜辣酱 rp 60.000 / rp 100.000 青木瓜鲜虾色拉 大量的青木瓜丝和鲜虾配上胡萝卜 豇豆 香菜 并佐以秘制的辣酱 rp 60.000 / rp 100.000 热菜 炸春卷,可选时蔬或鸡肉 rp 70.000 / rp 110.000

迷 迭 香 Rosemary : 促 進 血 液 循 環 減 輕 腰 部 肌 肉 關 節 疼 痛 增 強 中 樞 神 經 系 統 增 強 記 憶 力 綠 薄 荷 Mint : 清 新 空 氣 提 神 殺 菌 香 蜂 草 Balm : 益 壽 治 頭 痛 健 胃 助 消 化 提 神 放 鬆 心 情 抗 憂 鬱 甜 蜜 薰 衣 草 Laverder : 鎮 靜 止 痛 沐 浴 可 為 鬆 弛 劑, 可

Four Hong Kong galleries – Alisan Fine Arts, Kwai Fung Hin, Andy Hei and 3812 Contemporary Art Projects – will be featured, showcasing work by Hong Kong and mainland artists as well as Chinese antiques.


單 點 小 品 A la arte 分 享 簡 單 的 幸 福 時 刻 酥 炸 鱈 柳 條 Fried rispy odfish Sticks 黃 金 脆 薯 條 Golden Potato Fries 檸 檬 雞 柳 條 Lemon hicken Strips 螺 旋 酥 皮 濃 湯 ream Soup with Puffy Pastry 今 日 甜 點 Today’s Dessert 焦 糖 烤

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In an interview with the South China Morning Post in London, the fair’s chief executive Nazy Vassegh said: “It’s a very important initiative and we hope to encourage Asian collectors to come to Masterpiece.”

07/1/15 Fees: $85 08/1/15 特 价 :$38 彬 师 傅 ( 欲 报 从 速, 名 额 剩 不 多 ) 10/1/15 Sat/ 星 期 六 /7pm Fee:$50 特 价 :$18 14/1/15 Fees: $148 新 年 菜 肴 1. 蚝 汁 绍 菜 海 味 煲 ( 包 括 猪 蹄 筋, 花 菇, 螺 鲍 片, 发 菜 等 ) 2. 炸 黄 金 虾 卷 3. 特 制

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Li promised further opening-up in services and industries related to new energy, emphasizing the government will ensure foreign businesses get fair access to the market and a level playing field in terms competition.

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Buy-back activity by companies themselves surged for the second straight week, with 16 companies executing 88 share repurchases worth HK$349 million. Property firms Soho China and Hopewell bought back the most, with purchases of HK$108 million and HK$56 million, respectively.

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Since cross-border trading of the yuan started in 2010, the proportion of China’s trade settled in the currency has surged sixfold to 12 percent, according to DBS Group Holdings Ltd. The yuan’s share of international payments rose to 0.74 percent in March from 0.25 percent in January 2011, Nathan Chow, a DBS economist in Hong Kong, wrote in an opinion article in Singapore’s Sunday Times newspaper on Sunday.

. BOUCHON NT.500 NT.500 minimum consumption per person. All prices are subject to 10% service charge. bouchon bouchon 16 bouchon NT.500 NT.500 minimum consumption per person. All prices are subject to

伏特加調法 螺絲起子(SCREWDRIVER) 奇奇(CHI-CHI) 莎莎亞椰奶 鳳梨罐頭 海風(SEA BREEZE) 葡萄柚汁 蔓越莓汁 血腥瑪莉(BLOODY MARY) 塔巴斯哥辣醬 西洋芹 VODKA LIME 鹹狗(SALTY DOG) 鹽口杯 柯夢波丹(COSMOPOLITAN) 神風特攻隊(KAMIKAZE) 莫斯科騾子(MOSCOW MULE) 伏特加推薦 伏特加雞尾酒 鬥牛犬(BULLDOG)

For specialty chain hospitals, operations that can be easily replicated are the cornerstone. Strong brand reputations and the ability to develop the talent pool are needed to fuel expansion. Players must develop relevant strengths according to the unique characteristics of each specialty segment, said the report.


就在这个时候,喵神果断认为,还是找“台湾自由行”吧。还好海子比较细心,在之前垦丁预定山线行程的时候,有留他们垦丁站负责人的电话,一个电话过去,那边就给了我们花莲站的位置。接下来就是Goole的事了,但是要和小分队一样去找台湾自由行的花莲站的朋友,接下来要留心了! 台湾自由行花莲站的位置就在花莲火车站的背后不远的地方,但是要注意,因为火车站缘故,所以并不能直接穿行过去,必须要绕很大一个圈。可以很负责任地劝大家,还是别去绕这个圈,那叫一个远得心碎啊,小分队差点就准备打车过去了。但是偶然问了一个路人,拯救了我们。他告诉我们,要到火车站背后去,最近的路线的就是购买站台票,然后穿过火车站的地下通道过去。

New Century Group, the mainland’s largest domestic private hotel owner in terms of hotel rooms, has 107 star-rated hotels in operation or under development with about 31,542 rooms. After the completion of the listing, New Century will hold 18 per cent of the reit, and Carlyle 12 per cent.

He says Hong Kong authorities detained him and his family for almost two weeks under questionable conditions and forced them on to a private jet to Tripoli via Bangkok in March 2004 where they were tortured and persecuted by former dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

“fresh homemade salsa recipe -homemade hot chunky salsa recipe”

Oh this looks delicious Mel! Your recipe is so, so similar to mine! We go through it like it’s water. I made sure I canned plenty last summer to get us through the winter. I have tomatoes coming out of my ears again this year. Looks like I need to get busy! I kind of cheat though and don’t put mine in a steam bath. I just let my salsa come to a boil and keep my jars in a warm oven and the lids in simmering water. I pour the boiling salsa into the warm bottles, then put the lid on and screw the ring on and tip the bottles upside down and let them sit overnight. The lids seal every time. Don’t call the canning police on me !

Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you and you’re hooked. And now you have something to tide you over in between your twice annual Mexican restaurant that’s 4 states away!

Yesterday I told myself I was going to make some salsa to can, but I didn’t have a good recipe for it. Then I checked your post and you delivered once again! Thanks for your psychic skills. 🙂 I can’t wait to try this.

Fill pint jars with salsa leaving a 1/2-inch headspace, attach lids and place in canner. Bring to a boil and process pint jars for 20 minutes. Remove from canner, cool completely, check seals, label and store in a dark, cool pantry for a year to a year and a half.

This recipe has become one of my go-to snacks because a) it takes less than 10 minutes to make, b) it’s really delicious and c) it’s incredibly versatile. Like I mentioned in the video, there are 2 ways you can prepare mild salsa. You can either chop everything using a knife or process the ingredients in a food processor for a more liquidy (is that a word?) result.

Place the tomatoes, onions and garlic on a baking sheet and roast for 15 minutes or just until the onions and tomatoes start to get a little char on them. Remove the baking sheet from the oven and let the tomatoes cool for about 5 minutes.

Salsa Roja (roasted red salsa): And people, this salsa. PEOPLE. With a lifetime of tasting, sampling, and gorging research on salsa, I have never in my life had salsa this good. Recipe found at One Particular Kitchen.

So I made the salsa the other night. Everyone loves it. I added a extra haberno and one extra tomato paste. Squeezed out 6 pints. First time making salsa and your recipe nailed exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again

I picked this recipe solely on the method for skinning tomatoes. Then I noticed that it sounded like a good recipe! What kind of adjustments are safe to make for canning and personal taste? Can I up the cumin and jalapeños? What about using bottled lime instead of vinegar?

Who else loves chips and salsa?  I figured as much… it’s such a classic snack!  I love salsa when it’s fresh and smooth, with small pieces of tomato, onion, jalapeno, with cilantro and lime juice.  Bright and fresh with a kick, as the best salsa’s are!

My mom and I love your salsa! We would like to jar it because our garden has produced some much this year and we’d like to be able to enjoy it year around! If we do jar it, do we need to add vinegar or some type of preservative? We noticed that when we made it, it lost it’s power after about a week. Have you ever jarred it before?

Can’t wait to try this! On another note, do you know how I can get your recipes to print without the ad in the middle? The ad used to show up but wouldn’t print. Now it’s printing and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve tried going to “ad options” but I believe that just changes the types of ads I see, not taking the ads away. It’s just annoying that a lot of the recipes are printing in 2 pages now because of it. Any direction you can give would be great. Thanks!

Wow!! This recipe is pure perfection!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe, so glad I ran across this. Everything is so balanced flavor wise. To me, this is better than a restaurant salsa!! My go-to recipe for sure!!

Awesome salsa recipe! I will be using this year after year to preserve the tomatoes from my garden. This time I made a double batch, but I will probably quadruple it next time as it is a lot of prep work. Thanks for this great addition to my recipe book!

This recipe uses specific amounts of ingredients, balancing the non-acidic ingredients with the amount of added acid needed to make the recipe safe. Do not increase the amount of green chiles beyond 1 1/2 cups, or decrease the amount of tomatoes less than 7 cups.

Just finished making this great salsa I love it my husband thinks I need to add more peppers. I did add some of my carrots from the garden. I had a bumper crop of Heirloom tomatoes and added lots of yellow, green, red and orange bell peppers for color. Thanks so much for the great recipe.

I made this recipe today. The salsas are still in the hot water canner at this moment. Somehow, I came out with 20 pints from your recipe once I started ladling it all out. Not half pints, pints. I used 20 pounds of tomatoes. No I did not make a mistake weighing them. I did forego peeling them, but I cannot imagine how that would have doubled the recipe. Do you think it could have been the reason? I strained probably half of them. The rest I just poured the excess juice off my cutting board before adding the tomatoes to the pot. I sure hope it turns out okay…I figured since the bulk of the excess was undoubtedly tomatoes it would still be acidic enough. I hope it doesn’t taste like chopped tomatoes instead of salsa!

To finish the tomato prep, dice the tomatoes into small chunks and place in colander to drain off excess juice. We prefer to scrape out most of the seeds and squeeze out excess juice for a thicker salsa. If desired, juice can be strained and consumed, or canned separately for later use.

Remove lids, one super spicy salsa recipe a time, from the simmering water, quickly dry off, and place on top of filled jar. Then, screw on the band (hold the lid in place with one finger in the center, and use the other hand to screw on the band).

Niki, sorry for my delayed reply. I’ve been on vacation and away from connectivity. The cilantro is strictly for flavor so leave it out if you don’t like it. As for the celery, a little should be fine. Too much will change the Ph, which could mean unsafe storage. Just add a little extra lime or lemon juice to compensate.

Hi Carl. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The skins won’t really hurt anything other than the texture. Skimming them off the top sounds like a good idea, but I wouldn’t worry too much if you don’t get them all. Glad you’re trying the recipe.

As far as the salsa goes, you do not need to add the honey if you want to leave that out. The sweetness helps to cut the acidity of the tomatoes a little bit, but it’s not necessary (especially if you’re using sweet tomatoes)! 🙂

going to make my first batch tonight of this. My kids eat salsa and chips like its the best in the world. From all the reviews I saw, sounds like a winner. I wanted to spice the heat up, but wife said no! maybe will do my own batch since i like fire. will let you know how it turns out.

If hand-chopping tomatoes, you can drain any water that accumulates while cutting them, which helps make a thicker salsa. However, this doesn’t work with the quicker processing method, so the resulting salsa is a bit thinner, but the savings in time totally makes up for it, in my opinion.