Perfect location makes it all worthwhile A company about to open its first office in Asia enters the unknown. Language, customs and laws might be different, and renting and fiiing up the office while worrying about the IT service provider, smooth internet connection, phone lines, manning the reception, cleaning and other aspects of office life in a foreign land are neither cheap, nor simple. When international financial and professional services company Schindlers decided to open an office in Hong Kong, director Kim Taylor first came for a short visit. “I soon realised that a serviced office was a great way to start,” she says. “All utilities were set up, we just had to-bring the computer, plug it in and start working, immediately generating income.” – The company, which has offices in London, Lichtenstein and Mauritius, made foray because its clients wished to trade in Asian markets. Taylor visited Compass offices as it had been recommended to her by colleagues, before returning to London. Compass later contacted her about opening a new office floor in Aon China Building in Central. “We looked at the location [on the. map]. We didn’t visit the office before we booked but the location looked perfect,” she says, explaining that its clients.are frequent travellers and they make a point of visiting the office when they pass through Hong Kong. Being located close to the Airport Express terminal in Central makes it convenient for them to pop in. Schindlers booked a three-person office, which is sufficiently spacious for the two people occupying it, and it can also accommodate a file cabinet and a printer. “They allowed us to reserve the office, although we only’moved in two months later,” Taylor says. “They didn’t chase us at all to see when we were coming.” She hopes to hire another person in about three months and if she needs one more person later, she will move into a bigger office. “There is no penalty, they allow an upgrade any time within Compass offices,” she says. She is happy with the pantry, free supply of tea and coffee-any time, and the. fridge and microwave, that allow eniployees to bring their own lunch. She also relies on Compass for the reception and bigger printing jobs, scanning, secretarial service and meeting room hire as and when her clients visit. “It is perfect for us right now,” she says. “When my clients come, they are really impressed and like the idea of a serviced office.”

But is DIY investing a panacea? Certainly not. There is a trade-off between going it alone and paying for professional advice. For example, individual investors typically do not have the time or expertise to continuously research, trade and monitor their investments, as funds do.

Paddlers go flat-out in the celebrity bath tub event, held yesterday as part of the final day of the CCB (Asia) Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Race off Tsim Sha Tsui East. More than 5,000 entrants in 199 teams – 163 local and 36 overseas from 11 territories around the world – took part over the three days. Photo: Dickson Lee Report C1

BMW plans to launch the BMW i3 later this year in Europe and bring it to China in the first half of 2014. The move will make BMW one of the first foreign automakers to sell imported electric cars in China.

Hotel reit Langham Hospitality dropped to HK$3.93 last Friday, down 21 per cent from its HK$5 debut on May 30. Regal Reit fell 0.85 per cent to close at HK$2.33, and other high-yield securities such as Yuexiu Reit fell 0.73 per cent to HK$4.08 and Champion Reit dropped 0.58 per cent to HK$3.39.

Address: 806 62nd Street, Brooklyn, NY11220 Phone: 718-680-2818 * Open 7 Days a Week Sun-Thurs: 12:00pm-12:00am Fri-Sat: 12:00pm-2:00am 咕 嚕 甜 品 KULU DESSERTS Free Delivery: Min. $15 (Last Call for Delivery

“If the founders and the management use part of the proceeds to increase their salaries without trying their best to improve the company’s earnings, investors will always be the losers,” said He Fuqiang, a director of ZHY Money & Bond Market Investment Consulting Centre.

“The fish farm business is retailing of a different kind,” said Kwok, a director and controlling shareholder of the fish farm venture, Aquaculture Technologies Asia. “We are raising fish in ways that have never done before.”

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For instance, construction on a main channel capable of accommodating ships with capacities of up to 300,000 tons was recently completed. In addition, 14 new berths for ships with capacities of up to 100,000 tons have been built, five of which are operational. And a 300,000-ton berth is now under construction.

In late 2011, MSD started construction of its Asian R&D center in Beijing, which is still being developed. The center, which includes registration and clinical trials, R&D capability building and cooperation with local companies, universities and academic institutions, serves not only China but also global markets.

小暑已过,三伏在即。蒸笼一样的天气,加上防晒程序的繁琐,大大的打击了人迈出房门,去跑步、跳操、甚至游泳的积极性。同时夏天也是广大男女同学大秀身材的最好时机,倒三角、八块腹肌、A4腰、马甲线等等都要秀起来,所以在夏季必要的运动同样必不可少。很多人在夏天都会选择去健身房运动,但是对于喜欢宅在家享受清凉的同学来说,一样可以在家中进行锻炼和运动,特别是一些无须器材或者器材相对简单,占地较小的运动,都非常适合大家在家中进行。本次专题的主题“宅在家也能做运动”,小编将会为大家推荐几样具有代表性室内运动和相关器材,希望能够助各位一臂之力。主要包括了部分健身、瑜伽、拳击等项目,如果大家也有自己的推荐,不妨在评论中和其他值友一同分享。一、健身健身大部分项目均可在室内进行,也是夏季最适合的运动方式之一。大家可以注意到,每到夏季都是健身房广告最活跃的时间。其实除了去健身房一些使用小型器材的基础项目自己在家中也可完成,另外相关器械价格也不高,并且可以长期使用。如果你也打算这个夏天宅在家运动,那就准备起来吧。握力器更有力的把握现在,想想你爱的左手和右手以及你讨厌的鼠标手,sao年快使用握力器吧~锻炼时只需要缓缓握住,然后hold住一会儿,再缓缓放开,每天多组练习,坚持七七四十九天,会让你的有更好的把握力,握手时再也不用担心处于下风,QWER放技能时会有更快的手速,WASD也会轻松闪躲敌方的子弹,达成这一切只需要一个握力器,没错。 迪卡侬 健身 康复 手臂力量训练/锻炼 15kg握力器x2 DOMYOS QS¥29.9天猫精选哑铃厚实有力的臂弯,人人都喜欢,这款哑铃杠铃二合一的产品,将满足你的可变需求,锻炼哪里变哪里,35cm的泡棉连接杆,简单的组装,拆卸就可以切换为杠铃哑铃,其哑铃杆表面采用防滑塑胶颗粒,保证了锻炼时的舒适安全,微波电镀工艺使得哑铃表面更加光滑,哑铃可以有效的增肌,需注意重量根据自身需求来选择,锻炼虽好,适度即可,可不要逞强哦。 凯速KANSOON可拆装电镀哑铃20KG(10公斤*2)带蓝黑泡棉35cm连接杆礼盒装哑铃蓝…¥219京东查看百科详情健腹轮   腹肌的使命召唤~白菜君经常推荐的健身器械,传说坚持锻炼七七四十九天就可以召唤腹肌,锻炼时采取标准的跪拜女神姿势,收紧上半身,缓缓推出拉近即可;也可以双臂支撑身体,收紧上半身,用小腿夹紧,缓缓推出拉近,这个姿势可以很好的照顾到上半身的肌肉群;需要注意锻炼时保护膝盖。Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro¥24.99美国亚马逊查看百科详情 TRX拉力健身带开始由军人传出,其借自重来通过不同的姿势来锻炼全身的肌肉群,比如通过蹲举可以锻炼臂部及腰腹肌肉群,背向前倾可以锻炼胸肌、肱三头肌及背阔肌,后倾可以锻炼肱二头肌及手臂等等,且其自身十分小巧,方便收纳携带,无论室内室外只要有悬挂点都可以方便使用,适合各种健身锻炼,需注意锻炼时的姿势以及保持两臂用力均匀,才能达到较好的锻炼效果。 迪卡侬 专业悬挂训练绳多功能拉力绳抗阻健身带DST DOMYOS QSTRX廉价解决方案,力量训练好帮手¥99天猫精选查看百科详情  二、瑜伽不出门的运动里,瑜伽是再好不过的选择了。这门有氧运动,讲究呼吸吐纳,动作舒缓柔和,但对力量和柔韧性同样有不低的要求,做到位的话,完全不失锻炼强度。汗水一点儿不少流,姿态却半分狰狞也无。一个人的好时光,伴着悠扬轻音,舒展身躯控制体态,最后归于冥思,会一会探手拈花的禅意,炎炎夏日里,心静自然凉。瑜伽垫对一般人来说,需要准备的,也只是个瑜伽垫而已。初习瑜伽,其实6mm的厚度足矣。太厚的瑜伽垫不但不易保持平衡,也不利于对身体的感知。材质方面,不管从耐用度还是专业性上来说,TPE都秒杀PVC。至于NBR和EVA这样过于松软的材质,还是留给复健活动更为合适。天然橡胶虽好,然而太过昂贵,没必要一开始就入手。总体来说,TPE材质的瑜伽垫仍是目前普通瑜伽练习者的最佳性价比之选。瑜伽动作不太需要全方位大开大阖,一般来说,宽度达到60cm,长度180cm左右就够用了。哈他正品tpe初学者瑜伽环保无味高弹性垫子防滑健身毯愈加长加厚¥158天猫精选查看百科详情瑜伽砖 辅助器材方面,瑜伽砖最为实用。尤其对于下肢柔韧性不够的初学者来说,基本盘坐难以到位的情况下,垫块瑜伽砖就容易多了。 哈他泡沫轴高密度瑜伽砖头泡沫砖高密度eva正品瑜伽辅助用品工具¥36天猫精选瑜伽球 瑜伽球除了按摩、放松身体,加强局部锻炼效果外,也能一定程度上帮助初学者更容易的进入冥想状态,同时更添运动的趣味性。不过更适合有存储空间的人选择,毕竟每次用都吹起来还是太麻烦了一些。 【马甲线神器】哈他 健身瑜伽球瘦身加厚防爆瑞士孕妇分娩球正品¥68天猫精选三、拳击快速减脂、塑形不妨试试有氧拳击。当然拳击并不是汉子们的专属运动,妹子们练拳击不仅宣泄压力并且助于保护自己。Gigi Hadid最近po出的拳击视频可以说帅呆了,嘴上羡慕,心底长草,那就要行动起来。基础的拳击装备非常简单,一副拳套外加一个沙袋即可,同样是夏季室内运动的好选择哦。拳击手套Everlast 混双武术拳击练习袋手套:Everlast是来自美国纽约运动品牌,主营拳击以及休闲服饰。历史悠久,也是众多好莱坞明星、超模的选择。这款拳击手套,泡沫衬垫佩带舒适;手腕处魔术贴可调节松紧;露大拇指设计,让拳头握的更紧,出力更集中。 Everlast 混双武术拳击练习袋手套¥86.51亚马逊中国 迪卡侬 DOMYOS CS 拳击手套:适合初级的拳击手套,主要由涤纶和聚氨酯构成,结实耐用。预定型泡沫材质,手腕处魔术贴搭扣可根据自身调节松紧度;加上网眼设计,内衬光滑,佩戴更舒适透气。迪卡侬 拳击手套成人泰拳武术散打沙袋拳套训练搏击 DOMYOS CS¥69天猫精选拳击沙袋迪卡侬  DOMYOS CS 拳击沙袋:采用耐用的聚酯帆布材质,手感舒适;金属链固定,更加稳定牢固。袋身标出击打位置,便于训练;直径32厘米,高度90厘米,重量:20千克。占地比较小,放在客厅和阳台都比较合适,不过在购买之前还是需要确认一下家中是否有悬挂的条件。 迪卡侬 成人搏击运动 拳击散打泰拳沙袋TB390 DOMYOS CS¥399天猫精选 Everlast 双头沙袋:优质合成革制成,双头球型设计,击打更加集中和快速。减震索和尼龙绳采用封闭环设计,防止损坏且更加固定。相比较之下,双头沙袋体积和安置都更为建议,训练的侧重点也主要在出拳速度和反应等方面,两种沙袋结合可以更全面的进行相关拳击训练。Everlast 双头沙袋¥171.61亚马逊中国

The welcome at the Elysee Palace reflects the potential and opportunities France sees in China’s private economy as well as the French desire to forge closer relationships with the country’s business leaders.

第 一 節 利 用 微 生 物 的 菌 體 為 食 品 從 微 生 物 中 獲 得 蛋 白 質 ( 單 細 胞 蛋 白 質, single cell protein) 將 是 解 決 人 類 獲 取 蛋 白 質 食 物 資 源 的 重 要 途 徑 其 代 謝 產 物 獲 取 核 苷 麥 角 固 醇 凝 血 素 輔 酸 酶 A 乳 糖 酶 及 多 種 胺 基 酸 等, 可 供 醫 藥 及 生 物 試

Dessert / per person 46 Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo Poached Pear with Honey and Fritillary 46 32 Chinese Herbal Jelly with Mango, Kiwifruit and Water Melon 32 Milk Custard with Red Bean and Ginger

日本直送現貨一箱 Cure Natural Aqua Gel天然水漾去角質啫喱 250g (香港屈臣氏售$280支) HK$150 一支 HK$288 兩支 不包郵 (平郵+$11支/ $22兩支) (順豐1-2支同樣$22) 4無添加配方溫和: 無防腐劑 無人造色素 無香料 無礦物油 低刺激成分,暗瘡肌丶敏感肌及孕婦都可放心使用 KOL丶藝人丶化妝師也大推 含90%活性素水、銀杏、迷迭香及蘆薈,有助抗氧化、促進血液循環,提升光澤等效果,而且質地水潤,用後不油膩不乾燥,爽滑舒適! 溫和去除0.1mm老廢角質,同時呵護幼嫩的肌膚,改善粗糙,去雜質,去死皮,令護膚品更吸收,保養更事半功倍! 臉蛋,身體部位如背部、手部、膝蓋及腳踝都適用 用法: 洗面後用毛巾印乾多餘水份,擠適量此產品在手掌,避開眼部四周,均勻塗在面上或在意的部位,輕輕打圈按摩,浮出白色屑後,用清水洗去,再依照塗日常護理程序 (**建議每星期使用2次**) … 日本直送🇯🇵現貨一箱


The firm indicated in exchange documents that the listed entity will pay investors a yield of about 6 per cent. Most investors would be happy with 6 per cent, especially if the issuer also held out the possibility of growth and capital gains, as does NW Hotel.

Sectors including nonferrous metals, construction materials, food, automobile, machinery, petroleum processing and power generation have developed into clusters each with annual revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan. Local officials expect those revenues will double by 2015.

迷 迭 香 Rosemary : 促 進 血 液 循 環 減 輕 腰 部 肌 肉 關 節 疼 痛 增 強 中 樞 神 經 系 統 增 強 記 憶 力 綠 薄 荷 Mint : 清 新 空 氣 提 神 殺 菌 香 蜂 草 Balm : 益 壽 治 頭 痛 健 胃 助 消 化 提 神 放 鬆 心 情 抗 憂 鬱 甜 蜜 薰 衣 草 Laverder : 鎮 靜 止 痛 沐 浴 可 為 鬆 弛 劑, 可


Wigglesworth上次和港乐奏过贝多芬《田园》,听得不高兴,今次听他的海顿《第九十交响曲》也差不多。他奏古典派令人又爱又恨,爱的是他的速度、分句、节奏,颇受原音派影响,清新爽快、节奏感强,但恨的是声音和稀泥。Wigglesworth 追求轻盈的弦乐,但轻得来太松散,不如奏实净一些。上次《田园》跟这次的海顿一样,声音都很无力。终曲的玩笑十分成功,多得指挥没有省略最后的重复,错的结尾一共奏了两次。观众要上够两次当,去到真正的结尾,才会自作聪明地不拍手,这就是海顿最妙的一招。

“Art fairs seemed very remote 10 years ago. But now collectors, buyers and museum curators go to art fairs,” Man said. “Business is one thing, but meetings and discussions with an international crowd are fruitful. They have brought positive opportunities to artists.”

Cookies 是伺服端為了區別使用者的不同喜好,經由瀏覽器寫入使用者硬碟的一些簡短資訊。您可以在Netscape的「功能設定」的「進階」或是IE的「Internet選項」的「安全性」中選擇修改您瀏覽器對Cookies的接受程度, 包括接受所有cookies、設定cookies時得到通知、拒絕所有Cookies等三種。如果您選擇拒絕所有的Cookies,您就可能無法使用部份個人化服務, 或是參與部份的活動。 依據以下目的及情況,yam天空部落格會在本政策原則之下,在您瀏覽器中寫入並讀取Cookies:



(1) When the US “turns off the tap”, moneyinundation will ease slightly. However, interest ratesare expected to remain ultra-low for quite some time.Even if they begin to go up by the end of next year,they will do so only gradually, and there is no rulingout the possibility of their increases being digested inthe market. Therefore, though the Fed’s decision to”turn off the tap” or to raise interest rates woulddoubtless affect Hong Kong’s property market, itremains to be seen whether it would see a significantcorrection in property prices.

Then there was the kicker. “Meanwhile”, the statement went on to say, the city would be seeking US clarification of Snowden’s claims that Washington has been hacking the computers of Hong Kong people and institutions as part of a global cyberspying operation. The message from the Hong Kong government was clear; we run this place according to our laws and we won’t be pushed around.


And if you think you are safe investing in ETFs, think again. The instruments often reflect what is popular, not what is cheap. Consider the high allocations to tech and commodities in the recent past, before both sectors fell out of favour.

According to data provider iFind, senior executives of mainland-listed firms gained an average 6.9 per cent pay rise last year and their total payments were valued at about 9 billion yuan (HK$11.3 billion). The growth in salaries of company bosses far exceeded a 2 per cent profit rise recorded in the same year.

“I’m suspicious because he went to China. That’s not a place where you would ordinarily want to go if you are interested in freedom, liberty and so forth,” said Cheney. “It raises questions whether or not he had that kind of connection before he did this.”


“Overseas financial investors can enjoy similar profits to local investors as the market opens up because neither actually plays much of a role in the day-to-day running of hospitals,” said Wu. “For strategic investors, things are more complicated.”

In security matters, the issue of cyberattacks should be thoroughly re-assessed in light of recent revelations that US, through its National Security Agency, has for years engaged in widespread hacking inside China. Moreover, the case of the whistleblower Edward Snowden, a contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton, and the program PRISM, which allowed the NSA to monitor user data from the world’s largest US-based Internet companies, raise troubling questions the privatization of national security. It created a highly adverse moral hazard in the Bush era and it casts a dark shadow over the Obama era as well.


China has allowed businesses to settle foreign trade in yuan and signed swap agreements to promote the use of the currency in international trade and investment. It has also eased rules for foreign companies to invest in the country using yuan raised offshore and started direct trading with currencies including the yen as part of efforts to make the yuan a global currency.

我用的是這種正宗的玉米粉﹐ 不是一般的玉米粉﹐ 叫做 Masa Harina,  用來做傳統的 tortillas, tamales, 以及其他的墨西哥食物。我買的這種是是非轉基因玉米(也有轉基因玉米的)﹐ 經過石灰水浸泡處理﹐ 以軟化外殼﹐ 石灰並進一步與葉酸反應使其容易消化吸收。處理過的玉米直接以清水洗過濕磨成粉﹐ 便是新鮮的Masa﹐ 如果再更進一步將其乾燥﹐ 便叫做 Masa Harina。

According to the Ministry of Commerce, in 2012, foreign investment flowing into China’s high-end manufacturing industries of general equipment manufacturing and transportation equipment manufacturing saw fast growth of 31.8 and 17.2 percent from a year earlier, while the nation’s foreign direct investment dropped by 3.7 percent year-on-year to $111.7 billion during the same period.

高效美白精華素 G&L Lumini Whitening Essence HC 含甘草精華、啤酒花及微脂囊高效抗氧化,有效抑制黑色素形成,敏感度低,保護肌膚不受自由基傷害,重點擊退色斑。 [任何皮膚適用] 產品編號: GL078 容量: 20 ml 法國 用法: 早晚潔臉後,塗於臉上及頸部。晚上,與維生素C晚霜一拼使用,效果更佳。 每天早上出門前塗上SPF15或以上之防曬霜,阻擋紫外線,保護肌膚。 避免觸及眼內,如進入眼內,請即用清水清洗。如用後皮膚感不適或敏感,請停止使用。 #高效美白精華素 #甘草精華 #啤酒花 #黑色素 #宏系 #護膚產品 #香港 #hk #高效 #美白 #保濕 #天然 #去黃 #淡斑 #抗皺 #皺紋 #美容 #油脂分泌 #粉刺 #去印 #收毛孔 #敏感 #脫皮 #光澤 #輪廓 #緊緻 #gnlfrance #gnl #essence #有意whatapp94797308 高效美白精華素

For example, the largest group of Taobao clients are the so-called “night fighters”. That group has a population as big as the city of Beijing, with more than 22.8 million people. They usually shop online between 11 pm and 5 am.

添加有機植物草本消炎配方,重點消炎皮膚,維持皮膚正常的PH值。含多種植物提取精華而成,包括西洋菜萃取物,鼠尾草萃取物,牛蒡根,檸檬皮萃取物,常春藤萃取物, 美洲無患子萃取物,海藻萃取物,配方ph值為5.5-5.7,最貼近皮脂膜,所以能夠平衡油脂分泌,減少發炎,抑制炎症細胞持續產生,舒緩暗瘡皮膚炎症及損傷,亦具有控油功效,同時加入維他命B3,令消炎控油功效更事半功倍!配方特別添加維他命B5及透明質酸大+小份子,不失深度補水及柔軟肌膚。

As smartphones have brought immeasurable convenience to our daily lives, MPF providers are launching mobile sites to let its m~mbers gain easy access to their MPF·accounts anytimei anywhere. ~ianz Global Investors (“AllianzGI”) has recently launched its mobile site or MPF members, which incorporates comprehensive fund information and MPF tools, all available through interactive and user-friendly functions. “We put together information in a neat and organized way so that users can easily get what they want, even on the small screen of smartphones,” said Elvin Yu, Head of Institutional Business, Qreater China and South East Asia of Allianz Global Investors. A well-established MPF provider with more than 28 years’ experience in servicing pension clients in Hong Kong, AllianzGI is keen to pay heed to the needs and investment requirements of Its clients so as to offer the optimal strategie.s and solutions. One of its latest services is its MPF mobile site. Offering services comparable to those from computer websites, the mobile site allows members to check out detailed fund performance such as annualized returns, cumulative and calendar returns, asset allocations and other fund details including investment objective and investor profile. Members can also download the fund factsheets, access their MPF account information and do transactions through the mobile site, which is similar to what they do on computers. “With all information easily available at your fingertips, there is no excuse not to actively manage your MPF account,” he added. Comprehensive site facilitates better planning The mobile site at AllianzGI features interactive charts, displaying fund price movements in a graphic form that can be understood at a glance. In addition, members can get instant access to daily fund prices, latest fund performances and informative fund factsheet downloads while they are on the move. To help members keep abreast of AllianzGI’s market views and latest developments, the site features a webcast that offers the latest market insights from AllianzGI’s investment experts on streaming video webcasts with the latest market updates. On the other hand, strategic retirement planning calls for preparation well ahead. A user-friendly retirement calculator is indispensible to help members understand their financial needs and plan their investments to achieve their retirement goals. Its risk assessment t~st, also vital for an all-rounded plan, contains an interactive questionnaire to help members find out the risk profiles they belong to. After determining their risk tolerance level, they can sel~ct the . most appropriate investment options to meet their retirement and investment requirements. Besides, members’ portfolio breakdown can be conveniently accessed through a simple user login, after which members can view their MPF account information including account balance, contribution details and MPF investment breakdowns. Meanwhile, as with all online services, users should be aware of protecting their personal information. “Users should avoid using shared mobile devices such as publicly accessed tablets or devices, or logon to personal account when using public Wi-Fi facilities,” he recommended. Allianz Global Investors’ mobile site is available at www.allianzgi.hkImpf Quality makes the difference According to the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, when selecting an MPF provider that suits your needs, members should carefully consider four key factors including products offered, service quality, fees and charges, and personal factors. For example, in addition to a comprehensive mobile site, AllianzGI provides outstanding client services through various platforms, including member’s hotline, regular newsletters and communications. It also works closely with employers to arrange member sessions to help review their investment portfolios and provide market updates. Experience does matter when it comes to investing. AlIianzGI is well established with more than 28 years of experience in servicing its pen~ion cltents in Hong Kong. It has an experienced MPF investment’ team, with portfolio managers boasting an average of over 21 years of investment experience in the industry and 14 years of experience with the company.

Despite a global economic slowdown, the city’s foreign trade volume stood at $3.77 billion last year, increasing 26.3 percent from a year ago and ranking fourth in Guangxi, according to local statistics.

Merieux said BioMerieux is implementing a “reverse” R&D strategy in China, so the new cooperation agreement and expansion of the Shanghai facilities are not only for local needs but also for its global network.




冰屋 一直是甜食控們約會的好去處,不僅有可愛好拍又美味的刨冰,近期還推出超夢幻的惡魔珍奶系列,完全滿足虎麗的少女心!草莓季一定要試試惡魔甜心,多到爆的自製草莓醬加上新鮮草莓帶有酸甜滋味,搭配惡魔外型很吸睛。如果喜歡黑糖珍奶飲品的話,推薦試試有漂亮漸層的草莓惡魔珍珠鮮奶茶,另外抹茶控們別錯過小山園系列冰品和飲品,濃醇的茶香入口很有滿足感~▲惡魔甜心 NT$160,邪惡系列的惡魔甜心是草莓季必吃口味!使用新鮮草莓加上自製草莓醬、優格醬、煉乳,吃起來充滿酸甜的幸福感,還有搭配一球明治冰淇淋做成小惡魔外型,整個好療癒。▲冰屋的刨冰很細,淋上滿滿的草莓醬和煉乳,每一口都吃得到濃醇滋味,還有嚴選新鮮草莓的酸甜很涮嘴。▲明治冰淇淋是焦糖布丁口味,撒上些許巧克力碎片增添香甜,惡魔造型上方是有點酸的軟糖。喜歡草莓的吃貨一定要點這個嚐鮮~▲草莓抹茶聖誕樹 NT$170,超可愛的聖誕樹外型融化虎麗少女心,這款是以小山園抹茶為基底的冰品,加上新鮮草莓、星星仙貝非常受歡迎,拍起來也好美!▲享用之前可以先淋上煉乳增添風味,抹茶的清香融入濃醇奶香特別順口。▲草莓抹茶聖誕樹還有附自製雙色白玉,口感Q彈有嚼勁,完全滿足咀嚼控味蕾。▲小山園抹茶淡雅的茶香加上微酸甜的新鮮草莓、Q彈白玉一起入口,多層次的口感讓人吃得意猶未盡。▲冰屋不只能吃到超萌冰品,現在也推出美到翻掉的黑糖惡魔珍奶,加入自製草莓果醬和小山園抹茶,搭配出漂亮的漸層飲品。▲草莓惡魔珍珠鮮奶 NT$80,加了自家熬煮的草莓果醬和檸檬汁,喝起來比較酸一點,建議與手工炒製的黑糖攪拌均勻之後再品嚐,喝起來酸酸甜甜又充滿草莓味,加上Q彈珍珠特別涮嘴!▲小山園惡魔珍珠鮮奶 NT$80,濃郁抹茶滋味融合手炒黑糖的香氣特別match,微苦甜口感很順口,珍珠QQ的好有嚼勁,這杯有超美漸層好好拍!▲菜單MENU。▲用餐環境舒適帶有文青風格,▲門市外觀。在高雄就是要吃冰喝飲料,冰屋一直推出漂亮又美味的新品,滿足吃貨們的味蕾,無論是草莓季必吃的惡魔甜心,或是有夢幻漸層的惡魔珍奶都很不錯,甜食控們可以來約會嚐美食~推薦給想吃夢幻冰品和飲料的你們^^ 冰屋 地址 高雄市前鎮區沱江街23號營業時間 週一至週日 12:00-19:30電話  07-3318345冰屋FB粉絲團    (本篇為合作採訪)


菊野日式涮涮鍋 是美術館附近新開的火鍋店,提供制霸大肉盤滿足肉食控味蕾,搭配每天熬煮的清香湯底,堅持不添加味精,喝得更安心。來這裡不僅能吃到豐富的肉品,還有海鮮也是推薦必點,淋上小杯米酒提味更香醇!如果非常愛吃肉、無肉不歡,虎麗建議點了大肉盤之後再選擇小鮮肉肉盤,爆滿一鍋都是肉超級過癮,下次聚餐就約在菊野日式涮涮鍋吧~ 週一至週五中午用餐,只要在FB、IG打卡即享85折優惠▲入座會供應熱麥茶,也可以自行取用添加。▲上品鍋 NT$288 (梅花豬肉),上品鍋是經典鍋物選擇,虎麗選擇梅花豬肉,搭配日式昆布菇菇湯底,清香甘甜的爽口滋味煮蔬菜、鮮肉都不錯!▲制霸大肉盤滿足肉食空的味蕾,梅花豬肉口感比較Q嫩,沒有什麼油脂但吃起來不會乾柴。▲份量給得很有誠意,可以大口吃肉、大口喝湯。▲滿滿一鍋肉吃起來非常過癮!▲主食選擇白飯更有滿足感,搭配梅花豬肉和醬料一起享用很涮嘴。▲這一鍋的菜盤選擇是「菊野鮮蔬菜盤」,嚴選自然新鮮時蔬,份量剛好煮滿一整鍋。▲饗味鍋 NT$418 (霸王海陸),想要吃豐盛一點就選擇霸王海陸,可以搭配「精緻肉品+海鮮選二」,虎麗點了雪花牛肉、鯛魚、鮮蝦,而且菜盤還挑了小鮮肉肉盤,完全是狂吃肉的組合!加上濃郁香醇的大根豚骨湯底,是用蔬菜加大骨去熬煮,滋味比昆布菇菇湯厚實一些。▲大盤的雪花牛肉口感扎實有嚼勁,油脂比較少一點。▲挑菜盤特別選了小鮮肉肉盤,可以吃肉吃不停!這個是有豐富油花的培根牛肉,吃起來比較軟嫩,口感還不錯。▲虎麗選擇了鮮蝦、鯛魚兩種海鮮,菊野試試涮涮鍋更貼心附上小杯米酒,可以淋上提味。▲建議淋上之後讓魚肉吸收米酒香氣再入鍋煮,吃起來更加鮮美甘醇。▲鮮蝦肉質脆嫩,充滿香醇滋味。▲主食點了蒸煮麵,虎麗很喜歡這種麵體,口感飽滿Q彈有勁,可以完整吸滿湯汁的香氣,搭配些許調料就很好吃。▲餐後會供應一份冰淇淋,不定期更換口味,吃完火鍋再來一球冰涼滋味超過癮!▲各種沾醬滿足味蕾,還有素食的哦!▲每天自熬的各種湯底都可以自行添加,還有熱麥茶也可續。菜單MENU▲二樓用餐空間明亮寬敞,如果公司行號或團體有需要聚餐、慶生可以先預訂包場哦!▲一樓用餐空間。▲餐廳外觀。火鍋控聚餐有新選擇,來到菊野日式涮涮鍋可以品嚐到每天熬煮的清香湯底,搭配制霸大肉盤滿足肉食胃,豐富的料理絕對吃得飽。推薦給喜歡吃火鍋的你們^^ 菊野日式涮涮鍋 地址 高雄市鼓山區裕誠路1948號營業時間 週一至週日 11:00-14:00/17:00-22:00電話 07-5559759菊野日式涮涮鍋FB粉絲團    (本篇為合作採訪)

And if you think you are safe investing in ETFs, think again. The instruments often reflect what is popular, not what is cheap. Consider the high allocations to tech and commodities in the recent past, before both sectors fell out of favour.

如精致可口的甜点﹑巧克力﹑惊艳的夏日清爽鸡尾酒﹑香槟及咖啡等。申宴会厅将展示经典中式及西式的宴会布置,为新人们定制专属的梦中婚礼。portman ritzcarlton, shen ballroom wedding setup 申宴会厅西式布置 “SUMMER IN LOVE爱在盛夏”婚礼秀将在489平方米的申宴会厅隆重举行,并由酒店经理致辞拉开帷幕。届时,著名的韩国婚纱礼服品牌GRACE KELLY将带来奢华婚纱现场走秀,高级彩妆品牌ANNA SUI也将现场展示时尚新娘妆容和技巧。加上,位于酒店七楼的花园露台将以夏季主题装饰一新,伴随着现场的乐队表演,宾客将能一边悠然地享受各式点心﹑

但不能少了一枚鸡尾酒戒指。 鸡尾酒戒指(cocktail ring)其实并不是珠宝中的“新星”,它的出现还要追溯到上世纪20年代的美国。当时正值一战后那段充满变革的时期,传统价值观在时代的洪流中受到冲击,女权主义兴起,女性走出家庭,开始工作、社交,她们也像男人一样穿上裤装、抽烟喝酒,享受不被束缚的人生。造型别致的鸡尾酒戒指,图片来自Pinterest。 但当时美国正在施行“禁酒令”,想喝上酒可不是那么容易,只有在一些非法的鸡尾酒会上才能喝个痛快。这些时髦而叛逆的女郎们就在参加这类派对时,会戴上一枚造型夸张的戒指,希望

35. 35。Malaysian breakfast – A hot bowl of Mee – noodles mixed with egg, vegetable and tasty spices.马来西亚早餐- – -一个热碗梅伊——面条和鸡蛋混合,蔬菜和调味料。Tirja DusunTirja杜松人~MVI~ (shooting with a busted kit lens)~本~(射击爆裂套装镜头).

伏特加調法 螺絲起子(SCREWDRIVER) 奇奇(CHI-CHI) 莎莎亞椰奶 鳳梨罐頭 海風(SEA BREEZE) 葡萄柚汁 蔓越莓汁 血腥瑪莉(BLOODY MARY) 塔巴斯哥辣醬 西洋芹 VODKA LIME 鹹狗(SALTY DOG) 鹽口杯 柯夢波丹(COSMOPOLITAN) 神風特攻隊(KAMIKAZE) 莫斯科騾子(MOSCOW MULE) 伏特加推薦 伏特加雞尾酒 鬥牛犬(BULLDOG)

搭配着首席侍酒师David Duan亲自操刀的鸡尾酒,为主厨法比奥的每一道菜搭配不同口味的酒品。图片来源自北京金融街丽思卡尔顿酒店 除此之外,受赞誉的丽思卡尔顿下午茶,也在七夕当天特别升级。你可以携手爱侣从繁忙日常中觅得半日闲暇,听着古筝雅韵,伴着树影茶香,悠然品享精致糕点,浓情蜜意丝丝浸入心田,远远低过了千万句“我爱你”!Tips:每两位人民币457元,另加99元可享两杯七夕情人节特饮。(只供应3天)图片来源自北京金融街丽思卡尔顿酒店 另外,在七夕节当天,四季汇自助餐厅将于当日装点起柔嫩可人的粉色甜品台,让爱好精致生活

“Among those who seek help from us, we find many are on low incomes rather than being reckless gamblers or spenders,” said Paulina Kwok Chi-ying, the centre’s supervisor. “But they are excluded from opportunities.”

【西瓜玛格丽特】 都说不懂鸡尾酒的人就是不懂生活,漫漫长夜喝点果汁就太没意思了,既然想要高格调的氛围那么怎能没有鸡尾酒来助阵呢!?首先只需要准备好西瓜、盐、龙舌兰酒以及青柠即可。将西瓜切成小块,放入碗中待用,再将青柠切成小块放置一旁。将鸡尾酒杯口处淋上些许矿泉水并且蘸上适量的盐粒。随后将西瓜块放入到搅拌机内,再倒入适量的龙舌兰并挤入一点青柠汁,混合在一起打碎成泥后放置一旁待用。可以用多余的西瓜块和青柠制作一个小装饰,再将调好的鸡尾酒倒入杯中就大功告成了。【清凉西瓜冰糕】都说夏季唯有冰棍才与之更相配!而既要解暑还要高颜值,

As a major initiative to promote good corporate governance and director professionalism among Hong Kong’s companies, The Hong “Kong Institute of Directors (HKloD) has, since 2001, organized an annual Directors of The Year Awards, a prestigious accolade that has become an annual project of impact in the community. Now open for nominations- until July 31, Directors Of The Year Awards 2013 has chosen the theme ‘Promoting ESG Policies – Adding Corporate Value by the Board’ to highlight the contributions boards can make to the company in making policies on ESG issues, i.e. Environmental, Social and Governance issues. At the Awards Launch Ceremony held early this month, Dr. Kelvin Wong, Chainnan ofHKIoD, pointed out that the Institute had submitted its positive response to the consultation paper issued by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) on ESG Reporting Guidelines. “In this context, HKIoD sees the need for raising awareness and boosting the capability of companies in ESG reporting,” he said, Dr. Wong believes board dir~ctors playa leading role in promoting and implementing ESG policies. In analyzing the associated risks and opportunities, they generate. long-term values for the company. Mr. Liu’Tingan, Chairman of the Awards Organizing Committee, emphasized the need for good judg!nent skills on the part of board members in forimilating ESG policies and evaluation mechanism. These policies, he said, must complement business strategies. “Society today is paying increased attention to the intangible qualities of a corporation, but conventional financial reporting falls short of capturing their value,” he added. The Awards project has continued to enjoy strong support “from prominent companies and groups. As Lead Sponsor of the Awards project, Mr. Wang Bin, ChaIrman of China Taiping Insurance Group Company, pointed out that his company had always strived to be socially responsible and to serve as a role model for the industry with prudent corporate governance. Dr Carlye Tsui, CEO ofHKIoD advised against the uncritical adoption of standardized scoring formulae when formulating ESG policies. “In order to come up with credible policies and effective evaluation mechanism,” she said. “The Board of a .company should first consider the characteristics of its industry, its business nature, and the geographic cov~rage of its business. The panel of judges comprises business leaders, professionals and regulators. Selection criteria of the Awards include such factors as effectiveness of strategic policies, contribution to bo”ard effectiveness, risk and succession management, continuing development for directors, business ethics and other outstanding achievements. . The Awards recognize excellence in categories by company type, including listed companies, private companies and statutory/non-profit-distributing organizations, and categories by roles, including Executive Directors, Non-executive Directors and Boards.

The firm, China’s second-largest telecoms equipment provider, aims to “double shipments of 4G products every year,” Lv said, and by 2015, 40-50 percent of all terminal shipments will be LTE-enabled.

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“homemade salsa recipe pressure canning |homemade sweet salsa recipe”

10 Let jars cool, lids should pop: Remove jars from the water bath and let sit on a counter for several hours until completely cool. The lids should “pop” as the cooling salsa creates a vacuum under the lid and the jars are sealed.

Ok. I made the salsa yesterday and threw a jar into the fridge due to an improper seal. I spooned some of the salsa onto my avocado and eggs tonight, and it was divine. I had told myself just one day spent on making salsa, but I may make it two:)

The exact weight of tomatoes will depend on the variety you use. I like to use roma (paste tomatoes) if I have them because the purple tomatillo salsa recipe content is less but any kind of tomato will work. The key is to peel the tomatoes and let them drain. See the step-by-step tutorial below the recipe for a visual. I like to pull out and discard the thicker white core of the tomatoes.

Each week there will be recipes that go head-to-head in a friendly competition. Our Easy Homemade Salsa Recipe will be featured beginning September 12th, so head on over and vote, you could win prizes as well!

Wonderful flavor. It took way way to long to peel and core tomatoes so I cored with knife tip stem end blanched then snipped into tiny pieces. It took me maybe 20 minutes  while it took me nearly two hours your way.  Otherwise great recipe thank you so much. Just wanted to let others know if they were having problems like me 

I JUST made this!! Oh my gosh! I have always wanted to make my own salsa. It is the best ever. Better than any restaurant and I added a touch more garlic and cilantro just because I love them both but other than that, stuck to the recipe above! Delicious!

IMPORTANT: Follow the directions carefully for each recipe. Use the amounts of each vegetable listed in the recipe. Add the amount of vinegar or lemon juice listed. You may change the amount of spices, if desired. Do not can salsas that do not follow these or other research tested recipes. (They may be frozen or stored in the refrigerator). Do not thicken salsas with flour or cornstarch before canning. Thickening makes it harder for the contents to reach the right temperature during processing and impacts safety. After you open a jar to use, you may pour off some of the liquid, add tomato paste or thicken with cornstarch. reference: Reference: the University of Missouri.

Try freezing abt a cup for a while + try it. I freeze my tomatoes all the time that have only been heated to boiling, Adding 1/2-1 tsp. salt per quart. They do just fine for soups + things without any loss in flavor. I have also canned tomatoes w onions + okra. They do great. I would just try some to see if freezing changes it much. It would be handy for quick cooking recipes.

PROCESS both pint and half pint jars in a boiling water canner for 15 minutes, adjusting for altitude. Remove jars and cool. Check lids for seal after 24 hours. Lid should not flex up and down when center is pressed.

Not sure what went wrong with my salsa.. followed recipe to a T and mine turned out an orangey color and pulsed on low for maybe 20-30 seconds & it’s very runny. Looks nothing like the photos and doesn’t taste like I hoped it would. 🙁

The recipe looks good except for adding factory canned tomato sauce and paste!  Ugh.  I make my own and would use it.  If I didn’t make my own I would simply cook it longer to thicken.  You sort of lose the whole meaning of “home canned” if you add factory food in it, don’t you think?

Am going to give this salsa a try as I do sometimes prefer the more saucy/less chunky variety of salsa to eat with tortilla chips. I wonder how people got on with canning it – did anyone ever come back with a report for you on that?

Strangeaslife, the acidity of lemon juice lifts and freshens the flavor of the salsa. If you’re going to can the salsa, it also increases the acidity level which is important for safe canning. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I also really love creamy avocado salsa verde, which you can make by throwing some diced avocado into the mix. I decided to divide my salsa in two and blend one avocado into one-half of the salsa. I’ve included instructions below. Or, serve it alongside my favorite guacamole recipe with tortilla chips for the best of both worlds!

Chips and salsa go together like…well, chips and salsa! So, since you’re planning to make homemade salsa, why not pair it with homemade chips? We’ve got a great recipe for Crispy Crunchy Pita Chips we think you’ll want to try!

What does it matter if I leave the skins on? It would be one less thing to mess with. I made fresh salsa with the skins on and I did not cook anything. All fresh and delicious! Is there a reasons to cook the salsa for 15 minutes besides softening the veggies?

So pregnant me hears a Mexican song on the radio and immediately envision myself eating dinner at Mexico Restaurant. I decide it’s the chips and salsa I really want and since I’m headed to the grocery store anyway, I decide to try my hand at restaurant style salsa. Found your recipe while in the store, and made it asap when I got home. uncouldnt believe how easy it was! My mind was a bit blown that canned tomatoes are the base ingredient. My only critique would be to leave off the cumin or at least try it in a small bowl to make sure you like it before adding to the whole mixture.

We served this salsa as a bed for flaky Grilled Grouper, but feel free to serve as an appetizer with chips. Kalamata olives bring a slightly unexpected briny flavor to this salsa, which you won’t be able to resist. 

A. Well, Grandma may be sweet, but a lot of her generation died of cancer from smoking, heart attacks from eating too much saturated fat… And food poisoning! 🙂 Jam should get 5 minutes in the boiling water bath, too.

Chris Munn, it’s so nice to meet someone with Peruvian connections! What a treat that your wife has introduced you to so many Peruvian favorites. I’ve found that Peruvians are very proud of their cuisine and every region has their own specialties. I’m glad you found this salsa recipe. It’s simple to prepare and my favorite salsa. Thanks for coming by and leaving a meaningful comment.

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I bought 25 pounds of scratch and dent canning tomatoes at the farmer’s market today and I’m making this salsa now. (The extra tomatoes will become frozen tomato puree.) I’m very excited to see how this salsa turns out!

I made this salsa exactly as the recipe stated with all home grown ingredients. I didn’t want to stray from the recipe since I spent so much effort in growing all the produce in it. There was one small exception in that I used orange peppers instead of green peppers since my green peppers were not ready to harvest. This salsa is incredible! Best I have ever tasted. My sons are salsa fanatics and they fought over the last jar! So often recipes don’t turn out to taste as one would hope but this surpassed all expectations. Plus it is so easy! I am making a double batch as we speak so I can give some to my boys to take to college with them.

I’m not 100% positive, but I think so. Basically the recipe needs enough acidity to can properly and be food safe. You might google and see if you can sub lime juice in canning recipes for the lemon juice.

This is the 2nd time I’ve made this recipe this summer. I made a double batch at the end of June (12 jars) and I’m down to my last jar so I’m making another double batch. It has been a big hit with the entire family! Thanks for such a great recipe!

And something different: My husband probably wouldn’t let me try this one, because it’s fruit with savory and he doesn’t go for that kind of thing, but Donielle’s cherry tomato salsa looks so intriguing!

I just made this and it is wonderful. I left the ribs and seeds of half of the jalapeno because I like a little more heat to my salsa but couldn’t have it too hot for my husband (that’s why only half of the jalapeno and not the whole thing – lol). I will never buy jar salsa again as I always seem to have these ingredients on hand and it’s so easy to make. Thanks for the recipe!

A visitor writes on August 24, 2014: “I grew my own tomatoes and love salsa but have never cared for the preservative taste I detect in store bought salsas. We followed your recipe and direction (my first time canning) and it is wonderful. Thank you so much!!”

Just made this for our Cinco de Mayo dinner for tonight. It was pretty good! I did have to change a few things. First, I think the store forgot to bag our onion, so I just put in some onion powder. Secondly, my husband picked up the Mexican Ro-tel, which has cilantro and lime juice already in it. I still added more cilantro, as I believe fresh cilantro tastes waaaay better than anything else, but I forgot to add the lime juice. I also only added a 1/4 of a seeded jalapeño.

LOVE this recipe!!! You are genius!!! Made it today, doubled the batch and didn’t change a thing except only had 4 limes so squeezed them for 1/2 cup of lime juice. Used 4 jalepenos, chopping only one fully and heat is spot on! Not to mild but with a kick! The flavor is so fresh and consistency is chunky:-)) made 13 pint jars!! Only hope I get 8 more pounds of tomatoes from our garden! By the way, I used combo of Roma and celebrity from our garden:-))) Thank you, bald gourmet!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

4 Simmer all ingredients in a large pot: Put all of the ingredients into a large (8-qt) stainless steel pot. (Do not use aluminum or the acidity of the sauce will cause the aluminum to leach into the sauce.)

This is the BEST salsa! The Verde is great too. I didn’t habe Serranos so used jalapenos. Salsa wasn’t “right” so sent son to store, added Serranos. Perfection! Note i use both peppers in recipe. When people come in and see tomatillos on counter they get very happy! This recipe had enhanced our lives bc it’s great. Freezes well and i can use non gmo organic ingredients. Thank you.

“homemade fresh salsa recipe fresh tomatoes best spicy homemade salsa recipe”

For mild salsa try hot peppers lower on the Scoville scale, such as poblano or even bell pepper. Remove all veins and seeds. Offer pickled serrano peppers to guests who enjoy fiery salsa. Buy an authentic brand such as Herdez.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, this would be a great easy appetizer to watch the big game. Make sure you’ve got something to serve at half time because this won’t last through the first quarter.

The salsa is extremely hard to resist right out of the blender, but if you can make it a day in advance and store it in the fridge, it’s so much better the second and third day. I’ve never been able to get it to last past the third day.

I have been looking for a salsa recipe that I am able to can at home. D loves this stuff and eats it regularly. I am a bit paranoid about teh botulism so I will be adding the hot water bath step. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Hi Amy – I can’t really say for sure. I have no idea how/if it would mess with the pH levels for safe canning. You might try to do some searching online for sure, but my best recommendation is to stick with the recipe to ensure proper food safety.

Thanks Cheryl. Glad you loved the salsa. Like you said, the recipe is pretty mild, but that way it’s a safe bet for all. I tend to add more jalapeños myself too, but the baseline recipe is a winner. Thanks for the comment. Come back again and try some other Bald Gourmet treats.

Happy Holidays LP. I used red onion simply for color presentation. The flavor is the same regardless of onion color. Same for the peppers. As for the jalapeños, you’re right. Fine dice is the way to go.

As I mentioned above, I picked up the Missions Organics Tortilla Chips and all of the ingredients for my homemade salsa at my local Kroger in Charlottesville. You can use the store locator to find the chips in your area, and be sure to check out the additional recipe ideas as well. They’ve got Tequila Guacamole and Cheese Nachos as well as Chimichurri Steak Tacos! Oh my YUM.

P.S. I am gathering my garden vegetables today to make your salsa tomorrow! Will let you know what we think! We have a large family so it will be a tripled batch (at least) to make several quart jars. So looking forward to it!!

I picked this recipe solely on the method for skinning tomatoes. Then I noticed that it sounded like a good recipe! What kind of adjustments are safe to make for canning and personal taste? Can I up the cumin and jalapeños? What about using bottled lime instead of vinegar?

I love, love, love this salsa. I’ve made it several times and it’s been runny, so this time I drained out some of the juice from the can of tomatoes (not the Rotel). Perfection!!! Thank you thank you!

Homemade Salsa Recipe – This classic healthy salsa recipe is so delicious and super simple to make. Canned tomatoes, green chilis and cilantro are just a few ingredients that make this tasty Mexican dip. #vegan #mexican #vegetarian #appetizer #glutenfree #cleaneating #healthy

Just found you via Pinterest and the lovely picture of your salsa, which I made as soon as I got home from the store.I just noticed I forgot to add the honey…will remember the next time. This stuff is SO GOOD. I picked up some multigrain chips for this, but can’t stop eating it with just a spoon… Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

If I had any complaints about this salsa recipe (which I don’t), it would be how long it takes to make a batch. There’s about 1.5 hours of prep time, plus around 2 hours of cooking time from start to finish. Because of this, I strongly encourage you to double or triple the recipe and just make a day out of it.

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Making this right now! Can’t wait to try it! I wasn’t sure if I needed to buy a yellow or white onion, but I went with the white onion. Hoever, I am bummed b/c i just realized I forgot the jalapeno and the lime juice.. Hopefully it still tastes as good as yours! Thank you for sharing!!

Made this last night and doubled the recipe. It only made 9 pints instead of 12. That’s not my concern though, it was the strong vinegar flavor. Does this dissipate after canning/setting for a period of time? Should I have added more sugar to modify prior to canning? I just didn’t want to have a sweet salsa either.

In a small bowl combine garlic, onion and tomatoes with cilantro, salt, and pepper (or garlic pepper salt). Stir with a spoon and mash a little, this will make it juicy, and as it sits it’ll get juicer.

Place a rack in the bottom of a large stockpot and fill halfway with water. Bring to a boil over high heat, then carefully lower the jars into the pot using a holder. Leave a 2 inch space between the jars. Pour in more boiling water if necessary until the water level is at least 1 inch above the tops of the jars. Bring the water to a full boil, cover the pot, and process for 10 to 15 minutes.

I like you have made great salsa in the past and it was runny I am in the process of making your recipe now and just need to know when putting jars in water bath , do I put water over the top of jars to process? The picture shows less than that . Can’t wait to dig a chip into it!

Good question Nancy. You will have better results using fresh tomatoes instead of canned. The canned tomatoes may not hold their texture well and not produce a thick and chunky salsa texture. You can use store bought https://great-salsa.com/ tomatoes instead of fresh garden tomatoes. They won’t taste as good of course, but will still do the trick.

…I don’t I have a way to measure out my tomatoes in pounds and it seems I have 16 cups w/o the liquid so I want to be sure to divide your recipe exactly … I was really hoping to do this canning today because I got all the ingredients together and Have taken over the kitchen! Haha.

Cover the jars with at least 1-inch of water. Bring to a rolling boil and process for 15 minutes (20 minutes for altitudes 1000 to 6000 ft, 25 minutes above 6000 ft). Then turn off heat and let the jars sit in the hot water for 5 minutes.

Sugar is added to many spaghetti sauce and salsa recipes to cut the acidic taste of the tomatoes. It won’t make the canning “bad” like forgetting the vinegar would, so as long as you like the flavor – and I bet it will work out just fine – you’re golden! 🙂 Katie

Made this last week, and loved it! I didn’t can it, because I wanted to make sure everyone liked it first, but now it’s time to can. Thank you so much for the awesome recipe! Should I adjust the canning time for quart jars? We go through salsa extremely fast.

Once you’ve squeezed most of the liquid and seeds out, cut up the tomatoes to whatever size chunks or pieces suit your taste (I made a pretty chunky salsa). Empty the water from your saucepot, then throw the chopped tomatoes in there (just don’t turn on the heat yet)

This recipe looks delicious. I loved tomatoes. For my every salsa preparation I prefer tomatoes. But, never tried cucumber. It sounds me and I can’t wait to make it with cucumber. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

Brittany Dixon is a former health coach turned stay at home mom of two girls. Her goal is to share her passion for healthy eating and natural living alongside the daily challenges and triumphs of motherhood. She is excited to step into the world of homeschooling and continue to share her life through recipes, anecdotes and future travels with her family.

I have got to try this recipe next year. We didn’t have a garden this year, but next year I WILL have a garden, even if it’s in containers. I love home canned everything. No preservatives and I know what is in there.

A visitor writes on August 24, 2014: “I grew my own tomatoes and love salsa but have never cared for the preservative taste I detect in store bought salsas. We followed your recipe and direction (my first time canning) and it is wonderful. Thank you so much!!”

I havent tried omitting it, but she was 92 and just KNEW things.. As a matter of fact, I put a teaspoon of sugar in all my canned tomatoes (for soups) as well as the tsp of salt that most recipes require. She did it, I didnt question. Your mom knows best, right??!! Never know it is there.. Trust the recipe..perfect !!

My husband made homemade salsa this year and he didn’t use any vinegar in his recipe – just the lime juice. He canned several jars and they have too much lime in them – what should I do to balance that – add vinegar or more tomatoes once we open the jar? thanks for the help.

“homemade hot salsa recipe easy homemade salsa recipe canned tomatoes”

At right is a picture of tomatoes from my garden – they are so much better than anything from the grocery store. And if you don’t have enough, a pick-your-own farm is the pace to go!  At right are 4 common varieties that will work:

We made this for the first time last year and have dreaming about it ever since! The only issue was that we didn’t make enough and the jars got eaten far too fast! We sent a couple of jars with my daughter to take to her dad when she visited across country and he and his wife have requested more this year! We will be tripling the recipe this year and it still will most likely be too little! We are extremely happy with the way it turned out with absolutely zero modifications. This year we will be adding a bit of kick with a jalepeno or two. Definitely a family favourite!

This blog is AMAZING!! I love to cook but I am a beginner at this point. All other blogs explain the recipes however you still feel a bit lost and unsure. This is great! I Love how everything is explained with pictures.

This is a really delicious BASIC salsa recipe. I have no idea why anyone would say it tastes disgusting. You have to make sure you have fresh ingredients though, particularly, fresh, and tasty, tomatoes. You can’t make tasty salsa without tasty ingredients! I use a jalepeno (and remove some of the seeds for my kids) and extra garlic every time. Salt plentifully. We serve it with everything Mexican – tonight chicken enchiladas, but also with carnitas tacos, chicken/steak fajitas. Love it!

“This is a nice recipe to use if you are new to canning. I received this recipe at my bridal shower. I’ve tried lots of salsa recipes and this one is the one I always return to. I also like the fact that it uses basic ingredients… nothing too hard-to-find. You can use your favorite canning method for this. Following the instructions on the box of jars is always a good place to start. It looks like a lot of instructions below, but it really isnt- I just want to make it as easy as possible for a beginner.”

Used your recipe – produced 5 pints of thick and chunky salsa for canning last night. Had a tiny bit leftover that I just tasted – YUM! My changes – Didn’t have Anaheim peppers – so used “banana” type peppers (it’s what I had on hand!) and I only used 2 jalapenos, one seeded, the qdoba green salsa recipe everything. I had help with all the chopping, etc., so it was not as time-consuming as I expected. Thanks!!

I picked this recipe solely on the method for skinning tomatoes. Then I noticed that it sounded like a good recipe! What kind of adjustments are safe to make for canning and personal taste? Can I up the cumin and jalapeños? What about using bottled lime instead of vinegar?

For the first batch, I hand chopped all the vegetables, man was that time consuming. The 2nd batch was much easier to manage solo as I used the food processor. Things went so much smoother. I’m not familiar with chili sauce and don’t think I know exactly what it is. I wish someone would would blog about it.

Cover the canner and bring to boil over high heat. Once water boils vigorously, continue boiling for 15 minutes at altitudes of less than 1,000 ft. (adjust processing time for your altitude if necessary).

But I agree with you, I can eat brownies for a meal and I’m happy….or lets say I used too…now that I have to watch my chocolate, I couldn’t do it…..I’m looking for some white chocolate brownies…..have a recipe for that ? But I suppose I could just use white chocolate instead of the regular chocolate in the recipe eh ?

We just sampled this salsa and it is absolutely fantastic!!! I thought that all of the ingredients complimented each other. Way to go Mel! This is my third year in a row making red salsa. I make it to enjoy at home and to share with family and I also enter certain canned specialties each year in our local state fair. Two years ago I won Third place for my red salsa. Last year I did not receive a ribbon. This year I suspect I’ll be in good running for ribbon contention! Our North Carolina State Fair is held in October. I’ll be sure to let you know the outcome!

These tortilla chips are USDA organic certified, non-GMO project verified, and they come in a variety of flavors. I picked up our personal favorites: the new Yellow Corn tortilla chips and the Blue Corn tortilla chips. You can also find new Multigrain tortilla chips at your local stores!

Laurie…Would this be a recipe I could use with some peppers that are going to go bad soon? If so, and in general, about how long does this salsa keep? Have you ever frozen larger batches of it before? (Asking because I have quite a lot of peppers I need to use up in the next couple of days, and I LOVE chips and salsa!) Thanks!

Note:  I usually run my jars through the dishwasher and try to time it so they are done and warm when I’m ready to fill jars. Never fill cold jars with hot salsa! The difference in temperatures may cause the glass to break.

I really like this. i have made it three times in the past 4 days. last night i got a baking dish threw in half cup brown rice, cup of chicken broth, 1/3 cup corn, then slathered this salsa on top of my frozen chicken and covered it then let it cook for like an hr and a half OMGolly! it was fantastic.

Here is my recipe but just know you can customize it completely to fit your needs. You could skip the jalapeno if you don’t like spicy. You could add black beans or corn to have a different spin. If you like it chunky just add an extra can of diced tomatoes at the end. So many ideas!



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“That needs more local doctors with high skills and good reputations because foreign physicians usually have language barriers with local patients and may not be able to fully understand local people’s physical, social and psychological conditions,” said Wu.

究其原因,他相信,与美国作为美元生产地有关。「美元是全世界最主要的结算货币,70%以上商品结算都是美元计价的,所以在美国,美国人不认为除了美元,还需要其他货币。」毕明强续指出,不单是人民币,其他国际货币在美国的市场也不大。「你去银行柜台上,如果你要存加元或欧罗,可能有些根本就没有外币账户,你存了以后银行自动给你转成美元了。不像在香港,开立一个加元账户,他(银行)给你开着,你可以有这个账户,这边没有,这就是特殊性。」根据毕明强和他的团队与客户的接触,到目前为止,绝大多数从事贸易或进行投资的企业仍较愿意使用美元,而对于人民币作为结算货币, 「他们有兴趣,但仅仅是有兴趣,真的去做的也不多。」他认为,这种情况在短中期内不会有太大的变化,除非人民币资本项下有更多元化的投资渠道,予持有人民币的投资者,否则在纽约这个高效的资本市场,本身已有非常多的投资渠道,人民币市场发展则未必太快。

90%的市场占有率、45%的纯利率,总部位于广西的神冠(0829)以薄薄肠衣,造就了一间逾百亿市值的上市公司,这间民企确实如其名般冠绝神州。不过,神冠2009 年上市时,投资者却几乎找不到这间公司过往的资料。神冠创办人、主席兼总裁周亚仙近日接受本报访问时毫不避讳地说,当时确有投资者质疑公司的真实性,但她认为公司在厂房、现金流及缴税等都通过了验证。对于自己能成为中国蛋白肠衣界第一人,她则实在地回应了一句「时势造英雄」。

China’s double-digit may be fading into history, but it continues to have solid growth potential for another 10 to 15 years, assuming the international environment remains relatively stable and peaceful. In the first quarter of this year, China’s economy had a soft landing and is now on the way to recovery.

In an e-mailed statement to China Daily, Japanese multinational industrial conglomerate Omron said China is a market on which the company will focus most in the coming decade thanks to the fast growth in consumption. Consequently it will strengthen its R&D efforts to develop more technologies and products tailored to the increasing local demand.

Diabetes 糖 糖 糖 Chinese These materials were developed by the Nutrition Education for New Americans project of the Department of Anthropology and Geography at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.

     鱼炸玉米饼,肯定听起来像一个健康的餐。他们鼓励我们的鱼,每周吃两次,和一些新鲜萨尔萨。但后来,整个油炸的东西… 这个新的鱼炸玉米饼的配方使健康的玉米饼更健康,给你一些技巧的,满意的只有一小部分的脂肪紧缩的贸易。“炉炸”是一个很好的技术,可以用来获得香脆炸的结果,而所有的脂肪。可以蘸蛋清或蛋清的混合物和第戎芥末,再涂上光:香脆panko(日式风格的)面包屑片的鱼,鸡肉或猪肉。如果你愿意,你可以添加香料的面包屑,以提高风味。这脆皮鱼炸玉米饼配方不同,但同样有效的方法是用来建立危机。条罗非鱼疏浚Wondra面粉(在烘烤过道上出售,通常用于肉汁),它创建了一个很好的壳,即使只有少量的油中炸。辣椒,小茴香,白胡椒涂层辛辣的味道。而且,如果你不有Wondra的面粉,或想无麸质替代,米粉几乎一样好。这些香酥鱼炸玉米饼顶部与您最喜爱的萨尔萨舞,或试试这个鳄梨,芒果莎莎,这将增加层的甜,酸,奶油口味的麻辣鱼。


The report also provides tips for potential investors in China’s hospital market. They are selecting the right segment and target, making an early entry to lock up high-quality targets, choosing the appropriate investment entry mode and adopting advanced management of invested assets to improve target value.

Nevertheless, some financial institutions may need to be wound down as the process unfolds and must be allowed to exit in an orderly way by improving the resolution framework. In all of the above, transparency will be paramount, with the objective being to create a predictable and rules-based system that allows proper pricing of risks and handling of shocks.

Some 35 companies reported 164 purchases worth a combined HK$356 million last week. Nine reported disposals, worth a combined HK$120 million. Buying rose compared with the previous week. Selling fell.

The statement came as the country has just seen the biggest cash squeeze in its financial history. On Thursday, the one-day interbank repurchase rate hit a staggering 13.91 percent, as the central bank refrained from using market tools to liquidate the money market. The rate then fell after reports saying the central bank lent money to “selected banks”, but it still stands at a high level.

The share prices of companies targeted as back-door listing vehicles over the past year by mainland property developers have surged as investors punted on big asset injections that might follow from their new parents.

配方:柱候酱600克,海鲜酱450克,顶好酱260克,美极鲜酱80克,蚝油80克,甜酱120克,鱼露30克,生抽30克,金华火腿泥40克,海米泥20克,瑶柱泥30克,陈皮泥1O克,干葱泥30克,蒜泥30克,沙姜粉10克,五香粉20克,八角粉20克,味粉80克,糖150克,鸡粉35克。重庆火锅的做法 重庆火锅汤卤的调制   重庆火锅的美妙诱人之处在其味,而其味来自火锅原汤的调制,它决定火锅的风味,也是制作火锅最关键的一环。


總 複 習 – 3-1 咖 啡 的 種 類 及 特 性 班 級 : 座 號 : 姓 名 一 咖 啡 的 歷 史 發 展 年 代 大 事 紀 6 世 紀 原 產 地 在 洲 的 衣 索 匹 亞, 由 阿 拉 伯 牧 羊 人 (Kaldi) 所 發 現 因 為 這 種 紅 色 的 果 實 在 咖 發 (Kaffa) 高 地 被 發 現, 因 此 被 稱 為 咖 啡 ( 傳 播 方 向 : 衣 索 匹 亞


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Snowden’s departure – two days after he celebrated his 30th birthday in hiding here – gets Hong Kong and Beijing out of a sticky situation. Crucially, it looks to have placated Hong Kong and mainland public opinion.

幽浮寶貝 | 愛上壞壞的死神 | 魔法戰士李維 | PaRappa the Rapper(日語:パラッパラッパー) | 小小雪精靈 | 笑園漫畫大王 | 青出於藍系列 | 推理之絆 | 6/17秀逗美眉 | 魔法使的條件 | 高機動幻想 ~嶄新之行軍歌~(日語:ガンパレード・マーチ 〜新たなる行軍歌〜) | 一騎當千 | R.O.D -THE TV- | 真月譚 月姬 | 愛的魔法 | 光與水的女神 | 老師的時間 | 忘卻的旋律 | 星艦駕駛員 | 我們的仙境 ~Heartful days | LOVELESS | 極上生徒會 | 蜂蜜幸運草系列 | 我的太太是魔法少女 | 灼眼的夏娜系列 | 增血鬼KARIN | 甦醒的天空 -RESCUE WINGS-(日語:よみがえる空 -RESCUE WINGS-) | 零之使魔系列 | Ghost Hunt | 後天的方向。 | 冬季花園 | 普莉與頃太 宇宙的友情大冒險(日語:プリごろ太) | 交響情人夢系列 | 天翔少女 | 土豆蛋黃醬 | 君吻 pure rouge | 死後文 | 隱王 | 秀逗魔導士(第4作開始) | 虎與龍 | 魔法禁書目錄系列 | 旋風管家! (第2期) | 初戀限定。 | 青之花 | 大正野球娘。 | 科學超電磁砲系列

心臟病患者。健康人要提高心臟功能,宜采用較大的運動量。運動時,脈搏至少達到135次/分鐘,并持續15分鐘才有效。如果已患心臟病則要謹慎,應根據 心功受損程度來選擇運動形式及運動量。一般來說,一二級心功能不全的輕癥心臟病患者可從事散步、慢跑、打太極拳等運動,運動時脈搏限定在每分鐘 104~120次左右;三四級心功能不全或心絞痛發作頻繁的病人不宜進行體育活動,應以休息為主,也可適當做些氣功等輕微活動,原則上以不增加心跳次數為度。

Listing candidate New Century Real Estate Investment Trust, the world’s first China-based hotel reit, is providing a guaranteed minimum rental of 216 million yuan (HK$273 million) for the first five years in a bid to drum up investor interest amid a slump in equity markets worldwide.

China’s hospital market is approaching a golden era of growth and ready to embrace additional private capital, including overseas funds, according to Chun Wu, partner and managing director of BCG Greater China and also co-author of the report.

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The government also has plans to upgrade its agriculture with a focus on local specialties, such as litchi and oysters. Modern and standardized farms will be developed for such products to foster famous local brands.

On the trade front, global transactions denominated in yuan are surging rapidly on the back of a government push. In 2012, cross-border trade settlement in the yuan rose 41 percent to 2.94 trillon yuan, while investment settled in the currency rose by 153 percent to more than 280 billion yuan.

A third of respondents were unaware that obesity may lead to emotional illness. Psychiatry specialist Dr Tony Lai Tai-sum explained that overweight children may have lower self esteem, and some are teased or bullied.

抗體 – 抗原結合在實驗室和醫學檢測中也具有功能。由於抗體特異性結合於一種抗原,因此在實驗室檢測過程中使用抗體可以指示在組織樣品內存在特定因子。抗體 – 抗原結合可用於檢測特異性細胞,活檢組織或血液中特定蛋白質的存在。紐約大學Langone醫學中心指出,基於抗體的測試常規用於表徵癌症,並幫助區分淋巴瘤的類型。實驗室中的抗體 – 抗原結合試驗通過測試抗體的結合來檢測特異性蛋白質的存在。如果樣品對於抗原是陽性的,則相應的抗體將與樣品強烈結合,因此抗體的存在作為抗原存在的標記。如果樣品對於抗原是陰性的,則抗體不會結合。

Zhu Yinan, a senior associate at the international law firm Clifford Chance, said she is pleased to see London has “stepped up” to remain in “pole position” in the race to become the offshore yuan business center of Europe, because Paris and Luxembourg have become increasingly vocal on opportunities of yuan business in the last few months.

楊桃文化-華文最大食譜搜尋網 8 月 21 日,是 2017 年最大的天文奇觀: 日全蝕 ,而由於這次的日全蝕帶(可觀看到日全蝕的範圍)橫跨美國 14 個州,不僅是在美國當地掀起熱潮,同時也吸引不少攝影玩家想要記錄下這難能可貴的天文奇景。但是在事後,美國當地的攝影器材出租公司,就是出了一系列因為日蝕而受損的產品照片。 攝影器材首次將難懂的掌紋問題,簡明扼要說清楚。讓人輕輕鬆鬆看著自己掌紋,發現身體症狀。全家人都要看這本書,最權威的掌紋醫學寶典。 ˜生命線長的人比較長壽?˜感情線雜亂的人,感情多複雜嗎?˜智慧線長的人,比較聰明嗎?…

Wong said the government would not have a full-scale consultation again because most of the controversial issues had been fixed in the 2009 consultation. She would need to have just a “small-scale” consultation to get views from industrial players and stakeholders on some minor issues, such as who could apply for the corporate rescue procedures.

匆匆一天半,垦丁的美当然不能全部感受到。再简介几个景点,如果大家有更多的时间,可以考虑一下这些地方。 社顶自然公园:面积180多公顷,以珊瑚礁林形成的地形为主,有数十处石灰岩洞穴,还有丰富的动植物景观,拥有小裂谷、五分亭、小峡谷、涌泉、大峡谷、白榕、迎风门、草原、涵碧亭和凌霄亭等景点,观鸟、徒步、赏蝶、眺远都是极好的。 万里桐:一个小村落,整个海岸生态环境很丰富,浅水区有石珊瑚、软珊瑚、海百合、海星等,深海区还有珊瑚礁鱼群和贝类,很适合潜水。这里也是《海角七号》的重要取景地。 小湾:位于垦丁大街末端,左侧有环礁,有很多水上活动,整体管理比南湾要好,很适合情侣去坐坐,等着大街夜市热闹起来。 垦丁牧场:占地1149公顷,是目前台湾最大的肉牛繁殖场,牧草如茵,举目可见一群群牛羊徜徉于辽阔的大草原,风景优美。看到很多网友有住过这里的民宿,据说很不错哦。 垦丁海生馆:共分为台湾水域馆、珊瑚王国馆和世界水域馆三个展示馆,以及特展区定期举办的特展,还有一些表演秀。这里最出名的就是“夜宿海生馆”活动,要提前预定哦。具体的内容,喵神建议大家去它的官网上看,非常详细,也很好操作,我就不多嘴了。


2005 年3 月,河北省国资委纪委双规了原河北省国际信托投资公司党委书记梁云才,其间梁云才被3 名办案人员殴打致死,事后3人以故意伤害罪分别被判处终身监禁、15 年和10 年监禁。但据《南风窗》,类似的事件中,最终追究办案人员的案例非常少见。自1998 年起,中央纪委曾至少10 余次就规范双规问题下发出文件,最近的一份是去年4 月的《关于使用「两规」措施的规定》,对适用对象、使用条件、审批程序、通报和备案、使用期限和安全保障等问题作出限制,但在这些文件发布的同时,官员双规期间非正常死亡的事件从未中断。

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Total revenue for hospitals in China exceeded 1.25 trillion yuan ($204 million) in 2011. Private hospitals have been growing rapidly and the number of private hospitals has increased by nearly 50 percent from 2008 to 2011, statistics from the former Ministry of Health show. The Chinese government has set a goal to increase the private service contribution to the whole hospital industry to 20 percent by 2015 from less than 10 percent today.

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Total revenue for hospitals in China exceeded 1.25 trillion yuan ($204 million) in 2011. Private hospitals have been growing rapidly and the number of private hospitals has increased by nearly 50 percent from 2008 to 2011, statistics from the former Ministry of Health show. The Chinese government has set a goal to increase the private service contribution to the whole hospital industry to 20 percent by 2015 from less than 10 percent today.

“There are four factors that are important to them — and rapidly growing market consumption in China is the most important of all. They also look at reasonable labor, mature industrial chains and an improving business climate when they plan to expand,” said Wang.

西 貢 區 參 與 中 學 : 將 軍 澳 官 立 中 學 希 望 同 學 們 透 過 以 下 的 問 與 答 資 料, 認 識 更 多 水 果 的 益 處, 以 及 培 養 多 吃 水 果 的 健 康 生 活 習 慣 果 真 奇 妙 問 題 1. 吃 水 果 是 否 可 以 排 毒?( 難 度 指 數..5 ) 2. 其 實 水 果 中 也 含 有 果 糖, 為 何 還 可 以 幫 助 我 們 維


石斛有良好的養用生津作用,曾與靈芝、人參、冬蟲夏草等並列為仙草,但要註意的,石斛藥性微寒、滋膩,有收斂邪氣之弊,會阻礙人體內部的病邪向外宣泄,還 能助濕生痰,化熱,只有因熱病、勞傷、年邁等引起的陰虛,燥熱者才可使用,平日素有濕熱、痰濕、肥胖或偏嗜肥甘厚味之人,以及患有傷風、腹瀉、水腫、黃 疸、瘡癤。帶下等病人均不宜服用。石斛,對氣管敏感,喉嚨癢,幹咳及帶痰因氣燥引起的咳嗽等,服用石斛補肺潤肺湯水有助潤肺生津,化痰等功效

BMW plans to launch the BMW i3 later this year in Europe and bring it to China in the first half of 2014. The move will make BMW one of the first foreign automakers to sell imported electric cars in China.

Financial services that are affiliated, in one way or another, to local governments are the ones that are the most unruly in the market and careless regarding internal controls. They serve as an unwanted bridge between shadow banking and official banking and are the source of a lot of official corruption. They will have to go. And “strategic inaction” on the part of the government is really the best thing it can do.

1月 月~3月 月 NO.3 本院榮獲 高雄市衛生局醫院感染管制防疫業務評選第三名 102年全球無菸健康照護服務網絡認證金獎 102年二代戒菸服務戒菸績優王 地區醫院組第一名 102年二代戒菸服務服務王 地區醫院組第三名 102年高雄市衛生局社區健康營造計畫績優社區 活躍老化類 特優 102年衛生福利部委託醫策會辦理病人安全週活動 動員獎 103年國民健康署糖尿病健康促進機構認證 發行人暨總編輯 趙昭欽

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Broadly speaking, there are several hospital segments that have investment potential. As private hospitals, there are high-end, specialty chains, general, extended care and group hospitals. In the public sector, there are general hospitals undergoing privatization.

Nevertheless, though there are now signs of itsrecovery, its fundamentals are such that the USeconomy is still very far away from the path of totalrecovery. It is generally believed that the Fed will notraise interest rates at least until the end of next year.In other words, interest rates will remain ultra-low forat least another one and a half year. To this investorsand governments (which have to deal with assetbubbles) ought to be alert.

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Also in the statement, the central bank said it will further push ahead with interest rate marketization and reform of the exchange rate formation system to keep the yuan’s exchange rate “basically stable on a reasonable and equilibrium level”.

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The pillar of the city’s economy, the automotive industry achieved aggregate output value of nearly 140 billion yuan in 2012, up by 15.6 percent year-on-year, and more than 100 million cars were sold over the years, thanks to the government support.

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“best homemade salsa recipe +fresh homemade salsa recipe”

Cook the salsa until it’s nice and hot (boiling), and then follow the instructions I posted yesterday for canning tomatoes (it’s important to clean and fill jars correctly if you’ve not canned before!). If it seems too juicy, you can always boil off some of the water.

Not sure what went wrong with my salsa.. followed recipe to a T and mine turned out an orangey color and pulsed on low for maybe 20-30 seconds & it’s very runny. Looks nothing like the photos and doesn’t taste like I hoped it would. 🙁

Homemade Salsa with fresh ingredients and full of flavor, just like the one you’re served at your favorite restaurant! This restaurant style salsa is made with roasted tomatoes and onions which enhances all the flavors. Delicious and simple!

You can taste it at this point to see how spicy it is (every year my peppers are different, depending on our summer weather) and add cayenne pepper if you’d like to increase the spiciness (again, dry ingredients are fine to add – you just can’t add anything else fresh).

I’m an American living in Australia and have been looking for an easy salsa recipe. (Mexican isn’t easily found, here.) Can you give me a suggestion to replace the Rotel tomatoes? We don’t have this here. Thanks.

I love home canned salsa, especially when made from fresh garden tomatoes and peppers out of my garden. But I’ve always been frustrated with these salsas always being runny and thin, even if the recipe calls it chunky. I’ve also been disappointed with the strong vinegar flavor that most home-canned recipes usually have. Comparatively, the store bought stuff is always really thick and chunky, and never has much of a vinegar flavor, but inevitably, it never has a really good fresh tomato flavor. It’s been a lose lose battle for me between store bought and home-canned salsas for years.

I just tried this recipe for the first time and it is delicious! My husband and I love spicy so I added 4 habaneros to the batch (seeded of course). It has a great kick but not too much. I also added a bit more cilantro because we love that flavor as well. It turned out great. I will vary the amounts as I continue to use this recipe. Thank you for sharing!

Whether you choose the verdant, slushy, herby freshness of the all-raw tomatillo salsa or the oil-colored, voluptuous, sweet-sour richness of tomato pepper salsa recipe roasted version, tomatillos are about brightening tang. The buzz of the fresh hot green chile adds thrill, all of which adds up to a condiment most of us simply don’t want to live without.

Just finished making this great salsa I love it my husband thinks I need to add more peppers. I did add some of my carrots from the garden. I had a bumper crop of Heirloom tomatoes and added lots of yellow, green, red and orange bell peppers for color. Thanks so much for the great recipe.

6 Blend salsa if you want it to be more smooth: If you want your salsa to be more smooth than chunky, use an immersion blender to pulse it a few times, or working in batches ladle about half of it into a blender and purée.

Are you sitting down?…. because I’m sharing the best damn salsa ever, with you today! If you’re a salsa person and I know you are, you have got to give this delicious homemade salsa a try. The bright, fresh dip is absolutely irresistible- loaded with delicious, vibrant flavor and it comes together in less than 5 minutes.

Make  your Salsa Day fun by inviting your friends to join in on the preparation, and reward them with containers to take home and freeze. While everyone is chopping and stirring, definitely turn on some contra music for added fun!

Few months ago I picked up Organic Fresh Tomato Salsa at Costco and it totally changed my salsa makin’ life! It’s the best tasting salsa EVER. I mean, I’ve had my share of salsas but this stuff does not compare to anything else. I don’t know if it’s the extra veggies in the mix or what but something about it that is uncontrollably good. It’s the perfect combination of fresh, zesty, with touch of heat and ton of cilantro. Pair it with your favorite bag of tortilla chips and you have one of easiest and freshest appetizers of the summer!

Once it boils, you will want to turn the heat down to medium and cook it until the mixture reduces to about half.  Make sure you don’t just walk away from the stove though – you need to stir the mixture every 5 – 8 minutes so it doesn’t burn on the bottom.

Mexican fare only gets better when topped with Anna Yeatts’ colorful Fresh Salsa. The Pinehurst, North Carolina cook uses ripe tomatoes, crisp onion and a touch of minced serrano pepper, making it just as good as a side dish or appetizer with crunchy baked tortilla chips!

I am very excited to try this recipe. I, too, have made several batches of “runny” salsa; I like the thick stuff! I’m going to have a bumper crop of great tomatoes, so I will be busy! Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks for the great recipe… I am an “ex-runny salsa guy” thanks to your recipe! I have always received compliments on everything I can up, probably because I use fresh from the garden (or tree, or vine) fruits, veggies and herbs. Getting rockin’ flavor wasn’t my problem, consistency was… not any more.

***  After my recipe was posted, I had a reader tell me that the method I used to prepare the salsa was unsafe and could cause food poisoning or botulism.  The method I used is an old school method.  If I felt it was unsafe, I would not have shared it with you.  Use your best judgment on how you want to prepare your jars.  If you feel they need a hot water bath to complete the sealing process, here is a sight that explains how to do it.

A. Yes, salsa, tends to be at peak quality for about 6 months, then ok for another 6 months. After that, the USDA says it is still safe to eat as long as the seal is intact, but it darkens and becomes mushier than most people would like! So, if you have an older jar, and there’s no leakage, a good seal, and everything looks ok, open it and try!

Just a wild guess, but I would think the amount of garlic would be so small that it would be insignificant. Plus, garlic isn’t going to add acid which is the important part. Good tip about hot peppers! 🙂 Katie

On adjusting the heat: You can use seeds in part or all of your jalapenos. Seeds add heat; I leave them in about half the peppers. That’s for “hot” salsa! Also, you can seek out hot peppers with more stripes or “cracks” if you like spicy, as they naturally carry a zing.

2 Dice or pulse a few times in food processor: Place all of the ingredients in a food processor. Pulse only a few times, just enough to finely dice the ingredients, not enough to purée. If you don’t have a food processor, you can finely dice by hand.

Wife, mom, business owner, volunteer, lover of chocolate, procrastinator of cleaning, experiencing life in my 40’s and not putting off to tomorrow what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I stop lookin’ and get cookin’ in all areas of life.

Good question Nancy. You will have better results using fresh tomatoes instead of canned. The canned tomatoes may not hold their texture well and not produce a thick and chunky salsa texture. You can use store bought Roma tomatoes instead of fresh garden tomatoes. They won’t taste as good of course, but will still do the trick.

thanks for the recipe – is it one of the new ball recipes? Anyways… the use of steam canners was approved for use last year by one of the university extension offices, and is on the NCHFP website – with a disclaimer they have been approved for anything under 45 minutes. They added a statement they will be updating their pages to reflect that.