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I adapted this recipe from one in a cookbook I received a long time ago, and now, I can’t imagine a get-together at my house without this quick and healthy appetizer. —Becky Oliver, Fairplay, Colorado

We lived in West Texas for 18 years and now live in NE Pennsylvania. Didn’t have to worry about Salsa in Texas as there was a Mexican restaurant on almost every corner. Not so in PA. I have been making my Salsa (Mexican Chili) from a good Mexican friend of ours now for 12 years with some adjustments, 1 large can of Furmano’s whole tomatoes, jalapenos, cumin, coriander, salt fresh cilantro (when we can get it), minced garlic, diced yellow onions, lemon and lime juice, and some other spices. Will have to say it is VERY good.Have had many people Rave about it who are transplants like myself from Texas and California.

My mom and I love your salsa! We would like to jar it because our garden has produced some much this year and we’d like to be able to enjoy it year around! If we do jar it, do we need to add vinegar or some type of preservative? We noticed that when we made it, it lost it’s power after about a week. Have you ever jarred it before?

Hey Terry – just keep in mind that it isn’t recommend from a food safety standpoint to keep the jars at room temperature (on a shelf) without properly processing in a water bath, steam bath or pressure canner. Simply letting them seal from the heat of the salsa doesn’t preserve them properly. You can google some of the reputable canning guides for more information but I want to make sure I give that disclaimer so no one gets sick and comes back to blame me. 🙂

Haha, always worth the question! I just don’t know about pH levels and food safety of using canned so you might try googling to see if any of the main canning experts (Ball, NCFHP, etc) have anything to say about it.

2 Dice or pulse a few times in food processor: Place all of the ingredients in a food processor. Pulse only a few times, just enough to finely dice the ingredients, not enough to purée. If you don’t have a food processor, you can finely dice by hand.

Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender, with the tomatoes, chilies, and onion on the bottom (closest to the blade). Pulse a couple of times to chop up the larger chunks, and then puree until salsa reaches desired texture. Taste the salsa and season with additional salt or honey, as desired.

Most of the time it’s great, because I never get sick of any one particular recipe, but it kinda stinks, too, because there are a lot of recipes that I haven’t made in FOREVER (like this Easy Beef Lo Mein that Trevor requests at least once a month 😉 )

When we were invited to a picnic with friends last weekend, I was tasked with bringing a side dish. On my weekly shopping trip to Kroger, I grabbed the ingredients for this homemade salsa, as well https://great-salsa.com/category/fruit/ a couple of bags of the Mission Organics Tortilla Chips. Only the finest for my friends and family!

Hey Beth – sorry about that. The notes somehow went missing. I’ll add them again, but here’s a great article about canning salt. Basically, you can sub in kosher salt or even table salt (although use a bit less since the granules of table salt are finer)…it’s best to try to use a kosher salt without any additives (canning or pickling salt is pure salt without any anti-caking agents) if possible.

I just tried this recipe for the first time and it is delicious! My husband and I love spicy so I added 4 habaneros to the batch (seeded of course). It has a great kick but not too much. I also added a bit more cilantro because we love that flavor as well. It turned out great. I will vary the amounts as I continue to use this recipe. Thank you for sharing!

Once you have The Best and Easiest Salsa you’ll never have to buy store bought bottled salsa again! This easy to make salsa offers just the right amount of heat. Aaron’s edit: Only 2 cans of Rotel (drain half of juice) No jalapeño =mild salsa

I’m so excited to try this recipe out. The reviews are fantastic! It’s my first year canning and I was wondering if I can use quart size bottles? We go through salsa like crazy around here. Will I need to adjust the processing time at all? Thank you so much. I know anything you blog about will be amazing and turns out every time! 

1 tablespoon sugar (optional – you use Stevia (in a prepared form like Truvia, it measures same as sugar; if you use another form, you’ll need do your own conversion) – or Splenda, if you prefer, if you are on a sugar-restricted diet, or simply omit the sugar)


港交所为了令商品市塌发扬光 大,分三阶段开展服务。首先扩大LME现有产品及交易量,其次是建 立结算平台基础建设,以及在现有金属产品基础上再发展其他多元产品。若获监管机构批准,港交所将于7月8日推出中华交易服务中国120指数(中华120)期货。中华 120由港支所、上交所及深交所的合 资公司中华交易服务编制,用以追踪在内地及香港上市而市值及流通量最高的中资企业股份表现。该合的乘数每一指数时50元,最低价格波幅05个指数时(或25元)。中华120期货可于上午9时15分至中午12时,以及下午1时至下午4时15分交易,持仓限额及大额未平仓 合的则有待确定。华l s其LJtf1″已丸’J:lf-A喜交所行政总裁李小加表示,中 华120期货将是首只追踪内地及香港市场跨境指数的期货产品,它追虽的资产品盖A股、H股、红当股及其他在香港上市的内地企业股份。该产品三角持有与内地相关股票咀合的机构及投资者(包括ETF庄家)提供种有效的风隙管理工具,用以对J中内地相关交易所买卖基金的持仓。港交所发展股本衍生产品策略是在现有业务上,开拓包括香港与内地相关谊券的股本衍生产品组合,而推出中华120期货正是这一策略的一个重要里程碑。此外,港交所日前巳推出3只A股交易所买卖基金的股票期货, 71’别是CSOP富时中团A50 ETF、IShares安硕富时A50中国指数ETF及华夏是深300 指数ETF的股票辟货。新合的可有投资者提供更多内地相关股本衍生产品的选择,并可与港交所以该三只A股交易所员卖基金对基础的股票期权以至该等交易所买卖基金相辅相成。另方面,集电子商务、网络零售、第三方支付及物流平台于一身的阿里巴巴集团,市传拟放弃美团转而在香港上市,时间抖在今年第四季,阿里巴巴首次公开募股(IPO)估值金额将超过700传美元。 该集团一旦在香港上市,无疑是ili几年规模最大的IPO’将对准交所重回全球集资额第一的宝座,发挥樽关键的作用。

China is the fourth-largest market for the company, accounting for 7 percent of the total external sales of the group. From 2002 to 2011, the average growth in annual sales of Sandvik China was more than 25 percent, with the total sales amounting to 7 billion yuan ($1.12 billion) in 2011.

If the investor is not overwhelmed at this point, then she can drill down to particular asset classes and honestly answer the most important question: can I add value by investing direct or should I seek out trusted fund managers? To boil down the point, the question should be: can I outperform my targeted benchmark?

The system, which will provide a safety net for customer savings held by banks, is expected to be established as early as this year, to keep pace with the accelerated financial reforms sought by the newly installed leaders of the world’s second-largest economy.

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In 2009, Liuzhou-based Shanghai-GM-Wuling became China’s first automaker to have an annual production of 1 million vehicles and is now still the champion in the industry with deliveries of 1.46 million units in 2012.

As a major initiative to promote good corporate governance and director professionalism among Hong Kong’s companies, The Hong “Kong Institute of Directors (HKloD) has, since 2001, organized an annual Directors of The Year Awards, a prestigious accolade that has become an annual project of impact in the community. Now open for nominations- until July 31, Directors Of The Year Awards 2013 has chosen the theme ‘Promoting ESG Policies – Adding Corporate Value by the Board’ to highlight the contributions boards can make to the company in making policies on ESG issues, i.e. Environmental, Social and Governance issues. At the Awards Launch Ceremony held early this Dr. Kelvin Wong, Chainnan ofHKIoD, pointed out that the Institute had submitted its positive response to the consultation paper issued by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) on ESG Reporting Guidelines. “In this context, HKIoD sees the need for raising awareness and boosting the capability of companies in ESG reporting,” he said, Dr. Wong believes board dir~ctors playa leading role in promoting and implementing ESG policies. In analyzing the associated risks and opportunities, they generate. long-term values for the company. Mr. Liu’Tingan, Chairman of the Awards Organizing Committee, emphasized the need for good judg!nent skills on the part of board members in forimilating ESG policies and evaluation mechanism. These policies, he said, must complement business strategies. “Society today is paying increased attention to the intangible qualities of a corporation, but conventional financial reporting falls short of capturing their value,” he added. The Awards project has continued to enjoy strong support “from prominent companies and groups. As Lead Sponsor of the Awards project, Mr. Wang Bin, ChaIrman of China Taiping Insurance Group Company, pointed out that his company had always strived to be socially responsible and to serve as a role model for the industry with prudent corporate governance. Dr Carlye Tsui, CEO ofHKIoD advised against the uncritical adoption of standardized scoring formulae when formulating ESG policies. “In order to come up with credible policies and effective evaluation mechanism,” she said. “The Board of a .company should first consider the characteristics of its industry, its business nature, and the geographic cov~rage of its business. The panel of judges comprises business leaders, professionals and regulators. Selection criteria of the Awards include such factors as effectiveness of strategic policies, contribution to bo”ard effectiveness, risk and succession management, continuing development for directors, business ethics and other outstanding achievements. . The Awards recognize excellence in categories by company type, including listed companies, private companies and statutory/non-profit-distributing organizations, and categories by roles, including Executive Directors, Non-executive Directors and Boards.

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The maximum value of the arrangement is 200 billion yuan ($33 billion), according to a statement published by the UK central bank on its website in London. The People’s Bank of China put the sterling value at 20 billion pounds ($31 billion) in a statement on its website.

Classic Rose 韓國熱賣維他命ACE保濕營養爽膚水感三色精華 原產地 : 韓國 容量 : 150ml 主要成分 辛夷花提取物, 天然保濕油(摩洛哥堅果油,椰子油,鱷梨油,橄欖油,檸檬油) 【產品說明】 形成天然保濕膜調節水油平衡,護理乾性肌膚或粗糙肌膚. 油中含有3種顆粒,提升乾燥肌膚的營養保濕. 天然保濕因子滲透肌膚真皮,防止肌膚緊繃. 精華液油~用後能感受到的乾爽柔嫩潔凈, 手中也無粘膩感 含有最適天然保濕成分和油成分的黃金比例 100% 原液成分,有可能誘發刺激. 含有適量天然保濕成分. … Classic Rose 韓國熱賣維他命ACE保濕營養爽膚水感三色精華

A combination of weak global trade and poor equity markets in Hong Kong and the mainland has encouraged firms to put their IPO plans on hold. According to investment bankers and corporate analysts, mainland and Asian firms are not expected to make any decisions on whether to opt for IPOs until well into the second half of this year.

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Man, an associate at Ho, Tse, Wai & Partners for the past eight years, is part of the legal team planning to sue the Hong Kong government over its role in the rendition of a Libyan dissident and his family to Tripoli.


Second, implicit public guarantees of financial institutions need to be explicitly withdrawn at an early stage. Such blanket backing should be replaced with deposit insurance. It could be complemented by continuously reforming and commercializing the State-owned banks. Ensuring that banks face hard budget constraints is an important prerequisite for a more commercially oriented banking system that adequately prices risk and efficiently allocates credit. This would also help prevent banks from taking undue risks as interest rates are liberalized, restrictions on bank activities eased and new markets opened.

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“As the offshore market broadens and deepens simultaneously, the yuan will move up the ranks rapidly as a global payments currency,” Chow wrote. “Ongoing interest-rate liberalization and other financial reforms will help Beijing realize its ultimate goal of making the yuan a reserve currency.”

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“Hong Kong has lagged behind other markets in terms of not having a law on corporate rescue. We are keen to push ahead with the reform to help companies that want more time to restructure before applying for liquidation,” Wong said.

According to data available for last year, HK$88 billion was raised from IPOs in Hong Kong, much lower than the HK$260 billion raised in 2011. This was because of a lack of huge offerings, that were so common in previous years.

The State Council raised the subject of a deposit insurance system to ensure depositors’ interests were protected for the first time in 1993. Big banks gave the proposal the cold-shoulder then, saying it was unnecessary because they were backed by the government.

Many also excluded themselves from the community. Almost two-thirds said they avoided contacting friends and relatives due to their debt problems. Six in 10 said money woes had discouraged them from participating in the community and voting in elections.

As a member of the business delegation accompanying French President Francois Holland, who paid his first ever official visit to China in late April, the 85-year-old witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement on biological sample extraction with Shanghai municipal government, announcing the French company would expand its research and development capability, as well as its manufacturing facility, in the city by the end of this year.

42款風味沙拉醬 | 楊桃部落格 防毒軟體到底哪一套最強?我覺得這是永遠無解的答案,不過大多人還是選擇評價比較高的防毒軟體,Bitdefender 的評價就非常得不錯,不過在台灣我覺得使用者算是少數,不過以 Bitdefender 為掃毒引擎的防毒軟體也不少,像是 Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+、AdvancedPosted under: 食譜 Tagged as: 沙拉醬, 淋醬 Previous Next 楊桃美食網-FB官方粉絲團 分類 其他 旅遊 未分類 豆腐 食譜 餐廳 香料 近期文章 健康蔬食料理法 蜜糖吐司 不必排隊自己輕鬆做 3步驟 煎餅輕鬆端上桌 ……

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The Philippines still has a strong service sector. In 2011, it overtook India as a top provider of offshore call centres. But the country lacks the manufacturing base that has lifted millions of people out of poverty in other Asian countries.

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On Friday, the Shibor fell after the People’s Bank of China, the central bank, reportedly injected some short-term liquidity. But that was an action the Chinese usually call fine-tuning, not a wholesale intervention like raising or cutting interest rates or rolling out or scaling back nationwide public investment programs.

First, look at the fact that a US$700 million listing from Hopewell was postponed early this month. At the same time, Langham Hospitality Investments, the hotel spin-off of Great Eagle, is down 21 per cent from its offered price.

(1) When the US “turns off the tap”, moneyinundation will ease slightly. However, interest ratesare expected to remain ultra-low for quite some time.Even if they begin to go up by the end of next year,they will do so only gradually, and there is no rulingout the possibility of their increases being digested inthe market. Therefore, though the Fed’s decision to”turn off the tap” or to raise interest rates woulddoubtless affect Hong Kong’s property market, itremains to be seen whether it would see a significantcorrection in property prices.

It is this complex and high-stake balancing act that Obama and Xi must manage in their respective countries and bilateral relations. And it is this transition that will make or break the multipolar 21st century.

There is another, not-so-publicised benefit: reducing “stampede risk”. Joining other investors in a fund who might panic at a whiff of poor performance or bad news could lead them to run for the exits, thereby driving down prices and stampeding long-term investors with more patience.

Li promised further opening-up in services and industries related to new energy, emphasizing the government will ensure foreign businesses get fair access to the market and a level playing field in terms of competition.


New Century Group, the mainland’s largest domestic private hotel owner in terms of hotel rooms, has 107 star-rated hotels in operation or under development with about 31,542 rooms. After the completion of the listing, New Century will hold 18 per cent of the reit, and Carlyle 12 per cent.


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  The US Federal Reserve has announced its initial schedule for phasing out of the market, triggering a global market plunge. Of the major markets, the decline in Hong Kong’s stock market was especially large, only second to Brazil troubled with nationwide demonstrations and riots.  The extended tenure of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke who served both Bush and Obama administrations will last until the end of January. In a TV talk show earlier, Obama said Bernanke stayed “a lot longer than he wanted”. Outsiders expected Bernanke would not extend his term again. Now that he has suggested a market withdrawal schedule, it gives people a feeling that he is cleaning up the mess for his successor.


“It’s a shocker. I thought he was going to stay and fight it out. The US government will be irate with their Hong Kong counterparts and may even question whether Hong Kong was acting in good faith pursuant to their treaty obligations. I have no doubt that they were and it is quite common for government lawyers to seek more information on surrender or mutual legal assistance requests before the local process can begin. But I’m surprised here.”

In light of complaints about mis-selling, the HKMA, the Securities and Futures Commission, the Insurance Authority and the Federation of Insurers are rolling out changes this summer to the way ILAS products may be sold.

身兼LME 亚洲董事总经理的港交所亚洲商品主管敏俐斯(Liz Milan)在明天(周二)举行的LME 亚洲年会前接受访问时说:「成为会员的条件是在英国成立实体机构,受到英国金融行为监管局(FCA)监管,中国是很重要的市场,能够帮助他们成为会员,我们会尽力做。有中资结算会员表示,中国投资者乐于与他们合作,对参与LME 有帮助。」她认为,对于大型中资银行来说,在英国设立分支机构的问题不大,从英国监管者的角度,规定会员必须在当地设立分支,方便进行监督,但没有透露中资经纪行排队申请成为会员的情况。

传闻她是野蛮成性,心如蛇蝎,抢表姐未婚夫,气死外公的恶毒女。 声名狼藉的她为逃避嫁给五十多岁老头,毅然决然的找了个高颜值,却没车没房没存款的外地男人霸气求婚。 “跟我结婚,以后我养你!”“好!” 自认为找了个男神,她赚钱养家,他貌美如花,却不想引狼入室…… “沐炎骁,你这个骗子!我要跟你离婚,离婚,离婚!!” 说好的禁欲系男神老公呢,说好的没车没房没存款呢,你特麻摇身一变成了霸道总裁,严重犯规!!


For Li Zhengqin, vice-president of Merck & Co and general manager of Merck Sharp & Dohme China R&D Center, China is “better than” other emerging markets for multinationals to enhance their R&D facilities.

A third of respondents were unaware that obesity may lead to emotional illness. Psychiatry specialist Dr Tony Lai Tai-sum explained that overweight children may have lower self esteem, and some are teased or bullied.


New premiums from investment-linked individual life and annuity products grew 24.2 per cent to HK$4.9 billion in the first quarter compared with the same period last year, according to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

包裹着各种香烤的肉类;多提亚面饼”等、用叉随心所欲;(Salsa)、鲜蔬配以新鲜调料,令人”科罗娜啤酒”(Tortilla)。龙舌兰酒(Tequila)是墨西哥的国酒,即成款款美食;和”(Tequila Sunrise)等举世闻名、色彩好看引人食欲;(Guacamole);多提亚面饼”,加入了各色新鲜蔬菜;荒漠柔情”:中部墨西哥湾的丰富海产,用手。典型的做法有”(Tomatillo Sauce);便是其中的代表,选料新鲜;(Margarita)、还有北方山区的健壮牛羊,使墨西哥菜成为最另人垂涎的美食之一;(Corona)也是墨西哥饮品的杰出代表、红番茄和多种天然调味料精制而成的”香汁大虾”,用它调制的”玛格丽特”,也很适合与家人或朋友们围坐一起分享各道美味,”,让每道菜倍添健康美味。这得宜于她多样的地理环境带来的丰富物产。”墨西哥日出”、由墨西哥特产的有壳绿番茄-特梅提诺制成的”、”。用辣椒;和”,是墨西哥菜最基本,配搭多种特色酱汁。

yam天空部落對於使用者個人自由上傳之所有各式資料內容,無法完全事先加以審查,但yam天空部落得依其主動發現,或依使用者或司法或行政等主管機關通報本服務之使用者或依其裁量之權限(但無義務)對違反禁止規範或內容有涉嫌違反法令、善良風俗違反本服務條款或任何令人厭惡者,yam天空部落將按本服務會員規範進行妥善處置或移除,且有權對於嚴重違反本服務會員規範者之處置或移除,不另行通知,一經yam天空部落處置或移除者,不得請求回復原狀。 此外,使用者違反本服務會員規範時,yam天空部落將對該使用者進行停權處置及其他必要處份。下為處分內容說明:

慷慨加奏三首,第一首是Cassado《无伴奏大提琴组曲》第三乐章,不久以前听过有人以此曲作安歌(或者是Isserlis,但不肯定),Brunello的表现比那次听的倍加轻松。第二首加奏是一首阿美尼亚歌曲,Brunello 用C 弦最高把位,模仿中亚乐器kamancheh 的音色,同是拉「丝路风情」,他不会像马友友般以赚人热泪作目标,欲言又止的悲情更发人深省。最后是巴哈《第三无伴奏组曲》的布雷舞曲,他不要令音符逐个跳跃,而是顺着舞曲应有的节奏,保持一拍一拍地跳动,如歌性亦高。

The Philippines still has a strong service sector. In 2011, it overtook India as a top provider of offshore call centres. But the country lacks the manufacturing base that has lifted millions of people out of poverty in other Asian countries.

墨西哥玉米脆饼的做法大全 墨西哥玉米脆饼的做法 Taco墨西哥风味最正宗的做法 纯素墨西哥卷饼最正宗的做法 [year+2]墨西哥卷饼最正宗的做法 墨西哥玉米卷 [year+2]墨西哥奶酥面包最正宗的做法 墨西哥蜜豆面包最正宗的做法视频 蜜豆墨西哥面包最正宗的做法视频 墨西哥馅面包最正宗的做法 墨西哥蜜豆包最正宗的做法视频 肉松墨西哥最正宗的做法 墨西哥沙拉最正宗的做法视频 墨西哥小食最正宗的做法视频 豆沙墨西哥面包最正宗的做法

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“We can learn lessons (from this case). Without doubt, China can take similar strides,” Hou said. During the same event, Hou announced the establishment of a script-writing subsidiary that will use big data theory to produce scripts.

China’s mobile phone shipments in the first quarter of 2013, up 15 percent year-on-year, according to a report issued by the research firm IDC. Among them, about 78 million were smartphones. The figure more than doubled over the same period last year. IDC attributed the rapid increase to China Mobile’s active promotion of TD-SCDMA smartphones. In the first quarter, the shipments of TD-SCDMA smartphones reached 28 million, rising by 390 percent.

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In 2012, the added value of tertiary industry grew to 50.22 billion from 21.08 billion yuan in 2006, up by 11.1 percent year-on-year. The tourism industry grew by leaps and bounds as well. The city drew in more than 19 million domestic tourists and 130,000 from abroad last year.

The agreement puts the Bank of England first in a race among European central banks to establish swap facilities with China, allowing London to expand its ties with the world’s second-biggest economy. The UK capital is the center of the world’s $4 trillion-a-day market for foreign-exchange trading.


“That needs more local doctors with high skills and good reputations because foreign physicians usually have language barriers with local patients and may not be able to fully understand local people’s physical, social and psychological conditions,” said Wu.

UBS Securities analysts expect the insurance coverage limit to be set at between 200,000 yuan (HK$253,000) and 300,000 yuan. Barclays analysts forecast it to range from 200,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan and to protect more than 99 per cent of deposit accounts.

The government said Qinzhou kept an average annual GDP growth of 16 percent from 2007 to 2012, ranking sixth among all cities in Guangxi, up from ninth place six years ago. Its total industrial revenue grew by 51 percent each year on average.

Broadly speaking, there are several hospital segments that have investment potential. As private hospitals, there are high-end, specialty chains, general, extended care and group hospitals. In the public sector, there are general hospitals undergoing privatization.

In contrast, interest rate hikes are used more sparingly as they conflict with other goals — both loan and deposit rates are kept low to provide cheap credit to certain enterprises, protect bank margins and subsidize the sterilization of foreign exchange intervention.

“It’s about government support and a rich talent pool. China’s new leaders have decided to invest 800 million yuan in technology research this year and the fund will grow 20 percent annually in the coming years,” said Li.

材料: 1cup牛奶,1/4cup果醋,1小勺盐,1/3tbs芥末酱,2tbs蜂蜜,1/3cup罗勒,1cup新鲜菠菜叶,1cup橄榄油。蜂蜜芥末沙拉酱 搭配:肉类 蔬菜沙拉;材料: 1/2cup芥茉酱(法国第戎),1/2cup蜂蜜,1/2cup柠檬汁,1/2tbs盐,450ml水,1.5cup橄榄油,少许黑胡椒粉。做法:与house沙拉酱方法相同。材料:1cup水,30ml果醋(烹饪专用,非饮料,有红酒醋最好),1/3cup柠檬汁,2瓣大蒜,1/3tbs孜然粉,少于1cup芝麻酱,1/3tbs盐。

慷慨加奏三首,第一首是Cassado《无伴奏大提琴组曲》第三乐章,不久以前听过有人以此曲作安歌(或者是Isserlis,但不肯定),Brunello的表现比那次听的倍加轻松。第二首加奏是一首阿美尼亚歌曲,Brunello 用C 弦最高把位,模仿中亚乐器kamancheh 的音色,同是拉「丝路风情」,他不会像马友友般以赚人热泪作目标,欲言又止的悲情更发人深省。最后是巴哈《第三无伴奏组曲》的布雷舞曲,他不要令音符逐个跳跃,而是顺着舞曲应有的节奏,保持一拍一拍地跳动,如歌性亦高。

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小暑已过,三伏在即。蒸笼一样的天气,加上防晒程序的繁琐,大大的打击了人迈出房门,去跑步、跳操、甚至游泳的积极性。同时夏天也是广大男女同学大秀身材的最好时机,倒三角、八块腹肌、A4腰、马甲线等等都要秀起来,所以在夏季必要的运动同样必不可少。很多人在夏天都会选择去健身房运动,但是对于喜欢宅在家享受清凉的同学来说,一样可以在家中进行锻炼和运动,特别是一些无须器材或者器材相对简单,占地较小的运动,都非常适合大家在家中进行。本次专题的主题“宅在家也能做运动”,小编将会为大家推荐几样具有代表性室内运动和相关器材,希望能够助各位一臂之力。主要包括了部分健身、瑜伽、拳击等项目,如果大家也有自己的推荐,不妨在评论中和其他值友一同分享。一、健身健身大部分项目均可在室内进行,也是夏季最适合的运动方式之一。大家可以注意到,每到夏季都是健身房广告最活跃的时间。其实除了去健身房一些使用小型器材的基础项目自己在家中也可完成,另外相关器械价格也不高,并且可以长期使用。如果你也打算这个夏天宅在家运动,那就准备起来吧。握力器更有力的把握现在,想想你爱的左手和右手以及你讨厌的鼠标手,sao年快使用握力器吧~锻炼时只需要缓缓握住,然后hold住一会儿,再缓缓放开,每天多组练习,坚持七七四十九天,会让你的有更好的把握力,握手时再也不用担心处于下风,QWER放技能时会有更快的手速,WASD也会轻松闪躲敌方的子弹,达成这一切只需要一个握力器,没错。 迪卡侬 健身 康复 手臂力量训练/锻炼 15kg握力器x2 DOMYOS QS¥29.9天猫精选哑铃厚实有力的臂弯,人人都喜欢,这款哑铃杠铃二合一的产品,将满足你的可变需求,锻炼哪里变哪里,35cm的泡棉连接杆,简单的组装,拆卸就可以切换为杠铃哑铃,其哑铃杆表面采用防滑塑胶颗粒,保证了锻炼时的舒适安全,微波电镀工艺使得哑铃表面更加光滑,哑铃可以有效的增肌,需注意重量根据自身需求来选择,锻炼虽好,适度即可,可不要逞强哦。 凯速KANSOON可拆装电镀哑铃20KG(10公斤*2)带蓝黑泡棉35cm连接杆礼盒装哑铃蓝…¥219京东查看百科详情健腹轮   腹肌的使命召唤~白菜君经常推荐的健身器械,传说坚持锻炼七七四十九天就可以召唤腹肌,锻炼时采取标准的跪拜女神姿势,收紧上半身,缓缓推出拉近即可;也可以双臂支撑身体,收紧上半身,用小腿夹紧,缓缓推出拉近,这个姿势可以很好的照顾到上半身的肌肉群;需要注意锻炼时保护膝盖。Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro¥24.99美国亚马逊查看百科详情 TRX拉力健身带开始由军人传出,其借自重来通过不同的姿势来锻炼全身的肌肉群,比如通过蹲举可以锻炼臂部及腰腹肌肉群,背向前倾可以锻炼胸肌、肱三头肌及背阔肌,后倾可以锻炼肱二头肌及手臂等等,且其自身十分小巧,方便收纳携带,无论室内室外只要有悬挂点都可以方便使用,适合各种健身锻炼,需注意锻炼时的姿势以及保持两臂用力均匀,才能达到较好的锻炼效果。 迪卡侬 专业悬挂训练绳多功能拉力绳抗阻健身带DST DOMYOS QSTRX廉价解决方案,力量训练好帮手¥99天猫精选查看百科详情  二、瑜伽不出门的运动里,瑜伽是再好不过的选择了。这门有氧运动,讲究呼吸吐纳,动作舒缓柔和,但对力量和柔韧性同样有不低的要求,做到位的话,完全不失锻炼强度。汗水一点儿不少流,姿态却半分狰狞也无。一个人的好时光,伴着悠扬轻音,舒展身躯控制体态,最后归于冥思,会一会探手拈花的禅意,炎炎夏日里,心静自然凉。瑜伽垫对一般人来说,需要准备的,也只是个瑜伽垫而已。初习瑜伽,其实6mm的厚度足矣。太厚的瑜伽垫不但不易保持平衡,也不利于对身体的感知。材质方面,不管从耐用度还是专业性上来说,TPE都秒杀PVC。至于NBR和EVA这样过于松软的材质,还是留给复健活动更为合适。天然橡胶虽好,然而太过昂贵,没必要一开始就入手。总体来说,TPE材质的瑜伽垫仍是目前普通瑜伽练习者的最佳性价比之选。瑜伽动作不太需要全方位大开大阖,一般来说,宽度达到60cm,长度180cm左右就够用了。哈他正品tpe初学者瑜伽环保无味高弹性垫子防滑健身毯愈加长加厚¥158天猫精选查看百科详情瑜伽砖 辅助器材方面,瑜伽砖最为实用。尤其对于下肢柔韧性不够的初学者来说,基本盘坐难以到位的情况下,垫块瑜伽砖就容易多了。 哈他泡沫轴高密度瑜伽砖头泡沫砖高密度eva正品瑜伽辅助用品工具¥36天猫精选瑜伽球 瑜伽球除了按摩、放松身体,加强局部锻炼效果外,也能一定程度上帮助初学者更容易的进入冥想状态,同时更添运动的趣味性。不过更适合有存储空间的人选择,毕竟每次用都吹起来还是太麻烦了一些。 【马甲线神器】哈他 健身瑜伽球瘦身加厚防爆瑞士孕妇分娩球正品¥68天猫精选三、拳击快速减脂、塑形不妨试试有氧拳击。当然拳击并不是汉子们的专属运动,妹子们练拳击不仅宣泄压力并且助于保护自己。Gigi Hadid最近po出的拳击视频可以说帅呆了,嘴上羡慕,心底长草,那就要行动起来。基础的拳击装备非常简单,一副拳套外加一个沙袋即可,同样是夏季室内运动的好选择哦。拳击手套Everlast 混双武术拳击练习袋手套:Everlast是来自美国纽约运动品牌,主营拳击以及休闲服饰。历史悠久,也是众多好莱坞明星、超模的选择。这款拳击手套,泡沫衬垫佩带舒适;手腕处魔术贴可调节松紧;露大拇指设计,让拳头握的更紧,出力更集中。 Everlast 混双武术拳击练习袋手套¥86.51亚马逊中国 迪卡侬 DOMYOS CS 拳击手套:适合初级的拳击手套,主要由涤纶和聚氨酯构成,结实耐用。预定型泡沫材质,手腕处魔术贴搭扣可根据自身调节松紧度;加上网眼设计,内衬光滑,佩戴更舒适透气。迪卡侬 拳击手套成人泰拳武术散打沙袋拳套训练搏击 DOMYOS CS¥69天猫精选拳击沙袋迪卡侬  DOMYOS CS 拳击沙袋:采用耐用的聚酯帆布材质,手感舒适;金属链固定,更加稳定牢固。袋身标出击打位置,便于训练;直径32厘米,高度90厘米,重量:20千克。占地比较小,放在客厅和阳台都比较合适,不过在购买之前还是需要确认一下家中是否有悬挂的条件。 迪卡侬 成人搏击运动 拳击散打泰拳沙袋TB390 DOMYOS CS¥399天猫精选 Everlast 双头沙袋:优质合成革制成,双头球型设计,击打更加集中和快速。减震索和尼龙绳采用封闭环设计,防止损坏且更加固定。相比较之下,双头沙袋体积和安置都更为建议,训练的侧重点也主要在出拳速度和反应等方面,两种沙袋结合可以更全面的进行相关拳击训练。Everlast 双头沙袋¥171.61亚马逊中国

“The fish farm business is retailing of a different kind,” said Kwok, a director and controlling shareholder of the fish farm venture, Aquaculture Technologies Asia. “We are raising fish in ways that have never done before.”

Britain is the last in a long line of countries that has signed currency swaps with China in recent years. Since 2008, China has signed currency swaps with 22 countries worldwide, totaling around 1.7 trillion yuan.

Edward Snowden, the world’s best-known whistle-blower and fugitive, is out of our hands and far away. He left his hiding-place in Hong Kong yesterday morning and flew out after the US filed espionage charges and asked our government to send him back. Washington’s legal documents have been found wanting and a request for further information has been sought; the clarification, if forwarded, will obviously come too late. There could be no better outcome for our city and China.

Closer to home, Hong Kong’s 500,000-strong demonstration of July 1, 2003, may on the face of it have been a protest against the government’s proposed anti-sedition law. But behind the discontent 8 per cent unemployment, declining incomes, and a deflationary trend that had seen the value of home-owners’ properties fall by two-thirds in just six years.

【2015秋夏潔面新產品隆重登場!】 7月的夏天又熱又笠,但再過埋8月又講進入秋季。洗面清潔產品對於護膚程序係最重要的第一個步驟,太乾又會chur曬皮膚的天然油脂,太笠不但不能做到滋潤保濕之餘仲會好大機會起粒粒。又想夏天用得乾爽,更想轉季秋風起時用唔好覺得太乾,點算? 最新推出全新秋夏季潔面產品,一次過滿足你兩個願望!不但能滿足你夏天保持乾爽清潔的感覺,更能係轉季期間平衡皮膚油脂分泌,做到水油平衡。以後不再需要為轉季護膚品煩惱了! 1.Ylang Ylang Oat Balance … 【2015秋夏潔面新產品隆重登場!】 7月的夏天又熱又笠,但再過埋8月又講進入秋季。洗面清潔產品對於護膚程序係最重要的第一個步驟,太乾又會chur曬皮膚的天然油脂,太笠不但不能做到滋潤保濕之餘仲會好大機會起粒粒。又想夏天用得乾爽,更想轉季秋風起時用唔好覺得太乾,點算?

The innovation environment in China has improved and the nation is “paying much more attention to innovation and has issued a string of encouraging policies”, said the founder. “It also created a sound environment for Sino-foreign cooperation, which was rare decades ago.”

入 貨 品 分 類 表 資 料 更 新 日 期 : 105/08/12 11 第 11 章 製 粉 工 業 產 品 ; 麥 芽 ; 澱 粉 ; 菊 糖 ; 麵 筋 CHAPTER 11 PRODUCTS OF THE MILLING INDUSTRY; MALT; STARCHES; INULIN; WHEAT GLUTEN 1101 小 麥 粉 或 雜 麥 粉 Wheat or meslin flour

Man, an associate at Ho, Tse, Wai & Partners for the past eight years, is part of the legal team planning to sue the Hong Kong government over its role in the rendition of a Libyan dissident and his family to Tripoli.


注意:依蘭精油有催情作用,不適用於孕婦。亦不適用于嚴重暗瘡皮膚。 ‪ #organic‬ ‪ #organicskincare‬ ‪ #natural‬ ‪ #naturalskincare‬ ‪ #organiccosmetic‬ ‪ #有機‬ ‪ #有機護膚品‬ ‪ #天然護膚品‬ ‪ #天然‬ ‪ #ACO‬ ‪ #beautysensationco‬ ‪ #beautysensation‬





有誰可以舉手告訴我他不愛吃芒果的嗎? 我唯一不愛吃芒果的時後是芒果太老,啃完一整顆後,芒果纖維卡在牙縫的時後,一定要靠牙線才能清乾淨牙齒,台灣的芒果真的是世界第一等的,一、兩顆放在桌上,走過去就可以聞到芒果甜香味,拿在鼻子前面深深的吸一口,芒果甜的香味真的會讓人有芒果High,可惜美國的芒果也不知道那裡種來的,顏色外表是看起來像芒果,但是都快要把整個芒果塞到鼻孔裡面了,還是聞不到什麼味道,台灣真是寶島啊~

The city also helped complete 37 overseas investment projects involving $300 million. Liugong Machinery, one of the top engineering machinery producers in China, successfully acquired Dressta, a subsidiary of Poland’s HSW, last year.

It is a kind of government interference to try to hold up the price level whenever the market is in trouble. But it is also a kind of government interference if it deliberately chooses not to do so even though previously it did interfere in similar cases. In fact, for the last couple of weeks, there have been columns in the Chinese business press trying to decipher the hidden intention of what they called the “strategic inaction” of the cabinet led by Premier Li Keqiang when the economy as a whole is surrounded by discouraging news from all fronts — from manufacturing and trade to the piling up of debt.

泰式清蒸檸檬魚 @ :: 痞客邦 PIXNET :: 隨著華為將在不久後公布下半年旗艦機 Mate 10 系列,它們選在今年 IFA 先行公布將用在新旗艦機的應用處理器 Kirin 970,雖在架構上不易外的大致上是依照 ARM 的推薦組合,不過此次華為特別強調 Kirin 970 在架構中整合專門處理 AI 應用神經網路處理單元( NPU ),具備泰式酸辣醬30cc 作法: 1. 將鱸魚清洗乾淨切三刀抺點鹽置於盤中. 2. 將蒜頭, 辣椒及薑切碎, 均勻的灑在魚上面, 並淋上50cc檸檬汁, 就開始進入蒸魚的程序 ……

That suggests a tilt towards equities, implying that the great intermediate investment, the balanced fund, may shortly fall out of favour. In other words, while investors have lacked direction in recent months, now they have it, and it points to equities and not bonds.


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1加2等於樂園(日語:1加2等於樂園) | 暗黑神傳承 武神(日語:暗黒神伝承 武神) | イケナイBOY | 超幕末少年世紀崇丸(日語:超幕末少年世紀タカマル)系列 | 帥氣女朋友(日語:ハンサムな彼女) | 源氏(日語:源氏 (漫画)) | 幻想敘譚艾爾西亞(日語:幻想叙譚エルシア) | ねこひきのオルオラネ | 超時空世紀歐卡斯02共 | 妖世紀水滸傳 -魔星降臨-(日語:妖世紀水滸伝) | 特搜戰車隊DOMINION(日語:ドミニオン (漫画))共 | BAD BOYS 搞怪少年 | 幸運騎士 在世間的幸運冒險者們(日語:フォーチュン・クエスト) | 紺碧艦隊 | 砂之薔薇 雪之默示錄(日語:砂の薔薇) | 我們的意亂情迷不歸路(日語:ぼくはこのまま帰らない) | 網中魚(日語:おさかなはあみの中) | 湘南純愛組! | 淫魔妖女(日語:淫魔妖女)1 | 魔鬼教師方程式(日語:腐った教師の方程式) | 玩偶遊戲 (OVA) | 彌涅耳瓦的劍士(日語:ミネルバの剣士)1 | 銀河少女傳說(日語:銀河お嬢様伝説ユナ) | 宇宙戰艦山本洋子系列共 | 快樂的方程式 LEVEL-C(日語:LEVEL-C) | 秀逗魔導士系列 | 個人授業(日語:個人授業)共 | 超人學園(日語:超人学園ゴウカイザー) | 真奈美&奈美 SPRITE(日語:SPRITE (漫画)) | 旭日艦隊(日語:旭日の艦隊) | 魔法王國的俏皮小公主(日語:でたとこプリンセス) | 電腦戰隊VOOGIE’S★ANGEL(日語:電脳戦隊ヴギィ’ズ★エンジェル) | 在夢中相遇(日語:夢で逢えたら (漫画)) |

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General hospitals may be the most challenging. Comprehensive capabilities are required, ranging from obtaining policy support, general and specialty expertise development and getting the required talent, operation and process management potential in a transitional labor environment, rebranding or brand-building and, finally, maintaining sufficient scale.


Foreign investors can be divided into two groups — financial investors such as private equity and venture capital businesses and strategic medical investors, such as United Family Health, which has hospitals in the three cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin so far, according to Yu Tian, co-author of the report.

To private, especially overseas, investors, some China-specific valuation challenges must be addressed, including opaque hospital financial systems, endemic unethical practices and uncertainty owing to regulatory and human resources risks.

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Alexander, interviewed on ABC television, described Snowden as an NSA computer system administrator with top security clearance who betrayed his nation by taking information from the NSA and fleeing from his base in Hawaii to Hong Kong.

“We call the fishes we raise Oasis Giant,” said Kwok, pointing to the school of 75-centimetre long, greyish spotted giant groupers in the fish tanks. “They are fishes living on the land inside our system, which is like people travelling in the desert and finding an oasis.”

China’s major cities remain the primary targets of private banks seeking to tap the investment needs of high-net-worth individuals; but as the nation’s economy continues to grow wealth managers will spread their net to secondary cities as well.

Despite its sustainable nature, Kwok concedes that the fish farm has to sell between 60,000 and 100,000 giant groupers a year to break even. Its inventory stands at about 30,000 fishes, and the business is expected to take three years to meet its target.

Despite the rapidly expanding economy, the country’s unemployment rate increased to 7.5 per cent in April, from 6.9 per cent at the same time a year earlier. About three million Filipinos who want to work are unemployed.

這是我很鐘愛的水果料理之一。這道料理,做法簡單又滋味豐富,我所招待過的朋友沒有人不愛!「Salsal」,莎莎就是醬汁的意思,在墨西哥吃炸玉米餅(Taco)時,一般的小攤子至少有3~5種醬汁讓你選擇,像是綠辣椒醬(salsalverde)、 紅辣椒醬(salsal rojor)、酪梨醬(guacamole),或是墨西哥醬(salsalMexicana)。前兩者都是偏辣的調醬;較經典的墨西哥醬,是由洋蔥丁、蕃茄丁和檸檬汁調和而成的;當然正統的莎莎醬,少不了墨西哥的綠辣椒。如果你是嗜辣者,加入帶一點酸的現成墨西哥辣椒罐頭,可以增添不少墨西哥的異國風情。


“I’m suspicious because he went to China. That’s not a place where you would ordinarily want to go if you are interested in freedom, liberty and so forth,” said Cheney. “It raises questions whether or not he had that kind of connection before he did this.”

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Lucian Wu, the managing director of Paul Capital, which has US$7 billion in assets under management, was quoted as saying that the backlog of companies waiting to list on the mainland and Hong Kong markets had made it tougher for private-equity firms seeking to exit.

The incident is widely seen as a show of determination the central bank to bring down off-the-chart credit growth and restore normalcy in the money market. Total social financing jumped by over a third year-on-year in the first quarter to 6.16 trillion yuan amid less-than-expected GDP growth, ringing alarms about the health of the economy.

“homemade green chili salsa recipe easy salsa recipe homemade”

[…] The salsa is up to you. You can use store bought salsa or you can make a homemade salsa. Homemade salsa is delicious but there is plenty of store bought that are tasty as well. Here is a recipe for homemade salsa. […]

I was recently browsing books when the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving caught my eye in the bookstore. I don’t own any canning or home preserving books so I picked up a copy. This book is such a great resource! I had already converted this recipe for Restaurant Style Salsa to a water bath canning recipe, but I wanted to do more.

Carl, thanks for the comments. Glad you like the salsa! As for coring, I usually just cut out the top stem/core, running my knife into the top of the tomato at an angle, essentially cutting a diamond shape out of the tomato, which includes most of the core. I do the same thing for any small tomatoes in the batch. But if yours are too small, just do the best you can. Small plum tomatoes often don’t have much of a hard stem/vine core anyway, so you may just be able to skip this step.

just be sure to remove the seeds and insides from the jalapeno…always start by adding 2 small ones, process then taste..only add more jalapenos by taste. The hotness of jalapenos is not linked to size rather by growth and temperatures while growing, so you cannot tell by size or look. Must taste. To rescue salsa, I have added ripe fresh peaches, or canned sliced in own juice. Mangos or pineapple chopped is also nice. Good luck.

Sorry to hear that Jim. I don’t know what to tell you. You’re the first that I’ve heard with this issue. Did you use fresh squeezed limes or bottled lime juice? Bottled is more intense. Anyway, at 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice the flavor should be present but not overbearing. You can replace the lime juice with vinegar in the future if you’d like.

9. You don’t need to pressure cook or hot bath because the hot salsa seals the jars on their own. The vinegar in the recipe along with the acid of the tomatoes kills the bacteria while cooking. However, if you feel you would like to pressure cook or use a hot bath for your jars, you can and it will not affect the salsa.

There are some other interesting ingredients in here as well. She adds poblano peppers with the jalapeños, chicken bouillon powder instead of salt, and 1 cup of canned rotel tomatoes. She also adds chopped fresh cabbage, which I omit. The recipe will make a large bowl. You can half it if you want, but what’s the point? You’ll eat it within a few days. And if you’re making it for a crowd, it will be gone before you even serve the rest of your meal. My husband and I agree that it tastes even better the next day. Save leftovers! ENJOY!!!!

My mom and I love your salsa! We would like to jar it because our garden has produced some much this year and we’d like to be able to enjoy it year around! If we do jar it, do we need to add vinegar or some type of preservative? We noticed that when we made it, it lost it’s power after about a week. Have you ever jarred it before?

So pregnant me hears a Mexican song on the radio and immediately envision myself eating dinner at Mexico Restaurant. I decide it’s the chips and salsa I really want and since I’m headed to the grocery store anyway, I decide to try my hand at restaurant style salsa. Found your recipe while in the store, and made it asap when I got home. uncouldnt believe how easy it was! My mind was a bit blown that canned tomatoes are the base ingredient. My only critique would be to leave off the cumin or at least try it in a small bowl to make sure you like it before adding to the whole mixture.

THANK YOU for sharing this recipe. I have tried so many other recipes that have been a major fail. This salsa is spectacularly flavored! I used jalapeños because I am wimpy. My husband is ready for another batch, and so am I. Again, thank you for sharing this perfectly flavored salsa. YUM!

I made your salsa last year and it was amazing. It was the first to go off the pantry shelf and I’ll beer salsa recipe be making it again this year if my garden produces like it did last year. My husband likes strong flavors so I think I added more cumin and cilantro. We also really like the smokiness of chipotle so next year I think I may add some of those as well.

Serve immediately if you’re absolutely needing some fresh pico right then and now (I can’t blame you), but I would recommend, if you can, making this ahead of time so the pico de gallo has a chance to chill and really build its flavor.

Jarred salsa can be good, but let me tell you, making it fresh… whew… you won’t want jarred anymore.  Fresh blows that out of the water.  Plus if you’re into canning, I’m sure you could can this salsa yourself and have it fresh year round 🙂  You could also freeze it 🙂

Instead of using jalapeno peppers, use Serrano peppers for a better flavor. They are a bit more powerful and spicy so you have to be careful and experiment with how hot you want the salsa to get. My rule of thumb is one medium seedless and veinless Serrano is mild, three with seeds and veins is spicy. You cab adjust the heat by keeping or removing the seeds and veins. Wear gloves and don’t touch your eyes, even hours after you work with the hot peppers of any type. Water doesn’t clean that from your hands, rubbing alcohol does.

I did make it and it was delicious.   I actually froze the tomatoes until I had time to use them.  I washed them and froze them whole in gallon size freezer bags.  When time to use, I defrosted tomatoes on counter top  for about two hours,  the skin came off easily and chopping the tomatoes up wasn’t a mess because it was still semi frozen.  This method worked perfectly actually.  Then I followed the instructions for this recipe.  The salsa turned out perfect.  Very tasty.  I canned several for later enjoyment.  Excellent recipe, thanks for sharing!

Hmm, I think I found myself a salsa recipe. 😀 This looks like the perfect recipe for me. Thank you for sharing and thanks for coming for today’s FF. I hope to see you next week for FF’s first anniversary. 🙂

Sep 25, 2008 Very good! I was worried about the whole lemon but you did not taste any of the white bitter part of it. Our tomatoes were on the sweet side so our salsa had a sweet/warm taste to it. We’ll be making this one again. Made for *Zaar Cookbooks Tag 2008* game. *Update* I made this again today. This time I did not cut the ends of the lemon off up to the inside of the fruit, and I did not chop the lemon up as fine as the first time, both a mistake. So cut the pith off both ends and then grind/chop the rest of the lemon up fine.

Try this with canned fire-roasted tomatoes for a new depth of flavor. I started using honey after I tasted a friend’s homemade salsa .. I think it helps preserve the salsa too. I keep jalapeño powder and freeze-dried cilantro on hand, so I can always make this in a jiffy, even if I don’t have fresh ingredients.

Howdy! I’m Corey, and I’m so happy you’re here! This blog is full of my love of food, photography, family & friends. Have fun looking around! I hope you find a couple yummy recipes to try. Read more about the family here…

What advantage does simmering the Salsa make? Is this how it is done in most Mexican Restaurants? Believe me I am not criticizing I am just trying to learn. If this is a necessary step that I have been omitting and it will make my Salsa taste better I am all for it. I have just never heard of doing it before.

Love it! made some just now and just added extra jalapeno. and used rotel with cilantro and lime. also used some lemon juice since I didn’t want to use my dad corona limes haha. all the same though it turned out great! 🙂

Editor’s note: Chef Roberto Santibañez, the chef/owner of Fonda in Brooklyn, New York shared this recipe as part of a festive taco party menu he created for Epicurious. He recommends serving this salsa with his Carnitas or Carne Adobada Tacos .

4. Bake cake 60 minutes or until center is 205 degrees, measured with your meat thermometer. The cake will be golden brown and firm to the touch. Let cool in pie plate on a wire rack. Cut into wedges and serve with whipped cream. Cake can be stored at room temperature, loosely covered, up to 2 days.

I like using apple cider vinegar in canning because I like the flavor, and it comes from apples. Most white vinegar comes from a variety of sources, including wood pulp. I use it white vinegar for cleaning, but it can be substituted in canning recipes if you like. The pH is the same. Lemon or lime juice can also be substituted for the vinegar in this recipe – but they give a more pronounced flavor.

Sounds fabulous Lea Ann. I love smoked paprika and I’m sure it made a great addition. As I read this I thought of Larry and his homemade tomato juice. What do you bet he’ll be making your salsa next year with his bounty of tomatoes.

I really believe that salsa is best when only a few key ingredients are involved. While there are literally millions of salsa recipes, many with dozens of ingredients, I still believe in my mantra, that simple is always best. For my salsa recipe I like to stick with the key ingredients, which in my book are tomatoes, garlic, onions, cilantro, chiles or jalapeños and a little bit of lime juice for some tanginess.

This is as simple as it gets here folks! I know you’re eyeing those cans of tomatoes but honestly unless you want pico, then the whole peeled tomatoes are what. If you can your own whole peeled tomatoes then you are the bomb and will you ship me some?

First time making salsa and this looks awesome. But I have what maybe a silly question. You drained tomatoes for 30 min. then put in large pan and bring to boil, Do you have any water in that pan or just the drained tomatoes, and if so how do you keep them from burning to bottom of the pan? Novice here thanks for patience.

Thanks for sharing the recipe. We loves this. Not only is it easy, but it is delicious. I make it frequently and my husband and it has usually disappeared within a couple of days. I was just ready to make another batch and realized that I ought to thank you. 🙂

But remember how I said that this salsa recipe is really versatile? Well that’s because you don’t have to eat it only as a snack, you can easily incorporate it into your other meals. Here are a few suggestions:

To water bath can the salsa: Put the jars in the canner and keep them covered with at least 1 inch of water. Keep the water boiling. Process the jars in a boiling-water bath for 15 minutes for 8 oz and pints and 20 minutes for quarts.


American Buffet Breakfast 美 式 早 餐 自 助 餐 菜 单 Chilled Orange Juice,Grapefruit Juice Apple Juice & Tomato Juice, 苹 果 汁, 番 茄 汁, Fresh Milk (Whole & Low Fat) 鲜 牛 奶 ( 全 脂, 低 脂 ) Breakfast Cereals with Cornflank,

She will be showcasing three sculptures by Man Fung-yi. King said the works are based on the cheongsams worn by the artist’s mother and her niece as well as a pair of her own shoes, and reflected three generations of women in her family.

The city is on a new path to industrial development paved with technical innovation and restructuring, local government officials said. Support has been given to auto industry by speeding up the construction of an automobile zone, Zheng said.

The country’s latest poverty data, released in April, show almost no improvement in the past six years. About 10 per cent of Filipinos live in extreme poverty, unable to meet their most basic food needs. This is the same figure as in 2006 and 2009, the previous years when poverty figures were gathered, according to the National Co-ordination Board. The board also estimated that 22.3 per cent of families were living in poverty in the first four months of last year.

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Fully liberalizing interest rates too early in the process — particularly before a more nimble monetary policy and better regulation and supervision are in place — would risk “over-competition” by banks that erodes margins or precipitates a dangerous lending spree. Liberalization should lead to higher interest rates, in large part to reflect the true risk premium, which to date has been implicitly subsidized by the government.

Local officials say the Xijiang River that runs through Guangxi is one of the best waterways in China and the government is working hard to raise the total cargo at river ports to 150 million tons by 2015.

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Broadly speaking, there are several hospital segments that have investment potential. As private hospitals, there are high-end, specialty chains, general, extended care and group hospitals. In the public sector, there are general hospitals undergoing privatization.

备注说明:偶尔有一两件宝贝是线下交易的,因为买家没淘宝,直接打款给爪爪的(多数都是回头客介绍的朋友),线下交易的宝贝,爪爪还是放到小店里面去了,所以亲们会看不到淘宝的交易记录,但是,都是真实的交易。还有一些是亲们没给评价,系统默认的,貌似也查不到记录,虽然折腾淘宝网店大半年了,可是,爪爪还是有正职工作的,所以,并没有太多的时间、精力去了解,只能想到什么,就逐步完善,不是很精通淘宝的道道,懂行的亲应该也都知道的吧。。。再次感谢亲们的信任哈,爪爪是幸运的,是感恩的。 】

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The more accurate the depiction of clients is, the more precise marketing campaigns can be made for e-commerce companies, said Vivian Deng, client services director of Epsilon China. “We can see big data technology has started to gain popularity in China, especially in e-commerce and the banking industry,” she said.

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The maximum value of the arrangement is 200 billion yuan ($33 billion), according to a statement published by the UK central bank on its website in London. The People’s Bank of China put the sterling value at 20 billion pounds ($31 billion) in a statement on its website.



  進入秋天之后,從“天人相應”來看,肺屬金,與秋氣相應,肺主氣司呼吸,在志為憂。憂愁是屬于非良性刺激的情志活動,尤其是在過度憂傷的情況下,往往會損傷機體正常的生理活動,憂愁對人體的影響,主要是損耗人體之氣。因肺主氣,所以憂愁過度易于傷肺,所謂“悲則氣消”。志是意志,指的是憂傷的意志會影響肺的宣泄。 肺氣虛者對秋天氣候的變化敏感,尤其是一些中老年人目睹秋風冷雨,花木凋零,萬物蕭條的深秋景況,常在心中引起悲秋、凄涼、垂暮之感,易產生抑郁情緒。宋代養生家陳直說過:“秋時凄風慘雨,老人多動傷感,若顏色不樂,便須多方誘說,使役其心神,則忘其秋思。”可見,秋季注重調攝精神為養生之要務。正像《素問?四氣調神大論》說的:“使志安寧,以緩秋刑。收斂神氣,使秋氣平。無外其志,使肺氣清。此秋氣之應,養收之道也”。因此,對中老年人來說,應有“心無其心,百病不生”健心哲理,養成不以物喜,不為己悲,樂觀開朗,寬容豁達,淡泊寧靜的性格,收神斂氣,保持內心寧靜,可減緩秋季肅殺之氣對精神的影響,方可適應秋季容平的特征。所以,中老年人要結伴去野外山鄉,登高遠眺,飽覽大自然秋花爛漫、紅葉勝火等勝景,一切憂郁、惆悵頓然若失,愉悅和諧的情緒煥發出青春般的活力。

To forestall this risk, China needs to reform its financial system. Without such reform, it will also be difficult to sustain rapid economic growth and rebalance the economy toward consumption. So as China’s new leaders embark upon a new era of much-needed reforms, transforming the financial system is appropriately a key item on the agenda.

The government said Qinzhou kept an average annual GDP growth of 16 percent from 2007 to 2012, ranking sixth among all cities in Guangxi, up from ninth place six years ago. Its total industrial revenue grew by 51 percent each year on average.


The proposed bill has had several rounds of consultation with business, the latest of which was held in 2009. But while a basic framework for the new law had been ironed out during this process, there were still some provisions that remained to be finalised, and the government planned to hold another, smaller consultation soon.

“What’s infuriating here is Prime Minister [Vladimir] Putin of Russia aiding and abetting Snowden’s escape,” Schumer said. “Putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the United States.

Andrew Lam, assurance director at accounting consultants BDO, believes that CSRC’s lifting of sanctions would affect Hong Kong in the following ways: mainland companies would opt for A-share listings on the Shanghai or Shenzhen stock exchanges rather than Hong Kong, and this might affect the listings here, but the effect would not be felt until the first quarter of next year.


Exchange moves ahead with strategy to expand into commodities trading, writes John Cremer It is no secret that Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) has plans to establish the city as one of the world’s leading centres for trading commodities and related futures contracts. Such ambition should be commended, and the deal to acquire the London Metal Exchange (LME) – along with its know-how and worldwide reach – marked a decisive step in the right direction. However, it was only a first step. Converting the ideas and dreams behind a mergers and acquisitions plan into viable structures and newly won business is always tough. And all the talk ofleveraging opportunities in the mainland market is just standard public relations fare until those who matter most – in this case, the commodity suppliers, buyers and traders – start to see concrete reasons to use Hong Kong and its services, rather than the exchanges with which they are already familiar. “It could tum out to be very good acquisition for HKEx, the members and market participants,” says Richard Fu, director for Asian commodities trading at Newedge. The finn is a 50/50 joint venture between Societe Generale and Credit Agricole, handling a wide range of clearing and execution services, including options and futures contracts for financial products and commodities. “The biggest challenge, though, is creating a real liquid market, giving buyers in China and overseas-a channel totmde contracts – denominated in RMB and US dollars – which they couldn’t trade otherwise.” A key opportunity lies in the fact that mainland foreign exchange regulations mean certain Chinese companies don’t yet have access to the lME, and international firms are effectively excluded from existing Chinese exchanges. But progress will require co?operation between the relevant exchanges and close liaison the main industry players. It is essential to knmVwhich types of contract theywaht to trade. In addition, regulat!Jrs may need to review and chan~e certain rules, so China-based Companies can deal and settle without complications. And if, say, cOpper is traded today in Shangha] or soya beans in Dalian, there nmst be a full understanding Within any new setup of how the physical side of the business – warehousing, shipping and so on – actually works, so it can be duplicated and improved upon. “In principle, there should be huge demand from China and overseas to trade commodities and futures in Hong Kong, but with limited resources, it is in the interests ofHKEx to do it step by step,” says the London-based Fu. “They need to build up an independent clearing system for extra revenue, otherwise they will be paying other people, and talk about warehousing along the coast of China. Users of the exchange must have somewhere to pick up cargoes and to take or make deliveries. For example, if producers in Chile can sell into a forward contract, they will want to ship real cargo into a bonded warehouse in China, with location at the seller’s option.” To make best use of the lME’s experience, Fu suggests HKEx’s first target should be metals business. This offers the chance to start generating revenue and to look at the requirements of developing countries like India, where metals usage is picking up. The chance to trade in an Asian time zone should assist in developing initial business volumes. Also, if RMB-denominated contracts are part of the mix, it will help in promoting international acceptance of the currency, something the mainland authorities are keen to see. “Generally, as things take shape, I will be looking for signs of market access,” Fu says. “It is always better for the exchange if it is accessible to all participants -and, of course, they must meet the demands of clients.” MatthewSmith,senior analyst for Macquarie Securities, emphasises the importance of thinking long-term. For the last decade or so, he notes, HKExhas focused on listing mainland?origin initial public offerings. A move into commodities trading cannot be taken lightly. “There is a lot involved in coming up with the right products and services,” says the Singapore-based Smith. “Only when they catch on is it a money-spinner.” He adds that Asia may indeed be the “growth story” for derivatives trading, but very little trading in terms of commodities derivatives markets is actually done in the region, other than a few specific products. “There may not yet be the breadth of endogenous, . expertise in Asia, but then agfllll it should not be too difficult tl) find elsewhere,” Smith says. “It will take time and regulatory support from both the Hong Kong and Chinese sides to build a platform that sees active trading, and this is likely to be the case especially for products which are beyond the lME’s traditional focus on non-ferrous metals.”


Woo, the chairman of Wheelock, acquired shares in the property developer after the stock fell 14 per cent from its May level of HK$47.15. He bought 74,000 shares on June 17 at HK$40.40 each. The trade increased his stake to 1.223 billion shares, or 60.2 per cent of the firm.


And it is not like Cheney had not experienced this before. In the White House since the Nixon and Ford administrations, holding positions like the White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense and vice president, the name Robert Hanssen must ring a bell.

旁边有个纪念品店,生日盐是可以买到的,做成了小玻璃瓶的钥匙扣形式。虽然不算贵,但是小分队还是没买下手自己的,就给没来成的叶子、囡囡买了他们的,喵神还给另一位亲爱的带了一个。送礼佳品哦,盐可有净化、除秽、辟邪的意义的。 旁边有个纪念品店,生日盐是可以买到的,做成了小玻璃瓶的钥匙扣形式。虽然不算贵,但是小分队还是没买下手自己的,就给没来成的叶子、囡囡买了他们的,喵神还给另一位亲爱的带了一个。送礼佳品哦,盐可有净化、除秽、辟邪的意义的。

頭 盤 小 食 及 冷 盤 類 Appetizers and cold dishes 蜜 汁 叉 燒 Barbecue pork tenderloin Served with braised honey sauce 脆 皮 春 捲 Spring roll (2 pieces) Chicken or vegetarian served with prawn sauce 酥 炸 雲 吞 Crispy fried

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在这个全世界都散发着恋爱酸臭味的晚上,男女朋友都出去逛吃逛吃开始浪了,你一口,我一口的,还时不时伴随着傻笑,真是一点都不羡慕呢,毕竟外面热的连男朋友跑了都懒得追,里面嘈杂的连说话都用喊的,哪有静静的坐在办公室、躲在冷风中敲得键盘噼里啪啦响的推文小编惬意呢!冷气开得那叫一个足,吹得心里哇凉哇凉的,反正电费不用自己掏。 吹了太多风明天要请假的小编要讲故事了!(心疼自己30秒) 作为一个前天刚过完18岁生日的三好青年,真是为现在的小情侣们操碎了心,明明很相爱、明明想靠近、明明很想晒,为什么不呢,倒是狠狠的炫啊,不然你要那些单身筒子们怎么有动力去减肥、去学习、去努力变得更好遇见更好的另一半!朋友圈里少晒两顿饭,多晒情侣照、情侣戒指、情侣T恤、情侣才有的对话,就不信别人不拉黑你。七月,恋爱的季节,不要再坚持单身狗的清香,燥起来去爱,面对不懂事的你们小编要助攻一发,这些首饰咱可以天天戴,戴着大声秀恩爱。以下场景如有雷同,纯属巧合。 最后一节阅读课还没结束,短信就已聊了几十条。前些天就计划好的出行终于要尘埃落定。熟悉你的城市甚至多过自己的,那些与你一起遇到的陌生人、花香鸟语的角落都有我独自不曾感受到的美好。你说等大学毕业就找个喜欢的城市定居,我欢喜着期待、小心翼翼的等那一天到来,怕人家不知道你已心有所属。 施华洛世奇 Cross Signature 黑色小牛皮 男士手环手链用绳子绑住他的腕,一生只能牵你的手。¥1800天猫精选 周生生 Charme XL 86640P  信念转运珠既然他让此行成行,你又怎会没有必胜的信念。买珠子送手链,颜色自选。¥1254天猫 睡了一觉醒来,时钟走到了两点,旁边的枕头却还是空的。记不清这是等你的第几个深夜,留在桌子上的饭菜早就凉透,连猫都厌倦了四处张望,早早就蜷缩在床头。你多次提起正是事业上升期,手里的项目要盯紧,以后日子还长呢。我也没跟你计划过未来,说只要有爱的地方就是家。你爱我,我能感觉到,就是还想要属于我们俩的心意相通。传说无名指上有一根静脉是直通心脏的,我愿意相信。 DarryRing My heart系列  铂金钻石对戒一生只够爱一人,只要说句我愿意。¥3099起天猫精选施华洛世奇Tactic Thin 玫瑰金色 女款手镯 买给她,仅仅是因为宠爱。¥1700天猫精选早上起来先洗澡,打上发胶,领带换了又换,最后选了条浅蓝带波点的与前几天女朋友给买的西服搭,半路把车停在常去的咖啡店点了杯外带,到了公司从来不着急开工因为还没来得及跟女同事打趣呢。聊着股市的阴晴圆缺,聊着酒吧舞池里的美女,就是想不起来家里会画画还会做饭的女人。奥,今天累了,那就回家跟她吃个饭遛遛狗吧,原来傍晚的清凉和安静也能让人心旷神怡。山重水复,最称心的那个可能就在眼前。  Tiffany & Co. 蒂芙尼  “I love you”戒指 情侣男女对戒 单款 纯银 不稀罕你的花言巧语和隔三差五的礼物,而这个蓝色小盒子却很期待。¥1639京东没有唏嘘,没有起伏,一天天的过着。拥挤的人行道上,拉着买菜回来的小车走得尤其费力。前面骄阳似火,后面鸣笛不断,一回头是你摇下车窗在对着我笑。打电话说开会晚点回来,现在这是给我的惊喜吗?哗哗的洗菜声,葱花煎得嗞嗞响,桌子上的米饭冒着热气,孩子的玩具撒了一地,日子难得这么无声无息还有声有色。结婚久了也要浪漫,幸福看得见。 周生生 足金 Amore项链 42厘米 78039n (约4.1克) 心虽大众,但只要有,就够了。¥1539亚马逊中国  周生生 足金 Noir系列 骷髅头手链 88101B¥2175天猫精选 ……礼物不在大,有心则灵。今天份儿的狗粮已售罄,都被小编承包了。  

Merieux said in an interview with China Daily that what is motivating the French biomedical company to add more muscle to its R&D lies in the more innovation-friendly environment that China is committed to creating.